Genesis Hotchkins Avondale, Arizona

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My husband and I were together for 7 years, married for 5. We have two beautiful kids together. We had moved down to Arizona in June of 2012 because i’m from there and I wanted to be around my family. He decided to leave our home and clear his head for a little bit because of stress at home and work. So we were separated in April of 2013. He always told me he wanted to come back and that he was so sorry that he left our family like that. Well my sister-in-law comes down to help with the kids at his place, and while she was there she told my about this genesis trick. So at first I didn’t believe it and I guess I didn’t want to believe that my husband, my best friend would throw our family away for a slut bucket.

So I ask my husband, who is now back at the house now,did you cheat on me and of course he denies it for a week. I then reach out to this whore. She tells me that they were dating for a month and that she knew. I then start texting this whore and asking her why she was sleeping with him knowing that he was married and just going threw some shit at home. She told me that my marriage was a joke and what kind of man live in his own apartment. My response was a man that is separated not divorced trying to clear his head.

She just threw her nasty loose pussy at him and like a dummy he sleep with her. She is now in a new relationship and she prides herself on moving to a different relationship so fast. Its females like her that make it so difficult for women like me to have any kind of good relationship, easy whores. Have some class and dignity, close your legs to married men. Shes not the only homewrecker to this story my husband is too.He had my kids around this slut and had sex in the same bed we lay in. He’s a weak minded fool! And here’s a kicker her name is in the bible, I don’t think god condones homewreckers, you might want to change you name slut.





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