This woman ruined my life. Not only did she mess up a marriage by getting in between them and her 4 children! He wasn’t even interested and his coworker at a cable company saw how she threw herself at him. Well the point is she got between me and my children’s father too.  She ruined my life by taking my kids father away, by making me feel like worthless piece of crap! Making me feel ugly, fat and everything in between!

It’s been 3 years and I can’t bring my self-esteem up. She’s hideous and it hurts that he chose that over me. Not only did she take my partner, but my best friend and the sad part is she’s married but only married because she has no papers. After I found out I confronted her and said she should get deported for a false marriage. Then she hooked up with her husband, had a daughter and everything seems good in her life. My question is when will karma ever get her? And will it ever? I agree and admit I need help to get rid of this whole in my heart which has made me bitter.