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Holly Chelette Keystone Heights, Florida

I have no idea when this started. I can only assume it began sometime after I scared his other homewrecker away. I have begged, like an idiot, for him to stay and to try and fix things so we can be a family. His friends introduced him to this s***. She knows he has a family. We have a two and a half year old, and a one year old. I found out about her when I was visiting my family up in Michigan for two weeks. I lost it. I messaged her on Facebook over and over, being nice at first asking her what her intentions are blah blah blah…but she never responded, like a typical homewrecker.

When I got back from Michigan, I found out she CAME OVER TO MY HOUSE and visited my husband while he was supposedly mowing the grass. He says she came in and sat on the couch while he showered upstairs. He must think I’m the stupidest person in the world for me to believe that.

I asked my neighbor if she noticed any cars at my house while I was gone and she said she noticed a red car parked IN MY GARAGE, and she thought it was strange. I asked my husband about this when he got back and he said it WAS Holly’s car. I am so angry that he brought this s*** into MY HOUSE, where I raise my children, and play with them and bathe them, and this is their secure spot. She always snap chats him, and she is his number one friend on snap chat.

I deserve to still try and fight to keep my family together. And YES, I KNOW my husband is ultimately the one responsible, but if s**** like this actually had morals and stuck to the girl code, then guys wouldn’t be able to cheat.

This b****’s screen name for everything is hollztodaballz69. Seriously??? That just screams “s***”. I hope karma comes back for this b**** in time for me to see it.





25 Responses to “Holly Chelette Keystone Heights, Florida”

  1. As I understand the feelings you have to fight for your family to stay together (I felt the same way for years), your fight is no longer to keep him as part of your family your fight is to protect you and your children.. when I say this I speak from experience as I allowed myself to be co-dependent and feed the need to fix/fight for a family to stay together, but what began happening is my children suffered from watching their father disrespect me and them, lying over and over, constant fights and yelling and ultimately seeing their mother fall apart..
    I finally realized I didnt want my son to grow up thinking it was ok to lie & cheat on a women and think its normal and she will stay. I didnt want my daughter to grow up believing its ok for a man to lie and cheat and to stay with him.
    I wanted better for my kids I wanted better for myself and we deserved it.
    You need to think abt the long term effects his behavior will have on you and your children. . It hurts to divorce it hurts like hell but the years of pain and suffering in staying are worse..
    Good luck..

  2. anessa says:

    Seriously. This site is pathetic. I understand you have a family and you looove him, but when do people just move on for their own sanity!? Do you honestly want to sit and fester in your anger and hatred towards this lowlife, or do you want to move the f*** on and actually be happy when you find that person you can LEGITAMATELY trust?? Quick letting people walk all over you. And stop blaming the s****. Own the fact that YOU made a poor judgment call, and YOU chose a complete a****** to have a family with.

    • Diva says:

      well the truth does hurt

      • Ronda says:

        It’s not that cut and dry. You either get abusers, or cheaters, hot tempered, or doesn’t know he’s gay. It’s like winning the lottery, slim chance you find one that’s true, better chance to finding one that’s mean to you. And if every thing is perfect then watch for the homosexual thing. Marriage is work, no one ever said its easy. You can’t just run when things start getting difficult. I’m not taking up for cheaters, but no ones perfect and if you think that then you are seriously misguided.

        • dave1234ca says:

          Well said, Ronda. Although you don’t offer a very nice description of guys you make a valid point. All too often I see people write, “Divorce! There are lots of good guys just waiting for you.”

          Yea, sure. A Prince around every corner, NOT!

          People are so quick to condemn the woman who stays but like you wrote there are a lot worse things she may find in a man. Unless sex is the most important thing in a woman’s marriage an affair is not the worst thing.

          This site could do with more opinions like yours!

    • Wifey says:

      You dont like the stories dont read them. the site is meant for venting not judging

    • Layla says:

      I’m sure it’s pathetic to you because you are probably a homewrecker that is posted on here. How dare you tell us to have some self esteem, when we have invested so much into our marriages and if we choose to work it out its our business. And assholes are not chosen, no wife ever anticipates her husband cheating on her, if you have the ability to foresee this before walking down the isle….please share with us.

    • Tabbi says:

      Damn, who’s holding a gun to your head & forcing you to read it?!

      I don’t see people wanting your advice when you’re going to be such a b**** about it.

  3. Wifey says:

    Excuse you but if u dont like the site clearly named then get the f*** off and go somewhere else

  4. Ronda says:

    And if this is the girl, my husband and I met her on a cruise that we took in April.

  5. Diva says:

    I don’t think that Darce or anessa were judging. People are allowed to give advice on here and state their own opinions on people’s stories. Just because it does not match your opinion there is no need to get pissy about it.

    • Tabbi says:

      There’s no need to “get pissy” when giving “advice” either…but that didn’t stop anessa, did it?

  6. Sondra says:

    What’s so ridiculous is people judging her for staying. Everyone is different. And situarions arw diffrent. She is right, she does have the right to fight for her family. In the end you really think she or her children want to see them seperated? No! Yes I would make sure this never happens again.. but everyone’s different anf and everyone can handle certain things. And also everyone saying this site is ridiculous.. well I love it. Bitches deserve to be exposed. And wife’s who have been betrayed deserve to say there peace.. get over it. No one makes you get on your computers/ phones and read this
    You willingly do this! So pipe the f**k down. (:

  7. K.Willo says:

    The funny thing is, is I am actually friends with Holly. I’ve been creeping this site for quite some time now waiting for this post to be made, because the woman who made this post threatened Holly with it. Granted, there are some stories on here, that really tear my heart out for some ladies. Holly is not one of them. And I’m more than capable of formulating an opinion of a situation outside of my emotional ties.Holly is by no means a home wrecker. What this woman fails to include in her rant is that her home was separated before Holly ever came into the picture. She proves that, by stating that there was a previous “home wrecker” who she had already scared off.Now she is mad, that she cannot scare Holly off. I even read the message where she told her “You ever heard of shes a home wrecker? You should check it out. You don’t want to end up on there”. Her messages to Holly on Facebook were not polite. I read them myself, it was a witch hunt laced with juvenile insults. She harassed her and Holly did everything she could to not instigate the situation and not make it worse for anybody. Shes been threatened, harassed, insulted, and now slandered on a social website for the world to see. This girl grew up in a small town, comes from a loving family. She has great morals and is one of the most tender hearted people I know. Shes an absolute goof ball, and is in no way a s***. She happens to be tall, toned, tanned, blonde, and drop dead gorgeous, but it’s not a crime to be beautiful. Shes also found herself in a situation where she cares about a man, who happens to be going through a really horrible separation. This woman has not made anyone’s life easy, including her own, and it is completely un-fair that this post was made against someone who had NOTHING to do with the ENDING of your marriage. I myself had to deal with a situation like this. My husband left his ex wife. Moved out. Filed for divorce, Made it very clear that he was done, out of the relationship, and it was over. I didn’t come in, until after all of this was made clear. But somehow, I was still the one who caught the blame. Look ladies, some men are assholes. Some women are home wreckers. But sometimes, you ladies have just made your bed, and you refuse to lay in it. This is one of those cases. I really wish the site would take this down, but it won’t be. At least I was here to defend my friend.

    • ScorpioStings says:

      From what the original poster states, she was still living in the marital home when your friend paid a visit while the wife was out of town. That would make your friend a home wrecker. I’m sure the pictures on the wall didn’t give it away that his wife was still very much a part of his life.

  8. S. says:

    Really, K.Willo? You knew what the home life was like? Because I’m sure you only knew what Holly told you. Of course she would defend the guy she is seeing. Of course there were problems in the marriage. Does that give her an excuse to be a s***? No. Typical homewrecker. The home can still be wrecked if the divorce isn’t final. There is always a chance. You are just as big of a moron as Holly. You should be embarrassed for defending her.

  9. K.Willo says:

    Yes, “S”. I really meant all of that. But I am curious as to what you actually mean. What you’re saying is, a man can move out, file for a divorce, be living a separate life from the woman he wants to leave, but there is totally still a chance? What kind of dream world do you live in? You’re one of those ladies who takes all sorts of bullshit from men, aren’t you? And eventually expects them to change, or for things to get better. Giving all the rest of us women out there who have a back bone a bad wrap. Then if the man who left by chance finds happiness else where, now hes a bad man. Shes a s*** and a home wrecker. It’s never that people just don’t work out, or maybe they never really knew each other, or maybe that b**** is ungrateful and hes miserable. It’s, hes a cheater, shes a homewrecker. Even though he was separated BEFORE she came in. Lol. A typical woman’s logic never ceases to amaze me.I am not embarrassed for anything. In fact, you’re the fool if you honestly believe that just because the papers aren’t signed, that things aren’t over. You ladies can hold on and hope all you want to avoid acceptance, but that is a problem she created for herself. Not Holly. And any man who wants to pitch a fit and file for divorce over something that he can get over in a few months, is not a man any real woman should be interested in. So at that point, even if he did want to come back and try to salvage something, ol’ ex lady would be an idiot to take him back. Because he obviously doesn’t take marriage very seriously. If my husband came home tomorrow wanting a divorce, I would be shocked, devastated, and broken hearted. But you sure as hell aren’t going to pull that card with me, and then be like “oh never mind” and expect me to jump right back into place. That’s a f****** joke. I will defend Holly because I know her, and you do not. I was present for the situation and the harassment and the way that woman acted and you were NOT. . Now I have read through this site, Ive seen a lot of women who really deserve to be on here. But in this situation, it is an ex who is in denial who refuses to let go and is MAD because the man who COULDN’T BE WITH HER ANYMORE, had a possibility at finding happiness else where. So until you’re here, and friends with my lady, don’t question what I say about her or attempt to insult me out of your ignorance…..

    • ScorpioStings says:

      Tell your friend that if he did it with her, he’ll do it to her. I noticed he’s military? Ladies, here’s a tip: don’t ever date military or law enforcement – if they’re not cheaters, they’re beaters. He WILL cheat on this girl too.

    • dave1234ca says:

      I don’t know the details, K. Willo, but I want to say I like your reasoning.

      All to often married couples mention “taking a break” or having a “temporary separation” or some other euphemism but all it means is they are going to take a quick look around and see if there’s anyone better. However, the first person to find someone else is crucified.

      A marriage break is about as logical as saying I’m going to take a parent break.

      The day one walks out the door it’s over. Not an affair. Actually saying they are leaving and taking clothes with them. Or when one asks their partner to leave. I can relate to the latter. HA!

      The day one’s partner no longer wants to be with them it’s fair game. Who the hell is going to wait for someone to decide if they want them?

  10. S. says:

    Ok :) One word, b****: karma.

  11. Chris says:

    Dude that chick is hot and I would have cheated too

  12. mike says:

    I’m with Chris. The sad thing is you women want it all for you or about you. You get complacent start letting yourselves go and figure I got him . Then the hot replacement comes along. You’ve reached your expiration and have no idea what to do. Figure it out ladies. We provide and your just along for the ride. lol

  13. kate says:

    Little mike

  14. Lindsay says:

    All of you guys that think cheating is EVER okay,are losers with no morals!
    if you feel the need to let your eyes(or dicks) wander then you should just let the person you’re with or suddenly “unattracted to” go on with their lives. No need for causing someone heartache because you’re unfaithful.

  15. SsgtUSAF says:

    Scorpio so your saying just because he’s military he’s either a cheater or a beater, hmmm now do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop before you show your ignorance. I served 10 years in the Air Force two tours in Kuwait and Afghanistan, my wife, well she is my everything and I don’t begin to tell you or anyone else because of a profession that person is a cheater or a beater, so that means that YOU fall into those by your own admission. I don’t care if and what you post after this because I’m secure enough to know who my heart and soul belong to. You really should do better research that way you don’t look stupid , just sound it

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