I have no idea when this started. I can only assume it began sometime after I scared his other homewrecker away. I have begged, like an idiot, for him to stay and to try and fix things so we can be a family. His friends introduced him to this slut. She knows he has a family. We have a two and a half year old, and a one year old. I found out about her when I was visiting my family up in Michigan for two weeks. I lost it. I messaged her on Facebook over and over, being nice at first asking her what her intentions are blah blah blah…but she never responded, like a typical homewrecker.

When I got back from Michigan, I found out she CAME OVER TO MY HOUSE and visited my husband while he was supposedly mowing the grass. He says she came in and sat on the couch while he showered upstairs. He must think I’m the stupidest person in the world for me to believe that.

I asked my neighbor if she noticed any cars at my house while I was gone and she said she noticed a red car parked IN MY GARAGE, and she thought it was strange. I asked my husband about this when he got back and he said it WAS Holly’s car. I am so angry that he brought this SLUT into MY HOUSE, where I raise my children, and play with them and bathe them, and this is their secure spot. She always snap chats him, and she is his number one friend on snap chat.

I deserve to still try and fight to keep my family together. And YES, I KNOW my husband is ultimately the one responsible, but if sluts like this actually had morals and stuck to the girl code, then guys wouldn’t be able to cheat.

This bitch’s screen name for everything is hollztodaballz69. Seriously??? That just screams “slut”. I hope karma comes back for this bitch in time for me to see it.