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Homewrecker Quotes & Sayings

– A relationship is only for 2 people but sadly some bitches don’t know how to count!

– Homewrecker, you deserve a family of your own. Equipped with 2 kids, a dog, a beautiful house and don’t forget your HUSBANDS MISTRESS!

– In order to be in a real relationship, your “boyfriend” cannot have a girlfriend or a wife!

– When karma finally hits you in the face, I’ll be there…Just in case it needs some help!

– If you’re going to start a fire you better be prepared to deal with the heat and feel the burns!

– If he is taken don’t flirt, ask for his phone number, text him, ask how his day is going or TOUCH him! That’s what he has a girlfriend for!

– Sometimes karma doesn’t always come around fast enough that’s why it’s essential to plot revenge!

– If you pride yourself in taking other women’s men or being the other girl you are pathetic and in no way a woman.

– Karma is like a rubber-band: it can only stretch so far before it comes back and smacks you in the face.

– Ladies don’t ever try to get a taken man to cheat. Cause if he does cheat on her for you, he’ll cheat on you for another girl too.

– I can’t stand when a woman knows a man is clearly taken and she continues to throw herself at him!

– If someone is taken they are taken. Don’t try to ruin their relationship just because you want them.

– Being the Other Woman doesn’t make you special; it makes you a runner-up.  Second place doesn’t get the prize.

– Homewreckers have a very difficult time getting over the relationship they were NEVER in.

– If he is in an on again off again relationship they’ll eventually get back together.  You can’t fully have someone whose heart is already taken!

– What? My ex cheated on you after he cheated on me with you? I’m shocked!

– Relationships sink when they have too many passengers. Stay away homewrecker!

– I wonder if homewreckers ever get tired of doing their job when they see it’s not working!

– If two people are happy together, leave them alone and stop being a homewrecker!

– You deserve an Oscar for your portrayal of someone pretending to be in a relationship!

– She put the Ho in Homewrecker!

– Sorry hoes, but L.O.V.E. does not stand for Legs. Open. Very. Easy.

– A girl should be allowed one “get out of jail free card” for slapping the s*** out of the homewrecker that messed with her man!

– I thinks some girls should be honest and put Homewrecker as their occupation on their Facebook Page!

– Any woman who tries to justify having sex with a married man by saying “he is separated” is just making excuses for her being a homewrecking w****. He is married. Period!

– There’s a reason why 90% of the women who your man cheats with are fat, ugly or stupid. They are easy women.   Only desperate women go after someone elses man.

– Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who both loved each other. Then a s*** came along and ruined everything. The end.

– You may be single but my boyfriend isn’t!  Leave him alone!

– It’s not my fault no one wants to be with you b****.  Leave my man alone!

– It takes a VERY desperate woman to talk to a taken man!

– I don’t exactly “hate” you. But if you were on fire and I had a bucket of water? I would drink the water!

– I brought you a to-go box since you love my leftovers!

– Just because you’re a w****, doesn’t mean you also have to be a homewrecker!

– I’m 99% sure you don’t like me and 100% sure I don’t give a s***!

– I wonder if homewreckers ever get tired of doing their job when they see it’s not working?

– If you leave someone for another person, don’t be surprised if that person leaves you for someone else.

– Well there’s two ways we can do this, i’ll let you decide.  You can take it somewhere else, or we can take it outside!

– Ladies, don’t settle for the bench or the sideline. If you’re not a starter, quit his team!

– If he cheated on me with you he will cheat on you with someone else!

– Just because you can’t get a boyfriend doesn’t mean you can mess with mine!

– Married or in a relationship means back the hell off!

– You can try all you want and be a homewrecker, but you’ve got absolutely nothing on me!

– Just remember if you gonna be a homewrecker your going to either get your feelings hurt, ass whooped, or both!

– HOMEWRECKER HOMEWRECKER HOMEWRECKER. You know what the word means, if you don’t like it, maybe you shouldn’t get with someones boyfriend!

– If two people are happy, let them be. Nobody likes a homewrecker!

– It may take two to tango, but one is still a Homewrecker!

– Don’t expect to be treated like number one if you’re playing the role of number two.

– Homewreckers will soon find out that they can’t seem to build a stable home of their own!

– I hate when girls cry about a guy playing them when the guy has a girlfriend anyway, duh b****, you should have seen that one coming!

– Homewreckers, that’s that s*** I don’t like!

– Only a homewrecker would tweet “cant wreck a home if the home was already wrecked!” Whatever helps you sleep at night!

– Oh my sympathies, I’m so sorry your “boyfriend” cheated on you with his wife!

– “You can’t help who you fall in love with”  Yes, you sure can! If he is married or involved then back off and you won’t fall in love duh!

– I’m tired of hearing we should ONLY blame the man.  If more women kept their legs closed to married/involved men, there would be absolutely NO cheating!

– b****, you can dream, you can wish. But he will NEVER be with you!

– Girls who say, “a lot of guys are after me”, should keep in mind that low prices always attract many customers!

– Sucks to be you! Sucks to suck! Oops I forgot, you love to suck!!! s***!

– Dear w****, Your left leg misses your right leg!  Sincerely, Your Vagina!

– s**** LOVE sloppy seconds!

– Oh, Pu-LEASE!  You’re not sorry for what you did, it won’t be long before you go after another married man homewrecker!

– Why is your Facebook & Twitter profile private?  It’s not like your Vagina is!

– Homewreckers are nothing but Cheap Imitations!

– MARRIED or being IN a Relationship does not mean AVAILABLE, no matter what problems some couples are having!

– Don’t you understand that you got nothing on me! It’s only a matter of time before your wall comes crashing down! Homewreckers NEVER win!

– You know, I trust my man…  It’s those trifling homewreckers that I don’t trust… Get your OWN man b****, you can’t have mine!

– Women who go after men that are already taken are either PATHETIC with absolutely no self-esteem or just plain UGLY!

– You obviously don’t respect yourself if you are messing with someones man!  Karma will get you eventually, unless his wife gets you first!

– I have to sit back and laugh at the women who can’t find happiness!  Maybe that’s KARMA biting them in the ass for trying to steal someone else’s husband!

– What kind of woman goes after a married man?  Oh yeah that’s right, a dirty homewrecking skank!

– Isn’t it funny when your man starts ignoring the w****?  They become obsessed try everything they can to get his attention! It is pathetic !

– If everyone thinks your a hoe and homewrecker, then maybe you’re a freaking hoe and homewrecker!

– Tip to Homewreckers everywhere: The guy nearly always goes back to his girlfriend/wife and when he does you’ll just be a lonely homewrecking b****!

– Your such a homewrecker, go sleep around a little more why don’t ya!

– If you get into messin’ with my man, you don’t stand a chance Homewrecker!

– Instead of love and trust and laughter, what you get is happy NEVER after!

– Nobody likes a Homewrecker!

– If you honestly think you’re going to get with my boyfriend, you need a serious reality check!

– He didn’t cheat on his girlfriend because he wanted you; he did it because you’re easy!

– Don’t be THAT girl. Nobody likes a homewrecker!

– Homewrecker, you’re just an easy hoe who hands out money and gifts and gives it up!

– When I find out who you are, prepare to be hearing from me homewrecker!

– Hoes are worthless homewreckers who’s searching for attention in other peoples’ relationships!  Get a life!

– Ewww!  NOTHING is worse than a girl who takes pride in being a homewrecker!

– That b**** is trying to be a homewrecker, but sweetie it’s NOT working!

– Only hoes like to step on toes!

– If you’re a homewrecker, just know you will always lose. Chances are they used you for a night and that’s all they wanted!

–  Don’t like someone thats in a relationship. 1. You don’t wanna be a homewrecker. 2. What makes you think they will leave? 3. You’ll get played!

– They call you homewrecker for a reason…. stop complaining!

– It’s always that one female that’s always trying to be a homewrecker!

– If he wanted to be with you, he would leave me b****!

– I don’t care if you fight for what you want… My boyfriend shouldn’t be what you ‘want’  Homewrecker!

– This b**** put the WHO in w****!

–  Whether someone is together a day or 10 years , why would you ever try to come between their relationship?

–  Why would I care if you’re sleeping with my ex , you were sleeping with him when he was still my boyfriend . . Remember? Homewrecker!

– That amazing feeling when your a homewrecker… Oh wait, I don’t know what that feels like!

– Self delusion is so in-curable.  Most Homewreckers go through it.

– He didn’t cheat on his girlfriend because he wanted you; he did it because you’re easy!

– Sucks to be you, sucks to suck! oops wait, I forgot you LOVE to suck, but I guess you just don’t suck good enough, b****!

– Why do girls flirt with guys that have a girlfriend? That’s a huge slap in the face & complete disrespect!  Theres a thing called “Girl Code” follow it!

– Why don’t you get off your knees s***!

– Urban dictionary defines Homewrecker as a female (usually) who is trying to steal a man from another woman.  If the shoe fits, wear it!

– She’s a s***, she’s like Wi Fi without a password, everyone enjoys it!

– Quit saying you hate Homewreckers when you are a Homewrecker b****!

– Oh I’m sorry, you don’t like to be called a Homewrecker!  Oh please forgive me, Dirty s***!

– If your a sideline hoe now, I can only imagine what your future holds!

– I don’t exactly hate you, I just hope your next period happens in a Shark Tank b****!

– Other people’s boyfriend’s d*cks do not belong in your mouth b****!

– A bunch of these girls need to fall in love & get heartbroken and just maybe then they will stop being Homewreckers!

The O.T.H.E.R Woman is the “Overplayed. Toy. He. Eventually. Releases.” 

– Instead of being so concerned out my life and what goes on in my household, think about why you didn’t get the last name!

–  This world has too many homewreckers, and not enough women with class!

– This s*** is like Wi-fi without a password, everyone enjoys it for free!

– If I were a bird, you’d be the first person I’d s*** on b****!

– Other girls boyfriend’s d*cks do not belong in your mouth!

– Maybe I don’t like you because a) you’re a s***, b) you’re a homewrecker, c) you’re a b****, and d) you’re a slutty homewrecking b****!

– You may be single, but MY HUSBAND isn’t!

– I have leftovers in the fridge, do you want them too homewrecker?

– Big Shout Out to the homewreckers who will be forever hated, never respected, & forever alone.

– If being a drunken homewrecker was an Olympic sport, you would be a gold-medalist!

– So you thought private message were private b****?  Think again Homewrecker.  Go back to your s***-cave and leave  my husband alone!

– My bad!  Did I just call you a homewrecker for calling my husband @3am waking our kids, calling him baby and asking him for sex?  Shame on me!

– I set my GPS to w****, s***, and homewrecker and I ended up in your driveway!

– Behind every homewrecker is a mother who didn’t teach her daughter morals or respect!

-You’re not a s***? So are you like a volunteer prostitute or something?

– Your whoreoscope for the day is. . .You’re a s***!

– You can’t be me, so don’t even try!

– I don’t think you are a s***, you are more like a carnival ride. Everyone gets a turn then they have to get off you in a few minutes to find a place to puke!

– I’m not saying she’s a s***, but she has taken more loads than a washing machine!

– I’m not calling you a w****, I’m just saying you have been on more wieners than Heinz ketchup!

– Don’t feel so special, my Ex fucks everyone!

Here are our top Homewrecker Quotes & Sayings!  If you have a homewrecker quote or saying you would like to share, please comment on this post and we can add it to our list!  We will be adding new homewrecker quotes and sayings daily!





6 Responses to “Homewrecker Quotes & Sayings”

  1. Doubly Deceived says:

    Some of these I’ve heard before but there were several unique ones that had me giggling.

    Ones that I don’t think I saw included:
    You’re like the top slice of bread~ everybody touches you but nobody wants you


    I typed “w****” into my GPS and it led me right to your address

  2. Nakia says:

    Never Go To The Woman Always Go To Your Man Because She Don’t Owe You Respect Nor Loyalty

  3. Ashley says:

    Look at all this hate! Something I never understood is this: The “other” woman did not stand in front of you, hold your hand, and make a vow for better or worse, jilted wives. Your HUSBAND did that. So if he leaves you for another woman, how is that her fault? I understand you want to pin the blame on someone and insist “he’s a jerk and I’m perfect and they’re just both losers!” But it’s not always like this. Sometimes wives nag and yell and take their husbands for granted. Sometimes wives can’t see past the money he isn’t making or the fact that her house isn’t as big as she wanted it to be. Sometimes the wife is resentful and hateful. And plenty of times, the husband is the coward. He’s beaten down, bullied, told he isn’t good enough. And then when he finds a woman at the gym or through a friend or at his job, a woman who actually respects him- a woman who listens when he’s got something on his mind, a woman who smiles when she sees him, and laughs when he’s made a joke…. Sometimes this weak, bullied man can see a new light at the end of his dark tunnel. Sometimes he’s too much of a coward to just tell the woman he lives with that he isn’t happy either. Maybe he’s okay with the house they’re in and the money he makes, and the only thing that needs to change is someone who actually enjoys his company and acts like his partner instead of his prison warden. Sometimes, the mistress is just a woman. She’s just a woman who cares about this man she knows; a woman whose heart breaks every time she sees this good-hearted man looking depressed. She’s a woman who doesn’t understand how the woman who married him and vowed ‘for better or worse’ wasn’t holding up her end of the bargain. Sometimes the other woman is just caught up in the hurt and the anger that happens when a husband decides he isn’t happy with his wife. Sometimes the mistress is just this other woman who was a shoulder to cry on, a crutch to hold onto, and an anchor in the storm. Sometimes, then, she becomes the target of the wrath of the wife who feels betrayed. It’s much easier for the wife to call out “homewrecker!” point fingers and issue blame on the other woman. It’s easier for the wife to justify that someone “stole” from her, as though the husband she scolded and nagged was her property. Sometimes, the wife should look within herself and her marriage and realize that the fall of her marriage is due to her and her husband and the demolition of THEIR vows. Don’t put all of that mess on some other woman. Because married or not, the husband is the one who broke his vows, strayed from his wife, and didn’t make the right decision. The mistress should insist that the man is divorced before they try being together, but even if she shows up after-the-fact, she’s still the “homewrecker” because she might have been a catalyst. But before the building crumbles, there must be some pretty serious damage already.

    • karma says:

      I agree that it seems you have recently tried to stray a man away from his wife/girlfriend. Even if the relationship has problems you should respect the relationship while it is in existence. Maybe something will happen and it will show you why you should wait.

  4. M says:

    been together for almst 15 best gay friend broke my marriage up.I dont blame her but she couldve refused instead arried on. I eventually put him out so that they could be one. Somehow the homewreker still stalks my life, i mean all i do is live life as usual….to me he just isnt in my bed…we was constantly busy and hardworking so i dnt think of kids suffer yes,but its better this way,she is beyond insane,obsessed with me completely,opens social media sites on my name,post things as if its me…please give the name of the DR’S that can help, if they cant leave me alone dammit i’ll ask him to help,so that she can fall pregnant of him and they can get married and live happily ever after. and leave me the f*** alone.

  5. fool says:

    of coz ashley based on yor article above you can tell you were that women,now trying to justify….the reason the wife comes to you, coz if you are the right women you should know better there are alwys three sides to a story,and in this way i say if u really love him,sit down and make things ryt and straight then lying and beating around the bush,and if they have kids u gona want the realtionship where she feels comfortble wit her kids arnd u

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