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Jaclyn Fore Duncan, Oklahoma

This wench is the reason I am no longer an Oklahoma resident, and no longer married. She is my ex-husband’s ex fiancé. He let her come around while I was pregnant with our son, and after I had him. 7 weeks after going through 12 hours of painful labor, he slept with her. Lied to me about it, and said that he only “stripped for her.”

A week or so later, he met with her before work (having told me there was an early morning meeting for a managerial position) and slept with her IN MY TRUCK.

He lied to me for 6 months before I finally grew the balls and left. It wasn’t until after I left that he finally told me, after he admitted it to everyone else ’cause apparently they’re more important than your wife, what he’d truly done.

Last time I knew, she still had photos up of my ex-husband (from when they were together) on her Facebook. Here is a link to her page.  She does this every time that he has a woman (according to many of his friends) and that he has never had the willpower to say no to her.

She outright lied to my face at one point saying that she knew what lines weren’t appropriate to cross as he was a “married man with a wife and a new baby.”

This she-devil used to drive her P.O.S. Mustang down a gravel road that was about 4 miles from any main road. My house was the only one on the road. Ain’t no god damned reason to be driving past my house at 10 at night. Sheriff was called to see what could be done about it. It turns out that the sheriff was one of her ex’s as well and was more than happy to tell her to f**k off.

There isn’t much more to tell. She’s a homewrecking ho.





24 Responses to “Jaclyn Fore Duncan, Oklahoma”

  1. scornednbitter says:

    She looks like a homewrecking hoe bag. Hit the ex where it hurts and run to the child support office. Maybe after losing his wife, child AND money he will learn to leave that skank w**** alone. Best of luck to you.

    • Terry Gonzalez says:

      In addition to the relationship talked about above, she recently ruined the marriage of Ginger and Martin Dayhoff in Duncan, Oklahoma

  2. K says:

    She’s not bad looking at all. Now the cheating douche on the other hand if it’s him in her fb pics, he’s a ugly fat f***.

  3. scornednbitter says:

    Seriously OP, if that’s your hubby she’s hugging it up with in her fb photos then what the hell are y’all fighting about? He obviously can’t be faithful and he sure as hell ain’t much to look at so what the hell? I’m not trying to be rude I just don’t get it. What secret super power does he have that we’re not seeing?

  4. AmusedSpectator says:

    I thought couples like that existed only on television.

    Really. You’re better off. Without him or OK residency.

  5. Kit Grant says:

    Sadly, typical Oklahoma bs…bored rednecks with nothing better to do but screw other peoples’ spouses while waiting for the meth house down the street to open up…Spent 4 years in the hellhole town where this hw currently works, with my own cheating spouse, believe me…I was NOT in the minority (I didn’t know ONE family that hadn’t dealt with infidelity)… shitty little military towns are full of these assholes…my advice, if you can avoid Oklahoma on the map…do so 😉

  6. J. Savage says:

    The guy in her facebook images are not him. I’ll show y’all a pic of him later. I’m just thankful that this was posted.
    She sent me a friend request tonight. My immediate thoughts were to check this site to see if she’d been posted.
    Thank you for adding her to the list of whores.
    I love Oklahoma, and miss it dearly.

  7. B. Stone says:

    Do not listen to Kit. I lived in Oklahoma for 18 years before moving to be with my boyfriend. Oklahoma has some of the nicest people around. I’ve never encountered the amount of rude, inconsiderate people until I left Oklahoma. Just because you happened to be cheated on there doesn’t mean the whole damn state is full of cheaters. There are cheaters everywhere.

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  9. Jon E. Wadd says:

    She cleans up pretty well, but is still a very ordinary s***. And not too skanky.

    She has a long history of actively seeks the black d***
    and can never be trusted around one.

  10. kallie says:

    Well all i can say is good for you. I wish i would have left when i found out about my husband’s so said emotional affair. She also is from Duncan Oklahoma. Probably a friend of hers as they both love there tattoos. All i can say is she has an owl on her chest.!!!!!!

  11. Terry Anderson says:

    She is still at it, and messing around with a guy named Martin Dayhoff, what a skank

  12. Brett says:

    She will never learn and her dumb boyfriend believer her lies all the time, he needs to dump her ass before he catches something

  13. Terry Anderson says:

    I work at wal-mart in duncan and Jaclyn Fore and Marty Dayhoff are the talk of the store…

  14. ginny says:

    Shes pretty

  15. J. Savage says:

    She threatened to suit me over this. IDGAF.

  16. C.C. says:

    Door knob…. Enough said.

  17. Brett says:

    Nasty Doorknob

  18. John says:

    Crazy she is the Halliburton w**** well one of them f****** most of the guys that are stupid enough to do it. she needs a few stiches to tighten her up lol

  19. Mercer says:

    Blaming “the other woman” sounds easy and logical and feels good at first. But if you find yourself at the mercy of a “homewrecker” odds are there is one of 2 things happening.
    1. You married a serial filanderer that has zero honor or integrity or respect for his vows.
    2. He has been henpecked and shut out and verbally abused to the point that he has to look outside his marriage for something that his wife will no longer provide. Thus making the “homewrecker” nothing more than a means to a lonely husbands ends.
    The latter is the most common case.
    Looking within instead of without is a long hard step that few women faced with a “homewrecker” have the wherewithall to take.

  20. Annie says:

    Jaclyn fore is my sister I googled her name to see what came up and I found this almost made me cry it’s a lie and I’m Annie sikes we have different dads and this is not true

    • Don’t get your feelers hurt, you won’t be the first little sister to be surprised that her daughter grew up to be a major w****… why don’t you ask her about Martin Dayhoff and there are more names if you want them.

    • J. Savage says:

      Not a lie. Wish I still had the texts from her with all of the nasty details of what she did with Billy.

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