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Jazmin Mutter Las Vegas, Nevada

This little w**** is the reason along with my sneaky husband for my current pain! This started back in August 2012 when he had to go for military duty. The crazy thing about all this is she’s a married woman herself!! Anyway, she was emailing and texting my husband every chance she got, there was even a secret email that was set up! Before I came to find out about the affair I had looked through the phone records and asked him about it, he said she was just a friend.  I didn’t buy it! So I called her and asked her about it and she played stupid! She made it seem like I was just a crazy jealous woman & besides she was married herself! She said that she had no interest in him and didn’t see him in the manner that I was thinking.

Fast-forward to May 2013, I came across the secret email and a picture of the w**** with my d*** husband in bed together!! I read emails about them two meeting up together and how I was a bad person and how her husband wasn’t a good man. They talked about wanting to get together and be HAPPY like they were when they met up! Of course this hurt me, I was at home waiting for him (faithful) and he was meeting up with her and flying her out, spending $$$ he doesn’t have and lying to me about all this! When I found out I went on a crazy woman rampage, I found her husband’s phone number and told him what was going on. She made him believe that I was a crazy ex-girlfriend who was making s*** up! I think he believed her, Oh well he’s married to a s*** and if she did it with my husband, I’m sure she won’t hesitate to be with anyone else when she’s away on military orders.

She has never replied to any of my emails or phone calls, I’m sure she knows that she’s a damn homewrecker not only to me but to her own and she has to live with that and the fact that she’s a w****!!





107 Responses to “Jazmin Mutter Las Vegas, Nevada”

  1. Melizza says:

    Report her and your husband to their command … That’s big problems for them both keep the pic to prove it.

  2. Nikki says:

    Report her asap!

  3. crystala says:

    I would report her to it if nobody else can put a stop to it I guarantee in the military will…they do not play with adultery some people even have to do time in military prison because of it… truly make her learn her lesson

  4. crystala says:

    Also the email you have with the picture don’t just call her husband send that picture to his phone

  5. Ashley says:

    ohhh please article 15 this dumb b****!!!! She deserves it so does you husband..

  6. Ken says:

    Collect all your proof and contact your husbands commander for an appoint to request an investigation. Hope this helps MSgt AF retired

  7. Amy says:

    bitches like her won’t stop! she did it with your husband & I’m sure he wont be the last! She could be a walking mattress with STDs!

  8. Ana Montoya says:

    yeah my cuzin is gone cuz of it never going to see his face again hes with god

  9. SoSad says:

    She’s done this before… Now her two daughters have no father, what a shame.

  10. Rebecca Lopez says:

    Stop talking about this subject we are trying to mourn the loss of a member of our family that we can not have back. Have some class people and show respect for our family.

  11. Nina Girl says:

    I agree with Rebecca! Mijo is gone now plz don’t disrespect our memory and tarnish the future of his 2 beautiful girls……

  12. Cali says:

    Her husband was my relative and he shot himself two days ago! f***** s*** ruined his life! R.I.P A.

  13. vegas friend says:

    Same o n the person that posted this in the first place and same on people that continue it. Alex was a n am amazing guy who deserved the world! Let him rest in peace and the family mourn.

  14. vegas friend says:

    Shame on the person that posted this in the first place and same on people that continue it. Alex was an amazing guy who deserved the world! Let him rest in peace and the family mourn.

    • JJ says:

      Let us know how you feel when you’re cheated on. This post isn’t what caused your family member to go completely over the edge. If you’re mourning your loss (and I am sorry about that) why are you all stalking this page and keep posting for people to stop!?!?

    • nonya says:

      Shame on the wife?? Are you kidding me? Blame the w**** who killed your cousin. He probably did himself a favor to get away from that nasty c*** wife of his.

  15. Marcy says:

    Ana… I knew Alexis since he was in Jr High school. I would like to talk to you. I’m in Tucson. My prayers are with your family.

  16. janay says:

    All This Bullshit Cuz Of a Girl I Cant Believe My Cousin Is Gone My Brother My Heart My World This Is Ridiculous!!!!! RiP Brother

  17. Family member says:

    The thing that gets me is while our family mourns the loss of a good man, Jazmin stil posts on his Facebook like she did nothing wrong and how he was just sick! It is bitches like her that make me sick! No women is worth it ecspecially this HO!! He was not sick he was heart broken and I hope she can live with what she has done.

    • Marcy says:

      I have been reading her pathetic posts on FB as well. She is the sick one! She is a w**** and though I won’t comment more, running around behind Alexis back is common for this b****! I knew he was heartbroken, and he let us know by the way he chose to end his heartbreak. I have read other posts about how people who comment have no respect, well Jazmin should have shown Alexis, their children, her marriage and the so called paranoid woman who posted Jazmins dirty little secret…Respect. She’s on here because she brought it on herself. Alexis is gone because of her! I blame her!!! I’m sorry for your family’s loss, I hope Alexis’ memory will not be tarnished by that s*** who manipulates the truth. The truth always comes out…and when it does, everyone will know what a pathetic person she really is. I’m sorry the girls have a w**** they have to call their Mother, and worse they no longer have their Daddy because of her. May she find a conscience someday…and live with a lifetime of guilt! She goes to Church? I’m hoping its to ask Gods forgiveness and not to win an “Oscar.”

  18. Michelle says:

    I knew alexis for a long time my heart is sad by the news of what happened. My thoughts are with his daughters during this trying time. I hope karma finds her for her actions.

  19. Heartbroken says:

    What I don’t get is that she must’ve never stopped having the affair and things obviously got worse, not for her because she was busy being a w**** when he was away but for Alexis! If this is true this has been going on for over a year! She was flying places to be with this man who was married himself? No shame! Why didn’t Jazmin fly home to be with her kids and husband!? I’m sure they would’ve loved to have her surprise them all. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was still whoring around with him today.
    Alexis, you were an amazing man, father, friend an so on. We don’t know what was going on in your mind and heart. I personally am sadden because I feel like I should’ve called and made more of an effort to ask you how you were doing and not if everything else was ok. I will miss your voice, smile and your cheesy jokes. I will miss you overall. My thought and prayers are with you, your girls and your family…Rest in peace love….

  20. Luna's Broken Heart says:

    Life has ways of knocking us off our feet. I had the same thing happened to me, but lets be clear it did not involve Jazmin. Jazmin has a beautiful God given voice and she sang at my wedding. It was magical, yet 15 years later it still fell apart. Looking back I see the many things I could have done to change the outcome At the time I was too hurt to even see the sun rise. It’s been two years and I still can’t even date or want too.
    Did I want revenge? Yea! Lets just say he is very lucky I didn’t have the money to see to my thoughts. If I did I would be a guest of New York Prison System I also noticed that she never mentioned the name of her husband, might that have been to protect her own family? She should have had compassion for Alexis’ feelings and protected him also. If the affair is true Jazmin and both sides of Alexis’ family is suffering. They all paid the ultimate price. The poster saw to her revenge very well.
    Jazmin did not pull the trigger. He had options and he choose to disregard the other two little ladies in his life. His love for them should have overwhelmed any decision of suicide he had, as it did me. My children and grand children are worth more to me than any man on this earth. I understand the pain of the wife, I understand the pain of Alexis, I don’t understand his priority. I wish they all find peace some day and I hope Alexis will too, but somehow I doubt it. Death doesn’t end emotional pain it just takes it to a higher level. His lesson was to be learned here…and live on! Time does heal.

  21. Luna's Broken Heart says:

    The wife that started this thread didn’t even give her name…WTF hhhmmmm makes me doubt the validity of what she posted. Any man that has an affair and has a wife is walking a dangerous line. There is no one more dangerous then a wife that has been cheated on.
    A cheated on wife will take a life! Seems that cheated on wife did…

    • Cali says:

      The cheated on wife will take a life? You are an idiot. Putting this up here was for the w**** only, not for her husband who obviously needed help. Blame the w****, not the wife.

    • You just contradicted yourself. One post you blame the one who took his life. The next post you blame it on the innocent hurt betrayed wife. Put the blame where it belongs. He did this to himself. Jazmin contributed to his pain and despair. The betrayed wife had every right to out Jazmin. She isn’t responsible for his death. She is venting her own hurt, pain, and anger. Maybe this is her way of reaching out instead of killing herself for what Jazmine and her husband did to her and her family. Jazmine made her bed…and her children will suffer for her selfishness. It is just so sad. Of course she didn’t say her name or her husband’s…the page is about home wreckers that are women. Why are you on here anyways? The whoring wife contributed to the destruction of a life…and two marriages. Contributed to the death of her children’s father. Get your s*** straight. Jazmine obviously didn’t give a s*** till he killed himself.

      • Marcy says:

        Melissa…I definately agree with you! Certainly a Contradiction. But do me a favor, don’t misinterpret my posts as you did my FB post earlier. “Don’t you dare be pissed at the woman who posted? I Support her. I also commented on Sept 16. About Jazmin. Maybe my comment meets your approval, and if not I don’t care! But…DONT YOU DARE MISINTERPRET my posts as supporting Jazmin…how dare You!

    • JJ says:

      I’ve read some of the comments that he was “sick” where was his family (not his w**** bag wife) when he needed HELP!!!!??? Don’t blame a woman who was cheated on by this trashy swamp donkey.

    • Louniece says:

      Luna does’t have a Heart to be broken……a viscious b****.

  22. Broken friend says:

    Came across this page….makes me sad that Alexis felt the hurt he did & is no longer with us. May he rest in peace. As for the wife that posted this; how does anyone really know what happened to her, could she be suffering the same pain as Alexis? Look at the dates, this mess goes back to last year! A broken heart & marriage is no joke people! Jazmin was stepping out on her husband with another married man, that would break anyone’s heart & to see a picture of her husband in bed with jazmin! Luna for you to say that the cheated wife is the one who took a life is rediculas!!! Don’t you think jazmin is old enough to know what she was doing when she was whoring around while Alexis was at home with the girls!? C’mon, who the hell does that; a selfish w**** named jazmin is who!!?? The truth always comes out,it has no time limit so I’m sure it won’t be long till we see her with this a****** she had on the side!!

  23. SHAME ON YOU says:


  24. As time goes on says:

    F Jazmin!
    That woman has played everyone & especially Alexis to the very end! Come to find out, she NEVER stopped having the affair & was with that sancho of hers the very moment she came back from her “whoring vacation/school”! As a matter a fact that weekend before he passed she was with him….he found out! But that didn’t stop her from ending the relationship w/that a******! Here it is almost a month later since he left us & I’m sure she’s hurting along with all of us but what gets me is that even after all this she still acts as if nothing ever happened & nothing is happening! Shame on you & that p**** ass man you have on the side Jazmin! Hope he’s all you imagined in the place of your husband & is there for you always lmao and if he’s married, I hope his wife will understand!!! Alexis was way more than you deserved & loved you beyond words & EVERYONE knew that but you were too caught up & selfish to see!

  25. I'm me says:

    f*** that dirty ass b**** Jazmin! She’ll get hers! It’s only a matter of time when the s*** she’s done catches up with her. The truth will come out, IT ALWAYS DOES! So, Jazmin if you’re reading this, f*** YOU, you dirty w****! I’ll be seeing the way you act like you did nothing but when your military time comes, your true colors come out aka s***! You’re nothing but a military mattress for men w/girlfriends & wives! Tech school was nothing but a “f*** them as they come” for you & you know damn well what I’m talking about!!! Have some self respect b****! Not only for yourself but for the relationships that DONT INCLUDE YOU!!

  26. etta says:

    Jazmin is not the ONLY one to blame….the nasty ass “other” man is just as bad And they will both have to live with the hurt they have caused. Im sorry to everyone who feel pain from the loss of the man that was cheated on.

    • Trust no b**** says:

      In a sense you’re right, she is not the only one to blame. The side d*** knew she was married, so he’s at fault as well for the cheating; it takes 2 selfish dumb fucks!!! The thing is, she had a choice to NOT to be with him & be faithful to her man who was supporting her w\ the kids back home but she took that time away and decided to be community property & take married & taken men up on their offer! No shame in her game! The b**** thought she was slick & tried to hide what she was doing but those famous words; THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT!!!

      • JJ says:

        According to other people’s replies, this wasn’t the ONLY side d*** she was getting!!! Blame whoever you want BUT the poster of this swamp donkey w**** IS NOT to blame!!!

        • Phsych Studies says:

          The poster of this page is very much as responsible as every party involved. Someone who would go through these lengths after the death of a person just to get “revenge” has absolutely no shame or respect for others or for themselves. I would understand if no one had been hurt, but obviously many people were. It shows the type of person they are; sad and selfish.

          • w**** studies say.... says:

            You’re an idiot if you’re here to blame the poster! The poster contacted the husband before he took his life so how does that configure into revenge!?!? The cheated wife reached out to him to make him aware of wha was going on with his slutty wife! Jazmin played him like a fool & she never thought her actions would have such a negative & hurtful impact that caused her husband so much pain tha he took his own life!! She’s not new o this, she did the same to her first husband (cheated)!
            So the only one that’s sad and selfish here is the w**** named Jazmin Mutter-Bogarin, now going by the name Jazmin Lopez!! She’s the one along with the man she had on the side that’s to blame for all this mess that came about, NOT the cheated wife nor the man who too his life!!!!!

  27. I am sorry for the loss of Jazmin’s husband; that is truly tragic. Tragic that his despair drove him to take his life – tragic that the love and companionship of his two daughters wasn’t enough to make him see there is a light at the end of the darkness. But let’s be real, the betrayed wife did not pull the trigger. Even Jazmin did not pull the trigger. We cannot blame others for how we react to situations. AT the same time we need to be considerate of how our actions impact others. Typically those involved in affairs are selfish and thinking only of their “high”; that adrenaline rush associated with dangerous behavior. Cheating affects everyone involved with the cheaters – wife, husband, sons, daughters, friends and family. This is an extreme case that points out what the worst can happen. At best, the cheater loses his/her family, marriage, children, finances. It could easily have been the betrayed wife that was driven to despair like this betrayed husband. Because this website is “She’s a homewrecker” only the cheating women are exposed. I hope the admins quickly put up “He’s a homewrecker” so we don’t have the CONTINUOUS comments of “why aren’t you posting HIM.” It’s really easy to avoid all this tragedy and drama: keep your moral compass in check and, if you make a commitment to someone (especially marriage), KEEP that commitment.

  28. Monique says:

    This is absolutely the worst outcome to this type of situation. Jazmin will have to live with her affair(s) and the consequence(s) for the rest of her life. I can only say this man must have truly loved his wife. This is the love so many of us good women search for in a lifetime and unfortunately it seems the selfish, un-appreciative women have it. I pray for his daughters and family that they, somehow, are able to find peace. God bless them all!

  29. just saying says:

    This is a sad out come.. alex was a good man who loved his 2 girls and accepted jazmins son from her first marriage. It doesnt surprise me that jazmin was cheating on him she cheated on her first husband multiple times . She was also seeing another man when she started dating alex. Shes a w**** and she probably will never change but because of her selfishness now her girls have to grow up without their father and a lil boy without his step dad. My heart goes out to the 3 little ones.

  30. Not your friend! says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Jazmin, she knew damn well what she was doing when she started that affair with that married man! Now, I do feel sadden by the loss of her husband & the fatherless children. My heart hurts for them & angry at her! Why did you have to continue a relationship outside your own you stupid selfish b****!? Why couldn’t you just leave Alexis? Was it because he was your support? Didn’t you feel the least bit guilty when you were with that married man & your husband was back home with the kids NOT KNOWING you were flying out to be a w****!?!
    Now Alexis is gone, not only out of your life but out of everyone else’s! Now you’re talking about how much you love him & how much you miss him…’s sad but it’s a little too late! All that time you wasted away with a man that wasn’t even yours, you could’ve given it to your OWN HUSBAND! I’m glad that this was posted because now everyone can see what a mind fucker, manipulator, liar of a w**** you are! It wouldn’t surprise me, well actually it would to see the picture the wife saw that pissed her off so much!

    Just so you know, not everyone is blind to you & that “older married SSgt” you talked about ….you’re a stupid,sloppy s*** & not everyone thinks it’s cute how you had a boyfriend(s) while your husband was at home!
    Hope you’re smart enough to change your ways before you step on the wrong toes but in your case ride the wrong d***!

    Was/is this man worth all that’s been lost or can be lost?!?

  31. It still hurts says:

    Can’t stand this woman!! I dislike how she goes around acting like she did nothing wrong! She’s claiming to stay single forever, why didn’t she stay faithful when A was alive!? Who does it benefit now? Jazmin, I hope you read these comments that we all post because you’re not fooling anyone! We know what you’re about, did you think we didn’t see how you were? What’s missing in your life that you always felt the need to cheat? Or we’re you just born a w****? Not only did you hurt my friend with your MULTIPLE strays but you also did it to your 1st husband!!!??? Why? Why hurt people like that? You hurt and pissed this woman off so much that you’re on this website! She really outed you & we know you hate it! That’s why you felt the need to post the things you did on your FB! I know that this man you cheated with wasn’t worth your husband loss. This sadly should be a lesson to you! Don’t put yourself in someone else’s relationship or marrige, you don’t know the damage you can cause or the pain it can inflict on the person being cheated on!! I hope that you left this man alone & he left you alone, unless you can live with the fact that your husband is gone because of you two!!
    To the a****** you had on the side; f*** YOU! I hope it keeps you up at night knowing that 3 kids are without a father because of you & their w**** mother!! If your wife is still around, you should be thankful she is! She could’ve fell into the same depression my dear friend did! Thank God you can still hold, kiss & love her & not try to proclaim your love & faithfulness after she’s left this world like your w**** Jazmin!!
    This is a sad situation all around & I hope that ANYONE who reads this will think twice about cheating! Love the ones your with, no one is promised tomorrow.

  32. Family member says:

    I could not imagine the pain he felt that brings us to these day without him. But his love for this sorry piece of s*** u call a human (Jazmin) was so much that when he found out the weekend before his death that she had spent with this married man, he was crushed. To have to look at his daughters adorable faces and see that bitches face was to much for him to handle. Not everyone is as strong as u think and people have no consideration for others these days. I just hope that one day those 2 lil girls find out the truth and that Jazmin can live with the fact she is the reason they grew up without there father! R.I.P. Alexis not a day goes by i do not miss you!

    • Before death do you part says:

      It’s November 11th….this day was a special day to Alexis but the w**** decided she wanted to cheat on him with a man who was married himself! It wasn’t even a year since they had married & she was already up to NO GOOD!!! Less than a year & she was all about another guy & he wasn’t even hers!!! NO shame b****! Now sadly here it is (what would’ve been your 2 year anniversary) and Alexis is no longer with YOU or ANYONE ELSE!!!!!
      This day you promised to love him & be faithful till death do you part BUT you played by your w**** rules & couldn’t follow through! Don’t claim to love him & be faithful NOW that he’s gone!!! All that s*** you write is just a show! You’re still playing by your rules (& still have that ass you keep on the side) with no regard for anyone else!!! How many more lives are you wanting to destroy & marriages do you want to break up!?!?
      You need to watch what your doing Jazmin….KARMA is patiently waiting!

  33. Heartbreaking says:

    Jazmin…’s so sad that you couldn’t be faithful to Alexis the first year you guys were married! You were talking to this married man like you had nothing to lose & neither did he….here it is your 2nd anniversary & sadly Alexis is no longer here! Not with you or his kids & not with us, his family or friends!!! So I hope that when you look back to when you first thought it was cute to flirt & lay with this woman’s husband & lie & betray yours, you’ll think of all that you have lost!!!

    You have caused so much hurt & anger amongst so many people that I hope you realized the damage you have caused & that you have made it a point to stop! If in deed you’re carring on the relationship that hurt Alexis so bad that he’s no longer here, may you eat the same s*** one day!!! We all get what we give……remember that next time you want to come between someone else’s marriage & remember what your actions did to yours…….

  34. Part of the family says:

    Why do we keep wasting our time with this ratchet ass b****? She’s nothing but a w**** with kids who drove her man to his death because she doesn’t know how to be a faithful wife!! So sad that she continues to w**** a round with that guy & still act like she had no part in Alexis’ death!!! I hope she realizes that the games she’s played will soon come to an end & blow up in her face! We’re gonna figure out who this “other man” is & put them both in their places! They wanted to be with each other while they were on military duties, then they both can be punished by the military! Then we can all see if all these secrets, lies, betrayals & the loss of a life was all worth a piece of ass!!! Some people don’t know when to quit & just move on from their mistake. They want to continue to cause the hurt & deceive the ones they claim to love!

  35. Open minded says:

    Theres two sides to every story; and I’m sure this one is no different. Yes, the husband that left this world in the manner that he did was tragic and obviously sad for his little girls, his family and friends. Some of the replies were one-sided; putting the blame on his wife and/or the other guy who was allegedly having an affair with her. I’m not a lawyer but I can’t see blaming “Jazzy” or her male friend without knowing all the facts. All I’m saying is this, keep an open mind; y’all never know what was really going on without actually being around both of them for a period of time.

    • Truth says:

      We didn’t have to be around the 2 sneaky assholes to know “what’s really going on”! When a married person hides what they’re doing & goes out of their way to cover up their lies, that’s enough evidence to know what’s going on!! There’s no allegations here, it’s ALL the truth & maybe you shouldn’t believe everything your lying w**** friend “jazzy” tells you….. Even if I didn’t have ties to Alexis, this woman is a dirty hoe & doesn’t give a s*** about anyone else but herself!!! Keep that in mind while your being “open minded”.

  36. It's NOT a 1 sided story... says:

    I was around them for a period of time to know both sides! This may seem as a one sided story but it’s NOT! Alexis was told what was going on with his w**** wife by the husband’s wife. Jazmin denied the affair & made it seem like the woman was just a jealous coworkers wife…..the wife had the proof of the affair!
    Who else is to blame here really? Are you going to point the finger at the wife or at Jazmin’s husband? How is it their fault, please explain.
    These are two adults who knowingly chose to cheat on thier significant others! These are 2 military members with sound minds that made the choice to wreck not only their own homes & marriages but caused a man to take his own life because the pain was too much!!
    You don’t need to be a lawyer to have common sense & know right from wrong when you’re a grown up with a family!!
    What if the wife took her life before Jazmin’s husband did & this post surfaced after her death! Would this still not be her husband’s fault nor Jazmin’s!? Jazmin & this other man were together the weekend before he died & there’s pictures to prove it! It just goes to show that neither of the 2 had or have any respect for the cheated wife or Alexis!
    You can keep your “open mind” but the facts & pictures are there & it won’t be too long before Jazmin & that guy are exposed!!

    • The time will come says:

      We are all patiently waiting for the day she’s caught slipping (once again) and gets caught along with this man that helped wrecked the lives of many people!!
      Karma works in many ways & comes when you least expect it….

  37. Open minded says:

    Okay, let’s see the proof….post the photo.

    • For the "open minded" one sided b**** says:

      We can’t post the pics here! It’s only peoples replies that can be posted!! My cousin Alexis had a few of them in his possession. That’s how we knew Jazmin was with that guy the w/e before? Why the f*** do you think he was so heartbroken & he did what he did!?!? Besides, that’s what we’re using to open an investigation you pushy motherfucker!

    • Angry cousin says:

      Should we post a pic of my cousin that passed too!?!? Will that be proof that he took his own life because if the actions of his w**** wife? She had no sympathy or respect for her husband or her family! That affair came at the cost of my cousin’s life!!! So f*** you & your need for proof!!

  38. I AM ME!! says:

    Really!?!? This s*** sounds sooooo familiar!! Yup, I’ve heard this bullshit before! “Open minded” You’re a stupid motherfucker for coming on here and trying to defend this home wrecking w**** & her “male friend”! You know the TRUTH…..there’s nothing “allegedly” about this! Jazzy is a w**** & open minded, have you been around them both that you know this not to be true!?!? If so PLEASE DO TELL!!!!

  39. Calling you out says:

    Jazmin & that other guy are still together whenever he’s in town or she goes to Cali to “visit” Even after the death of Alexis….did you guys really think the w**** was going to stop just because Alexis isn’t around anymore? He’s around even more now because she doesn’t have anyone to answer to! I’m not sure how the girls are playing into all this but I guess if he’s still tapping that dirty p****, he must be trying to “be there” for them. Who knows, maybe he’s around because he feels guilty for sleeping with my cousins wife!? Jazmin is a dirty w****, the b**** didn’t have respect for her family when Alexis was alive, it’s all about her! It always has been!
    For all you assholes, we did contact her unit & it’s in their hands now. Many people were hurt because of this s*** right here! It won’t bring back our Alexis but it’ll be a lesson learned & taught to about cheating& suicide!

  40. For the 2 assholes says:

    Jazmin & “the other guy” are still together. He was just with her a few weeks ago for a couple of weeks in Vegas. They are planning to be together & make it official soon… I guess he’s waiting to get divorced. The affair never stopped even after alexis’ death. She was constantly calling him & he picked up when she did. The wife; well she’s still alive & heartbroken because this is the ultimate betrayal! One day he’ll open his eyes & realize that he let a woman who gave her all to him for a w**** with babies! When he realizes that car seats & daycare are s*** of the past for him (because he has grown children) he’s going to second guess his choice. And when jazmin sees that this guy is playing her just like he did to his wife with her; she’s going to wish she would’ve left him alone & realiz that NO MAN is going to love her & her children like Alexis did! We can only stand back & let them be. There’s nothing that we can do but there’s this beautiful thing called Karma & like anything in life; good or bad; they’ll get theirs!!

  41. some sort of curious says:

    jazzy i hope you rot in hell!!!

  42. Jaz says:

    Jazmin – I wish you and your man a lifetime of happiness. Suicide is tragic and I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with a crazy wife during really painful times.

    Best of luck (and ignore the haters on here)

    • Marcy says:

      What’s this? “A note to Self”???….Jaz!! Hahahaha
      You’ve lost it, totally!

      • Punk bitches! says:

        Hey home wrecking w****; Jazmin!
        you can’t call a man “your man” if the a****** is still married! That’s the reason you’re slutty ass in on this site! You had a man that you could’ve had a lifetime f happiness with but you chose to f*** that up & sadly he is no longer here because of it! For the “open minded d***/b****” the only pathetic ones are you for going around trying to “inform” us of this woman who clearly has your attention and Jazmin for validating her stupid whoring ass!! For all we know it’s Jazmin doing all the writing! Please do tell us all how this “wife” that you had to deal with during you r painful times did to you….Seems like you were still reaching out to “your man” (that really isn’t) during your so called really painful times!!
        You’re such a selfish c*** and your comment just says it all! What about your kids, do they approve of the replacement daddy?

        • Jaz says:

          oooof I missed this. Sorry for delay in getting back to these redic haters who decided to respond to a post that wasn’t addressed to them.

          Not Jazmin (the girl being shat on) – I don’t know anyone in this story.

          Suicide is a tragic situation both for victims & survivors. I wanted to send a little message of kindness to Jazmin, a survivor.

          What drew my eye to this post is the pathetic way one person’s psychological illness that eventually took their life is being exploited on this forum to justify hating the wife. Let me be clear. No one can establish what causes a suicide. NO ONE. And then to recklessly assign blame is beyond appropriate.

          Hate on her for whatever, but her husband committing suicide is not her fault and shame on anyone who tries to say it is.

          Finally, judging by the vitriol directed at me just for wishing her well, Jazmin is a strong person to withstand it all. So again, keep your head up Jazmin and focus on your family and your man.

          • To "Jaz" says:

            “Jaz”- stfu please! Focus on your family, YES! They have been through enough heartache! But focus on “your man”, really!? A man that isn’t or wasn’t hers to begin with? The focus should’ve been on her husband & not another man who was or is still married!! Palouse her all you’d like for “surviving” but don’t praise a w**** who helped wreck not only her own life but the lives of many others!! When you knowingly do harm, you do face consequences…..

      • Marcy says:

        Hello people?? My above response is a reply to Jaz’ (just felt it was Alexis’ cheating wife posting a comment…as JAZ is writing a note to herself about her man and putting up with a crazy wife on here. But thx for all the thumbs down…my bad. I guess all 38 are blinded by anger and look at me as a supporter of Trash! Thx to those 5 thumbs up who understood my comment.

        • MaybeLately says:

          Marcy you sound like a psychopath that noone wanted to sit with in high school.

          Relaxxxx, a thumbs down doesn’t mean you can’t sit at the cool kids table.

        • Monica says:

          Yeah Marcy, we got it! f*** Jazmin & that man she wants to call her own!! Who the fucks cheats on their husband who then takes his own life and then SHE proudly takes pride in being with a man who was NEVER hers to begin with and blasts it on a website that calls her out as being a w****!!?? Only a stupid selfish w**** and a “man” she claims is hers! What a fuckn joke!!! He’s not hers any more than she was a virgin when she married Giraldo!!! lol they both will get a life they deserve for all the pain they have caused to the ones they married (Alexis paid the ultimate price) they may think that they’ll have a happily ever after BUT people; more like assholes like them will get their KARMA in a form they least expect!!! So let’s make a toast to”karma”! May these 2 selfish assholes get what’s coming to them!!!!

    • f*** Jazz! says:

      You are one stupid ass b**** Jaz!! Do you think it’s cute that you’re exploring the death of my cousin you fuckn c*** bitchYou had to deal with a “crazy wife” during your difficult time!? Your w**** ass wouldn’t have to be “dealing” with anything or anyone if you would’ve just been a faithful FUKN wife & NOT be a w**** to this “married man” you’re talking about! WE would ALL still have ALEXIS in our lives!!! So f*** you & f*** your stupid selfish comment!! I hope this man is smart enough to realize what a fake ass b**** you are & doesn’t fall for your lies & bullshit like Alexis did!!
      May your life be filled with nothing but reality check & karma!

    • f*** Jazmin! says:

      Really Jaz, your man!? b****, you’re not on this site for being wife of the year you c***! You’re here because you’re a w**** & you just validated what this woman posted!! You little c***, you and “your man” ruined so many lives but all you care about is you & how you’re doing! If being on this site is something to be proud of then why not name everyone involved!? Tell us all who “your man” is & this wife who caused you so much grief during your difficult time is!? For all we know, you’re the reason why Alexis isn’t here anymore but it’s all good right, things worked out great in your favor!? I hope you choke on the s*** you spit you c***! You think all this was a and is a game!? A life was take

    • Really!? says:

      Jazmin- “don’t w**** round, especially with married men”!! That should be your damn note to self, you dumb skinny crack looking c***!

  43. Open minded says:

    I figured out who the person was that started all this craziness; and I have to say she’s become a tad sad (pathetic). She’s posted dozens of “Selfies” (Blue polo’s, in bed all dressed up) on a certain Social Media site, trying to validate herself I guess. Have some self-respect and stop trying to be sexy (??). If “The Other Guy” doesn’t want you then move on. Stop embarrassing yourself.

    • s says:

      Open minded, does your mom know she raised a dumb s***? Just saying, if anyone is interested.

    • To "open minded" says:

      “Open minded” is Jazmin sucking your d*** too, is that why you feel the need to defend her & talk bad about this “marginally attractive” wife?? Ha! I guess you like the way the w**** creeps around with married men but know this……. If you cheated with her & she with you, what the f*** makes you think she’ll be just yours!? LMFAO

  44. Open minded says:

    Someone just told me that the author (meaning the wife that started this) just posted another “Selfie” in a blue top. Now, it’s totalling understandable that you feel hurt, betrayed, embarrassed and so on; but damn women, STOP WITH THE f****** SELFIES! It’s too obvious as to what you are doing! You want to make your husband feel guilty or what he’s missing right. If I was him, I’d feel sympathy for you. This whole “Selfie” thing makes you look desperate and pathetic (yes, I know I’ve use it before), but it’s true. I don’t know you but honestly, I don’t think I would want to. I would not want to be around someone who lacks self confidence and needs validation in their life. This thing you’re doing is a waste of time. STOP! STOP! STOP! If you were a guy I’d tell you to grow some balls and get on with your life. You seem to be fairly young and marginally attractive so MOVE ON ALREADY!

  45. Open minded says:

    Oh, and if anyone is interested, I was told that the wife who’s being cheated on (the person who started this) has 54 “Selfies” posted. Yes, FIFTY-FOUR SELF PHOTOS! A lot of them with her blue polo. Who does that?

    • Marcy says:

      Open Minded??…aka Jazmin…aka w**** who calls herself a Mother??? Feeling a little threatened by the woman who put your immoral, pathetic ways on here? Obviously she is moving on! I think it’s hilarious that you keep posting and everyone is ignoring your comments! Ha! I’m very happy that the cheated on wife still has self confidence and is posting selfies…you go girl!! A little scared Jazmin? Is her ex going to realize what a cheap skank you are and that he gave up a good woman? I hope so, if he hasn’t already! Don’t know what you have til it’s gone, you’re screwed woman! Your secret is always available on the internet! Any guy you date can google your name and find this site! So awesome!!! Now try to shame this woman who’s posting selfies. But I think she’s got the last laugh! Please know we’re all laughing with her! :)

    • Let me see... says:

      Open minded, you sure seem to be obbssed with the “wife”! Why are you here, are you trying to make Jazzy feel better about something? Why don’t you just come out & say what site the wife is on & let us all see for ourselves how “pathetic” she is & how “sexy” she’s trying to be!!

    • You're a b****! says:

      You’re a little b****! You obviously have too much time on your hands to fuckn sit there and count her pictures!!! And she does that!!

    • Louniece says:

      She does. You f****** idiot!

  46. Vam says:

    I know It has been said, but SERIOUSLY report this to her Command Officer and his.
    Military personnel are held to a higher standard than civilians, I am appalled that these service members would not only commit adultery, but do it while on duty. This resulted in the death of an innocent person, these people do NOT deserve to be an honored member of our country. Report them, file your divorce, and get your alimony. These dirt bags deserve that time and effort and nothing more.

    • Airman RH says:

      Those two think that no one in our squadron knows about the affair that they’ve been carrying on for months. They’ve shown up to our squadron functions together like neither of them have anything to lose. He’s still married but tells everyone he isn’t or that they’re separated but he’s not. His wife is stupidly blind to what he’s still doing here in Vegas with her! Not sure if Mutter just doesn’t give a s*** that he’s still married because her husband isn’t around or if she’s just as stupid as his wife. Either way, I can see this ending pretty ugly but then again maybe not because he’s a higher ranking man who is well liked by his superiors.
      I would like to see them both reprimanded for the s*** they are doing! This gives us military men who are here to serve a bad rep and the women who do the same labeled as whores because of women like Mutter! I’d like to out his name but I won’t, it’s easy to see who it is when you see her!
      This secrecy can only go on for so long, we’re not blind. We have admins who clearly validated that he was or is still married! Mutter, why be a “home wrecker”? Ssgt G is an old married man, you’re young & attractive but your selling yourself short by allowing yourself to be used like this! I’m sorry for your loss, I really am. It’s sad that you’re even on here but it is what it is, it’s not to late to change your ways before you get caught up and possibly kicked out. Don’t sell yourself short!

  47. Sara says:

    Whores will always be whores! If she was known to step out on the men she was with before she stepped out with this married man, it’s only a matter of time that she’ll cheat on him or he’ll cheat on her if they indeed are together! A cheater for a cheater…they’ll get a taste of their own poison!
    Some people create their own storms and get upset when it rains!? Cheating is a lesson that Jazmin obviously hasn’t learned nor does she seem to care about the effects it can have on others (like her children or family). Cheating is a very selfish thing and this woman is pretty damn selfish!
    Shame on you and the man who helped wreck the lives of so many…I’m not here to judge, that’s the job of someone higher! You would think that someone close to you (your parents or friends) would have told you that cheating was wrong!! Or you, yourself would’ve learned a long time ago that cheating on your husband or cheating with a married man isn’t right in anyway, NO MATTER what!! There is no excuse for it!

  48. What a tragic story says:

    What’s done is done. Who are we to judge or decide what punishment they should get? Everyone has their day with God, the only one who can truly judge!! Till then everyone involved meaning the wife, husband, Jazmin, sadly her husband who is no longer with us and all their children will have to live through this sad and selfish act of adultery! No one comes out a winner in a situation like this, NO ONE! Just a bunch of broken hearts and families. May they all find peace and one day happiness in each of their own lives. We can only pray and hope that this has been a lesson to everyone (not only the involved party) but to those who stop and read and see what can happen when a spouse is betrayed by their significant other. Get help because it’s never too late and there’s always hope for a better tomorrow.
    I know this is an old post but does anyone know what happened to the wife & how she’s doing? The poor husband took his own life and Jazmin has her “man” , it really leaves me wondering about her…. “Open Minded” you seem to have tabs on her, so would you mind informing us!?

  49. Whores these days says:

    Let me help you understand women who sleep with married men. They lack morals, are completely self-centered, think they are something special because the husband has a wife at home but he is f****** her. They are delusional. They don’t ever feel bad about the lives they destroy. They will blame everyone around them for what they do wrong. Examples of this are, “He chased after me, I tried to break up with him, he wasnt happy at home, his wife doesn’t make him happy, she doesn’t give him sex, she doesn’t appreciate him, she uses him.” The list goes on. You will never get her to own up to anything she has done. She is a nasty s*** that did not respect someone’s marriage or her own!

  50. Monica says:

    Let me help you understand women who sleep with married men. They lack morals, are completely self-centered, think they are something special because the husband has a wife at home but he is f****** her. They are delusional. They don’t ever feel bad about the lives they destroy. They will blame everyone around them for what they do wrong. Examples of this are, “He chased after me, I tried to break up with him, he wasnt happy at home, his wife doesn’t make him happy, she doesn’t give him sex, she doesn’t appreciate him, she uses him.” The list goes on. You will never get her to own up to anything she has done. She is a nasty s*** that did not respect someone’s marriage or her own.

  51. No HO zone says:

    Airman Ho; I mean Lopez. she’s a joke & a straight up poser! Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife!!!! It’s pretty pathetic & amusing watching that fool & a few others go after something that everyone has had! If they wait their turn, they’ll get it! She’s not really something to fight over; she has a body of a boy, cute smile & pretty eyes but that’s about it!!!!!! No need to break up marriages and relationships over this rat j/s! For real tho…

  52. FYI says:

    I see this sort of thing (and lots of other crazy crap) so many times I lost count. It’s why I learned to become an online gamer. I didn’t have to deal with the attention whores and high school bitches. With that being said, I’d like to clear up a big misconception about the military justice system: that adultery is an easy thing to prosecute but commanders a lenient.

    Adultery is covered under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. For a commander to be able to take action on someone accused of said acts, the commander (as judge, jury and executioner) must prove three things: that sex happened, that one or more of the people who had sex were married but not to each other, and that the good order and discipline of the unit was damaged or discredit was brought upon the military by the act. Keep in mind that ALL three of these must be proven, not just one or two. The first one is fairly easy. E-mails from a jilted spouse will provide that nail. The second one is just as easy; it’s recorded in the military HR records. But the third one is the tough one. Here you run into the the burden of proving that more than just a select group of people knew and that the people of the unit were affected to such an extent that their ability to accomplish their jobs was impacted and thus the ability of the unit to do its job as a whole was jeopardized. That’s the one that normally will trip up a commander; that will cause the issue to not meet the legal requirements for action by him. Thus, the commander’s hands are tied and no matter how bad he wants to beat the person like a baby harp seal, he can’t. So what normally will happen is a lesser charge of conduct unbecoming (for officers), fraternization (officers again) and/or unprofessional behavior/relationships (all) will be leveled against the offender as those have a lower threshold for meeting legal sufficiency.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not defending inaction by commanders nor the actions of those engaging in the adulterous activities. I’m simply pointing out that, like anything else, there are legal wickets that must be navigated and they can be tough to get past.

  53. Good ol Karma says:

    Every dog has it’s day!!

  54. Disgusted by Jaz says:

    f*** this b**** with her giant forehead, skinny ass & ugly lips!!! You’re not all that you c*** bag so just take a seat & think about the w**** you are!! You can put lipstick on a pig & it’s still a pig!! SO in your case you can date a married man (or any man now that Alexis is gone) & TRY to be “faithful” but you’re still a w****!! faithful isn’t something you do & you’ve said it yourself!
    The other woman is what you were, what you are & what you’ll ALWAYS be because you go after men who already have a wife or girlfriend!!
    Get a fuckn life & take care of your children!! You’ve put them through enough with your whorish acts & the sad death of their father!! Quit wrecking lives, marriages & careers for some d*** & attention! You’ve become even more pathetic than you were before! We all know you’re single (next time) so make sure the next d*** you ride is single too!!!!

  55. Grow up already!!! says:

    Some women **cough cough** JAZMIN….. still f****** with married/taken men!!! When is this b**** going to learn that you just w**** around like you’re still in high school!? Damn woman, you lost your husband because you broke his heart by f****** with some married man & look where it has you and what it’s done to you, your girls and the family!! Get some self respect and learn to respect boundaries! When you go to church (like you claim) ask for the strength to be a better person and not be a fuckn homewrecking w****! Just saying….I mean unless you like being that sideline hoe!
    Side note…. Think about those beautiful little girls, they’re watching you & would you really want them acting & being treated like you? Hope you find the love you need BUT not from a married man! Hahaaaaaaa seriously though! Enough said & done!

  56. Matt says:

    this Jazmin is a rude ass b****! She has issues with a specific female she kept referring to. By the messages it might be this man she’s been cheating with wife. She called her a fat cut and said she should leave her alone and that her husband doesn’t want her and that she should eat a bullet. hmmmmmm….isn’t that what her husband did? maybe this b**** feeds them! I don’t know, I just knew her through some friends and I’ve googled her name. I thought I wanted to know her better but she’s a cheating ass hoe! this girl is messing with married cats and that just aint cool. I’d take a fatty over a w**** any day but that’s just me! Remember my name Jazmin, it’s MATT LOPEZ you c***! this is so sad and fucked up.

  57. wow! never wouldve of thought says:

    I was told about this site and that one of our fellow co-workers was on here :/ what a shame and sad story. I thought she was happy with her husband for the most part. She has beautiful children and her husband was a good looking man. They seemed like the perfect little family. It goes to show that we really don’t know who people are nor what they do behind closed doors. For everyone involved-I hope you all learned a valuable lesson from this so so sad and tragic real life story. Bless you all.

  58. Em says:

    Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we lost Alexis because of this selfish, two timing w****!!! Now she claims all this love for him & wears LOPEZ like she’s proud to have been his wife…. Jazmin Mutter Bogarin Lopez (or anything else you want to go by) you’re were so blessed to have had Alexis (as we all were too) but you chose to sleep around, lie and manipulate him for your own advances. May you one day reap what you sow!

  59. 3 Questions... says:

    Knowing what you know now, would you have still cheated on Alexis with that married man? Was the married man worth all of this heartache, tears and the absence of Alexis? Finally, we all know you were with that man the weekend before Alexis took his own life, is that man still with you & are you truly a happy woman now?????
    RIP Alexis. We love and miss you dearly everyday.

  60. Lucy says:

    You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. This trick has ALWAYS ran with the rats!! What she did doesn’t surprise anyone, now the whole world knows what she’s about!! Don’t let her sob stories fool you, she’s always had a guy on the side, s*** till this day this day she still fucks the guy she wanted to be with over alexis. It takes a selfish sick c*** to let the man that helped her wreck the lives of many (especially alexis) to lay in the same bed she once layer with her husband!!!! The way you get a man or woman is the way you’ll lose the! What goes around comes around!

  61. Mary says:

    Stupid ignorant c***!! Always has been and always will be! She’s only out for what she wants & doesn’t give a s*** about anyone else!! If you think she was “bad” then, you have no idea now….if you have a man, watch out, this slore has no care for boundaries or has any morals….just read her FB comments and look at her pics….. Enough said!!!!!!!

  62. Marcy says:

    Right!? I was thinking the same thing everytime she post! She’s so f****** annoying and childish with some of the s*** she wires and post that I decided to just delete her all together! She’s So f****** fake and arrogant it’s disgusting!!!! Ans what about when she post about cheating and “the other woman”? I’m Like really, you’re writing about be cheating on by your sancho?? stupid wetback b****!! Get a fuckn clue!

    • Marcy says:

      Another Marcy on here!
      Hello! Yes, we will never forget and many of us can NEVER forgive this w**** for all the pain, anger and mostly the tremendous loss of a loving kind man…we live with these emotions everyday. I’m Hispanic, just as many of us are… Including Alexis and his girls. Call her anything you want, but can we leave the racial “wetback” slurs or any others that may offend the many cultures and races of those on here? Thank you.

      • Marcy says:

        Hi Marcy!!
        I’m Hispanic too and I’m sorry if I did offend you by using the term “wetback”….not that it’s ever excusable but I was writing and the ignorant anger came out. Jazmin is and always will be a wolf in sheep skin and a w****! She makes me sick when she puts on this sad act when she was the cheating a****** and still had her cheating “married sancho” around after Alexis passed!!! It was just proof that she had him on the side the whole time!! no shame eh??

  63. Jess says:

    This hoe ain’t loyal but likes to claim she is lmao!! She’s only loyal to that side d*** and whorish ways! I’m mexican too and I’m not going to hesitate calling this b**** a wetback!! When you speak the truth it’s not talking s***-FYI! Every b**** has her day.

  64. Sam says:

    You know, I didn’t believe that Jazmin was a 2 timing w**** until recently! She maybe easy on the eyes, easy to talk to somewhat attractive. What’s NOT attractive is her reputation at work!! Her aggressivenes towards men and how she tries to hard to fit in and acts like a man. Yes, we all know about the affair you had and possibly still having with, well f***, we all know who ssgt g…. Gross! Just gross!!
    Not only that he’s way f****** older than you but more so that he’s married! Cmon JAZMIN, dont you have more self worth than that? Do you like being with a man who isn’t all about you, putting his cock in your mouth after it’s been in her! Ewwww…. NO BUENO CHIQUITA!
    Ya, déjà lo!! Que mas queres? Shut them legs baby girl & don’t f*** with men who are involved in anyway, we all have some kind of relationship problems but it’s not a pass to step out like you did & step in somewhere else!! I’m Not here to bash you but to tell you the truth as it is & how s*** just goes around about you…. I Could be wrong, maybe that’s what you like, you like to be second & a secret?? If so, then don’t cry and play victim when you find yourself on a site like this!
    The end.

  65. Jess says:

    Jazmin Mutter-Bogarin Lopez,
    Is this really you?? Lopez from Nellis AFB? I’m shocked. If it is, you should be ashamed of yourself! Girl code-YOU DONT DATE MARRIED MEN! Period!! NO EXCUSES! How are you supposed to trust you when you’re working with our men? Are you going to move in on them when we step away? You will be booted out if you continue with your ugly ways! From one woman to another-that’s not f****** cool!

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