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Jessica Lynn Rafael Oklahoma

This is a girl who has cheated on EVERY boyfriend she has ever had, including her 2 ex husbands. She was raised with no morals and values and comes from a household where her Momma does the same thing; sleeps with men for their money. It started back when I was in high school nearly 20 years ago when she dated a friend of mine. She ended up cheating on him and shortly after bribing her first husband into marrying her. She told him to buy her a ring or she was leaving him, they were only married a short time. Her second husband came along and tried to break up with her several times but she would tell him she was going to kill herself or do something crazy so he’d stay. When she ended up pregnant she got exactly what she wanted, his money for the next 18 years! Yes, their marriage also ended when he found she was sleeping with his best friend! There were many stories in between her second marriage and her interfering with mine. Many similar to mine, the guy was in a marriage, worked oilfield, and shes the one to contact or seek him out. She knew all of these men were married including mine and knew we were living as husband and wife and had been married for over 10 years. Of course, her excuse is well he told I’m the one cheating yet I’m the one with all the proof. She first contacted him on facebook where they exchanged messages, then she added him as friend, next came the exchange of pictures and such. It wasn’t long after that I caught on and started asking questions. Of course, both of them denied anything going on; their excuse was they were just playing facebook games with one another. Seriously?? Facebook games, I’m not stupid! To top it all off, she has embezzlement charges on her and the week he left, she was picked up for an outstanding warrant. I knew then he had no idea who she was and she was painting this pretty picture of how sweet and innocent she was. He has been calling me since he left and I’ve refused his calls, I’ve given him chance after chance and then he stoops this low. Glad I’m done, in my opinion they deserve one another because it’s only a matter of time before both of them are looking over their shoulder wondering who’s going to cheat first.

She is nothing but a homewrecking w**** who will do anything for sex and money! She even went as far as to drive her ex boyfriends vehicle out of state to met a guy just so they could screw. So ladies and men, please be aware of who you are getting involved with when she comes into the picture. She is a money hungry b**** that will do whatever necessary to get the money she wants. She has a big gambling problem and often goes and blows her money, which is from child support her only source of income, at the casino. She knows nothing about true love and never will. When its all you know because its what you were taught, you know no different. I am hoping to spread the word to ladies and especially men out there that she may contact. She loves plenty of fish and she also looks for others on facebook, which is how she found my husband. My husband and I were not having any issues until she entered the picture, which part of it is his fault also. But, if it weren’t for w****’s like her interfering where they don’t belong; there would be a lot less divorce in our society. So just beware because I’m sure she’s already on the lookout for someone new since I was awarded alimony!





16 Responses to “Jessica Lynn Rafael Oklahoma”

  1. jackie says:

    She’s the extra chin!

  2. Belle says:

    Is it just my monitor or does she have two different colored eyes?

  3. Harry says:

    I come here to see the faces and read the stories. There has been no reason to comment as most commentators are usually right on. BUT I have to say that I cannot believe that any jilted married woman would publish half the photos on here. I cannot believe how bad some men must have it to cheat on their wives with the likes of half the sows that appear on these pages. In all honesty these men are better off jumping off the nearest high bridge than getting caught with what can only be described as people who own some sort of magic mirror that constantly lies. My GAWD….

    • Jamie says:

      As my cheating ex said: “Fat girls f*ck”; “Ugly girls will do whatever you want”; and, my favorite, “Your choices are limited when you’re sneaking around.”

  4. SMH says:

    Good for you divorcing his cheating butt with this ugly Homewrecking w****. To actively seek married men is as low as a woman can get.. They are both low life’s and deserve each other. May karma serve them well. Good luck to you..

  5. Miss says:

    Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…

  6. wait for it says:

    She looks like she is constipated.

  7. wakeupmami says:

    Why is it that one of the excuses so many men use for cheating is the wife “let herself go” after they were married- but then they cheat with a nasty b**** who can’t “let herself go” simply bc she never “had it in the first place…”

    • J.S says:

      They just use that as a sorry ass excuse to justify their cheating but end up cheating with dinasour looking bitches like this!

  8. J.S says:

    She looks like Barney…the purple singing dinosaur.

  9. Koprincess says:

    How come the ho is always so much uglier than the wife? It makes the guy look like such an idiot!!!

    • ManWhore says:

      I would say that there is no picture of the wife to verify what you are saying, but I am not sure there needs to be. There’s no way she is uglier.

  10. lee says:

    This b**** looks like the JOKER

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