Jessica Slover Fisher, Indiana

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The woman photographed was a coworker of my husband’s and had a two month fling with my husband. I found out on October 28 2012, which was my 11 year wedding anniversary. Three days before he had met with her for drinks and had turned his phone off while out with her. I was expecting him to come home and have a late dinner that I had been busy preparing with me. The last that I had heard from him before his phone went straight to voice mail was that he would be leaving work in Five minutes and I called him an hour and half later, his phone was off.  He came in after midnight. Although, I confronted him about his phone trick and whereabouts, he spilled the beans a little after midnight on my anniversary.

After the confession, he continued to see her, telling me that she renewed his feelings for me, although, I had no idea that his feelings for me had diminished or what that even means. He said that he would not return to mediocrity and our barely there marriage. I was in a haze for the rest of 2012 and then when their fling ended, my depression began. Jessica was a single woman at the time without children who could go meet other single men in her free time. She chose to meet my husband, a father of three for drinks and late nights at her apartment, send him naked pictures and call him in the middle of the night, flirt at work and text all hours of the night. My husband is to blame also but I am sick of how she skated by all of these months and I have been stuck in depression questioning everything from my self worth, the man that I married and how to proceed in life. Everything has been up in the air.





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