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Kammy Malphrus Ridgeland, South Carolina

I have been with my soon to be ex-husband since I was 15. He was 21. We had three children in our 17 years. We went through an incident like this before in 1999. I forgave and we got married in 2003.

This last incident I’m not sure when it started but something felt off the last weekend in June 2012. Kammy has been a family friend of my husband for quite some time. She had a relationship with his cousin john many years back and around the time my husband and I started our family she began hers. Got married etc…

Last June he started acting weird. My gut feeling was bothering me. I asked are we getting a divorce. With his next words I was sucker punched. Yes.  I was angry, I asked who is she cause he isn’t the type to be on his own. He said Kammy.

I also want to point out his cousin John used her as a side piece the year before. And he decided to be with someone else. The next morning she was at my father in laws house. The urge to tear her limb for limb was mighty.  My husband through all this has flip flopped. He found out the grass isn’t greener. Recently my husband started to text and call. I played along and saved every I love you, every dirty text. When he got comfortable he sent pictures.

I had enough of the back and forth. I got ahold of her number. And made a slide show of every text and dirty pic and sent them to her. I doubt it changed her mind about him. But I was satisfied.  I got my revenge and I felt free.





8 Responses to “Kammy Malphrus Ridgeland, South Carolina”

  1. Stacy says:

    Good for you!

  2. Rocked like a Hurricane says:

    Way to go!!!! Would love to see the look on that w****’s face when the d*** pic popped up:)

  3. amy-lynn hart says:

    good for you! anything a victim can do to take some of the power back is a success in my book!

  4. Louis Cordova says:

    Awesome job girlfriend! You are so strong and will find another man:)

  5. Bobby-Joe Sims says:

    Good for you girl.

  6. That’s baby s*** on her shirt I wanna add.

  7. ShellyLou says:

    I really like how you handled this. People like your ex only care about themselves and you were able to recognize that. Bravo.

  8. janelle says:

    I’m sorry this happened to you. I love that you did the slide show. They both deserved it.

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