Kara Shilling Flint, Michigan


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My boyfriend and I had been together 12 years. We had problems through the years just as any couple has. We were having serious problems in May 2012 still working on it (although he was abusive). We have one 10 year old daughter and I have a son from my previous marriage he is 14 now.  My boyfriend was his dad since he was 1. In May we decided that we needed time I went and stayed with my sister while he found a place then me and the kids moved back in our home. We were still working on things he would come stay we would do family things etc. He had this friend Kenny who hung out with us often and Kara is Kenny’s sister. (She knew he had a family).

The phone calls kept getting shorter the visits stopped happening in June 2012. No phone call so I call him I ask why he never called and he says that he is seeing someone I was heartbroken!  All those years having put into a relationship of mental and physical abuse this was the end. After a few days he said he missed us etc. so we started talking again.  Things were good until I notice his attention was not on the focus of us. Come to find out he was still talking to her. Her knowing we were trying to work on it and a big fight happened, me getting punched right in the face in front of my kids with my son trying to save me. Finally I had enough and that was it.

He would text asking if I was happy telling me he loved me etc. This whore ruined my life in a way.  She has 4 kids by 4 different men and was married at the time. Her husband kicked her out and they moved in together (I felt just as bad for her husband as I did myself him being a man who raised 4 babies that were not his and having a wife who cheated on him several times being that her oldest was 14). She said she never cheated on her husband but anyone who can add can figure out her oldest is 14 her youngest being 3 and she was married for 12 years yet none of the kids are his. HMMM that doesn’t add up to me. She would call me all hours of the night wanting to know why he texted me and what was going on this being usually after one of their drunken fights that he beat her….NOT MY PROBLEM  ANYMORE…

He never once paid a dime on child support I would let him visit from time to time but never allowed my kids to go with him.  They had seen enough through the years, all that we went through. I was done with all of the bs and wanted to start new. After a few months of drunken texts from both him and her I finally saw her one day and let her have it, telling her she was a worthless whore who couldn’t obviously get her own man she had to take someone else’s.  I proceeded to tell her that he has never done anything for his kids. And she was no type of woman to not help or try to convince her so called man that he needed to help.  Her reply was (as my daughter was standing there) she points her finger at my child and says I am not responsible for that Fucking it…..that was a wait what? Black out moment I proceeded to put my foot all in her slutty whore ass (probably not my best decision) but do not target my child ever.  After all was said as she is leaving screaming that’s why I’m fucking your baby daddy. Yeah you should be so proud.  Neither him nor her has ever called or texted after the fact; I think she got the hint. During this time I got heavy into pain killers, trying to cover the pain of the last 12 years having hit my bottom.

Fast forward to Nov 2012 I made a choice to do what was right put the past behind me and get back on my feet to show them. It is now a year later I have been sober 8 months I have a good paying job, new car, and my own home. Both me and the children are happy. In the past year I have loved, lost and climbed to the top. In the past year they have gained nothing -living on welfare, driving her now ex-husbands car around (Because he feels so bad she has no transport for her kids). He still beats on her and she still stays. He does not contact me or the kids which in a way is the best for us. Sometimes it hurts the kids but they are ok with it they know that there mom will always be there no matter what.

So I guess my story of the whore who “stole” my man is more of a Thank god for this woman I should send her a Thank you Basket!



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