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Kristel Lara Texas

I never thought I would be submitting my story but here I am. I want the whole world to know what type of home wrecker Kristel Lara is. My husband and I have been together for 13 years with 10 of those years being married. We have 3 beautiful children together my youngest being 2 years old. Our marriage has never been perfect on the contrary it’s been hard but we have always overcome any obstacle that has come our way. When we got married we were very young had no money so we just got married by the court but on our 10 year anniversary which was just 6 months ago, we decided to get married by the church in front of God, our family, and friends. We had a beautiful ceremony followed by a grand reception. It was my dream wedding, just like I had dreamt of when I was a little girl. However my world came tumbling down a month ago.

I received a notification of a child support case being opened in my husband’s name! Mother of the child was Kristel Lara, his co-worker. Not only was she his co-worker she was once a person I considered my friend. She was so nice and friendly at the time and boy was I wrong. What’s worse is that she would watch my children so that my husband and I could have some alone time. She came to my children’s birthday parties!!! Last birthday party she attended was at our home where she was welcomed and appreciated by me. Although other wives of my husband coworkers could see right through her and warned me I defended her, saying “that’s her character she’s just friendly like that.” The other wives had noticed that she was too touchy and flirty with their husbands. She would always want to be the center of attention. I felt sorry for her because no one liked her. I never saw her that way with my husband if I would have I would have said something to her. Well at the birthday she announced she was pregnant I thought nothing of it because I had seen her out with a guy before. I congratulated her and went on my way. A few weeks later Kristel had a dilemma with one of the wives at work so it was brought up to the manager that none of the wives felt comfortable with her working there anymore so she was transferred to a different location. At that point I told my husband we had to cut ties with Kristel because the wife she had an issue with was now one of my good friends so I felt I had the obligation to end the friendship we had with Kristel. He agreed saying Kristel was just problematic and that his job site would be better off without her, that she was ditsy and annoying that she was just an inconvenience and that when they were partners (at the jobsite) she was just costing him money. So he was glad she was being transferred. I later came to find out that that arrangement didn’t last long she became a floater so she would still be around.

The day I found out about the child support case I felt my world came crashing down on me. I saw no signs. Of course we had our disagreements but nothing we never worked out. We still went out on dates, had family outings, holidays were normal. Nothing made me suspicious. My husband had never slept anywhere else but our home. I was so confused and hurt. How could he do this to me, to our children? How could Kristel? Knowing he was married and had a family. She interacted with our children and was welcomed into our home. What kind of monster did I let in? She also claims to be a Christian and attends church!! I confronted him at work and he admitted to having an affair. I was still hoping it was a cruel joke on her behalf. After our altercation I left heartbroken thinking what am I going to tell our children? I then was notified that Kristel was actually there at the job site. I didn’t know that she was a floater and I didn’t see her during my altercation with my husband which took an hour or so. In my anger and rage I turned back around not knowing what I would do. I saw her as soon as I parked and I gave her my piece of mind. (Not going into details because I don’t want to get in trouble and I have to think about my children)

I am still hurt and confused still trying to figure out things. I’m just taking it day by day. I know my husband did me wrong but I just can’t erase 13 years and yes I still love my husband. He says it was all a big mistake. She was persistent and he wasn’t happy and felt lonely which is no excuse so he fell into the temptation. He said he always told her he wasn’t leaving me or his children. It was just sex. She told him she was on birth control and thought she could never have children so when she got pregnant he told her she needed to have an abortion because he didn’t want another child especially with someone that wasn’t his wife. She refused. I believe she wanted to trap him telling him lies about birth control and not being able to have children. She probably thought he’d leave me if she got pregnant. She was dead wrong. Instead she caused a lot of heartache, pain, and suffering. And they both changed me. I no longer trust anyone. I would give everyone the benefit of the doubt I always felt that everyone deserved a chance. I no longer feel that way which saddens me because that’s one quality I loved about myself but yet it was my biggest downfall.

We are currently waiting on DNA testing and everything that comes along. I ask God to give me the strength that I need everyday. I took my vows very seriously and I believe in God and in his word that I should forgive but how can I when I’m so broken? I have attached some photos of the two faced hoe wrecking monster. Beware!!! She likes working with men, don’t let her I’m a sweet innocent person act fool you. I can only imagine what sappy story she is telling her family and friends. Tell them the truth b**** you went after a married man that had kids of his own. That he didn’t leave his family for you, what kind of piece of trash goes after a man she knows is married. It’s karma and believe me there’s a lot more coming your way Kristel Lara. She’s originally from Laredo, TX but currently lives in San Antonio, TX.





20 Responses to “Kristel Lara Texas”

  1. Vanity15 says:

    Hope he isn’t the father but if he is I would like to see an update on how things worked out for u and ur husband

  2. aednat10 says:

    You know in your heart it is over, no matter how painful this is for you and your children it is time to get a top lawyer and take him to the cleaners. You will find if you look hard enough he has cheated before and you will never be able to trust him again. All the rubbish of remarrying again when all the time he knew he was having sex with a co-worker and father a child with her. He is really a piece of trash just as bad as the s*** he has been with. MOVE ON FIND HAPPINESS

  3. J.S says:

    Oh wow…what a kick in the gut to find out about an affair. So sorry wife. So very sorry. You love your husband still…but can you look at him the same? No. Who could! And to know he was having sex without protection is another punch in the gut. Go get a full work up bc I doubt this is the only man she was with so that puts you at risk for STD’s. I would kick his nuts up into his throat.

  4. wakeupmami says:

    I can’t get pregnant but I’m on birth control?! Yeah sounds about right…

  5. Mia says:

    Ohhhh hell no this b**** is living in my city. I will keep a good look out for this skank!

  6. ClassyLady says:

    She lives in the same city as me! I just check out her facebook page and I got mutual friends with this skank wtf !

  7. Jessie says:

    If she is pregnant I hope the homewrecker still has the baby it’s not the baby is not the baby’s fault. It seems as hard as you want to deny it has been a cheater long before. Don’t make yourself feel better that he called her ditzy or annoying I bet he told her crap about you too. Men like your husband will say anything to get what they want they are. They are Narcissist and have the no self esteem so they go around trying to satisfy themselves by hurting others. They feed off people because they didn’t have a good childhood someway somehow. Or it could’ve been an ex girlfriend that cheated on them most likely their first love. Anyways these of people like your husband are cruel and only love themselves. They use the wives to look normal, do housework, babysit their children part of their legacy, sex and cooking. The other side woman gives him more attention that he didn’t get when he as younger. I should know I was a narcissist for two years and I treated two guys very bad. I’ll tell you I had no empathy for either of them. Your no different than the homewrecker he lies to both of you and he has sex with both of you. If you stay just realize this is as good as it gets. If you leave you have the chance to meet a new man that will love you for real. Someone that has good character and integrity.

    • J.S says:

      She’s no different from the homewrecker? Uh I beg to differ…she sure is and you want to what that is? SHE IS THE WIFE! The one he vowed to be faithful to.Lied to the homewrecker? Hmmm well how is that? The bitchknew he was f****** married! What lies could he have possibly told her? She knew from the gate he was nnot leaving his wife! Smiled in the wife’s face and still fucked her husband! If there was any lies told to her then she is real f****** stupid for sitting there believing any of them. You win the most ignorant comment award for the week!

      • Jessie says:

        OOHHH He’s been lying to his wife from day one.Those vows were better said from a dog than that cheating bastard if anything they wipe their butts with those vows. He doesn’t love her and only loves himself. Where he uses her as his maid who does his cooking and laundry as well as raise up his children. Where he rather waste his time, money and sex with someone else. While he has her for available sex. Where she’s up at night wondering where he’s at and if he loves her. Well guess what these cheating men don’t love the homewrecker or wife they love themselves. That’s the only person they care about. They are users and abusers and until the wives of these cheating people realize that they will always play second fiddle to these women. It’s as they say you either put up or shut up. Once you start questioning him and demanding from him respect he won’t give it to you because you’ve been the doormat the whole time. These men if any one they have ever truly love was their first love. That’s the person that they let get so close to them. After this they have never had the guts to open their hearts again to any other woman. Until he means what he says and does what he means he will never change. It’s an ongoing cycle and that is not love. That’s just a circus with a clown juggling different pins every day of the week. They don’t love nor respect their wives.Other than that even when the homewrecker is gone you still stay with a cheater. The homewrecker has more chances of finding herself a single loyal man than the wife does. Of course shame on the homewrecker for getting with a married man but double shame on that husband who took those “vows”.

      • Jessie says:

        Trust me I’m very glad she outed her so her family and friends can see the backstabber they have around them. Blame has to go to go where blame is due if not than that would mean your being misogynist towards the woman. While she’s fighting with this woman her cheating husband could be sweet talking some other broad. People are cheaters by choice. He choose all this hell for the wife to through.

  8. ManWhore says:

    It looks like she had the baby. She looks damn good. However, hubby’s “I was lonely, unhappy” BS is just that, BS. He is making excuses. Why can’t they ever just say “she was hot and I wanted to f*** her? It’s nothing you did or didn’t do, I just wanted it”. Because let’s face it, that’s what it is. Guys like good looking women. We want to f*** them. Some guys can resist the temptation, some can’t. The End.

  9. Jess says:

    I, myself could not be with my so called husband if he cheated, let alone if he gets someone else pregnant. That’s too much for me, but this is your story, your life and I hope you make the right decisions. God bless.

  10. Espy says:

    Sad story, however, the biggest betrayer in your life is your cheating husband.

  11. Patty says:

    Hey, Guerra is still out there looking for tail. That’s a fact. Dump the a****** yesterday.

  12. sally says:

    john Guerra is a man w****, And the home wrecker is a w****, and the wife is a dumb w****!

  13. sally says:

    And all y’all three have herpes cause I know that home wrecker and know for a fact y’all are all infected

  14. 1ar3ina says:

    yeah she’s on lots a sites like this apparently she’s been ruining lives for years already & I went to school with her, she does play nice but surrounds herself with guys 24/7 that r taken.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I am sickened with krissy’s actions. She has always grown up wanting what others had. Her mom never set any boundaries always giving in. Spoil the rod spoil the child. Unfortunately the one suffering is the baby because she has no father and probably never will. But krissy knew what she was getting into. Now im sure its karma thats kicking her in the rear. She walks and talks like it doesn’t bother her but I know it does. Shes family so we have to act like we understand but we dont. We dont look at her thru the same eyes. She is a disgrace and a embarrassment. I dont understand how she could do this to another female. I truly feel for the wife

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