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Kristy Moore Wallace Centreville, Alabama

Kristy and my husband worked together for five years, and I knew they were friends, before this affair started back in June of 2013. She is a married mother of two little boys. I guess she figured since she was so unhappy in her marriage, as she told my husband plenty of times in the past five years, she did not love her husband and did not want to be with him, then she would try to wreck my marriage when she realized my husband and I were having some issue’s in our marriage. I think she also coveted the life we had. She lives in a shack in the middle of nowhere, and she is the sole bread winner in her home because her husband sits around on disability and hunts and fishes while she works. She had to out herself to her husband before my husband got caught and had to out himself to me. So, for three months her husband knew what was going on, and didn’t bother to tell me. He even went so far as to let her bring cheap gifts my husband bought her, into their home and display them. Also, for these three months my husband told her he was not leaving me or our marriage, yet she continued to be his cheap easy hookup.

I found out about it when my husband finally convinced her he was not leaving me, and refused to sneak off to the park across from the hospital where they worked on their lunch break and have sex at the high school park all over the picnic tables anymore. When he put a stop to it, she got pissed and that’s when she told me she had been screwing my husband all along. He fessed up, told me about the cheap gifts, and informed me he had a couple things she bought him in his office at work. I told her I was on my way down there to straighten this mess out, but when I got there she had already left work. I took the gifts she bought him, wrote an ugly, but true, message on the beer glass she had bought him, and left it on her front porch. Her being the spineless, homewrecking w**** she is, ran to the local one horse town police department for protection (and NO I never once threatened her) They (the police officer) in turn, after hauling me in and telling me to leave her alone, went to the hospital where they worked and informed the powers that be what had been going on between them. She and my husband both lost their jobs because of it.

I figure if your woman enough to have sex with my husband, behind your husband’s back, you should be woman enough to deal with the fall out. So, now that she can no longer have my husband, she has decided to stay with her unemployed worthless husband, whom she can’t stand the sight of. If her boys are lucky, they won’t grow up to marry a woman like their mother. And I hope she lives miserably ever after with a man she can’t stand the sight of, but is to chicken s*** to leave and tackle life on her own.





56 Responses to “Kristy Moore Wallace Centreville, Alabama”

  1. superman says:

    American women have to learn how to SHUT UP !!!
    Stop dressing like s****.Stop being greedy whores!!!
    And you will not be posting sad stories.

    • lori says:

      Hey superman ( haha not) fly your ass off this site, I dare you to tell an American woman to shut up, she will knock you flat on your ass. Keep your chauvinistic comments to your self.

      • superman says:

        SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • lori says:

          you’re an idiot.. you would only say that sitting in front of your computer.

          • omfgen_x says:

            Lori, he knows not what he speaks. For crying out loud he barely can type in proper English. Again, he has no wife or girlfriend for that matter and was hoping this site was a porn-ridden one. Alas, he is miserable and must comment moronic s***.

      • Betty says:

        Just ignore him. We are hoping he will fly away

        • joy says:

          LOL bff I think you meant that we’re hoping he would jump off the side of a tall building thinking he can fly, but just drop LOL

      • Chris says:

        Right. Because women want p*ssies for husbands these days. I’m married, two kids, and I have no problem putting my foot down, and stating the way it’s gonna be. If my wife doesn’t like it then she states her disagreement, but sucks it up, because I’m the man of the house, and by God what I say goes. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t worship the ground I walk on or anything like that, but what I am saying is that women (no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise) don’t want Beta males. They want Alphas. Is that, “chauvinistic?” No, not at all. It’s human nature, and more men should understand how that works in relation to male, and female dynamics.

        Hatemail in 3, 2, 1….. GO!!!!!

  2. Jasmin says:

    I’ve have review many of the contents of this site and I find it repulsive that women still have not learned to support each other. When your Man/Husband cheats on you STOP BLAMING THE WOMAN. These men do not walk around with their rings on to cheat. They lie!!!…most women don’t know and if they happen to tell the women that they are married they don’t advertise that they are happily married. What the lying bastards say is that they are in the process of leaving their wife or they are separated. That said, it would be more useful to remember that it was your man/husband who made the commitment to you not THE OTHER WOMAN so put blame with the person that hurt you and broke his promise to you. A man do not cheat on their wife/gf because another woman persuaded him to they cheat because they choose to. No one put a gun to your husband/man head and said come cheat with me. It is interesting to find that many of you are willing to forgive your man but are still posting the woman on here. This idea is completely retarded. I noticed that a site for posting your man is under development. That should have been the initial idea behind SHE’S A HOME WRECKER. Get it together and stop blaming the woman who has also been deceived like you!!!

    • Classy says:

      The fact that your comment has 5 thumbs down and only one thumbs up (mine) makes me facepalm. The other women didn’t make a promise to be faithful, only the parties to the marriage did. People don’t cheat because of other people, they cheat because there was something already amiss in the relationship. Cheating is the symptom, not the cause.

    • muneymom says:

      If a woman pursue a man that she knows is married, she is just as much to blame as he is

      • Jasmin says:

        But your focus should be the one that betrayed you she didn’t do anything to you and your family. There are always temptations out there.

        • joy says:

          What do u mean “she didn’t do anything to you and your family”?

          She opened her skanky legs and invited him to insert his crusty d*** in her s*** hole when she knew he was married, never giving the wife and any children they may have a second thought. Why? Because she was unhappy in her own marriage. Selfish? Umm.. yah think?? She had a part in the destruction of the relationship. How can you say that she didn’t do anything?

          • RealTalk says:

            Every woman that is with a Married Man is Not an Unhappy Woman and all of them do not even know they are Cheating with a Married man. These so Called Men are something else and I have experiences to share hear that goes both ways. It’s not just the Men it is the Women too that are contributing to the problem. With all the different views on sex too there is a lot going on with cheating because one may desire to do what another won’t do. one woman doesn’t want to share her husband but guess what the other woman not only enjoys sharing her husband but wants to join in too. She also picks the woman for the trio or groupy. The wife on the other hand wouldn’t dare do such a thing and her husband knows it but he enjoys those things and she doesn’t know it. Hey it’s a very Mixed up World we live in and a lot of ppl are never pleased no matter how hard you try to please them or how good you treat them. They will take advantage of any of your weaknesses, believing , trusting hearing those same ole lies over and over again knowing you are being manipulated. But, bottom line is if they lie , cheat and stray they are not forced and they did it because they saw the attraction and wanted it…give them no slack they will keep doing it over and over again and know you are going to except them. . If you have kids I hate to say it but sometimes another man is better to your kids than their own father don’t let a man destroy your children’s lives just because he laid up screwed you and made those kids. It takes more to be a father than living in the same house and having sex with mommy. Just because a man and woman are married doesn’t mean they need to be. Marriage was a decision made hopefully between the two but a lot of marriages are not what’s best for each other are the children. You can’t keep another from Straying it has to come from the Heart. Doesn’t mean that the other has does anything wrong. It may just mean that you are not Married to the right person and they might just be the w****. It’s unbelievable what I see people do behind each others backs right in the Grocery stores. Yes people we can’t even go shopping for food. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg and the other partner doesn’t even realize it’s happening with those beautiful lil kids of theirs right there with them too. Woman Pregnant, holding a baby in her arms at the same time and he’s in the store being a w**** licking his lips at ya, trying to get ya number following behind her pushing the food cart making low sexual sounds at you and she doesn’t know…makes me sick. Family looks perfect , kids are Beautiful, his wife evn speaks to you and says hi…. and he’s an ASS.!!! Seriously… I have just came out of a Relation with a 65yr old Player …lol. Yes almost 70 yrs old and still trying to be a GAME PLAYER!!! Go figure it just happened so I’m not wanting to share right now. Still in a bit of Shock after Supporting him in every way through Cancer Scare and all but I will be okay and I’m coming back to share my story with all of you. Glad to be here …

        • joy says:

          p s. If you really did review the contents of the site like you say you did, then you would know that the people who are exposed were all very much aware that the guy is married/in a relationship. And you would also know that a woman who doesn’t know that the guy is in a relationship is not considered a homewrecker. She becomes a homewrecker if she continues to pursue the man or stays in the relationship with him even when she finds out that he is in fact taken. But I’m sure you knew that coz you reviewed many of the content, right?

          • Jasmin says:

            It doesn’t matter if the woman knows. Why? Because she made NO commitment to YOU. These men are not children they know how to say NO. These women are NOT raping your man!!! He is saying yes to her because he is a dirty bastard. So when I say she did not do anything to that family is because if he had said NO the cheating would not have happened. Temptation is always out there. But not all men cheat. And women here somehow want to think that the other woman used some special power on their man to blame the woman. The fact is, men cheat because women tend to excuse their behavior by taking them back or not making them accountable. Trust me, your children don’t need a cheating bastard for a father married and living in the same home making their mother’s life a living hell or possibly giving her an STD. So adding the kids as a reason you need to keep the family together is not a reasonable excuse to say if if wasn’t for her our family would have stayed together and remained happy. That said!…it is the husband that wrecked his own home, not the other woman. If he cheats dump him and move on. You are better off!!!

          • joy says:

            SMDH…one of these days, my head is gonna pop right off my neck from shaking it so damn much. Men and women don’t cheat because of the crock of s*** reason that they think they’ll get away with it. PEOPLE (men AND women) cheat for one reason: SELFISHNESS. We as a human race are SELFISH. We want what we want and we want it NOW. We are now at a point in time where we have all but thrown moral value out the window and have moved on to justifying our WANTS in order to serve OURSELVES. We as a society have done such a good job in convincing ourselves that things that we WANT are things that we NEED, when in reality we don’t even need most of what we think we can’t live without. How the hell did mankind survive ancient times if we really needed all this s***? Do you remember what morals are? Basic rules to live by/standards of right and wrong? You know, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat…in other words, the secular version of biblical 10 commandments and other misc biblical rules because we don’t wanna be caught dead anywhere near a bible? Yeah…one of the things in basic moral code and the 10 commandments is thou shalt not commit adultery. Doesn’t matter if both are married or if only one is married or whether it’s the guy or girl that’s married. When you commit adultery, both parties are in knee deep piles of s***.

            So, you can add any twist or whatever conveniently fits your version of reality. It matters very much if you find out you’re in an adulterous relationship and you decide to stay. Secularly, you’re a selfish piece of s*** who has no respect for anyone and doesn’t care if you hurt anyone as long as you satisfy yourself. Biblicaly you’re all those things, plus you’re on God’s s*** list, and you do NOT want to be on that list.

            I’m not even gonna start talking about your twisted sense of marriage.

            Honestly…we are doomed. You KNOW that mankind is in dire straits when people have to be reminded of what basic morals are by a foul mouth f****** b**** like ME. SHAKING MY f***** HEAD!!!

        • Betty says:

          Yes she did!! She screwed her husband. And your right, there’s tons that will do it, that’s why this site is full if them.

    • spoilme says:

      Gettem jasmin he deceived his wife but notice she said they both lost their jobs but she didn’t put down her snake of a husband. And why did the gifts have to be cheap. Regardless her husband bought them lol whether it 2.00 or 200 dollars money left his pocket. Just dumb

  3. Lucky 7 says:

    Karma. Instead of divorcing her husband and finding a single man she Pursued a married man. Wow shocked they lost their jobs.

  4. Mike says:

    I would never do that to my wife. She pleases me in every way possible.

  5. superman says:

    And I bet 99% of you chicks reading this dress and act like whores to get a man.So don’t get mad when a better looking or younger women OUT -WHORES you.
    Now go buy a tighter pair of jeans.

  6. just trying to heal says:

    @superman – why don’t you stfu? You’re clearly an egotistical, narcissistic man who thinks with the wrong head!

  7. jackie says:

    You don’t really seem to be putting much blame on your cheating POS husband or seem like your leaving him. When it happens again don’t come crying..and yes she’s uuggg

  8. Stupid No More says:

    My cheating spouse is gone. I kept him around long enough to ensure they wouldn’t be able to be together, threw his s*** out the front door, and his ass right behind it. I do believe this page is called SHE’S a home wrecker. I fully intend to name and shame him on the new HE’S a home wrecker page. And all the a******’s on here can kiss my fat ass! There is a reason your on here trolling. Get a f****** life! I finally did!

    • Sick of 'hoes says:

      You go girl!! Good for you! You rock!

      f*** the trolls. They are brainless, spineless morons with no idea what it’s like to be betrayed.

  9. cindylove says:

    got a face like a angel but a ass like a w**** that every man fall in. baby your manhole is breaking up homes

  10. are you people kidding me? this same old argument? OMG, this is She’s a Homewrecker that deals with the other woman who interferes with a relationship. There
    s a website up and running called He’s A homewrecker that deals with the cheating bastard of the relationship…I’m so tired of seeing this same old argument…Why don’t you people actually type into your search bar and read the stories of women exposing their husbands/boyfriends….Next…

  11. truthonly says:

    It won’t be long before the shoe is on the other foot. Those who are complaining now and posting other women on the site may soon find themselves being the other woman. Why are they protecting the men’s privacy? I noticed in the pictures they covered up the men’s faces. It takes two to tango. Why are they not exposing the men’s faces? Anyway, the truth is cheating will never end until the world ends. Men will always cheat and women will always fall in love with a married man. It is not right. Women can continue to fight and claw each others eyes out but this will continue. Things will only get better if women starts condemning men for cheating instead of wasting their time fighting with the other woman. How many women are you going to fight with?

    • His wife says:

      “His” face was blocked out bc “he” was her husband and the other was her son!. My husband was not dumb enough to take and keep photo’s of him and her together for me to publish! I got these photo’s off her FB page before she deleted it so I could not shame her on that too. And, for your f****** information, he was named and shamed on the “he’s a home wrecker” site, you freaking dumb ass moron, and in all likely hood, your a cheater yourself!

      • His wife says:

        And furthermore, you freaking jackass, I have NEVER cheated, and never will. Why? Because I am not a piece of s*** like that!

  12. Holly says:

    Can you please not f****** call someone worthless and lazy just for being on disability? Because these people, you know, ARE f****** DISABLED. I’m a 23-year-old woman and I’ve been on disability for three years, and there’s nothing worthless or lazy about me. My God, don’t insult disabled people just because you’re angry at their wives.

    • stupid No More says:

      Well I sure as hell don’t know any other disabled friends that sit in a tree stand for hours on end, in thirty degree weather or goes and fishes for hours on end in a boat that is in no way comfortable. Let’s not mention all the other physical activities he engages in when it suits him. He is no more disabled than my freaking dog! So preach somewhere else!

  13. Bob Mahoney says:

    You deserved this

  14. Stupid No More says:

    Well I sure as hell don’t know any other disabled friends that sit in a tree stand for hours on end, in thirty degree weather or goes and fishes for hours on end in a boat that is in no way comfortable. Let’s not mention all the other physical activities he engages in when it suits him. He is no more disabled than my freaking dog! So preach somewhere else.@ Bob… f*** off! Hell your probably the biggest cheat on the planet!

  15. John says:

    2 peole cheated here abd bashing someones name on a cheating site is very immature to say the least j/s

  16. J.W says:

    This is a sad story if neither were happy in their marriages then WHY cheat and hurt the other person and sex on school picnic tables it would have been funny as s*** if they got in the middle of screwing Lmao!!! They should have never married in the first place, Stupid STUPID people they deserved Everything they got!!!! Homewrecking and marriage wrecking WHORES!!!!!!!

  17. J.W says:

    Good for the women for exposing this w**** for wrecking her marriage and You are so right, if You are big enough to play then be women enough to pay too damn bad they didn’t get caught by the cops while they were f******, that would have been even more damn funny pieces of s*** and homewrecking WHORES like that make me freaking glad I am single I hope this lady finds a real good true hearted honest man.

  18. yo says:

    The wife is much more attractive than this heiffer. I dont understand these men who ruin their marriages to go slumming with an ugly woman. Really?? Do they prefer ugly???

  19. Wh0re Hater says:

    Amy Davis, you are one stupid person. Someday soon, YOUR S/O will cheat on YOU; then you can eat your own words, and stew in them. What a crappy, mean person you are; past sarcastic, you are cruel and (quite probably) a narcissistic sociopath. If you have or ever have children, I would feel sorry for them; people like you love to torture and victimize others (especially children as they can’t fight back), then feel justified, and even get off on it.

    Witch, why don’t you ever post Anything nice about ANY other person on here? Incapable of being nice unless it benefits you? Even when you are trying, it’s so hard to keep that phony ‘nice person’ look on your face; can’t wait ’til you get alone and you can drop the façade and be the real nasty, ugly person that ferments inside you.

  20. Cynthia says:

    So now that this b***h/Wh**e has been exposed by TWO different wives, do all of you that say the HW is innocent still think so? This woman is a PREDATOR. Plain and simple. She targets married men in the hope she can have the life their wives have. She is an immoral piece of trash. YES the husbands are to blame but clearly this woman has no respect for marriage and deliberately inserts herself into others marriages without regard for the fall out.

  21. J.W says:

    Named a w**** on 2 different sites,I would be so damn ashamed of myself!!! Why not just divorce your husband and Go after SINGLE men,not married men!! Someone should post flyers EVERYWHERE is the U.S that says ” Married women be on the lookout for this w****” Lock your husband’s and dogs up please We will probably see her name on here again soon the b**** needs help if you ask me!!!!

  22. tammi long says:

    If you don’t screw your man every chance you can, someone else will, and I don’t care how good you think you are, there is always a younger more willing garden tool to take your place,

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