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Lauren Melissa McCormick Huntington, West Virginia

Let me start by saying, my husband is 95% at fault and I have some responsibility as well. I made my share of mistakes. However, I’ve done nothing like this. By the summer of 2011 our 9 year Marriage was a train wreck at best! We were fighting ALL the time, daily and I had turned into a mega b****! We were talking about divorce but had made no definite plans. Mostly just a lot of posturing, yelling, crying, name calling, and a few empty threats thrown in for good measure. 13 years of not knowing how to be in a relationship takes its toll.

Let’s start with my favorite. Lauren Melissa McCormick:

08/01/ 2011 my husband started a job in Huntington, WV. About three hours away. He had set up a POF account within days of starting this job. After a few failed attempts with other woman he started talking to Lauren Melissa McCormick, a chemist from Cadiz, KY now living in Huntington, WV. She is 11 years younger than my husband. The details may be a bit off but between my own detective work and what I was eventually told, this is how I believe it all started. The night of Aug. 16, 2011 they decided to meet at a bowling alley in Ashland after chatting online on POF for a few days. They went to dinner, went back to a friend’s house where he was staying and they had sex for the first time (my husband said she was the aggressor). The nude pic was taken that morning. I got it of my husband’s phone and many others. Between that and his PC over the next six months. I not sure what he told her aside from, “my wife and I are separated” (news to me at the time) but I doubt it took much else to get in her pants… obviously. That weekend my husband came home and we had sex not knowing he had banged this little trollop! I found out about Lauren 8/22 by checking my husband’s email. After THAT, we were separated!! A short time later she asked my husband to move in with her. She lives in Huntington, WV. They lived together for about 4 months. They had a bad fight and my husband moved out of her place and in with a friend. Apparently they fought a lot because he could not end things with his wife and we were still having a physical relationship. She would go through his phone and find texts between us and get really pissed. Can’t blame her really, I did the same thing. The affair continued after he moved out. My husband told me that he broke it off Nov. 13, 2011 but… the affair continued. My husband decided to quit his job and come home a few weeks before Christmas… the affair continued. Lauren was less than willing to let go and my husband seemed to be exacerbating the situation. I found emails between them that were written days and weeks after he’d been home. The emails were all over the radar, mostly from her. I love, I miss you, Why haven’t I heard from you, It’s over, No please give me another chance (my husband), Okay  he *place index finger on check*, I found your boxer briefs in my laundry and started to cry, I can’t live without you, I was in the shower and started to cry, ugh, it went on and on. How nauseating. It was a pretty messy couple of months after I found those, well messier than usual.

My husband’s lies had taken their toll on me I wanted some answers and I was tired of taking the high road so I contacted her to find out what was really going on. Big mistake! She just gave me the run around just one rhetorical question after another and was a smart ass to boot. I could tell by the way she was acting something was up. In retrospect it’s kinda funny. The way she so desperately tries to be devious and clever. Anyway, best part is that now she had my number… Perfect.

After I changed my husband’s cell phone number she went a little nutty, more so than usual. He was a little pissed too but it’s my account, in my name, I’ll do what I please with it! SO, since she couldn’t get in touch with my husband she started going bunny boiler on me. She sent me nasty texts and left me a voice mail calling me a POS and she hoped I died. As much as I wanted to go bat s*** crazy on her too, I didn’t but I really, REALLY wanted to… still do some days.

Eventually reality started to set in with husband and he started the slow and painful process of transitioning from a sociopath back into a human male. He also started to realize the true function Lauren served and what she was to him. A bandage for broken heart and bruised ego, a free place to stay, plus she gave money for his extracurricular activities. She gave him everything and asked for virtually nothing in return. It wouldn’t have stayed that way of course but in the mean time. He was 19 all over again, what a deal!! Truth is, HE used her and she allowed herself to BE used. Let me be clear! I know that my husband is as much if not more to blame for this. However; I have a family to protect and for good or bad he is a part of that dynamic. While I can NEVER forget what he did, I love my husband and I love my children.

Lauren came from a family that was destroyed by infidelity and expressed to my husband how much it damaged her psychologically. She KNEW what sort of irreparable damage this sort of behavior could do and she did anyway because she lured him. In my opinion the SECOND she realized the situation wasn’t what it seemed she should have done the right thing and left my husband alone. Instead she held on for dear life like a child with another child’s toy. I seem to learn new things about the affairs every few weeks keeping the pain and humiliation just below the surface. Whether I had left my husband or stayed like I have, I will never be the same. They both lied to me, he lied to both of us but such is nature of the beast. An affair is a lie and a lie must be kept in the dark for it to flourish. It can’t be poked or prodded or it will disintegrate and depending on the lie once brought to light it can cause emotional genocide. Just be aware that Lauren McCormick is a petulant child at heart. Broken and desperate for love and attention and in my opinion is willing to screw over anyone to get it.





12 Responses to “Lauren Melissa McCormick Huntington, West Virginia”

    • Betty says:

      I know I’m saying a lot about family guy….oh hell I will just go ahead and scream it. MEG!!! Not her voice, but her character.

  1. Stephanie Walker is a Flea Bag b**** says:

    Wow, she is ass ugly!! To the wife, I wish you nothing but the best. Hopefully you can heal. It’s been four years since my husband cheated on me, and it still haunts me. Good luck to you 😀

  2. Dayum! says:

    Good luck because you are going to need it being married to that predator, liar, and manipulator. He was lucking out with other women because they probably saw the red flags and Lauren didn’t until it was too late. He took full advantage of an emotionally vulnerable woman who didn’t have enough self respect or esteem to tell him to f*** off and that she deserved better.

  3. Louniece says:

    I pray that your husband’s next w**** won’t find a way to ‘get rid’ of you. None-the-less, thank you for exposing this nasty homewrecking w****.

  4. dave1234ca says:

    Congratulations to you, Original Poster!

    As you noted your marriage was a train wreck before any of this happened. I find it strange/bemusing/absurd/outrageous how folks can be in a train wreck of a marriage and not realize something like this is bound to happen.

    I frequently read something along the lines of, “Things were terrible but I never expected him/her to cheat.” What did they expect? Did they expect their partner to just accept things?

    I’m not blaming you. I don’t know who caused the train wreck of a marriage but all it takes is a compassionate person to come along and things change in the twinkling of an eye. Some affairs are discovered and others come and go. Sometimes a person starts to notice their partner drifting away or just doesn’t care anymore and they wake up. Sometimes it’s too late.

    Another thing that frequently happens is the person gives their spouse a chance and wants to save the marriage all the while trying to punish the spouse. The person sabotages their own efforts whether consciously or subconsciously.

    When “those” thoughts arise go to your husband. Find solace in his arms rather than let anger brew. Those thoughts cause a distance to develop and your spouse will sense that and that’s counterproductive to what you want to accomplish.

    In other words rather than “I’m hurting and I don’t like you” it should be “I’m hurting. Help me.”

    I wish both of you the best!

  5. Mark says:

    You can send all her sexting pics to me I’ll see that they are distributed to the internet for all to recognize.

  6. I think it had VERY little to do with what she looked like and more to do with what she could give him. I think it’s like that more often than not.

    • dave1234ca says:

      Absolutely correct, Kim. The pictures of most HWs on here are not from a modelling agency, that’s for sure.

      Leaving a train wreck of a marriage to move 3 hours away for a job is the “perfect storm”. There’s an old saying, “Any port in a storm”.

  7. bob says:

    Some of you say that she is stipid or “Practially retarded”. She is actually a chemist! Top of her f****** class! Something that hit me hard beacause I never went to college. Not that academic smarts are the same as common sense (which I feel I excell at). Some of us are smart enough to not fall for the rainbows and unicors horseshit. Most of us are desperate for whatever love and affection we can get because we’re fucked up because uncle Reese wanted to touch our girly parys at 6Yrs old (among others). Some of us are just f****** BROKEN and we do broken s*** as a result. The world is messed up and as long as we do messed up s*** and f*** eachother over? We will NEVER evolve. We will never be what our creator wanted us to be… but hey… WTF do I know?

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