Leslie Nunn Salisbury, North Carolina


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Her name is Leslie Nunn, although on Facebook she goes by Leslie Canda Nunn. I will refer to her from here on out as “The Whore”. I met her when she was 20 and became “married” to a friend of my husband, Dave’s, back in the summer of 2003. They lived across the road and came over frequently to hang out and eat supper when they couldn’t afford to buy food. “The Whore” became my friend, but that all soon changed. Her and her husband split up, and she moved back into her mother’s house. She was pregnant at the time with her husband’s baby. She would call the house when she needed a ride to work and in the beginning, I would take her. After a while though, she started calling to talk to him and asking him for a ride. Little did I know that my husband and a neighbor friend of his started doing meth and coke. She started doing it, too, on those rides to work, and it all escalated from there. He says it all started when they were jacked-up one night, taking “The Whore” to work, and he asked for a blow job. She willingly obliged and from then on it was a nightly thing.

A little back story is that I don’t like to give blow jobs due to being molested as a child. Dave and I got married in September of 1996, after only having met 2 weeks before. At this time we had been married 7 years and had 5 kids. I was 31 and Dave was 35.

So, he was all for getting them from “The Whore”. He started staying gone from home more and more. He also started saying he was going to work, but the paychecks didn’t coincide with the hours he was supposed to be working. One morning, on my way to take a kid I was babysitting to school, I had a gut feeling to go by her house. Lo and behold, but who’s truck was sitting in her drive way? That’s right, my husband’s! I knocked on the door, her mother answered, and when I asked where Dave was she pointed and I hauled ass through the house to “The Whore’s” bedroom. And what to my wandering eyes should appear, but my husband quickly waking and getting up off of “The Whore’s” bed. I turned around, half ran outside, grabbed the keys out of his ignition, and tossed them into the yard.

After that, he moved into her mother’s house. He would come home, though, to visit the kids and to get “some” from me. Judge all you want; this is my husband and I had more right to him than “The Whore”. Well, I ended up getting pregnant with our 6th child. By this time, he was spending more time with me and taking me out of town to work with him. My MIL watched the kids for the couple days at a time we went out of town to work. All this time, the work checks were still in my name. He never put anything in “The Whore’s” name.

I anonymously texted her phone one night saying something about my baby, and he called me at 4:30 in the morning asking what I was doing. I told him sleeping since I knew what it was about. You see, I found out she didn’t know, so I figured I’d let a little birdie tell her.

Now, we moved to NC because my husband had some things catching up with him from his younger years. He had stayed out of trouble the entire time until it was 2 years into his relationship with “The Whore”, and this is when their relationship started crumbling. He ended up getting into a fight with her, in the car, and ran a red light. He received a ticket, and because he had a Failure to appear here in NC, from when he was 18, he was taken to jail. He had to call me to come bail him out. I, of course, did this. (By this time, I had our baby girl and she was about 4 months old. And, yes, he was there for the birth.) “The Whore” decides it’s time to move back to NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Dave decides to move back in with us. Well, he starts working for a friend which he uses as an excuse to go to VA to visit “The Whore”. While he is there, she figures she can call the cops on him for the things our home state wanted him for and then he would have to have her make bail and stay there. Unbeknownst to her, our home state would extradite him back. So, “The Whore’s” plan completely backfired one her; he was in jail for 4 months and was able to detox and see what a mess he had made. (She had HER baby by then, but her mom had custody and still does.)

So, he does all the “I’m so sorry” bullshit, which of course I believe because I love him. (When I love, it takes A LOT to make me not. This is how I am, so hate me or shake your head in disbelief, if you must.) “The Whore” emails me and says she’s pregnant. Now, this is one of the things that I would kick him to the curb for. I figure this is just a ploy to get him to write her, since he no longer wanted contact with her. Three weeks later, after no letters from him, she emails me to say she lost it. Of course she did, she was never pregnant in the first place.

Things are going fine within my family, but then fast forward to 2012. “The Whore” decides to move back to SALISBURY, NC to her mother’s again. She becomes friends with someone I considered a friend, applies for college where I am attending classes, and weasels her way back into my husband’s life. I lose a friend, I have to see her Mondays and Wednesdays all semester, and he starts staying gone three and four nights a week. All my kids are older, and my youngest, who is 8, was always wondering where Daddy was at night. This goes on for 6 months, after which I told him to either stop all the bullshit or I will divorce him. I had had enough, by this time, and was having a hard time concentrating on my classes. I had eight of them the spring semester, and I had to do good. I even told him I had a consultation with a lawyer. He proceeded to tell everyone he didn’t care what I did, but he started staying home at night again.

It has been 4 months since he has stayed gone all night, but she decided to move back to NEWPORT NEWS, VA at the beginning of June. I have, however, found text messages from “The Whore” since then. AND I took pictures of some of them. The first one I found, I replied, and she wanted to know if it was the wife. Let’s just say we had words back and forth, with the last one from her saying he wanted her because he loved her p**sy and how she sucked his d**k. That’s really something to be proud of, isn’t it? I told him he either wants me or he wants “The Whore”, He needed to make a choice and decide which he wanted because I was tired of all the emotions I kept going through. He said he has made his choice for sure this time, but who knows. We’re 17 years into this marriage, I’ll soon be 41, and I’m having a hard time with throwing it all away. So, I guess only time will tell.

Oh, yeah…I’m including a copy of the text. 🙂



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