Lynnette Deanne Fey — San Antonio, Texas

Lynnette Deanne Fey — San Antonio, Texas

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My husband of 20 years started cheating with a woman who is 12 years his junior and a chain smoking alcoholic with at least 3 DUIs. She met him while he was trying to play big shot sitting court side at Thebes’s San Antonio Spurs game with tickets he didn’t even purchase. One of his clients bought the tickets. She thought she was getting this rich man. The clients wife called me to tell me about my husband cheating with this drunk at the games. I looked on his phone bill and sure enough, every time I went to work on my night shift at the hospital, he was talking to her. I called her and confronted her and her only reply was that he was just talking to her and . She was so surprised when I said he didn’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of! He was telling her a big story about all the things he owned. Long story short. I divorced him after I found out they were seeing each other again after 3 years and now he lives in a hotel and she lives in her parents house after they blew through houndreds of thousands of dollars of his inheritance. He started calling me after two months to try to “get back together”. Lol ! No way loser! She drunk texts me in the middle of night every so often. I have had to block her numbers from me and my kids phones and block her from Facebook, twitter etc. what what a couple of giant losers. You reap what you sow!

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