Megan Breiwick Greenfield, Massachusetts

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Where to start. I guess at the beginning. I met my ex fiancé in 2005 and we were young and dumb and in love, 4 months after getting together we found out I was pregnant with my first son. We were ecstatic. My son was born in June 2006 and we were a happy little family. Fast forward to 2008, we had some small problems but always stuff that we worked out, never spent the night mad and figured out how to get through shit. I got called in for a job interview in Sept 2008 at a candle factory in mass, it was through a temp agency, and my fiancé was out of work as well so I brought him along. We both got hired on the spot. I was in packing he was in shipping. Well first day of work they place me with Megan to train, she had been there awhile and it was her job to show me the ropes. We became instant “friends” which worked out perfectly because her boyfriend also worked there and was training my fiancé in shipping. We all hit it off and began going out together after work and me and Megan would text and talk about our kids and discuss our problems and such. One night about a month later her boyfriend and her were fighting pretty bad and she asked if she could text or call if something happened on the way home, my cell phone was dead and I was a little worried so stupid me told her if anything happened to call my fiancés phone and we would come get her. Oh how I regret those words. i wrote down the number and we left on the way home my fiancé was texting her boyfriend and talking about how Megan thought my fiancé hated her and blah blah blah, I stupidly never thought anything of it…

A couple of weeks later we were all hanging out at Megan’s house, me my finance her and her boyfriend. My fiancé and I left and he was texting all the way home, I asked who he was talking to and he answered that he was talking to her boyfriend about our upcoming plans for a birthday party we were having for my fiancé at a friend’s house. On the 30 minute drive home we got into an argument and he asked me to pull over. I pulled over the car and he got out told me he was done and walked away. I knew he needed time to cool down so I continued to his mother’s house to pick up our son. When I get there I called Megan and we were talking about the argument and everything, I then called my finance and he told me that he was upset and that Megan’s boyfriend was picking him up to hang out. I called Megan back and let her know that I found him and she was upset that he was with her boyfriend because her man had told her that he was tired and going home. She told me her son had woken up and that she would call me right back, 2 hours went by and I had no reply from her, then my finance walked in. Minutes later she called me back telling me she was sorry she had fallen asleep and that she hoped we worked everything put because she knew how much we loved each other. Well come to find out the whole time she was on the phone with me she was driving down in her mom’s minivan parking and fucking my fiancé then calling me back when they were done. The real kicker she had her boyfriend covering for him because there story was my fiancé had gone out with friends and didn’t want to ruin our relationship because I didn’t like those friends. (I didn’t find any of this out until weeks later.) So that night he acted strange and I figured it was just because we were still arguing.


A few days later it was my fiancés birthday. I took him out spent 150 on a new tattoo and then drove out met with Megan and her boyfriend and drove to the party. During the party Megan got sick and ended up laying in the bathroom throwing up most of the night, my fiancé kept walking to the bathroom door to check on her and finally I noticed something and told him she has a boyfriend here, let him handle her….

The next few days got worse he would leave at 2 am to go for a walk be gone 25 30 minutes and then come home, she would text me while he was gone and re-assure me that there is no way he would ever cheat that he loved me too much for that and that I shouldn’t worry, all the while he was leaving so that the two of them could talk on the phone. They would have good night conversations every night while i was worried he was cheating the bitch was telling me I was silly and it was her all along.

A couple days after that I had another girl call and tell me that my fiancé had texted her as well, and I decided to leave. I packed my things and left, still knowing nothing about Megan and Him.

I went to stay with my father. I went to a friend’s house a few days later and a very drunk fiancé called to tell me how he was with Megan at a hotel and how did that make me feel, I was outraged and hurt and confused and at the same time it was just confirming what I kind of already thought I guess, I knew he was cheating…. but with my friend? Someone who smiled in my face and talked me through all of my fears about it….. It was too much. I called her immediately, she denied being with him said she never even though about him in that way that nothing was going on at all. I didn’t know what to believe, I wanted so much to believe he was lying just drunk and upset and starting problems. Then he texted me a picture of her sitting beside him, they were not at a hotel…. they were sitting on her couch…. I called her back and she confessed that they were together but they were just friends and blah blah blah….. Yeah I knew then. I told her when I saw her I was going to beat her ass and then hung up and sat and cried.

They started hanging out all the time, and then I found out that my son had even met her while my fiancé and his mom were driving her to work and I was livid, What the f**k?  It had been going on for months, I had no idea…. the real kicker was I still loved him so much. Stupid me. I wanted our family back together. I would get phone calls almost every night from my fiancé telling me he loved me and wanted me back and I would go up and stupidly spend the night with him thinking something would rekindle us….

Then one day I went to the house (my apartment that he was staying in while I stayed elsewhere because he had nowhere else to go) and saw that she had been staying overnight. I was livid…. best part she had my sons toys and playpen and everything in the room with them, her kid was staying there too. I went APE SHIT!

I ran through the house trashing it. ripped up every pair of his boxers and undershirts, took permanent marker to the slanted wall above the bed, writing how she was a filthy red headed hussy, I poured maple syrup in the bathtub, and broke eggs in all the stove burners, poured soy sauce all over the bed and made sure she would not want to stay there anytime soon.

Then one night she called me crying, I think he is cheating on me she said. I laughed. Do you think he would do that to me she asked…. it was almost too much. Yes you dumb whore I think he would, he left me and our son to f**k you and you question whether your 3 weeks together and 2 months of phone calls is enough to keep him. Ignorant whore.

After a couple of weeks I went back to him….. Why I will never know. Things with them were done or so I thought. That was until he got a phone call and I knew it was her but I sat quiet for a bit that was until I heard her utter the words I love you, on the other end of the phone. He sat quiet said yeah I’ll talk to you later, say it back she prompted.  I love you he replied and that was it. I screamed and lunged across the room at him, snatched the phone and told her but I am still here WHORE and hung up. Then realized I would rather hurt her the way she hurt me then physically, I brought him upstairs and we proceeded to have sex, as we did I called her from my cellphone so she could hear the whole thing. The next day they were over. I called her boyfriend and told him everything, sent every dirty naked picture that she had sent him to every guy she worked with, including bosses and supervisors.

Throughout the next month me and my then fiancé worked things out, and moved on with our lives…. but never ever did I forget how much this girl who couldn’t just work on her own fucked up life ruined mine. I never had trust for him again…. I knew he was capable of flirting and making advances but actually physically cheating? That was just a whole new low. We stayed together, and had another baby and then after 8 years in November of 2012 we split. I still love him and she is not the last girl that he spoke too, but she was the last one he slept with and even though I have moved on and I don’t HATE her anymore. I want the whore to be known she has no morals, she killed my trust for every friend I had or have made since. I assume if she could do it they are all capable of it. We have spoken since then, and she tells me she is so sorry and that was not like her, but it was her.  I will never be her “friend” again. She was the beginning of me and my fiancés ending. I blame him too, I still mention how he f**ked up by seeing her that he was the reason our relationship starting failing years before. But watch out…. as the saying goes, not everyone who smiles at you is a friend…..



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