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Michelle Mc Elwain Morgan Lodi, Ohio

I have been married for almost 4 yrs this Feb. 14th. We have 3 children and at the moment I am a stay at home mom/company manager. My husband and I started a truck driving company in March 2013. So my husband became and over the road trucker. I was excited at the opportunity for our company to start growing and being able to provide for our family…….

Well in July of 2013 my husband would come off the road and his phone would be locked and have some type of security lock on it that if I tried to gain access to the phone it would take my picture and send it to his new email I knew nothing about….. I became too tired of the secrets and hiding.

The last straw was when he said his truck broke down in Lodi, Ohio and was putting it in the shop. He was going to have to get a hotel and stay at the Super 8 Hotel across from the truck stop while his truck was getting worked on for 3 days. So I called the Hotel. The receptionist said it was for 2 people!!! I flipped out. I got online and looked at our phone records. He had been on the phone more to Michelle Morgan than to me in the middle of the night.

So I google her number and used Facebook to find out who she was. Come to find out she works in the truck stop in Lodi, Ohio. They had been screwing in that hotel in his truck at her house and lying to me for months. I found out and confronted him on Dec. 20th 2013. I called her work and told her she could have him. Me and my children will be better off with out him!!

So watch out if you live in the area she will put her nasty claws all over your man!!!!! She don’t care if they are married or not.





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  1. rhonda says:

    If a man drives a truck driver over the.road.. RUN away from him..Not all, but a very large percent of truck drivers screw around..I WAS married to one and he was doing it and all the others were to. Its so bad that they had out free condoms at most of the truck stops..

  2. Badd b**** says:

    Good job for calling it quits and moving on. I wish you much happiness.

  3. Truckers Wife says:

    As a truckers wife, I can honestly say there are some good guys and girls out there. Unfortunately, all the Trucker Grim (as I refer to them) make the whole bunch look bad. Glad you cut loose, though. Nobody has time for that crap!

  4. jackie says:

    This girl looks like a miserable b****..eewww.I hope yyour gonna stick to your guns and leave his sorry ass for doing this to you. He will probaly put her threw the same s*** when he meets a new w**** at a new truck stop.

  5. dave1234ca says:

    Ewww. In the truck? I don’t imagine the bedding gets cleaned often. I hope he’s heard of “Febreze”.

    Now that the humor is out of the way, unfortunately, when couples are apart, for whatever reason, the risk of affairs skyrocket. I see this recently occurred. Have you considered trying to reconcile?

    It took time for you and him to find each other and it appears you’re compatible businesswise. He didn’t take time away from you. By that I mean he didn’t choose her over you as many who have affairs give an excuse to leave the house/wife and go to the other woman.

    Just saying it does no harm to think things through.

  6. Louniece says:

    I bet you she is spreading for other men as well!!

  7. Life After Bad Marriage says:

    I think it is hilarious that when Michelle McElwain Morgan (aka Homewrecking Ho) took these ‘selfies’ of herself and that she thought she was really ‘rockin’ her look that day and that her pic was good enough to post or send to Mr. Homewrecker. I mean, honestly, she looks like a goon in the first picture and Morticia in the 2nd picture!

    • dave1234ca says:

      I was thinking more along the lines of a dominatrix. High leather boots. A whip.

      Anyway, I have included a link for those interested. I’d give it a “PG” rating.

      • Julia says:

        That face looks way too derpy for any sort of dominatrix.

      • Big hank says:

        Dave enough with the let’s give it another try bull s*** already. This guy is a piece of s*** get it through your mind. Four years is nothing. It goes by in the blink of an eye. He had no business f****** some w**** from the truck stop while his wife jackoff was at home taking care of their family. She did the smart thing and I hope she takes him to the cleaners. Give your crap a rest dave you post all these long sermons on these stories sometimes more than three times . Let your fingers play with your boyfriend for a while. Go f*** yourself jackoff.

        • dave1234ca says:

          It’s not just the 4 years, Hank. There are 3 children to consider and they don’t go by in the blink of an eye. Attempting to overcome an indiscretion and seeking counseling is the logical, moral and ethical thing to do for everyone’s sake.

          Seems like you took this story personally. If your boyfriend did something similar please accept my condolences.

  8. realdeal says:

    Her demon speaks loudly through her eyes.

  9. Brielle says:

    She looks like aunt myrtle from American horror story!

  10. Julia says:

    That has to be the derpiest face that I have ever seen in my life. She needs to save money from being a truck stop hooker to get a chin implant. I hope you own your all’s business when this is all said and done.

  11. jennifer says:

    Listen your husband did you a favor because he is clearly lacks connecting brain cells if he cheated on you with someone as ugly as this woman. Holy Moly is she hideous can u say meth user !!! How many times do you think she’s been at the Super 8 with other truckers I can promise you she’s gotten ridden like “Seattle Slew” on a frequent basis at the Super 8 across from the truck stop. I wouldn’t only have checked your phone records I would of checked your bank balance maybe her services weren’t “free” ever heard of “lot lizard”. Best revenge is good living so don’t ever allow anything but the best for yourself. If your ex tries to make amends and talk his way back to you tell him to “trade his chapstick in for a glue stick and shut the f*** up”!!!!

  12. tammy says:

    I believe dave is right if you can work it out then do so….no one is perfect and seek professional counsel

  13. dave1234ca says:


    The last thing people need is others encouraging their anger when something like this happens. When I see people who have been married for a long time throw it all away I feel sorry for them as they can’t throw away years of memories. If they think they’ll never be able to forget the affair why do they think they’ll be able to forget all the good times they’ve had over the last 10 or 20 years and with whom.

    People experience many “firsts” once they marry. From major things like buying a home and having their first child to family vacations and holiday dinners. Many mention there will be triggers that will remind them of the affair but they’ll experience many more triggers that will remind them of what they threw away.

    I look forward to reading your future comments.

  14. dylan922 says:

    Really..your lying assed husband told none of his friends there he was do you honestly think he told her? I question him about it and he just you didn’t leave just b**** and whine..but don’t want to get off your lazy ass to get a you keep him around to his money.. you are f****** pathetic..always remember..there is two sides to every story..but I guess in your simple North Carolina mind..your husband is always correct. I personally hope she sues you for slander and liable..I think I will give her you current address and new cell phone numbers to help asking with the is a great idea for you..access his drivers web and check the last time he was in that location.. granted he has had no contact with her..but I bet he still lying about when and where he is at.

  15. wow722 says:

    I hope you told her live in boyfriend…

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