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Michelle Y. McCormick Washington

She was my friend or so I thought. I had been there for her just two weeks prior as she sobbed over breaking it off with her boyfriend. She asked me to move in to my spare bedroom and of course I said ok. On my husbands birthday which also is the day before our daughters birthday which normally is a good day celebrating your child’s birthday. However we lost our daughter from SIDS when she was three months old. Now this day has become one of mourning. This year I had to work the night shift and as happens every year my husband got very drunk and I could see he was getting more restless as we got closer to the midnight hour. As I was leaving for work from the party sure enough he lost it and started to make a beeline for the cemetery where our daughter is buried just a couple blocks away. I yelled to Michelle not to let him go alone and I had to leave. Well the rest is well disgusting frankly. I guess they did it right there in the cemetery. How disgusting. I never dreamed my husband would have found her attractive because she isn’t. Definitely she has not had anyone as good looking as him.

She has been sneaking around with him for a year now. I had to leave because it wouldn’t stop . Even when he broke it off several times she began harassing him, threatening him and stalking our house. Parking across the street and driving up and down the block. She has never showed remorse, never apologized. She attacks me verbally and rubs my nose in it posting totally inappropriate stuff on facebook. We have a son that is suffering at our split up. She couldn’t care less. Says she isn’t going anywhere so get used to it she says. I never will! I seriously don’t get their relationship. I never will…





46 Responses to “Michelle Y. McCormick Washington”

  1. Corissa says:

    Do all these homewreckers take the same Trash Clown makeup class?

  2. shut up and blow me says:

    How lovely, another titty tattoo.

  3. AlliG says:

    Proof that a man will stick his d*** into ANYTHING!

  4. cheatingisfortheweak says:

    Some people are just so pathetic. Its totally his fault for breaking the trust, but she is just down right disgusting for feeling the need to give you any kind of details! Women who feel the need to do that are just not human and have no morals! They just don’t realize how stupid they make themselves look. I’m sorry you have to feel this pain. Its a pain that many of us have felt.

  5. SMH says:

    Your cheating scum of a husband and this trashy homewrecking w**** are disgusting. I hope you divorce his sorry butt and build a new life for yourself and your child. Best of luck to you

  6. wait for it says:

    Well of course she isn’t going to let go. This ugly as tramp probably has a hard time attracting men . Your husband is garbage for banging this s*** at the cemetery where his daughter is buried. That makes your husband an immoral, weak little b****. You are doing the right thing in leaving him if he won’t straighten his ass out.

  7. teeny says:

    First am so very sorry for the lost of your little girl, its heartbreaking. And as far as that thing that’s pictured above and your sorry excuse for a man, you need to get him for everything and anything you can!

  8. kimmie says:

    Every word of this makes me sick! I can’t even imagine having to go visit your daughters gravesite site after these two disgusting pigs defiled it. May she rest in peace and may the karma train find them.

  9. J.S says:

    So sorry for the loss of your baby. It disgusts me to no end that they did what they did. I hope they both get hit by a bus.

  10. Yuck says:

    She’s so ugly. I bet she mainly gets banged doggy style face down in a pillow while the poor dude tries to think of some actually attractive female. She’s a ho fo sho….

  11. Jess says:

    I’m really sorry bout your baby girl. Those two idiots deserve nothing good out of life. How disrespectful to do it there. I’m glad you’ve moved on with your child, stay strong.

  12. IceQueen says:

    Never in a billion years could I forgive this “man” for defiling my child’s grave the way he did.

  13. aednat10 says:

    At the end of the day your husband is a real bastard to do this to you, and to shag this ugly w**** near your daughters grave is the worse I have read on this site, it really points out what kind of man you were married to and you can thank your lucky stars that you now finished with him. AS for the w**** she is one ugly s*** and he will dump her down the track they always do.

  14. mandii says:

    They are both trash, I am appalled he would have sex where his child was laid to rest

  15. Elisheva says:


  16. IceQueen says:

    NOW I REMEMBER! Anybody remember MiMi from the Drew Cary Show?

  17. A says:

    Don’t ever take him back. They both are disgusting. Both of them and he could have kept his d*** in his pants..

  18. ManWhore says:

    Surely you can find a better man that that guy?

  19. G says:

    you guys should have went to counseling for the loss of your child. Its never an easy thing, nor am I implying counseling would negate his needing to drown his sorrows in liquor. That said, you should have taken the night off from work and never should have sent that weak bish with your husband during his time of need. Not only that, you moved her in when she was probably feeling worthless and in need of validation. I think you shouldn’t have put it past them for this to happen. Though it really sucks that it went down at the cemetary.

    • Lisa Rogers says:

      We did go to counseling (grief counseling) for several months following and one on one later on. He suffers from PTSD as he was with our baby girl when she passed away gave her cpr for twenty min before medics arrived. I lost them both that day.

  20. Lisa Rogers says:

    We did grief counseling for months following. He suffers from Ptsd. He was watching her when she passed

  21. Lisa Rogers says:

    We did grief counseling for months following.

  22. otis says:


    • Lisa Rogers says:

      Well im not going to defend myself against this absurd accusation. You have known about this since i submitted it. Why choose now to reply in this manner i don’t know?

  23. Some dude says:

    So lisa you are saying you never cheated . Is that what you were trying to state yes or no did you cheat !!!

    • Lisa Rogers says:

      What he is referring to is a situation from seven years ago after being separated for almost a year I allowed myself to go too far with someone and after about maybe a minute into it I stop to it its tracks and told the person that I can do it that was married.

  24. Lil g says:

    So that is a yes

    • Lisa Rogers says:

      I guess if that qualifies separated for ten months him living in texas me in washington. Following his first affair. Oh yes this is his fourth affair. All of them named michelle. Wierd huh? I stopped the guy just seconds after it started. One because i love my husband. Two because he was a good friend and didnt want to ruin the friendship. A far cry from what i call a affair. I can only wish he conducted himself like that

  25. otis says:

    Their was penitration!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said

    • Lynn says:

      To the scumbag Otis, you are with out a doubt a poor excuse for a man. The bottom line is you cheated on your wife with this skanky w**** and karma will catch up to both of you low lifes

      • otis says:

        Lynn The bottom line is THAT THERE WAS PENITRATION so then I guess there is a special place in hell for lisa as well . YOU MAN HATEING c***

        • wait for it says:

          Dude, how can you be pissed at your wife after banging this incredibly unattractive skank on the anniversary of your daughter’s death. If you two were separated, living in diff. states even. The situations are not comparable. I think it’s funny that you are not defending this skank that stooped so low that she would have sex with you when you were obviously hurting. Think about it. This chick, michelle, is a worthless immoral homewrecker. If you have cheated on your wife four times, it is time to dig deep and figure out why. Your marriage will not survive if you can’t make some changes to what you think is acceptable behavior (your cheating). Doesn’t the memory of your daughter push you to want to be a better man? I truly wish you and your wife much luck. Wipe the slate clean and do the right thing from this moment on. Leave that skank in the dust, where she belongs.

  26. Michelle Y. McCormick says:

    THIS IS MICHELLE….For everyone who commented on this post…I hate to break your hearts but the majority of what was posted IS NOT even the truth or what actually happened. She was told these things by who knows who and apparently she believes whatever people tell her but she’s very wrong about the entire situation. But it mos Def made for a good story….too bad it’s not real life situations. With that being said…I’m not innocent by any means….none of us are….but i do have morals and I do not look for married men to sleep with, I did not sleep with a married man on his daughters grave, I do not verbally attack her….she does that. Amongst many other things that I won’t go into detail about cuz unlike her…..I don’t like the whole world to know my business. But since she does…let’s just make it clear that she WAS NOT GOING TO WORK A GRAVEYARD SHIFT (ATLEAST NOT AT A LIGIT LEGAL JOB) THE NIGHT SHE MENTIONED IN THE POST NOR HAS SHE LEFT HIM LIKE SHE SAYS SHE DID. SO don’t let her fool you anymore than she already has tried to. 99% of the things that come out of her mouth are all lies. If you wanted to expose me….u should’ve had facts instead of hearsay and assumptions that u came up with cuz the only 2 people that know for a fact what has happened is me and your husband. On that note…..I’m done with this childish ass Internet banging bullshit. Now carry on ….

    • Lynn says:

      You had sec with this woman’s husband, that mKes you the w**** and homewrecker. No one believes anything you and Otis have to say. You interfered in this marriage while calling yourself a friend. There’s a special place in hell for you and the cheating husband. Neither of you have any morals. Karma is going to catch up with both of you lying cheating scumbags.

    • wait for it says:

      Did you have sex with him that night, whether it was at the cemetary or not? If she verbally attacks you, do you think that you deserve it? Are you still seeing him? I’m only asking because you say you have morals and you do not look for married men to sleep with. You know he’s married so if you haven’t stopped f****** him, now would be a good time to stop. He is even scummier than you for at least desecrating the anniversary of his daughter’s death. You are not much better. In the naeme of those morals you claim to have, leave this family alone.

    • Original 8 says:

      I hate to tell you this Michelle, but if you weren’t worried about the supposed lies that been told, you wouldn’t give a f*** what was written. Face it swamp donkey, the truth has been written and you c*** handle it. How you get your man is the same process in which you will lose your man. It doesn’t sound like he’s trying to divorce his wife anytime soon. That should tell you exactly what you are is nuthing but a b**** on the side anyway. Also, it shows exactly how little you think of yourself and that that’s all you deserve. Hmmm. It wont last you and him, but I bet you believe it’s forever. You are the punch line in this bad joke.

      • Michelle Y. McCormick says:

        Ok LISA…aka Lynn or original 8 or wait for it…..I know it’s u posting all these by certain things u say in each reply….lol. give it a rest already…..seriously. smdh

        • wait for it says:

          You really are a special kind of stupid aren’t you, michelle? I have been commenting on this website almost since its inception. You can find my user name in much older exposures. I am not the wife, whom you stabbed in the back. Don’t you realize that people hate homewreckers, especially ones that f*** married men at cemetaries where their children are buried? Sick, sick, sick. You said that many lies were told by the wife in her exposure of you. Be specific. What are the lies? I don’t expect you to answer because you have yet to answer whether you fucked this guy at the cemetary or not. Either you did or you didn’t and you have yet to deny it.

          • Michelle Y. McCormick says:

            Lmfao…..This is comical….and never will I put my business out I the internet like this. So u can th I no what you want, believe what you’d like about the situation but you will never know the truth. Only 2 people will ever know exactly what has happened and I will never give u or anybody else on this site the satisfaction of knowing. Lmao this s*** is entertaining…….GET A LIFE FOR f*** SAKES

          • Lisa Rogers says:

            What a copout…thats because u know every word is true and he has told me the details so no its not just u two. U just live in a delusional world.

        • Lisa Rogers says:

          I hate to break it to you Michelle but as usual your wrong! I don’t have to lie and sneak around to validate myself because all of these people that have commented DID IT FOR ME!

          • Michelle Y. McCormick says:

            Whatever Lisa…..I don’t need any of these people or anybody else for that matter to validate me. And you go ahead and keep thinking that I’m always wrong….I could care less what u or anyone else thinks. Congrats on having been validated by people u don’t know via the Internet and a bogus ass story…lmmfao.

          • Lisa Rogers says:

            You know damn well that I didn’t lie and the story is true. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t keep commenting. You set yourself up to be critisized. YOU STILL DON’T GET THAT WHAT YOU DID IS WRONG SO I WILL REMIND YOU AS OFTEN AS I CAN!

  27. SMH says:

    Michelle, you are the joke. You are sleeping with this woman’s husband and you helped break up a family. Karma is going to come knocking and you and the sorry excuse of a man will get what’s coming to you.. Why don’t you get a life that doesn’t t involve screwing married men. You and that sorry excuse for a father, hurt a child with your selfish actions. Just think, everytime your name is googled, everyone will know what a piece of trash you are.

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