My Taping Of A Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Today. . .

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Ok, well so most of you know me from posting on Facebook.  There are some of you who like me and those of you who hate me.  However, I am sure we can agree on one thing -I am real, I don’t hold back and I speak the truth.  As most of you know this website has created quite the media stir the past few weeks.  As with anything, I am learning as I go.  I have appeared on ABC Good Morning America, Nightline, and have taped quite a few appearances.  The experiences we all good ones, until today. . .

I was contacted by this certain talk show about appearing on their show.  I didn’t know about the show which of course I am NOT going to name here (legal reasons) but most of you know why I was in New York today and what I was taping so feel free to guess on the comment section.  Anyway, back to my drama filled day.  I agreed to appear on this show (thanks to one of my bff’s  in NY swearing I had to do this show) with 2 wives that exposed their homewreckers on  It was presented to us a certain way (of course as you can imagine, the way it was presented was NOT the way it went down) and these two wonderful ladies agreed to appear to tell their side of the story.  Well, their side of the story was not really heard.  I would call it a vicious attack of the wives who are still attempting to piece together their lives after their husband’s infidelity.  I was deeply saddened that these women were treated like that and I felt as though the show’s intent was to of course, make a very hot and heated scene -that brings in the ratings.

Of course, they trashed yours truly but that was to be expected.  This is my business and my website so –trashing me? I am used to it.  But how DARE they not allow the wives to speak about their struggles.  I am shocked and floored what took place and the half ass apologies by the staff after the fact.  I can take it.  I am used to it but the position they put these wonderful women in was disgusting.  Of course, I am Ariella so I made it known how upset I was at how these ladies were treated –after the taping. The staff looked very irritated by my comments, but again, I am real and I speak the truth.  I was not screaming or yelling, I was just speaking. . . .  I apparently had them so on edge that they had security there!!! Ariella was escorted out of the studio by security!! I mean really?  I was like, these women are crazy!  I swear to you I did not raise my voice once, I did NOT scream, I did NOT yell, I was very calm.  It became apparent today that Ariella’s voice is a problem for many.  Why?  Because I speak the truth.  I don’t say what I think people want to hear –nor do I swing in the direction that everyone else is in.  Why?  Because I am REAL, and I have ALWAYS told it like it is -regardless if you like it or not.

They threatened reminded me not to mention this on social media or on my website because it would be in violation of my agreement I signed.  Again, I speak the truth regardless who likes it or who doesn’t like it.

With that being said, I feel terrible for the wives.  At the end of the day, NO ONE in that studio cared about what they felt like or what they have been through.  At the end of the day it is about ratings and money.  Yes, this is a business for me and I make money.  However, I do care, because I am ONE OF THESE WOMEN!!!   When I first started this site I had NO IDEA you could make a penny.  I started this to give women a voice and to have a place for all of us to share our stories.

As far as the show?  I heard they are desperate for ratings. . . It is business –I get it.  But regardless these women should have been treated with respect and they weren’t.  Women need to respect other women and they don’t.  Again, that was just confirmed once again today.  Because women don’t respect other women is why this website exists! It doesn’t matter what you say off camera, because what you say on Camera is what counts.  No one cares about fake apologies –after the fact.  It was a show to start controversy, not women talking to women.  I will take that –this is my business but it was NOT fair to the wives.

I’m sure this certain Syndicated Daytime Talk Show is not going to be so happy with my comments.  Guess what?  I don’t care because unlike you I am real.  You want to sue me?  Go right ahead, get in line behind all the others.  You have all my information and you know where I can be served?  Any questions?  Next. . .

Ariella <3



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