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My Taping Of A Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Today. . .

Ok, well so most of you know me from posting on Facebook.  There are some of you who like me and those of you who hate me.  However, I am sure we can agree on one thing -I am real, I don’t hold back and I speak the truth.  As most of you know this website has created quite the media stir the past few weeks.  As with anything, I am learning as I go.  I have appeared on ABC Good Morning America, Nightline, and have taped quite a few appearances.  The experiences we all good ones, until today. . .

I was contacted by this certain talk show about appearing on their show.  I didn’t know about the show which of course I am NOT going to name here (legal reasons) but most of you know why I was in New York today and what I was taping so feel free to guess on the comment section.  Anyway, back to my drama filled day.  I agreed to appear on this show (thanks to one of my bff’s  in NY swearing I had to do this show) with 2 wives that exposed their homewreckers on  It was presented to us a certain way (of course as you can imagine, the way it was presented was NOT the way it went down) and these two wonderful ladies agreed to appear to tell their side of the story.  Well, their side of the story was not really heard.  I would call it a vicious attack of the wives who are still attempting to piece together their lives after their husband’s infidelity.  I was deeply saddened that these women were treated like that and I felt as though the show’s intent was to of course, make a very hot and heated scene -that brings in the ratings.

Of course, they trashed yours truly but that was to be expected.  This is my business and my website so –trashing me? I am used to it.  But how DARE they not allow the wives to speak about their struggles.  I am shocked and floored what took place and the half ass apologies by the staff after the fact.  I can take it.  I am used to it but the position they put these wonderful women in was disgusting.  Of course, I am Ariella so I made it known how upset I was at how these ladies were treated –after the taping. The staff looked very irritated by my comments, but again, I am real and I speak the truth.  I was not screaming or yelling, I was just speaking. . . .  I apparently had them so on edge that they had security there!!! Ariella was escorted out of the studio by security!! I mean really?  I was like, these women are crazy!  I swear to you I did not raise my voice once, I did NOT scream, I did NOT yell, I was very calm.  It became apparent today that Ariella’s voice is a problem for many.  Why?  Because I speak the truth.  I don’t say what I think people want to hear –nor do I swing in the direction that everyone else is in.  Why?  Because I am REAL, and I have ALWAYS told it like it is -regardless if you like it or not.

They threatened reminded me not to mention this on social media or on my website because it would be in violation of my agreement I signed.  Again, I speak the truth regardless who likes it or who doesn’t like it.

With that being said, I feel terrible for the wives.  At the end of the day, NO ONE in that studio cared about what they felt like or what they have been through.  At the end of the day it is about ratings and money.  Yes, this is a business for me and I make money.  However, I do care, because I am ONE OF THESE WOMEN!!!   When I first started this site I had NO IDEA you could make a penny.  I started this to give women a voice and to have a place for all of us to share our stories.

As far as the show?  I heard they are desperate for ratings. . . It is business –I get it.  But regardless these women should have been treated with respect and they weren’t.  Women need to respect other women and they don’t.  Again, that was just confirmed once again today.  Because women don’t respect other women is why this website exists! It doesn’t matter what you say off camera, because what you say on Camera is what counts.  No one cares about fake apologies –after the fact.  It was a show to start controversy, not women talking to women.  I will take that –this is my business but it was NOT fair to the wives.

I’m sure this certain Syndicated Daytime Talk Show is not going to be so happy with my comments.  Guess what?  I don’t care because unlike you I am real.  You want to sue me?  Go right ahead, get in line behind all the others.  You have all my information and you know where I can be served?  Any questions?  Next. . .

Ariella <3





175 Responses to “My Taping Of A Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Today. . .”

  1. Riss says:

    When will it air? Or will it?

    • Heather says:

      Yes, when will it air so I can either avoid it completely or be ready with my computer to write my complaint as I watch it.

  2. just trying to heal says:

    I’m guessing The View (or the Bethany show) although I’m leaning towards the view!

    • Mally says:

      I haven’t seen that show in forever but I do know they are filming at Disneyland, CA this week from commercials. sooo…. It wasn’t the View.

      • nikkol says:

        if you liked her page on facebook, you’ll see she said she was on the Bethany Show. I can say that because I dont have an agreement with them–but f*** them, i bet they are a bunch of homewreckers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Betty says:

      I think it was the spew, or Tyra Banks show, I bet. I don’t watch either of them.

    • Amanda says:

      The Bethany show…haa which is a retarded show if you ask me that woman is an idiot!

    • Tiffinay Compiano says:

      Those women (View) are pro- woman and believe in God. They seem to self confident to play such an underhanded trick. Now Bethany on the other hand…

      • duh! says:

        Yeah cuz the women on this site are so pro women. stupid. Im gonna watch it and laugh and laugh and if you beleive in god you wouldnt be judging ANYONE cuz you would know that you are NOONE to judge.

        • Kat says:

          Ariella or whatever your name is….you say that you speak the “TRUTH” ….lmao. Don’t you realize that your “TRUTH” is truly just your OPINION and nothing more. You are way too full of yourself for creating this trashy site.!

          • Cheating is not new, this website is! If you want to stay offof it, dont cheat, dont send nude pic$, and have some class. Ashley madison promotes cheating, and LADIES, you cheat just like guys!

            This site is a jerry or maury o.line, big deal

          • Betty says:

            Kat, you are entitled to your opinion, but if you believe what you say then leave this site!

  3. Amanda says:

    Didnt like the Betheny Show anyways. I’m sure it will be off the air soon!

    • Heather says:

      The View! All they did was confirm that women don’t embrace women but attack them. They walk all over every body who allows it so good for you for speaking your mind Ariella. I would like to add that when I walk into any appt., usually Dr’s offices, and they have that damn show on I ask them to change it. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are desperate for ratings because nobody wants to listen to their extreme left wing arguing.

      • Heather says:

        …..and if it is the Bethany show, I’ve never even seen it. LOL

      • Ariella says:

        lol it wasn’t the view. . .

        • Heather says:

          Let me google The Bethany Show.

        • Sarita says:

          Well whatever show it was I will be boycotting any product the sell you can’t respect a wife then guess what I can’t buy your product. I believe in traditional family values HA!

        • joy says:

          LOL Ariella, you have balls the size of boulders. When will the show that is not the view air?

          I’ve never watched the show, but I was planning to when u guys appeared. I don’t know what to do now lol I don’t wanna help their ratings (I know it wouldn’t make much difference but still, it’s the principle), but if I don’t watch, then I can’t let them know how stupid they are after. I’m so torn LOL

          Did u guys do the whole show, or just a segment? Do u know what segment?

  4. Never Will I Ever says:

    I hate that show thus why I dont watch it…..
    #teamwives #teamariella

  5. Healing says:

    That sucks! I’m so tired of people acting like the home wreckers are innocent victims and we’re just evil and pathetic. Just goes to show you how callous some women are about being the other woman and why this site needs to exist!

  6. Mally says:

    That sucks so much for the women that came with you. I hope those people can sleep at night knowing they threw those women under the bus. Jerks.

  7. Betty says:

    Just wait till it comes on, they will get letters, I promise you

  8. slapAho says:

    Screw her, the show sucks anyways

  9. Ho hater says:

    Oh Bethany I no longer like your show or you!

  10. Wendy says:

    Bethany show is HORRIBLE!!! She talks of keeping it real but wouldn’t let the wife’s talk. Speaks out of both sides of her mouth. Humm wonder why her marriage is over, I could only guess. Her show will not last, yawn.

  11. iknowthetruth says:

    Bethany sucks a$$ I can believe that SHE did do this after all she was the HOMEWRECKER in her and her s/o relationship

  12. YouKnowIt!! says:

    They can bring in “former” porn stars into the talk show circuit, the white trash I’m-gonna-beat-your-ass strippers, but not a legitimate lady who has a purpose, who wants this out there?!?! Well, most talk shows suck nowadays anyhow. Ariella, look at what shows SHE was on previously,(RHONY), so look at what you are dealing with!! I am SO GLAD to hear someone be REAL and you ROCK for doing this!!!! KEEP IT REAL, CHICA!!! :)

  13. nay says:

    Love to you …….YOU GO GIRL ! I wish this site was createx years ago

  14. Alexandrea says:

    If it wasnt for your website i wouldn’t have had a place to vent. I never cared if the hw read it. I went thru hell picking my kids back up from this and being mostly my husband’s fault the regard that his mistress showed was less than empathetic for my sons so as far as these ppl bashing wives and yourself don’t realize that the woman interfering in marriages and relationships are hurting children not just hurting these wives, we complain about neglectful parents, sex offenders, child abuse etc., and they have websites why NOT have a website that gives a broken heart a way to vent so we can support each other so we as women can move on and pick up the pieces for our children and ourselves?! What is happening in this country when we promote evil on ppl who seek peace!!!

  15. chessi says:

    Well I must say, I love your page! You bring hope of justice to many women and now men. You keep doing what you’re doing! You have mine and I’m sure also many others support! Screw anyone who tells you different or tries to silence you!

  16. Concerned says:

    You said, “Women need to respect other women and they don’t. Again, that was just confirmed once again today. Because women don’t respect other women is why this website exists” I feel that this site is only perpetuating the level of disrespect among women with the constant harassment and negative comments being posted on a daily basis.

    • nell says:

      It exists because these women who get exposed were told over and over the man is married and don’t care. No self respect or respect for other women. Some bitches need a dose of humilition and to feel like s*** the way they.made the wife feel. Some stories are horrible to expose if the hw honestly didn’t know… but for the wife to feel good and seek revenge and warn others of these cumdumpsters this place is the perfect place!

    • joy says:

      Negative actions warrant negative comments. How did u expect us to respond to a story about someone who has no problem with having a hand in the destruction of a relationship, who doesn’t even give a second thought to how her actions are affecting others in a negative way, and who can’t take responsibility for (or at the very least, acknowledge) their wrong doing? Did u want us to cheer them on? Pat them on the back? Or maybe say, “wow, you did a really great job wrecking their home. Try wrecking two next time. I know you can do it, I believe in you!” in our comments?

      Can anyone tell me when lying, hiding, enabling cheating, manipulating, and adultery stopped being wrong and became acceptable behavior? And I’m also curious as to why and how writing a story that illustrates the impact of someone’s careless and selfish behavior, the damage they cause and the resulting long term effects on not just the wife, but also their kids is considered bullying and harassment. Is our society really that far gone from good morals and value? Why do people stand idly by and do nothing to help a woman defend her marriage and family? And why are they so quick to defend the person who is trying to destroy the family? Why is it that when wives talk about the hell her family suffered through caused in part by a “slutty w****,” people tell her to suck it up and put her big girl panties on and accuse her of bullying and s*** shaming? Why does no one remind the other woman that she is morally obligated to stay away from another woman’s husband, even if he is the one who approaches her? Why does no one tell her to suck it up and put on her big girl panties when she cries that her boyfriend’s angry wife posted a story about her activities and humiliated her? Oh. How did I overlook that? Silly me. I just realized that the reason they don’t tell her to put her big girl undies on is because she took them off to have a quickie with her married boyfriend in his wife’s car one time when he stopped by her place on his way to pick his wife up from work, and she forgot to put them back on because they had to rush.


    • concerned my ass says:

      this website is a place for women to vent…to release their inner demons when dealing with infidelity. What happens in the dark eventually comes to the light…if you don’t want to be exposed for all your dirty deeds…then maybe you shouldn’t be doing them. This website, in my opinion, will probably assist in saving marriages..cause more trashy women will start thinking twice before they go after a married man…..too afraid their dirty laundry will be on here for everyone to see. You can bump that on outta here….I love my gender and respect women..but when a woman knowingly goes after a married man, she deserves to be punished!! Men are as much to blame, and pay for their mistakes. They either lose their wives, children and respect or they live with the guilt their actions caused, the lack of trust in their marriages, the disappointment from their children. A w**** gets to go on continue being the trash she creates…..until NOW!!!

  17. angela says:

    Do u all not remember? Its a certain dr…… dr phil…..

    • Heather says:

      That was back in September, and he is a man.

    • Ton says:

      Don’t get me started on Dr.Phill (rolling my eyes) he is NOT a good person… He is not even licensed to practice counseling. His show is for entertainment purposes only. …

      • Honor says:

        I am not a huge Dr. Phil fan. He can be annoying, but he does have a collage degree from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls then went on and earned his Ph.D. in psychology at the University of North Texas. He holds a license to provide therapy in his home state of Texas. The rumor has been going around for years that he is not a Dr. or that he isn’t licensed. Like with any celebrity people like to start rumors. With any field out there you will find both good counselors and bad. It also depends on a persons personality what kind of counselor they would work best with. I personally wouldn’t choose to go to him. But if other people have found that he has helped them with their life then I am glad they at least found help from someone! I am not saying anyone should like him or watch his show. Just pointing out the fact he is qualified and licensed. 😉

  18. lilmomof2 says:

    f*** the view..stupid old hags

  19. Jan Marino says:

    Will it still air & if so when?

  20. offmylawnkids says:

    I’ll concur that the Bethanny show is absolutely horrible. f***, that woman is vapid.

    But, there is something to be said about the fact that so many people thinking this website is bullying and spiteful. When the vast majority of people are agreeing about something, maybe it is time to shift your thinking if you don’t also share their views…?

    Finally: speaking about yourself in the third person (i.e. “Ariella is mad”) makes you look insane. Just sayin’.

    • Damn shut your idiot hole already.

      • Tiffinay Compiano says:

        Looks to me like the vast majority are supporting this website. And to Concerned I say if an AshleyMadison website can exist then certainly, a ShesaHomewrecker site can. The world is changing so evolve.

        • Honor says:

          And unfortunately AshleyMadison is only the most popular of those sites! Google cheating web sites! There are hundreds if not thousands, designed to cater to people looking to have “discrete” affairs with married people! I have even seen one that offers self help newsletters on how to seduce married women. How to figure out when their marriage is in a rough spot, how to become her friend, and slowly gain her confidence, how to say the right things to erode the strength of the marriage, and how to tell when she is ready to cheat on her husband! There is also support web sites and chat groups for women that choose to sleep with married men. Where they bash on the wives. It is all out there.

          So you can complain about this site. But there is much worse sites out there in the world of cheaters. If those sites can exist, it is only to be expected that the people in the world that have morals are going to start fighting back! To put the proverbial red letter on the women and men as well, who think it is okay to behave this way! If society just turns a blind eye to people that refuse to have respect or follow any moral code, than it will only get worse. People say this site hurts children. I have to disagree! Children should not know anything about these sites or what is said on them. Unless their parents say something in front of them. Then it is the parents who are hurting these children. If anything, if this site and other sites like it, gets even a few men or women to think twice before they cheat, or sleep with someone who is married or in a committed relationship. Then it is good thing for society! The only reason this site is getting so much attention, is because of the sudden media attention. You think we are so horrible, go over to AshleyMadison’s Facebook page and join in their conversations where you will fit in!

    • Ariella says:

      3rd person reference? Insane? Wow, it was one one the most useful tools for writers, it makes for an interesting read. Insane? ok, if you say so. . .ijs. . .

    • Peter says:

      Arriella aka Tabon or Taboon… Says she keeps it real.. but I think she forgot to keep it real when it came to her real name…just saying…

  21. nikki says:

    Bethanny show? What idiot would even watch her show. She, along with her life are a train wreck.

  22. Alexandrea says:

    Hey CONCERNED..What happened to Freedom of Speech? A homewrecker openly and freely ruins relationships so the families can’t openly and freely voice her pain and the pain it causes her children when she looks them in the eyes when they ask “where’s dad?”

  23. Mleigh says:

    I was thinking the Katie Couric show. I know it’s ratings are low!

  24. Marjorie says:

    Bethany Frankels show is a joke. She’s a terrible talk show host!! I would have watched my first episode if you were on it but uh…ill pass. You offer a service…an outlet for scored women that often times have nowhere else to turn. This site has helped me tremendously. Seeing that I am not the only woman who has been through this and hearing other women’s stories made me realize I am not alone in the struggle and pain. Tha k you for all that you do.

  25. Ammie says:

    People don’t appreciate TRUTH these days and I too am “ONE OF THESE WOMEN”! I LOVE this website! I read and comment on stories and it helps me know that I’m not alone! Respect for being real! Life is too short to lie & be fake! You go girl!

  26. Cyndee says:

    Much love Ariella, I think you are amazing!!

  27. Jaci Cqpouch says:

    I seen that talk show before. Trust me it won’t be around for long.

  28. tre says:

    Well this little chicky doodle right here and every other chicky doodle I can talk to will be boycotting her show and well NO more Skinny Girl drinks for me…….. Very disappointed, she should have empowered those women for standing up, I am a woman who has been hurt and this website helps others to know they are not alone by reading real stories … so you keep it up and stand up for wives everywhere………

  29. You are in violation of you r agreement, you will probably be sued!!

    • Betty says:

      She never said who it was Markus

      • Heartbroken wife says:

        more exposure for the site and probably won’t hold up in court, didn’t they violate the contract by not giving the wives the opportunity to tell their story, I think it was more like an ambush and I would be suing them for emotional distress.

  30. christina says:

    I seriously didn’t even know she had a show. And will forger about when its cancelled. NEXT…

    • Peter says:

      She does have a talk show and is awesome and hilarious. UI love her show and pray God blesses her with success. Don’t hate because Taboon and her girls did not get what they wanted. Thy’re is room on tv for everyone. You all sound so bitter… Let it go.. is been weeks since the show.

  31. jess says:

    The Betheny show probably. Which to me, that b**** is a ‘one hit wonder’ anyways and got her fame from E! (It was E!, right?) and now she thinks she’s the s*** because she’s got her very own talk show that 90% of the people in the world DONT EVEN WATCH! bahaha :) Ariella, you’re awesome! :) #TeamWIVES! 😉

  32. SixkoftheBS says:

    I was going to guess it was the Talk……. Is that show still on?

  33. Honor says:

    Assuming it was the Bethenny show based on recent comments on Facebook about what shows Arielle would be doing. There is a reason why Bethenny Frankel didn’t take the proper unbiased roll of talk show host and didn’t allow these women to share their stories. She has been accused very publically of having an emotional affair that is part of what ended her recent marriage. She would be considered a home wrecker by many, and since this is a fairly recent issue in her life, it would have been difficult for her to listen to people talk about saying bad things publically about home wreckers on the internet as that is what has been happening to her in the press. Below is just a few of the many articles about her apparently having an emotional affair with a colleague!

  34. I knew that s*** was going to go south, had a feeling.

  35. Jessica says:

    Thank you for being such an awesome and inspiration to all of the women who have really needed help with not just our home wrecker but all of our problems. I truly wish all women where like you.

  36. What you may need to watch is how they edit and portray you ariella. s*** isn’t going to be pretty by the time it aires as they’re going to make you look as irritational as possible.

    • Ariella says:

      I’m not worried about how I look. . .

      • I know you aren’t never thought you were. Should have clarified better, I was wondering to myself if there would be a legal shot fired in their direction if they smeared you badly enough or just let it ride.

        • Ariella says:

          They can smear me until they are blue in the face. I don’t care. Talking trash to me has never been the problem. I am used to it. However, for a woman to ambush a wife and go off on her like she did? I was floored. Go off on me because it is my business, but to go off on them? Who the hell does she think she is? I mean really, I didn’t even know who she was nor do I care. I don’t give a s*** if she is famous or has a talk show. What does that mean? At the end of the day it is all fake and staged. Give me a talk show, it would be the realest talk show on daytime and I would probably blow her ass out of the water. . .ijs. . .

          • Betty says:

            I’m with you there, I’m here every day supporting these wives. You know, that would be your next move Arielle. Seriously, I think it would be great.

          • Betty says:

            A talk show…lol. That would be great!

          • Ariella says:


            I probably have more haters than I do people that love me. However, even the people who hate me can’t say I am fake. I have been the same person since I had one exposure and 15 likes on Facebook. I don’t care if I had a talk show, whatever, I am real and I will always remain that way. I don’t just “like” something or go one way because everyone else is doing it. I am my own person and I am very outspoken and passionate with what I believe in. I have always been like this. I am real and that is why people are drawn to me -even those who hate me, are still drawn to me. I am real, sadly not too many people are.

          • Betty says:

            I don’t think they are haters, they just don’t understand, unless they have been there. You have done a good thing here! You don’t realize how many lives you saved, and marriages. Now that you’ve created this web site, women are going to think twice about ruining marriages, and that’s wonderful. You are a Godsend. I really believe you were put here for this. I’m glad I’ve got to meet such a great friend, to me, and our family here.

          • Ariella says:

            Thank you Betty. I have had many “careers” so to speak in my 36 years but I truly believe this was my calling. You hit the nail on the head. That was the purpose of this website -to have women think twice about becoming involved with married men!

          • Well..maybe the talk show idea is something to turn around in your head in the future. I feel stupid now it hadn’t occurred to me before.

          • Voice of Reason says:

            Ariella, I am one of the “reformed homewreckers.” Even before I was cheated on by my husband, I went through my own personal hell and sought help. I knew it was wrong, I didn’t set out to be a homewrecker, but I had developed feelings for a married friend.

            I struggled with it. It was not ‘easy’ for me by any means.

            I can guarandamntee you right here, right now, if I’d had ANY inkling I could be exposed on an international website, I would not have continued my behavior as long (or as short) as I did.

            I just want you to know that somewhere there is someone (more likely several) that might’ve gone further with their feelings if not for your exposures. I’m saying I’m sure that media attention to your site is having an impact.

            Keep it up, chin up, and head held high.

          • Ariella says:

            I love this, and this is why I do what I do! Thank you for sharing. . .

          • Betty says:

            Voice of reason: I’m glad you didn’t do anything with this married man. I was tempted before I got married and didn’t follow through. It was just wrong. He’s divorced now, but it didn’t want to be the reason. That was over ten years ago, and I wish that women had this mentality. Thank God for this site, it will make them think twice.

  37. just trying to heal says:

    Posted mu boycott of Betheny and anything to do with her on my Facebook wall.

  38. RQ says:


  39. Kelly says:

    Is this show supposed to ge about ” women, friendships and being real?” I applaud you for being the way you are, I’m the same exact way and whoever doesn’t like it can kiss our asses!

  40. Unchained says:

    Well I have never even so much as heard of this Bethenny or whatever person or her show and I adore you Ariella, and am addicted to this site so that’s how much I give a s*** what this talk show twat or her bargain basement staff says. However it absolutely sucks that they get away with this kind of crap for ratings…which must be pretty bad indeed. I know you are a very tough woman who takes your haters (who consist mainly of homewreckers and philandering douchebags) in stride; I feel awful for the women who appeared with you and were treated like s*** by those assholes :(

  41. katwil says:

    this has gone much too far. Everyone so combative on this issue. Private matters should remain private. Think about the children involved and the embarrassment this creates for them. So sad for everyone.

    • Betty says:

      Were you sitting in the audience? Do you let your children watch scared movies, or bloody movies? Most women don’t! So stop the stupid s***! If you don’t don’t like this diet, get off of it!

    • Voice of Reason says:

      I guess when robbers steal in private you think that should stay private.

      See how screwed up that thinking is? I don’t think a single homewrecker gives a damn about children or they would not do anything to be exposed. If you have to blame someone, blame the one doing the deed.

    • Wifey2uBitch says:

      Do you think it was it private, when the Troll paraded my husband around her children? Children who grew up with my own? She flat out bragged that every one in her life knew she was dating my husband, the only person she was keeping that s*** from was Me. Evil, just pure evil. Why do you want to defend someone who gets off on hurting innocent others? Guess what? SHE HAD A CHOICE, I DID NOT!!!

  42. leah says:

    i love this site finally we have a voice

  43. cathy williams says:

    You just proved my point. Combative. p.s. Speaking of diets, you obviously have too much venom in yours.

  44. offmylawnkids says:

    Wow. You’re so eloquent. Do us all a favour: never leave the internet. Please don’t stop commenting on all subjects. The internet would be a sad place without your sprinkling of intellect.

    • Instead of pearls of wisdom they’re more like concrete shards. You are welcome though and if you’re irritated at me well then you are. I warn you though I grow on people like mold on bread. Like the analogy?

      • Betty says:

        Yes she does;))

      • joy says:

        Mold is gross and disgusting, but I like you. Just make sure you wash your hands before touching me. I don’t want to wake up the next day looking like the Hulk.

        • Because I’m a super awkard hugger/toucher that isn’t going to be a problem. Mastered the one armed “bro pat”. Far as green goes my male’s family calls me fiona (from shrek) like it’s going to bother. Yes yes call me by the name of a princess who takes care of business and is classy ass b****.

          • joy says:

            I <3 Fiona, and I actually wouldn't mind being green in color, as long as the green isn't because of mold that's growing on my body lol

  45. offmylawnkids says:

    Hrm. Can’t seem to leave comments under the person I am replying to.

    That was meant for Ashley Strong. I wanted to “aire” out my irritation with her.

  46. Robin says:

    I am so glad that i found this site for me to tell my story
    although i was served yesterday with a protective order because of me exposing my homewrecker and i have court on december 12 same day as my divorce.
    I am nervous never been in trouble before i think the judge will just laugh it out i hope
    thank you ladys for support
    and ariella i back you all the way

    • Betty says:

      You got a protective order on you, she’s scared huh? You’ll be ok,

    • I'm Just Sayin' says:

      Just be prepared with ALL of the evidence backing the story you posted on here. The worse that can happen is the judge telling you to stay within so many feet of her, do not make ANY contact with her and do not write anything else about her. He can’t do anything else unless you violate any order he may put in place. And yes ladies, I realize that she had every right to air her story, 1st amendment and all, UNFORTUNATELY, the HW ALSO has a right to file a protective order if she feels she is being harassed (and I’m not saying she is, that’s the purpose of the hearing). Is it right, I don’t know, but it’s our justice system!!!

      • Robin says:

        I have not herassed her all i did was expose the hw and because of some nasty comments others made that were pretty bad (but i was being bashed) by her family
        I am not sorry its just dont want to have to see the hw and my husband together on the court
        it is freedom of speech and i have not threatned her on the site or anything peroid

        • I'm Just Sayin' says:

          I didn’t say you DID harass or threaten hun! I was just telling you what COULD happen. Please read my comment again! I didn’t even utter the word threaten. I’m
          On your side trust me, just thought I would share what may happen as I have been in a similar situation. The judge will look at all evidence. If you have evidence to the contrary of hers your good to go.

        • Betty says:

          You know what you need to do, have a male friend go with you to your court date. That way you’ll be at ease. Like I said I wouldn’t worry about that court date. Go in that court room with your head held high!

    • threatened as well ;) says:

      Say whaat ?! The truth is the truth. How long ago did you post as opposed to when you got served ?

      • Robin says:

        i exposed her in September and they found out a couple weeks ago my husband wont even stop and see his kids
        and i just got served last night

        • Betty says:

          I think that is cool that you did that. Just think, it upset them so much that you are probably the last thing they think about before they go to sleep…lol. You hit a nerve, and that is wonderful:))

          • joy says:

            BFF have u been to robin’s homewrecker story? If not, u have to go see it. Those people are a special kind of stupid. She’s claiming that robin is harassing, but my goodness, that crazy hw b**** is using the legal system to bully her. Ugh their comments are so vile and they make me sick. It’s so obvious who is actually harassing and who the real victim is. After everything that this woman had to go through, for them to speak to her in that manner….they actually make me wish that I was a deranged psycho lunatic with deep pockets. I’m going to comment, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to do it without getting robin in trouble. If homewrecker’s friends want to be captain save-a-hoe, we can be Commander Wife-saver LOL. Where has scornednbitter been lately?

          • Betty says:

            Thanks BFF, I’m on my way

          • Betty says:

            I haven’t seen scornednbitter in a while, maybe she’s just busy with her business.

        • threatened as well ;) says:

          Mine find out the second day it was posted… She has threatened me so i am waiting….

          • Standing back n laughing! says:

            I exposed my HW and when her family seen it they flipped. They sent messages to my SO telling him to tell me that I better take it down or they were going to show up at my house. Said they called the cops and reported me but I haven’t had any police knocking at my door. Also said they called a lawyer and were going to sue me but I haven’t been served anything. Also even had them threaten to kick my ass on the comments under my story. I just saved everything cause it has their name, date and time sent just in case its ever needed. I’ve also had those that say look what you started… now everyone’s pissed and blah blah but I say good! If I made their happy little world come crashing down I’m glad. Cause now its me who’s sitting back and laughing. :-)

    • Layla says:

      My homewrecker tried to put a protection order against me as well, but the judge asked her one question what her personal relationship was with me, she felt stupid telling him I was the wife of the man she was screwing, so it got thrown out for not having enough evidence to support her order, and all I did was curse her out via email. The nerve of these s****, I mean do they expect us to roll out the red carpet??

  47. Heartbroken wife says:

    Didn’t Bethany’s husband cheat on her? You would think she would be more sensitive to women in the same position. Her ratings are tanking and this may be a ploy to bring them up.

    • Honor says:

      No she has been “accused” of having an emotional affair with a colleague. He did not cheat on her.

      • SickoftheBS says:

        Oh, so of course she will side with trash.
        She needs to get off tv and stop selling stupid products! b**** is over, she has been for awhile.

  48. morons everywhere says:

    Lol its just goin to make you look more bitter than you already are I guess no harm done

    • nay says:

      Hun I love ya and this site I wish it was around years ago there is so many I could have exposed then … im a retired military wife and daughter I could have kept you busy for years

  49. Honor says:

    I just saw this quote and it brought to mind the people that come on here and post negative comments! “The only people mad at you for speaking the TRUTH are those living a lie. Keep speaking it!” ~Tony A. Gaskins Jr

  50. Hectic says:

    It’s some Hoes in this house. If you see them, point them out….

    (HO)mewrecking special kind of dumb humans

    They on here deep complaining. Smh

  51. SickoftheBS says:

    If you look up the twiggy b**** you will see her show is in the bottom of the ratings. She will be cancelled, her 15 minutes is up!
    She will be off the air and Shesahomewrecker will still be here.

  52. c.s. says:

    This site has been a healing place for me. A place to read the words of other women who have gone through what I have. A place to vent at homewreckers…who never thought they would face a real consequence until they found themselves here. Homewreckers have been getting away with their actions for years…it was damn time a place was made to hold them accountable for the part they play in hurting wives and children.

    Ariella is not just the owner of this site…she is a member. Thats what I like about her…she has told her story and put herself out there just as the rest of us have. She defends us and champions our pain to others…trying to make them understand what we wives and girlfriends ( and herself ) have gone through. And until you have actually been the betrayed SO you can NEVER understand all the pain and turmoil you go through before, during and after an affair. The HW in my situation ( as in most of these situations ) literally tortured me with “words” after I found out. So many of us have gone through that. The e-mails, phone calls and FB crap…all words to hurt us more than we have already been hurt. And now we have a place to put our “words” out there and they become upset?? They are the victims?

    I had told my 25 yr. old daughter about this site and after checking it out she told me ” I would never mess with a married man to begin with and now after checking that out I REALLY wouldnt”. So if this site deters even ONE other woman from becoming involved in someone else’s relationship….job WELL DONE Ariella!!!

  53. mimi says:

    I’m I Australia & im also a huge fan of she’s a homewrecker page…love what you do ariella. Stuff the haters & the idiotic talk shows….Keep on exposing the skanks xx

  54. ducker, ducker Husband fucker says:

    “Ty Snyder” in the above comments is Tara Ducker lol sorry but changing your name will never cover up your homewrecker aroma and stupidity you constantly post.

    Dumb duckers

  55. disagrees says:

    Your all bitter bitches trying to exact revenge. It takes 2 to cheat and this site doesn’t explain why you were cheated on. I’m guessing cause your all nuts and don’t treat your man right. I hope you all get sued and websites like this get banned. I can’t even get pictures of known pedophiles with actual verifiable records but you can post bull like this. No tact nutjobs airing dirty laundry. You should all be ashed.

    • Betty says:

      Bitter is not the word for it. It’s its not the wife’s fault that she got cheated on. How dare you come on here and blame the wife!! You sound like a HW yourself! People like you are the ones that are crazy

    • Ton says:

      Ummm? You can get pictures of pedophiles .. There is a site that list all who register and their location….

      So what if it is just being bitter they have the right to be bitter gtfoi

    • ducker, ducker Husband fucker says:

      Must be a Ducker.

    • Honor says:

      I don’t know where you live. But I do know the county I live in and surrounding counties, I can go to the county website and pull up all the registered sex offenders in my area, their address, and it shows what they were charged with. So it they are a pedophile it will show that is what they were charged with. It shows their picture as well. So yes you can pull up this information for free. You can even set it up to email you updates of any new ones that move to your area.

    • Layla says:

      If we should get “ashed”, whatever the hell this means. All homewreckers should be stoned.

      Actually they do have websites for pedophiles, I get daily alerts for all pedophiles within a 20 mile radius of my zip code, too bad there are no alerts like this for homewreckers…hmmm great business idea, Ariella, maybe you can expand your business. lol! I think we all need to be aware when a homewrecker moves into our neighborhoods.

  56. Ton says:

    Idk the legality of it, but you should make a new page on the website listing those sites that promote cheating. .. For instance lonely house wives .com …. js …. How do people feel about the show “cheaters”?? It’s basically the same thing but the act is being exposed along with the people… js

  57. michelletaylor says:

    “Women need to respect other women and they don’t. Again, that was just confirmed once again today. Because women don’t respect other women is why this website exists!”

    There’s little respect on here period…sorry but that’s the truth too. Women have to stop the cycle somewhere.

  58. JJ says:

    I can’t say that I agree with the spirit of this website, although I find it wholly entertaining and sometimes heartbreaking, I think it tells a limited story and misdirects the blame away from the committed party who took the vows to begin with. NO ONE ever deserves to be cheated on, but there’s certainly more to the story than the wives present, and it’s unsafe to be exposing contact information for these women.

    Having said that…

    Those women, and you, deserved better from this Bethanny person. I am personally outraged on your behalf that you were brought in just to be used as a punching bag for ratings purposes and never given a chance to explain yourselves!! I’ve looked her up and have decided to boycott all the Skinny Girl beverages, books, and television shows she is involved in to show my support. It’s not much but it’s all I can do.

    • Ariella says:

      I love this comment. You don’t agree with what goes on here for the most part, especially what I do but you provided an excellent comment with class and grace and most importantly respect. I thank you.

    • There are two sides to a story, always! But for instance, a buddy of mine called me today and was telling me about an affair he is having, and how he gets away with it. If his wife finds out, there is not more to the story, but I do feel bad for her, and I am not sure what I hopes happen, they are both good people!!

      • Just saying .... says:

        I agreed Markus.

        I work with 90% male colleagues so feel like I get a secret look into male life …. & every single one of these guys cheat on their wives/gf’s. Yet not one of them has a mistress, they all just meet randoms but usually just pay hookers (ew). Thanks to my work I will never trust a man! (I need a new job haha)

  59. […] founded the controversial website and has been doing a national media tour about her site, but she said her appearance on […]

  60. Cheated on too says:

    Its sad the way women attack women..although you say you are all about the truth –how is that when I know that information you allow to be posted is not always the truth people say whatever they want to say and noone really knows if it’s true. I could make up a story about someone who pisses me off and ruin their life by posting here. There is no truth. Women bash women all the time and it’s sad…I feel bad for anyone who has to go through this but no one really knows if every thing posted is true. Women need to support each other…we’ve all been through it

  61. […] founded the controversial website and has been doing a national media tour about her site, but she said her appearance on Bethenny […]

  62. I’m going to go now. Feel free to drop me a line.

  63. Wah, Wah, Wah, call the Waaaahhhmbulance says:

    In regards to all the “why you no blame your husband” comments, or “why do you hide behind fake names”:

    It’s just a given, here, to know that yes, we do blame our husbands and most of the time that happens behind closed doors. Someone once said to me, “When you become the other woman, the exclusivity goes out the window.” My husband and I were always exclusive–up until that point in time when he decided to cheat. When knowingly entering into a relationship that already involves two people, she/he gives that right up. But me….no, I never gave that away. I never chose for my husband to, either. I get to keep my exclusivity. They don’t.

  64. […] founded the controversial website and has been doing a national media tour about her site, but she said her appearance on […]

  65. amy says:

    I exposed my hw back in early 2013 and she recently found out and went on tv and lied and is now trying to sue me.

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