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Nicolette McLaughlin Pine Ridge, South Dakota

I was with my ex for three years. He and I went through everything together. We were really in love. It was amazing at first but within a few months I started noticing he would spend a lot of time on his phone. He would leave to hang out with other people or his brothers more than usual. But I still loved him and so I trusted he wasn’t seeing or talking to other girls considering we were so happy together. I used to run & jump on him when I’d see him and he’d spin me around lol as if we hadn’t seen each other for months. We kept our love alive. Until one day he went to a skate competition leaving me at the house alone. I decided I wanted to get on Facebook through his PlayStation 3 since I never tried before. I clicked it and it went straight to his messages. I saw numerous girls he’d been speaking to all along. It hurt soooo bad. My heart felt like it’d been punched repeatedly. I confronted him over the phone right away I was freaking out. He just came back packed his things and told me we were done. He dumped me for finding his messages. I was devastated.

We stayed separated for about two months. But he would show up at my place at least twice a week to spend the night. I found out I was pregnant. I knew we weren’t together and I wanted to enlist in the army or something. So I considered abortion. I let him know and he came over right away to talk. He told me he loved me. He changed. He wouldn’t hurt me again because I deserved the world. I was his everything and he’d never find a girl like me again. After I fell for his lies he got down on one knee and asked me if I’d make him the happiest man in the world. I said yes. A month later I found out we were having twins! 6 months into my pregnancy he left me again. I knew it was another woman but he denied it. He said I was horrible and unsupportive of him and he didn’t need this right now. I cried and begged and pleaded for him to stay but he refused. He always reassured me there wasn’t another girl and he would be here for me and help me.

I walked to and from my doctors appoints after he bailed on me. Which was approximately 3 or 4 miles to & from in the winter time. I was broke because I couldn’t work in my twin pregnancy condition. I could barely stand up sometimes. I’m only 5’5 and normally 180 pounds. My family members were so livid finding me walking sometimes but I was so humiliated about being left pregnant. My pregnancy went on okay. A few preterm labor scares. Very lonely painful days & nights. My sister would come home every weekend from school and lay by me, feed me, just talk or hold me while I cried. I would find myself waking up every morning in such grief I would take a prescription cyclobenzaprine just to make me go back to sleep. In February I found out my ex left me in November because he started seeing another girl named Nikki who was a pastry chef in the correctional facility he was an officer at. They’ve been together under the radar ever since he walked away from us just to keep his reputation flawless. She wrote to me on Valentine’s Day telling me they were a couple now and she didn’t want me to be a problem. I confronted him and he denied it once again. I didn’t know what to believe at that point. The only thing to face was how my life looked so hopeless at that point. He ignored my phone calls and texts after that day in February. I only got ahold of him the night my water broke at his work place. He started taking us to court as of February 28. My babies were born on March 12 2013. He came and was really supportive through delivery. My twins were brought into the world loved and in a comfortable environment. We both cried and talked for about two hours after they were born. He asked me if I’d want to try and work us out for the babies. I said yes but only if she wasn’t in the picture. He said he’d get rid of her and she was nobody special or not going to be a great couple together.

Well I changed my mind a few hours later. I stood my ground and remembered my pain all the last months and couldn’t imagine living with someone so heartless. We argued and turns out she stayed with him. She constantly stalks me, says mean things about me and my babies and controls my ex so much that he can’t even see my twins without her waiting outside in her car or giving him a time limit. I just gave up. He isn’t allowed near us anymore. I was breast feeding I couldn’t be stressed out like that or my milk would’ve stopped. She’s very manipulative and tore us all apart. She’s not ashamed either which makes me sick. My twins are fatherless and I continuously struggle to make ends meet on my own. I have no help from him yet because he’s been saving 400.00 for a paternity test the last 4 months that he’s court ordered to pay. I had a boy & a girl. My daughter needs her dad. This girl is hurting my children and pissing me off by continuously cyber harassing me over Facebook. Making statuses as if anyone cares what a home wrecker has to say. I want her exposed for the manipulative devious disgusting homewrecker she is and the douche bag I left behind for her.





195 Responses to “Nicolette McLaughlin Pine Ridge, South Dakota”

  1. Angela says:

    Did she use a sharpie to draw her eyebrows on?

  2. me says:

    It looks like she has ass cheeks on her face. Get that loser for child support. Good luck.

  3. Lilith says:

    They both suck! Don’t let their negativity affect the happiness of you and your kids. Concentrate on your family and keep the BS out.

  4. Holly says:

    Honey I know it is hard but good for you putting your beautiful babies first. Get him for child support and you are doing the best you possibly can don’t be ashamed of being single! And as for your daughter not having a father I’m sure some day when the time is right you will find a good man to stand up and be the father she never had! Good luck .

  5. Nadi-Da says:

    The song, “Lean like a Chola” pops in my mind when I see her picture…eww!

  6. Jacey Braxton says:

    This story sounds a bit fake. There aren’t very much details like the rest of the stories on this website.

    • Cecilia says:

      You inconsiderate fool. I stood by this beautiful young woman, helping and supporting her decisions while this was going on. It is true.

  7. Cheryse says:

    It’s not fake. I’m the best friend to the woman who wrote it. I Was helping her through it until I moved. I could only be there for her through phone calls. It sucked knowing my best friend hurt so much but in the end we have two beautiful babies who are the most precious little people I have ever met. I’m happy that even though she suffered heart ache through out her pregnancy her twinkies are the happiest babies. I am proud to have such a strong friend as her and knowing that she is the best mother that the twinkies could possibly have!

  8. Jan says:

    Needs to quit sampling those pastries! I’m raising b/g twins alone, as well. No child support, nothing. I dumped their cheating Father when they were 3 months. They’ll be 2 next week. Stay strong for those babies.

  9. Utoka says:

    This is my story. It is true. I’m sorry there aren’t many details. I’ve gotten over it with the blessing of my twins and happy life now. I got an apartment a good paying job and I’m in a wonderful relationship with a Marine who loves me and my children. He has no children of his own & has never been married yet either. :) we’re over that chapter of our lives now.

    • Jan says:

      “Home wrecker” must be here. Who in the hell would give a thumbs down to strong women raising twins on their own?!? I’m happy you’ve found someone. I myself, not ready. My twins were 2 1/2 months early. 2lbs a piece. They are my only concern right now.

    • Diamondnique Dblock Circernis says:

      It sounds like you have some more “gettting over it,” its obvious your not “over it.” By stating what a wonderful life you have now clearly shows how much a “wonderful life” you do not have. I wonder what your Marine thinks about how much effort you put into blasting your exes girlfriend? If I was him I would run as hard and as fast as I could away from you. I’m sad for you. So much growing up to do…tsk tsk.

  10. Diva says:

    God bless you and i wish you nothing but the best. stay strong!!!

  11. Fiona B says:

    Hold up….HE has a case against YOU in court, before the babies were born. And there’s a paternity test involved, that HE is paying for. Sounds like he has doubt about you being faithful to him. You’re trying to make him look like a dead beat, but you probably keep the babies away from him, because he moved on from you, thinking it’s hurting him, but really its the kids who suffer with a mother like you. He’s fighting for his kids, which means he wants THEM, not you. Gotta congratulate the guy on that. Not much men out there will take the woman to court because most don’t want the responsibility of kid’s. Sounds like there is way more involved in the story than what you put up, more of custody battle than homewrecking. But vent where you can I suppose. Only gives the girl more power over you. You’re most likely a monster if he wanted to take you to court before they even took their first breath. In that case, if they are his, hope he gets them.

    • Ariella says:

      I believe the court was for paternity. . .Not custody. . .

    • me says:

      You are a f****** idiot. What the f*** are you talking about. You do a whole lot of ASSuming which makes you an ASS. You must be the homewrecker or know the homewrecker. Tell her that her face is nasty, a real life ass-face. Now go away stupid w****.

      • me says:

        My comment was for Fiona B. My bad.

      • Trinity says:

        You like a lot of ass. Are you a gay man?

        • me says:

          Hey you dumb b****, I am a married mother of three. Why all the references to a gay man? Are you married to one? You seem kind of obsessed.

          • Trinity says:

            Congratulations!!! Your stink p**** is just as stretched out as utokas.

          • me says:

            This message is for Trinity. You are disgusting. I bet your family is so proud of your gutter mouth. My parts are just fine. Yours must be falling apart thanks to the hundreds of visitors you’ve probably had. Go away, high school dropout.

    • Utoka says:

      No. It’s for paternity because he chose a w**** over a family that he said he wanted. He’s a liar and a coward. If he wanted them in his life he’d take responsibility and pay child support or pay his court ordered paternity test but nope. His fat gfs meals and pill addiction are more important. My children deserve so much better than that. & yes I am their only parent this far meaning if I need to distance myself from him because of his poor uncivilized decisions than my twins come with me. I’m a fabulous mother and a wonderful woman by my mans side. He’d never degrade me by cheating or disrespecting me or any woman for that fact. If a man doesn’t respect women especially his own mom, than why are you any special?? I’m me. I know I’m awesome at everything I do. I’ve conquered that and I’ll conquer this too. I’m strong having been where I’ve been and coming out on top. If his gf was any more decent than me than why such insecure gestures? Why the jealousy? Why the hate on my children? She’s repeatedly put my twins down. She’s ugly on the inside as well as out. He left me because that’s what he is. A leaver and a cheater high on drugs. He’s left my children and he’ll leave her too. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve never been called a s***, homewrecker, or w****. Because I know my worth. I know when I’m a mans one & only. & that’s what I’ll be forever until another jealous w**** steps in my path. He knows the babies are his. His entire family knows. A paternity test is not needed nor a hostile custody battle he’ll only fail in. :)

    • anymous says:

      thas exactly how it is i know my boyfriend is close friends with him and he would do anything to be able to see them but she is keeping them from him she tells him to stay away from them and that she doesnt want him in there live and then turns around and does this tell everyone hes not there for them and he doesnt want anything to do with them and he has tried to help out hes tried to buy them things but she wants the money she deosnt want him to buy stuff for them she just wants him to straight up give her the money she pathetic and she obviously hasnt moved on if shes gonna take her time and put his gf on blast like this she needs to grow up and relize that shes not hurting him shes hurting the babys

  12. Utoka says:

    And as for doubts on me being faithful? I’d never disrespect myself by cheating. That’s some sad insecure indecent s***. I’m better than that. I deserve a man who sees me the same way I see myself. A Queen.

  13. Utoka says:

    Obviously you’re upset because you can’t face the truth. This is all true. She’s a homewrecker. Wrecking my children’s home for sure. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of a glance or gesture that she’s damaged mine. He ruined that a long time ago she did me a favor and took in the idiot and baggage of being a whiny little b**** boy. My twins need a DAD to take care of them not a cry baby who needs to be taken care of. He’s worthless. All I need is child support since he shows zero respect or consideration of me. The reason why he has twins to call his own. The vessel of his spawn. Grow up seriously.

    • Trinity says:

      You already gave her a glance at your pathetic damaged life by putting all your effort into putting this on a website. Hope she’s really satisfied that you spent so much time on her.

  14. Megan Knurek says:

    Man needs to grow some balls and take care of the children he helped conceive and this homewrecking w**** needs to grow th f*** up and find an unattached man to screw and leave the taken ones alone.

  15. Utoka says:

    Need I remind you, he wanted me back. He wanted a family but I said hell no! In my recovery. He could keep his trashy ways and his unclassy w**** because I’m raising my children better. They WILL respect me as their mother. Him… not so much I mean did you see that giant hideous head up there? He chose that over quality time with his beautiful precious new born twins. She kept him from the most beautiful time of their lives. Disgraceful hoe!

    • WickedBitch says:

      Keep strong girl! You did enough explaining in the story you posted! Ignore any trolls that come on and say negative things because you have been through enough!
      The Homewrecker sounds like a real piece of work that needs to grow the hell up! Make sure you keep track of the harassment. Use a journal, take screen shots and save texts if there are any and file harassment charges! When he does take the DNA test make sure that if he sees the kids that they are safe. Keep your head up girl and keep moving on!

    • Telling the truth says:

      You wish he wanted you back! And you wish Nikki messaged you, especially on valentine’s day, just because you were lonely and pregnant. They were not even thinking about your ass on valentines day or do they think of you ever! She f****** spoiled Krak on vday. I mean I was jealous, got damn. She got him all kinds of s*** and made him chocolate covered strawberries, all romantic and s***. And he searched all over rapid to find her favorite flower and there was only one, and it was f****** expensive but he got it for her. She said he was so excited that he found one, that he gave it to her early and all the other s*** he got for her. Nik would never give you the time of day!Read all your texts and every time you called Krak, he would put you on speakerphone and she would listen to you. She said your voice is sooo f****** annoying. Go ahead and challenge everything everyone says about you, but they printed out all your texts, have your voicemails, and people printed out all the status’ you made about them for them. Everyone knows the truth. Nik honestly feels bad for you. She pities you for being so unsure of yourself and so jealous of her. She just makes a fool out of you and she doesn’t have to do s***. She just ignores your stupid antics. Quit embarrassing yourself and have some sort of womanly dignity. She seriously prays for you and hopes you get better. Well all do, we pray you find guidance for your life. Jokes on you b****! HAHA

      • delicia says:

        I feel sorry for your tramp friend.. you ALWAYS reap what u sow! Now the side piece position is available now that she is the main lady lol!! He will cheat on her dumb ass too lol! #stupid Thots

  16. Alice P says:

    WOW…you’re so obsessed with her. You’re totally in love with her.

    • Utoka says:

      Lol I wish that were the case. If only she were respectable or more decent than me. If only…….

      • Trixie says:

        You say your decent? What kind of person splashing another person all over the world wide web claiming they be a “hoe.” Careful Utoka, the words you use to describe others are most commonly always a reflection of one’s self.

        • Cheryse says:

          If you were any better why would you be here commenting on a story you really know nothing about. The homewrecker does go out of her way to bash the twins and mother so of course she had every right to expose her. Not only that this female mentioned is in fact a ‘hoe’ she had a husband and a boyfriend and found a way to be with the twins fathercausi ng him to lie and cheat. They’re both horrible people. I know the father and of his homewrecker.

          • Trinity says:

            Why are you commenting on here too then? Makes you just the same. You’re probably a hoe yourself just like this Utoka girl.

          • Katy L says:

            From the story, there isn’t much about the homewrecker. Utoka most likely doesn’t even know much about her besides her job and name. And from what you said, you don’t much about her either. You said you know of her. That’s knowing nothing. You’re just as dumb as the person who made this story.

          • Lacey says:

            So you admit you’re not any better and just as low because you have a few comments on here. You were sooo smart on that remark.

  17. Jan says:

    Oh to be a home wrecker. A classless, p.o.s.. Your Mother must be so proud!!!

  18. Utoka says:

    Get over it. She’s exposed. Point blank period. I’m doing women a favor by doing this. This will follow her forever and the only person to blame is my ex for putting her in this situation. I mean, I’m not an irresponsible loser like you idiots are portraying him to be worse than he’s shown the judge himself. Do him a favor and shuttup. You’ll have a homewrecker or two in your path someday and regret your resentment toward me. I’d be there for you. <3

    • Martina Riviera says:

      How old are you? 12? You do know that this will always follow you as well. Be careful of how you portray yourself. Wouldn’t want all this home wrecking stuff to end up anymore like say a courtroom in front of a judge…Immaturity is never a flattering trait. But of course we all can’t be blessed with things like common sense and decency. I blasted my ex on face book, tried to get his paycheck because I was angry he didn’t want me and totally moved on. It took me years to get over it but do yourself a favor and get over him now. You’ll save yourself the trouble. She looks like a latina. I will always defend a chola. Us chola’s have to stick together. Bitter butch looking whores like you need to suck it up and move on. Then you will find peace.

      • me says:

        Are you serious? You would always defend a chola. That might be one of the funniest things ever said in a public forum. Would you defend a chola if she slept with your man? Which chola would you defend if two cholas got in a fight? I bet that would be a hard decision. Maybe you would defend the chola that had the nicest eyebrows. You are talking about people’s maturity but your statement lacks common sense. You call the ex bitter but you admitted that you were bitter when your relationship ended. To each his own. The ex will get over it when she is over it, not when someone tells her to get over it. Go be stupid somewhere else.

        • Trinity says:

          So she’s not over him???? SHOCKER!!! Of course you could only say something about eyebrows. A million girls color their eyebrows in. From Utoka’s picture, she looks like a huge girl with fat jowels on her jaw.

      • Cheryse says:

        She is not latina Lmao

        • Trinity says:

          And who cares if she’s not latina. She could be any other race in the world, it doesn’t take away from her beauty. Look at those eyes and by the smirk on her face, she has dimples. Sexiest trait to ever find on a woman.

  19. Michelle Duncan says:

    Utoka. You sound completely selfish and lazy as for being a good mother, any good mother would not blast her baby’s father on a meaningless website. Judging from your syntax and composition it seems as if you have not had any type of higher education. Here’s some advice. Finish high school, attempt some college, get a job and REALLY make a life for you and those twins of yours. A real woman will make a way for herself not depend on people to do it for her. I would also suggest making an appointment with a psychologist because it seems like you have some sort of psychological issues that need addressing. As for stalking, how in the world did you get so many pictures of your ex boyfriend’s girlfriend? Can you say STALK!? As for you, I will do you the favor of praying to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you learn to love and respect yourself. So that in turn you can learn to respect others and really set a good example for your kids. Because it sure seems like they will have a horrible household to grow up in with your complete bitterness.

    • Utoka says:

      This doesn’t deserve a response. You’re probably the said homewrecker. I have my education and I am going to college this fall lol what does my factual story have anything to do with you if your not her? I suggest you find a psychologist yourself for allowing my story hurt you so bad. Your welcome for the impact. And thank you for commenting but your opinion is ineffective here. Your existence is invalid to my life. Her too. She should give it a rest now and stop stalking me and my children. :) Have a wonderful day.

  20. Cerna A says:

    If only you could get over your ex…If only…

  21. Leah M says:

    The only one you’re doing a favor for is the woman you’re talking about. Thinking and saying so much about her, finding any reason to talk about her. It seems as though you just need attention and someone to wallow in your misery with about this woman. They have support groups for that. You went through all the trouble to do this and say you’re all about your twins. You’re more about this woman and your ex. I feel bad for your supposed marine boyfriend. He has to see his girlfriend do all this because she isn’t over her children’s father and the fact that he moved on from you. You must have done or said some horrible things to that man if he didn’t want to be with you while you were pregnant. I know there are women like you out there. You still have a lot of growing up to do. From your children’s father wanting to establish paternity, you very may well have said he wasn’t their father or tried to have him sign over rights or some deal like that. You’re trying to make it all about this “homewrecker” but from your story, it doesn’t sound like you and him were together, yet you’re trying to penalize him for moving on, for what? For a beautiful woman? (She has beautiful eyes and great cheek bones) Because he didn’t want you anymore? I wouldn’t blame him. You weren’t married and you didn’t live together. If you say you’re so strong and independent, then why do you want anything from him? You make yourself sound money hungry. As for being decent and respectful…look what you did. All your time and energy you put in for this woman.If you were really happy with your man and had such a great life, you wouldn’t have felt the need to do all this. A woman who was really over such a ‘chapter’ in her life wouldn’t care about what her ex was doing or who he was with. It would be water under the bridge. All this wouldn’t matter to you, wouldn’t exist to you. Maybe you’re really delusional and its all made up. You were taking cyclobenzaprine while pregnant after all. Sounds like you do have issues. Are the babies ok? Did it have some effects on them? Poor babies. They have to grow up with a poor excuse of a mother like you. Misery loves company though. May God heal your twisted mind.

    • Utoka says:

      Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxer. Prescribed for pregnant women. Lol. Another invalid comment. :)

      • Heather says:

        No wonder you’re retarded. Who would need a muscle relaxer while pregnant. How sad. And I agree, you’re boyfriend must be embarrassed by you. If I was over my ex as much as you say you are, I would never need to say a word. Silence is the best revenge. I bet your lovely homewrecker just loves your misery over her. Latinas are sexy!!!

      • Heather F says:

        No wonder you’re retarded.

        • Cecilia says:

          Oh shut up Heather, or should I say stinky Nikki? You’re a damn weirdo. I seen how you’ve stalked Utoka as you are stalking her now. I’m the one who has been helping her with the screenshots of you making another facebook profile and liking her status updates. Good way to show how insecure and jealous you are how of Utoka. You’re such a f****** idiot. Did you know that’s harassment and your ass can do jail time? How, you ask? Evidence! Whenever you’re being a complete freak and spying on Utoka, sending hate messages to her. Your IP address has been recorded and jotted down. It pinpoints your location as well as the name of the person who has the internet connection. There isn’t s*** you can do to change it either. Lol. Round of applause for the drawn on eyebrows!

  22. Isabella F. says:

    It seems that no one in this situation is completely blameless, though I’m inclined to believe that the weight of responsibility lies with Utoka and the babydaddy.

    From what you’ve written, the ‘homewrecker’ played a very minor role in your long, long pity party. Was your ex wrong to leave you while pregnant? Most likely. But if the alternative was staying with a woman capable of putting their entire relationship on blast where their children can and most likely will be able to find in a decade or so, I can’t say I blame him. I get that your goal was to make the ‘homewrecker’ look bad, but you used your real name too. Not only that, but if there are already legal proceedings pending, you’ve given your ex an unprecedented leg-up here. YOU are harassing HER. You are dragging her name through the mud…relishing in the fact that this will ‘follow her around.’ In the grown up world, where most of us reside, this constitutes libel. If this jeopardizes her livelihood (most employers google applicants before hiring), she could SUE YOU. You had better hope that the father isn’t looking for custody, otherwise you have really and truly screwed yourself. Though after reading your entry and your terribly pathetic rebuttals to anyone who wasn’t rushing to reinforce your self-proclaimed martyrdom, I think that they might honestly be better off with the father.

    Get your s*** together. You might have been sympathetic before you got all internet-happy, but this entry proves that you lack basic reasoning skills and good judgement. Both of which a GOOD mother should be in possession of. I honestly feel bad for the supposed homewrecker, but I feel infinitely worse for your children. You come across as petty, shallow, narcissistic,incompetent, and hopelessly stupid. You are truly the worst way. I’ll be praying for the only innocent people here — your kids.

    • Sammi H says:

      True! She can sue for libel and slander also for using her real name and where she’s from, if they are actual facts. This Utoka girl is cyber bullying her. And with their whole situation already in court, involving children, it will not look good for Utoka. She’s portraying herself as vindictive and seeking vengeance. The “homewrecker” can actually put a restraining order on this Utoka for verbal/written assault. This is defamation of character. I hope this Nicolette does see this and takes legal action against this woman. It’s best that she doesn’t respond to this mess and just files something right away. That’s my best advice for her. As for the babies, I hope the father does get custody of them. The mother is too incompetent to be raising kids in her condition.

      • rach neener says:

        1. It is not slander,libel nor defamation of character if it’s true. 2. Outting someone as a hoe is NOT verbal nor written assault. 3. This being posted has absolutely no bearing on a paternity case. Btw.. if you are going to continue to keep posting under fake ass names, at least try to make it less obvious.

      • me says:

        Are you a lawyer. Yeah, I didn’t think so. You have no idea what you are talking about. If “they are actual facts” how can you possibly sue anyone for stating the truth? People as stupid as you make my brain hurt.

        • Kaley says:

          Judging from your tenuous grip on what constitutes “grammar,” I’d say you’re in no position to call anyone stupid.

          • me says:

            I was quoting her, you f****** idiot. Why did you use quotes for the word grammar? They are completely unnecessary. I dare you to respond.

      • WickedBitch says:

        How many dipshits are going to cry slander? The people who make these sites are protected by law! If a story is posted on here the the owner has done some background to make sure it is true. If it is true then inpt isn’t slander! Enough with you dumbasses saying slander! How about let the punishment fit the crime? The wife was humiliated by her man cheating with a w****, the w**** knew man was taken, so w**** gets humiliated! Simple!
        For anyone coming on here and bitching, and crying slander I suggest you shut up and learn to keep your legs closed to taken men. Then you won’t be crying later because you will not have done anything to cause being on here or any other act of revenge(or Karma as some would call it) .
        Also, don’t come on bitching ” what about him, why isn’t he posted?why is he not to blame?” He is to blame as well, but his punishment is in the form of either losing a good woman because of you slutbags, he has to make up and gain trust back, or for the really stupid ones, he get stuck with one of you skanks!

  23. Iola M says:

    Your story doesn’t even match up. He left you, you left him, she took your man. Why are you being so prideful about someone who supposedly “stole your man”. If you’re over him and the whole situation, then be over it totally. Quit giving your time to a woman you supposedly hate and an old boyfriend you say your completely over. You’re only giving them more power over your life. I mean look at yourself, you did all this because of them. It’s consuming you. It’s sickening to read about. You keeping trying to have people you don’t know verify a situation for you. Trying so hard to validate yourself over this woman. Why are you depending on other’s to do so? Are you that insecure about yourself? Saying your a decent woman, but you’re degrading another woman. That’s disrespecting to yourself. If you were so confident about yourself you would never need to put down another woman. You’re only reflecting yourself through this woman. You need to project your inner self on someone else. She’s your scapegoat. I guess that’s what you need because you can’t handle life.

    • Cecilia says:

      Shut the f*** up! This isn’t even half the story. Need I remind you, that this is the FIRST time she ever spoke about it publicly. Why? Because the damned said home wrecker just doesn’t know when and where to f*** the f*** off! This isn’t defamation of character, and what livelihood does she have to show? Utoka never posted anything about their situation until recently! Why? The exact said reason as above! I see nothing libel for this stink b**** to sue about! Oh, she’s gonna print this out and take it to the judge when Utoka has copies after copies of Nicolette stalking days after days. Not once has Utoka tried to contact this woman, but receives endless hate mail from her before Utoka blocked Nicolette. The said home wrecker sure is making it seem like this is ALL Utokas fault when that isn’t even the case here! The baby daddy is a low life coward for leaving her while pregnant and he happens to be family! I know wrong when I see it. I am not ever going to stick up for some f****** drug addict. They should overdose on Chinese food again, maybe they’ll be happy for a while.

      • Robyn says:

        Chinese food? Wow you guys hold on to everything. You act like you never eat or something, but from the looks of your facebook pictures you look like a homeless boy Cecila. You should get off xbox and take care of your child. Get a job or go to college or just do something with your life.

        • Cecilia says:

          Oh Nikki, I don’t stalk you. I just take screenshots of your stalking on Utokas page. I didn’t mean to flatter you. Lol! A homeless boy? Is that all? And I thought you would’ve blasted me for being skinny as f***. Idc. I’m sorry but xbox is fun to play so I can’t stop just for you. Lol. I do take care of my son, unlike your son being everywhere besides being with you. I am going to college, and I would get a job but like I said, my son needs me.

          • Robyn says:

            This isn’t Nikki, didn’t know you wanted a response from her, sorry to disappoint you. I hardly know her or Utoka. I just see how much s*** comes out of your mouth about someone you don’t know let alone a situation that has nothing to do with you. But I get it, your a loser who has no friends in real life so you started following Utoka on fb and believing everything she tells you. Sad excuse for a life. Oh let me guess your starting classes this fall? At olc? Lmfao! I am so glad our side of the family doesn’t claim you. Talking s*** about family, just shows your character and loyalty to the family. I remember you calling Nikki an apple when you are one yourself. You better get to church! & sing your songs. I will go in the sweat and pray for you, for you are the apple here. Did you and Utoka ever hang out in real life? You really need to get some friends bc right now your losing family. Lets see what other s*** comes out of your mouth.

  24. Jasmine says:

    OMFG!!!! REALLY!!! Comes down to just arguing n trying to prove the other wrong…. If both of you are so pissed off at each other there’s going to be a time and place. One on one. Internet fighting is pointless!

    • Whitt says:

      Pretty sure Sara is the only one trying to fight. It doesn’t seem like Nikki even cares. Sara needs the internet for attention because she really doesn’t have friends. She’s just a sad immature girl who can only act tough through the internet. Pathetic piece of s***.

      • Kay tb says:

        Whitt, it’s obvious that Nikki does care. All she complains about is Utoka this, utoka that! She was crying earlier because she was exposed on this website. Even her mans lawyer won’t help him or her anymore after reading everything. He dropped the case. I would know because I’m friends with this woman. Well not anymore after this, quite frankly I’m tired of listening to her whine and b**** about everything. Her Facebook is loaded with remarks or photos pertaining to Utoka, and it is obvious she’s still pissed about the prettier ex girlfriend of her fat blob of a man. She cut him down a couple times when he isn’t around. She has several facebooks and I know the passwords to them all. She stalks utoka and is going after cecelia now. Waste of a human being. For what? I can tell utoka is over her ex and nikki because she never talks about them. I look at her page, yes I said I look at her fb and there’s nothing about them on there except for a few photos of ‘Nicolette McLaughlin’ liking alot of utokas updates and a photo of two separate profiles. one is the officla one she uses and the other for stalking uses. im going througha case right now and when i showwed my lawyer it, he said that isnt stalking just gathering infomation on nikki. I feel like this whole story thing was right to do bc I would if a home wrecking w**** cam e into the picture. I would want people to know about her.

        • Utoka says:

          This is Utoka. I’d love to know who you really are. Message me on fb? Thanks. :)

          • Means22 says:

            Of course it’s you. We can see the fat jowels on your face and the huge space between your stink tits. Saggy ass anyways.

  25. Kaylynn TB says:

    Wtf? Seriously? Who used my name? Just be grown and mature about it. Wow. This is a whole new low. I don’t even keep up with this thing. So that previous comment isn’t me at all. That is just creepy. I didn’t even know about it, someone told me they used my name. Wow. Who ever you are, you got your own category of creepy and crazy. Congratulations!

  26. Kaylynn TB says:


  27. dn says:

    sounds to me like you have lots of crazy stalkers

  28. Cecilia says:

    This is for Robyn. If you don’t know Nikki or Sara, why are commenting on here? Sara is my friend and I am defending her. Hello? Are you retarded? Must be because you cannot see that real friends stick up for one another. As for me being a loser and not having any friends in real life, that’s a crock of s***! I have plenty of friends, more than I can count. Thanks for being so considerate on letting me know that I’m losing family. Ha! Your side of the family is who now? Obviously I don’t know so therefore who gives a s***. Haha! Yes, I will be enrolling at OLC. Are you putting the tribes college down? And why? You’ve probably went there as well. Lol! There are many people who take classes there and come out on top. I will be damn sure to be one of those people just so I can rub it in your face. You have to be a high school dropout with billions of kids because look at your grammar, it sucks beyond repair. I barely made sense of it. Yes, I will go church and sing my songs because its the right way. Don’t pray for me in your pagan rituals. Bash me for being native and being a Christian. I don’t care, I’ve heard it all before. There isn’t a single thing you can bring me down on. Words are words and I know better than to listen to people like you. You see, people like you are like crabs in a bucket. Once one gets to the top and is almost over the edge, bitches like you grab and try to pull them back down. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone kicked you in the face to loosen your grasp. Also JASMINE, there won’t be a place and time, Nikki is pregnant from what I hear. Who is idiotic enough to fight a pregnant woman? Not I. Lol!

    • 123 says:


    • 401 says:

      Ugh shut up Cecilia. You’re just retarded like sara. Quit trying to brag about your straight as a board body. You’re just gross. No curves or anything. That’s not attractive. Your face looks mutilated with crooked n***** lips. You seriously look like an 8 year old boy who doesn’t know how to brush their own hair. Go try to commit suicide again and actually COMMIT! And if you can’t, just have Adam beat the f*** out of you so he can have more domestic charges. Tell him to lose some weight and use his fat to make yourself some tits, ass, and hips, and then maybe, just maybe you’ll look like a girl.

  29. Amy D says:

    Sad. Christians don’t behave the way you do cecelia. Share the lord with your friend Utoka for bashing such a lovely girl the way that you both do. Shame. You know exactly where your going when you die. tsk tsk.

  30. SiouxQueen says:

    Yup that’s the reservation for ya.

    • A says:

      Sara’s a f***** ghetto ass rez chick. She’s all about her twins, yet she never mentioned she has another son from another guy, who she did the same thing to, as she is doing to Brad, which is taking his kids away from him, just because she didn’t get her way. That’s how she is. She only cares about herself. She’s always talking about respecting herself yet she loves to drink and leave her kids with babysitters all the time. She’s never even met her so called marine boyfriend. Its a “facebook thing”. She doesn’t even know Nikki at all except for what she gathered from stalking her. It’s retarded how the only thing she can really say about her is that she colors her eyebrows in. Who cares? Sara’s own family and friends do the same. And calling her fat….c’mon now. Nikki is smaller than Sara, anyone can see that, and constantly calling her ugly. Nikki is gorgeous, funny how she uses that all the time, like not too insecure Sara is. I don’t blame Brad for falling for Nikki. Brad’s my bro, but I’d say Nikki is actually out of his league, a lot of people think that, but s***, thumbs up to him for getting a girl like her, they’re happily in love. I’ve never seen him so happy in all the time I have known him. He smiles all the time, he’s way different with her. He laughs for real, like a genuine happy laugh. He bettered himself just for her. He quit smoking, he doesn’t drink at all anymore because she doesn’t drink. He lost a lot of weight, for his health hopefully. I dont really know. He bettered his life and he’s preparing for his baby on the way. All of our friends and his family see that about him. Sara’s always saying he’s a partier and a drug addict. What’s he addicted to? His girlfriend? There isn’t anything wrong with that. She doesn’t even know what’s going with him and what he does. Honestly, we(his friends) don’t even see him that much anymore because he’s always with Nikki and there aint a damn thing wrong with that. Happens when you fall in love. He lives with her but he still goes to his aunts place because they’re his family and it’s close to his job. Sara’s all about this drama, yet they never say anything. They don’t even care to acknowledge it because they know its not true. When someone asks them about it, they just laugh about it and say s*** like damn, crazy lady is at it again or s***, what did we learn about ourselves today. Its funny as s*** really. Even this website. Everyone knows about it, all their family and friends, but everyone knows its fake and they have a big circle of support. They’re a strong couple. All the s*** she talks about them, it doesn’t bother them. He provides for her and she does the same. They take care of each other and you never see him without her. They’re happy together and Brad is really excited about his new baby on the way. He gets to be apart of everything, which Sara didn’t do. And he gets to be apart of this childs life without all the immature stupid drama, i think it would be that way even if they end up not together, because from what i heard, nikki had a boyfriend for a long time and they had a really bad break up but she still gets along with her babbydaddy. She’s more mature than Sara is, she’s actually older than brad too. Sara’s just doing this because she’s dumb as f***. No one would ever put Brad’s kids down, everyone was excited for them and then sara went all psycho bat s*** so no one got to meet them. Sara broke up with him. He didn’t leave her. Funny how she never mentions that. He tried to work it out with her for his kids, but it didnt work cuz she’s a b****. She’s just trying to be a victim of her own demise. She probably thought she could just drop him n get back with him whenever she wanted, and it didn’t work that way. Now she can’t stand to see him happy and is trying so hard to put fault on his girlfriend. Sara treated him like total s***. Everyone saw that and hated that s***. None of us liked her, none of his family liked her. She’s always saying shes pissed because Nikki pisses her off. s***, I’m glad she has that effect on her. Somehow she affects her entire life. Just shows how f****** stupid this sad immature b**** is. f***** pathetic how she has other people doing dirty work for her. I swear Sara is actually scared of nikki. Sara can’t even fight. I don’t even know much about brads girlfriend, brad doesn’t talk much about her. They seem to be really private about their relationship, which is good really, but I can tell she’s a good person. She’s quiet, doesn’t really socialize, talk much or anything and she intelligent, they match there. Calling her a homewrecker is just funny. Sara and brad werent even married, and he didn’t live with her. They were on and off all the time, and they weren’t even together when he met nikki, so I dont know why saras always saying she stole him from her. All I gotta say is sara is stupid, and Brad is smart for fighting for his kids. He loves those kids and he wants them so bad. Wanting to establish that he is their father legally is smart on his part too, cuz sara’s a fucked up b**** saying they weren’t his and that she wanted him to sign over his parental rights. Who the f*** says s*** like that. She’ still mad cuz this whole thing backfired on her. She doesn’t affect them in anyway and that’s how they’re going to come out on top. Everyone is all for their relationship, she appreciate’s him and he’s like a love sick puppy. It’s the cutest s*** ever. Didn’t mean to air their s***, but I’d take up for my bro any day. Everyone could air all of sara’s s*** out, but a day will come for that :)

  31. Sweetness says:

    All I know is that Utoka is one of my closest friends. I was there for her throughout the last term of her pregnancy and was with her the night she went into labor. Some of you that are bashing her and talking s*** should check yourselves first. You don’t know her like I do. You didn’t have to see her sadness for yourself like I did. Just shut up now and leave her alone.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Check yourself b****. Sara’s the f*** up who ruined her own life. Leave her alone? She’s the dumbass who brought all this onto herself. Now she’s paying for it. Instead of always talking s*** about Krak and his girl on facebook, she should have been a real mother to her kids, instead of spending all her time on the internet or getting drunk or going to the strip club. Yeah you f****** stink s***, you think no one was watching you, recording everything you said about them. You are the definition of a f****** piece of s***. We all have Kraks back, all around. You’re so f****** pitiful. It’s sad. I feel bad for my bro, his kids have to be around you. We all know he can take care of those kids way better than you can. You can’t even take care of yourself. Your daddy has to do it for you. Before any of you dumb fucks try to feel bad for her, know the real story. His entire family doesn’t like her. She’s selfish. And her marine boyfriend Jeremy Satala is a f****** joke. More like her made up imaginary boyfriend. Delusional b****. And she does have another son, but she doesn’t care about him. Always left him home. Stupid w**** always trying to act like she’s “classy”, a queen, and better than everyone else. You’re from the rez b****! Pine Ridge! You ain’t s***! Trying to act all good because you moved to rapid in the middle of your court case, scared much b****? You lived with your mom in a trashy broken down trailor in Cheyenne creek, driving that shitty whit rez bomb, going to parties while you had new born twins at home. Look at yourself before you ever even try to talk about someone. You made your own fucked up way with your made up stories. Everyone knows that and you’ll get what you deserve.

    • Stevee says:

      That’s quite a lot of s*** you are talking. What the f*** give you the right to decide who Sara is and who the f*** wants to be called Krak. If you got some s*** to say leave your name and quit being a s*** talking p****. None of what you said matters because you can’t even name yourself. Loser. And if you know so much about Sara you yourself are obviously a “rez b****” I feel bad for you that society has to be around who ever the f*** your Krak’d ass is.

      • Anonymous says:

        A rez b**** just like you Miss Ecoffey

        • Stevee Ecoffey says:

          Not quite. :) I was fortunate enough to have grown up off the reservation, therefore having a more intelligent mind set than the simple bitches you will encounter on the reservation, however have lived on the reservation for four years due to an awesome job. But thanks for the observation “anonymous” :) oh how cute you even new my last name. You, my friend are good!

          • Anonymous says:

            HAHA! Calling your so called friend dumb. Your family too. And yourself. You are from the rez too. Omg you didn’t grow up there. Me either. Whoo! And yes, thank you for giving me your free time also :) Very time consuming

        • Stevee says:

          This must take up a lot of free time. You all have fun now.

  33. Stevee says:

    Sara f*** what anyone has to say about you or who thinks they know you and your life. You are a good mother. Do not believe different, no parent is perfect 100% to the outside world but you are perfect to your children. You ultimately win, you have two beautiful souls you get to watch grow who will love you unconditionally for the rest of your life. You are a beautiful woman no matter where you come from or what anyone else says. From the beginning you had to know you wouldn’t or more less couldn’t end up with that guy, gross. He was just an ugly speed bump in the course of your path. So let the uglies live happily ever after all happy and s*** lol. If I were you I’d pay them no further mind. Just live your life with your 3 babies who WE know you love and are there for no matter what other “anonymous” fuckers have to say. If anything just thank her for taking him off your hands and out of your life so you can move on to greater things. I mean really what prize did she win? And who the f*** wants to end up with a guy they call Krak on the rez for the rest of their life. Lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a nickname you big eyebrowed dipshit. You can’t even say s*** about anything. Get over it, no one is taking up for her anymore. Everyone hates her and is tired of her bullshit. Look at her facebook, Jen Brave Heart brought up Brad and Sara went all off on him. I bet she was f****** happy about that just so she could talk to him, which is exactly what she did. Pathetic sad little girl. Just have her admit she isn’t over him yet, that’s why she’s so heart broken :)

  34. Yeehaww says:

    Eww sara is just disgusting with her arangatang tits and her ugly ole fat head she smells so bad being near her. fake ole boyfriend… stink ole b**** get a life you smell gross

  35. Big Booty Judy says:

    Lmao @ Yeehaww ^^^^^^ Utoka or whatever her name is, is just JEALOUS AND OBSESSED with Nikki… smh* some peoples kids these days… all I have to say is its done and over with. Move on now sheesh… Rez bitches these days -_-


    first off all i would never f*** you. you should like a richy b**** yo f*** you..
    I’d grab your titties, and stretch ’em down past your waist, let ’em go and watch ’em both spring up in your face..shoot sour milk all over ima have to get… your psycho ass will pry start throwing a fit. throw you in the car and watch you cry…. stick little needles in your fat body until you die… duct tape your rolls down and smack you up..double bag you sara cuz the sight of you makes me throw up…(for anyone who doesnt know what a double bagger is its when you have to put a bag over your head as well as hers cuz in case hers will be protected now back to my poem) Okay i dont have anymore. but Sara Really?? you stooped this low? thats one thing i never got from people when they said they were happy they stilll find a way to be miserable especially toward other people. if you are really happy with “jeremy” then how come you went out of your way to talk s*** about Nikki. i happen to be a close friend to nikki and you better believe if it comes down to it that i as well as several other people will have her back… nikkis attitude the way she is. this is all just funny to her and to all of us as well… your a sad little girl sara. and like yeehaw said u really do look like a stink your tuna can is just made of cheddar cheese and sour cream LOL seriously tho sara a bit of advice be happy with yourself first and you wouldnt have to take your insecurities and ugliness out on someone as beautiful as nikki. she seriously is a beautiful young lady who is well educated and she loves brad and they are having a LLLOOOOVE child. i know that must be hard for you to take it but maybe if you let him see them without talking s*** to him the whole time then he would come visit more. you’re trying to be a good mother yaaayyy i get that!! than why dont you do just that sara be happy and forget about NIkki you dont want child support you dont want them to see him then what was the reason for this. to state that you’re a weird stalker b**** who collects little pieces of information from creeper pages or whoever you can find to seek info from. you’re a little umpa lumpa doopity doo….you really need to grow up or grow some actual balls and step up.. be happy with your imaginary boyfriend who u have no pictures with and leave nikki alone.. its been how long now and you are just completely obsessed with her. if i was nikki id be flattered maybe even take you out to lunch. Bun you and run away. far far away you needy greedy b****…STOP JUST STOP OKAY UGLY BODY UGLY TITS UGLY FACE GET OVER BRAD AND GET A LIFEEEEEEEE GEEEZ BRAD DONT WANT YOU..FIND YOURSELF FIND SOME HELP AND STOP OBSESSING OVER NIKKIS GORGEOUS ASS.



    • 401 says:

      Her big ol loose vagina! Gross b****. Making out with toothless guys at bars. She was trying to be with a bunch of guys before she made up “Jeremy Satala” out of nowhere. Talking about marrying him and s***. She has no pictures with him, he never likes any of her stuff, and I checked out his page, it doesn’t even say he’s in a relationship with her. If he is real, I’d tell him to stay away. She’ll give him one of her STDs. Heard she has herpes. Ewwww!!!! Not too dirty she is. Yuck.

  38. Robyn says:

    This s*** is hilarious! Lmfao! @ CECILIA ugh you’re pathetic. Nikki is a family friend and has helped my family when we asked. I am commenting because I am defending a GOOD person. Nikki is hardly mentioned in this dumb story. Nikki has real friends and they encourage her and tell her to pay no attention to any of this bullshit. I know I am friends with one of her real good friends and they hardly even talk about this or Sara. I just saw all your ugly comments and thought you have no right to talk. I never said anything to your ugly face because I have respect for your mom, my aunt. It’s funny this side of the family uses you as a bad example and how not to be. In high school you were nothing and still are nothing, just a drunk and drug user. And I am completely surprised your enrolled, putting the tribes college down, um yeah, no one outside the reservation takes that place seriously. And you’re never going to amount to anything, come on we both know that. They are about to lose their accreditation. No, I left the reservation long ago and entered the military and now am taking classes, and I have no kids, so shut your ugly face up. Lmao, pagan rituals, so you do realize you are the apple, god your so dumb. It’s ok you can’t handle my “pagan rituals” you’re not Lakota. What you have crabs? Lmao. I wouldn’t be surprised with how much you sleep around. Oh trust me even is laughing about you. So Adam walked in on you having sex with Ryan while your son was right there! Wow! Lmfao ughh gross. *gags* you deserve your own page because you wreaked your son’s home and Adam’s you heartless b****. No wonder why you and Sara are friends, both cold selfish bitches. And you do that to Adam right after he loses one of his good friends, damn, b****/homewreaker of the year goes to you. Wow, you and Ryan are twins! Look exactly alike but he has a prettier face, lmao. But I heard you been cheating on the poor guy since day one. Your dumbass just must have gotten pregnant. Your pathetic, why don’t you try and kill yourself again, this time actually go through with it, trust me no one cares about you.

  39. 401 says:

    Yuck! She’s gross. Her n her crooked face and fucked up lips. Got some nasty stink stretched out p**** lips apparently too. Her and Sara match in that area, just like her gross friend Cheryse, her n her sick muffin top and freaky teeth. It’s funny that she’s talking s*** too. I heard she gave brads little brother head and then fucked his older brother right afterwards. You know they all wanted a piece of them Hawk boys. Sara being the main one. Can you say bitter jealous ex? She wants any reason to talk about brad and he doesn’t even give two fucks about her. He only cares about them kids. Sara better put Cecilia on here too or better yet, her boyfriend Ryan Swank. You know he knew she was with Adam, but still went for it. And Cecilia just let it happen. Homewreckers!!! f****** him in front of her son. f****** disgusting! Ryan probably liked that s***. Was probably thinking of her son the whole time, f****** pedophile! And Cecilia just let that happen too. Adam shoulda fucked him up and then fucked Cecilia up. She deserves to die.

    • Tony Toobz says:

      You must be Adams squeeze, how does a stink tiny d*** taste? He’s just pissed because he got thrown out for being a abusive, fat lazy piece of s*** from a ugly toothless b**** who acts like she is just young. Just like you! Adam doesn’t know how to fight, puts on a show by screaming around and thinks he’s cool? f****** woman abuser! He better be careful, next time he breaks into my brothers daughters home will be the last time. What this about her losing family members? It’s clear that they are not family at all. She has family backing her up right now, and are willing to fight for as well with her. Pray I don’t find out who you are, Robyn. I don’t believe in abusing women but I feel like you deserve a slap across the face. My niece is beautiful and has been commented that she could be a model. So shut your f****** face, you dirty tramp.

      • 401 says:

        Eww gross…with crooked n***** lips. I don’t think so. Maybe she’s a model in your eyes. You’d probably f*** her.

        • Robyn says:

          Model what? Dog collars? Because she looks like a greyhound on two legs. Calling your niece a ugly toothless b****, damn what a close family. When I said family I meant friends, how you claim friends as family and call them family, that’s what she lost. Lol. Sounds like you know more about Adam’s d***, you must be gay. Talking so much s***, go say it to his face then. I hate when people say “just wait until I see them” and yet do nothing. I have no intentions on fighting anyone, I was just commenting on how your niece is a dirty w****. Cheating on her son’s father when they are “engaged”. See that’s a w****, even if he is a bad guy, break up with him first. Instead he has to walk in on them having sex with his son right there. Nasty.

        • Tony Toobz says:

          You’re sick in the head, like my disowned niece Claire Two Bulls. Sick and twisted, I bet your daddy raped you while you were sleeping. Sick twisted b****. Go f*** your brother.

          • haha says:

            Go f*** your niece again and then her son. You and Cecilia like that s***. who cares about clair.

  40. Stefanie says:

    This is the real Stefanie, noticed i spelled my namd right, and I don’t appreciate my name being brought up in all of this nonsense. I don’t even have any part in it so leave me out of it. You can say whatever you want about me it just reflects back on you and how you really feel about yourself.

  41. Robyn says:

    Geezz SARA! 401 was talking about Cecilia deserves to get beat up by Adam and die because of how she was cheating on him and is a homewreaker by wreaking her sons and Adams home, now that’s selfish! Wow. You think everything is about your fat ass. Lol. Going all off on your facebook. Girrllll no one threatened you, no one threatened anybody dumbass! I thought your against “home wreakers” and yet you have one as a friend. Stupid! Lol

  42. The man!! says:

    Ill bit creepy that you are fb stalking Sara lol and you just admit it…

  43. Robyn says:

    No s*** “the man!”? I never said I didn’t go to her fb dumbass. Sometimes I check because she writes dumb s*** about good people, and Sara’s life is amusing! THIS WHOLE f****** THING IS AMUSING!

    • In yo face says:

      For a stink b**** in the military, you sure talk mad s*** about someone. Bitches like you who think just because they got off the Rez, they’re better than everyone else. You’re just like Nikki, stink and have a Rez mentality. Stupid petty ass idiot. Go work your corner.

      • Robyn says:

        Oh trust me I don’t think I am better than anyone. I remember where I came from. You have no idea about my life so hush. I have respect for Nikki because she left the reservation and went to Le Cordon Bleu and FINISHED! Sara and Cecilia are the only people I ever talked s*** about and that’s because they deserve it. Sara just attacks Nikki and made this whole ridiculous page. And Cecilia is cold and heartless, cheating on her sons father right after he lost a good friend, so yeah they deserve it! Wtf is a rez mentality? Seriously? Doesn’t Sara have one if she can’t be an adult about this whole situation and does low things like this, you better know what you’re talking about before you try and say anything. Go work my corner? Oh honey you know more about that than I do.

        • The Man!! says:

          Oh very respectable, she finished at Le Cordon Bleu as a Pastry chef lmfao what a f****** loser she couldn’t cut it in regular school with a regular degree hahahahahahaha a pastry chef, so much respect for a pastry chef hahahaha who moved back to the Rez after such great things to be a jail house pastry chef hahahahahahaha

          • Robyn says:

            At least she did something. What did you do? I know a lot of chefs who would disagree with you.

          • Robyn says:

            The way you talk you better have your degree from a University and a Master’s. And you better now live on the reservation and have a great job. Or else you have no right to talk.

          • The Man!! says:

            A pastry chef!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha a f****** pastry chef! MUCH RESPECT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU KNOW A LOT OF PASTRY CHEFS???? Hahahahahahaha quit now I can’t laugh anymore!!!

          • delicia says:

            Looks like Nikki eats her pastries as fast as she bakes them lol. Chimpmunk cheeks

        • Robyn says:

          Yeah you better have much respect

          • The Man!! says:

            Lol oooooooh scary, very scary!!

          • Tony Toobz says:

            Funny how she says Nikki is a family friend now, when she first started posting she knew nothing of either woman. Pertaining to Utoka or Nicolette McLaughin. Stupid hoe.

        • #teamNikkiFOFikkiBabes says:

          seriously talking about her degree thats crayyy shes f****** awesome at what she does. isnt that what lifes about doing something you love.. shes a beautiful young and talented woman who happened to know what to do with her life at a young age. you girls need to grow up and leave NIkki alone.. my babes is the best pastry chef ever and sara musta been eating her cookies and cake cuz daaaaaaayyymm that b**** is bloated. and cecelia with her ugly ole everything got damn God hated you. go kill yourself forreals this time…and sara with your gross ole f****** bloated whale body get the f*** out of here and just let it go girl.. dannnngg i feel so bad for you. so “happy” but my girl nikki makes you so sad and mad.. i give out free hugs if you need one.. just need a trash bag and some freshner so i dont get you stink goat smelling stench on me, but ill hook you with a hug if you need one,,,#teamNikkiBabes

          • Go Team!!! says:

            LMAO!!! I give out free hugs! That was f****** awesome. Lets all hug her sad ass. She needs somebody to lover her. But for real..trying to diss on Nikki’s degree and skills. Only thing sara knows how to make is microwave food! You see her s*** awhile back? She was trying to bake cinnamon rolls and brownies and s***. You know she’s jealous that Nikki can cook and bake, and she can’t do anything but lay on her fat ass and let guys cum all up in her, having a million babies with no dads. At least Nikki know hows to keep her man happy, HER MAN, not an imaginary one. Omg….sara is just embarrassing herself. I wouldn’t show my face anywhere if I was her. Gross stinky ungrateful w****. She is such a disgrace to women everywhere! You go #TeamNikkiBabes!

  44. The Man!! says:

    Okay psycho fb stalker! Lmfao. Lmfao, you are the dumb ass obviously. You get your amusement and entertainment from checking Sara’s fb! :)

  45. In yo face says:

    You’re freaking stupid. I’m a family member of Cecilia and Adam deserves the s*** that’s coming to him. He is full of s***. Lies constantly. Sits on his fat ass all damn day and doesn’t lift a fat sausage to help her out. No wonder she left him and moved on to a better man. From what I stayed at her house, she always did everything. So shut the f*** up and get your damn facts straight. He is a psychopath who stalks everyone, even his ex gf Juliana. Talks mad s*** about Jeremy and doesn’t do s*** when he sees him. Fat lazy piece of s*** just like you. You’re probably on your knees sucking his little d***. f****** p**** ass b****. Do something.

    • Robyn says:

      Do something? How ghetto are you? Lol. I am not even trying to get tough over the internet just writing comments on this page that Sara encourages people to see. And trust me honey, you know the reservation, only one to two people away to hear a different version to any story. The point about Cecilia is you don’t do that to people your engaged to, wtf is this website called? She’s a homewreaker! You don’t cheat on someone you’re currently in a relationship with, even if he isn’t a good guy be an adult about the whole situation. Sounds like you know more about his d***, sounds like you tested it out, not surprised. f****** p**** ass b****? Lol, that’s “rez mentality” at its finest. Do something? What do you want me to do, tell you what I will go to class, then go to work and you? You just go get a life! And try and do something meaningful with it, please.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Talking s*** through the internet? lol must both be some cowards.

  47. 401 says:

    That comment was for Cecilias gross face. Not Saras nasty ass. Not too narcissistic she is, thinking everything is about her. No one was threatening Sara, but even they did, who gives a f***? She deserves it. She’s the one who exposed herself to this. She’s f****** stupid. She did this for attention, she’s gettin it now. Cecilia too. Talking s*** about someone she doesn’t even know. What are they saying now huh? They ain’t saying s***. Don’t hear nothing but crickets. They’re scared ass punks behind screens. We don’t creep or stalk Sara’s fb. We’re both friends with her on fb. Great example of better watch who your real friends are. We see her s*** all the time. Posting s*** and deleting it right away. Tell everyone to look at this page!! Do it b****! Everyone can see the real you and what everyone else is saying about you. Or I bet you got scared because you don’t want ppl to read about the real you, how obsessed you are with Nikki and Krak, and about your fake boyfriend Jeremy Satala. Everyone knows you’ve never met him and you supposedly going to see him, that didn’t happen obviously because you can’t go see imaginary ppl made up in your head. Of course Sara’s slutty ass would accept friend requests from guys she doesn’t even know. Her and her friends are all stink hoes with STDs, but Sara’s the one with the most stomach rolls and back fat and no ass! Ugly used up hoe.

  48. Robyn says:

    Oh don’t forget I get amusement from this page also! Lmfao! I admit when I need a good laugh I think of Sara’s pathetic life and it perks me right up! Didn’t you see that “SQUEAKER SNEAKER” comment? Lmfao! Hilarious! Like this whole damn page.

    • The Man!! says:

      Wow, you must have a really sad, lame , boring life if this is how you get your amusement and thinking of Sara makes you laugh. Ew you sick pervert you think of Sara often!! Hahaha I think the only ilarious thing on this page is the fact that your mom named you Robyn hahaha loser. Get the f*** outta here with your educated, intelligent ass and your “meaningful life” jokes on you dumb ass.

      • Robyn says:

        LOL, you are just saying anything now. Seriously, attacking my name? How childish are you? Lol. Blah blah blah I don’t give a s***.

        • The Man!! says:

          You admit you get your kicks from reading Sara’s fb and this s*** and I’m childish!! Lmao you wrote write on here how obsessed you are with Sara and then you liked it!!!! Lmfao blah, blah, blah yea you got nothing else cuz the hammer hit the nail on the mother f****** head “Robyn” lmao. Poor poor Robyn with a name like Robyn I see why your amusement comes from Internet web pages HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Robyn says:

            LOL You’re amusing too. Making me laugh, see I told you this whole thing was hilarious! aw you made my day! Thank you!

          • The Man!! says:

            This is making your day! Omg how irrelevant your life must be! Poor girl. I pity you.

          • Robyn says:

            LOL! Thanks I don’t need your pity. Your stupidity makes me laugh and that makes my day. Lol. God why so serious? Lmao. You really need to take that stick out of your ass and enjoy life a little. You guys don’t get it, we just come and talk s*** on this page for fun, we take none of this seriously. It’s funny to see you get upset and try and talk s*** and get tough. Lmao! Hope you have a good weekend! Muah bitches!

      • The Man!! says:

        It seems that you are the one who doesn’t get it “Robyn” nobody takes you seriously or cares about you. You are the amusement! You are sad, very sad. I don’t care if you don’t want my pity, I cannot help but pity you for you are a pitiful excuse for a human being. :( poor girl, 😀 lmfao.

  49. anonymous says:

    This whole story is fake I know the father and wants nothing more then to be there for his twins but she texts him and tells him to stay away and she doesnt want him in there live and then turns around and tells everyone he doesnt bother coming to see them or anything and he loved her and tried to do everything he could to make her happy he even went and got a better job for her but nothing he did was ever good enough and it was her insecurities that pushed him away he has tried to go see his twins but all she wants to do is argue with him so all shes doing is trying to get people to feel sorry for her and make him look bad

    • Nikki Lou says:

      My thoughts exactly about this whole thing. Just a big ol ………………………………… Haha :) And then life went on some more.

  50. The Man!! says:

    Oh anonymous about all you know is how far up Brad’s ass you can stick your little peanut head. Quit trying to make Brad out like he gives a f*** when all he gives a f*** about is himself and both these women will find that s*** out, if a man leaves one b**** for another wtf makes you think he’s going to be loyal to that one, obviously dogs roll in packs and they need that attention from females to make theirselves feel better. So f*** everyone doggy style and have a nice day you anonymous f****** loser.

    • LMAO says:


  51. tootsie says:

    it all boils down to one thing, sara wins! the comments arent important at all. the fact that you select few are taking time to see thi website and obviously youre telling others about therefor your opened the flood gate. she got what she want, she wins. get over it people.

  52. ... says:

    Ha! Sara didn’t win s***. What does she have? A made up boyfriend. She’s gonna lose them twins because of how retarded she is. They need to seriously evaluate her.

  53. B I G B O O T Y J U D Y says:

    These bitches are on that CRAY CRAY! lmao

  54. SCOOBY DOOBY DOO says:

    I freakin love Nikki! She can bake in my oven any day…at least she is doing what she loves. And FYI what’s wrong with the name Robyn. U seriously have that much hate you gotta bash anything about a person. C’mon, the only person that is bothering, is YOU. People make mistakes, people lie, GET OVER IT! Obviously that s*** wasn’t meant to be. I went outta my way to comment cuz I’m bored and some of the s*** ya’ll saying is just pissing me off. But who the fuk wants to find a random website and make up random s*** like this. I don’t know you, I don’t care to know you, but I know who you are and I would easily break my foot off up in that ass. Whooooo! 😉 #TEAM.I.GOT.NIKKIS.BACK.

  55. T E A M N I K K I B A B E Z ;) says:

    Seriously where did all these other people come from? Adam, Cecilia, Ryan, some chick named Clair.. outta f****** no where, this is all about Nikki remember? And how shes a “home wrecker” and a “Pastry Chef” lol like being a pastry chef is a bad thing, she makes some BADASS cakes and brownies lmao… all the hoes are being exposed… maybe we should put them on this website. I guarantee you they’ll get A L O T more comments than Nikki… to be honest I think Nikki saved Brad from Sara’s ratchet ass lol

  56. anonymous says:

    Nikki did save krak sara was just bringing him down

  57. Mia says:

    If you were to expose the hoes on here make sure you get the truth from both parties. Website or not if it doesn’t add up there is a possibility you bunk bitches will get lawsuits. People threatening others on here. Grow up! If you don’t care as much as you say you do you wouldn’t of had to comment in the first place. Being silent is the best way to expose somebody else. Alot of you are very immature. If you decide to expose a hoe don’t forget to add yourself to that list. I’m sure alot of you have hoe like tendencies. If brad is happy with nikki good for him. If sara moved on or not good for her. I can’t wait to see what the rez does with this website. Alot of jealous deceitful bitches in that area anyways. You should be more concerned about the drugs and alcohol yet you battle about who fucked who! Why don’t you all just go f*** yourselves!

  58. LOVE says:

    FOR REAL! Sara should just leave them alone now. They’re obviously happy together and nothing is bringing them down, and they are going to be a family soon. She should get over them now. Nikki just made a mockery out of her by flipping this whole situation into a hilarious one. Sara did this to “expose” and “humiliate” Nikki, but all she did is embarass herself and made all her insecurites shine through. She made herself look stupid and extremely bitter. Nikki everyone about her page on here. Everyone else thought it was hilarious too, because they all know that what Sara put down here isn’t true at all. Everyone knows Nikki’s character, her accomplishments, and how respectful Brad is towards her. Talking about Brad’s girlfriend isn’t going to make him fall in love with her, just like that saying “having a baby with him won’t make him stay”. He’s in love with someone else. She can’t do anything about it. If she still wanted him, she should have appreciated him instead of dumping him when she was 6 months pregnant and then trying to blame him for supposedly leaving her, just because she couldn’t get him back. When someone is over their ex, they DO NOT talk about them or throw their attention at them. She’s practically groveling at their feet while they look down on her. She should just take this down and save herself all the embarassment and anger. She put it hr for attention and she’s getting it, thinking “oh they made me famous, they’re just haters, I’m way better than them, im so much prettier, and claiming she loves it! But now people are putting her down and she’s getting back what she built up for herself and she cant handle it. If her friends truly cared about her, they would convince her to get help. She needs serious help. No one does such things as this and is sane in the brain. She might have multiple personality disorder or be bipolar. You don’t go off the deep just because of heartbreak. But some advice for her, babies are human lives, not paychecks.Learn how to be a mother and take care of your children. Learn how to provide for them instead of having to depend on a man for everything. Be a woman. A real woman, not a little girl trying to blame the whole world for everything horrible in your life. Let Brad be a father to his kids. Let him see them without you breathing down his neck, or arguing with him in the first 5 minutes of him enjoying his kids. Be an adult about it. Let him take them once in awhile and spend time with them. You claim you want your kids to have a father, then why would you take them away from him? Or a father away from his kid? You said he never bought s*** for them but i know for a fact he saved up money for them and bough them things. His family and friends did as well and you refused them? Who does that? Don’t go around saying you want no contact, nothing to do with him, posting pictures of him with his kids saying they don’t like him, which is just fucked up, and then saying he never tries to see them when you told him he couldn’t. s*** like that don’t fly and makes you look even more sick in the head.

    • Mia says:

      I’m guessing what she posted here is her side of the story, she doesn’t necessarily know who nikki is therefore its somewhat easy for her to assume the worst. I see where she is coming from while going through her pregnancy but it’s done now. Time to put the past where it belongs and move forward.

      • Anonymous says:

        They have never even met. That is like the #1 fact that defines everything about this. She made up stuff about someone she has never met. Even more hilarious

    • chelsea says:

      He left Nikki because she is exactly what Sara said she is. Move it along now!

  59. Born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation says:

    To whoever is talking down about living on the Reservation needs a reality check because no matter where you live now you’re still a on this site reading and commenting. You think women from the rez are below you just because you live in Rapid City, by moving the only thing you changed is your area code. You should TRY to get a GED and a JOB before you talk bad about anyone else.

    • Mia says:

      I’m not only speaking for myself but I’m sure others will agree that the drama is more important than saving the community. That’s my opinion from living in Pine Ridge. Not only that, you’re here too honey. You seem to have some issues with those who did get off the rez by stating that you think they are better in a way. Open your eyes, quit sweeping the real issues under the rug. You know why people talk bad about the rez or why they leave. You’re in a state of denial. There are amazing things about the rez but drama seems to conquer over what SHOULD matter. Obviously. I bet alot of people who comment only come to the Site because of what they heard. As you probably did too being that you just had to boast about how proud you are.

  60. Shanaeerose says:

    All I gotta say is BITCHES BE TRIPPIN’!!!!!!

    t(^_^t) f*** all the haters and their ridiculous lies. Nikki we all love and adore you!

  61. #teamNikkiFOFikkiBabes says:

    f*** nikki is gorgeous id tap that s*** all day and 2x on sunday

  62. FUCKSARA!!!! says:

    i think its so funny how sara put this up to make nikki look bad but its all turned on her what happened between her and krak had nothing to do with nikki. nikki’s not keeping krak from his babies sara is sara doesn’t want krak to be in his babys lifes she just wants money from him shes far from a good mother a good mother would be spending time with her babies and not sitting on the computer putting stupid s*** up like this and supposedly shes happy with this new guy shes with but if she was why would she be hating on krak and nikki so much shes the one who broke up with krak shes just mad because hes happy with someone else sara is far from mature if she was a good mother and wanted the best for her babys she wouldnt be keeping them away from there father just because he doesnt want to be with her all she wants to do is argue with him so why would he wanna be with someone whos just going to argue with him all the time she fucked up her own life and now she wants to blame someone for it and she chose to blame nikki even tho nikki has nothing to do with it grow up sara quit trying to make everyone feel bad for you because noones going to everyone knows the truth of what really happened your just so delusional you got yourself to believe your story is true get over krak and nikki and start spending time with you babies

  63. Anonymous says:

    The funniest thing about this, well it’s also a little pathetic is the fact that Nikki herself is the one making the majority of these comments as other people and can’t woman up and come forward herself yet has all these “friends” that know such intimate details of her life. You think everything is turned on Sara and she is so hated but look how dumb you look and how obvious you have made it that you are delusional, glued to a computer waiting for word from she’s a home wrecker lmao. Poor girl, you already “won” the guy Krak is it? So why continue to pose as other women who are “team Nikki” and act like a dumb ass when you probably have one friend and yourself sitting around coming up with wicked comebacks lmao. So you were laughed at for being a pastry chef wah wah big deal it is kind of funny but whatever’s clever in your little “perfect” world. If you and Krak where as happy as you thought you were together you wouldn’t be on here even giving a f*** what anyone else thought, you’d just be do you. But you have a need to continuously explain yourself and your “perfect” relationship so s*** must not be s grand as you want the general public to believe huh.

    • PP says:

      Nikki did make a comment. Its above under “Nikki Lou”. Its the only comment she is going to make on here. All her friends know everything about this whole situation because she talks to us about it. DUH YOU f****** RETARD. That’s what best friends are for. Her or Brad don’t reply or fire back because they don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They just go about life. Some of these comments are Sara herself. She can’t use her real name and she deletes her status’ on facebook right away because her lawyer actually did chew her ass and told her to quit with the internet stuff because they already filed harrassment charges on sara’s dumb ass. She is sooo stupid and trying to be pitiful so they won’t charge her but they aren’t going to back down. She deserves it!! Her lawyer even called her a “stupid little girl” right to their faces at the prosecutor’s office. Now that is f****** hilarious when your own lawyer thinks your dumb and has no faith in you.

      • isuckboobs says:

        Nikki has several friends who have her back. the whole players club is behind her all those ladies are close to her in there and all her friends outside of work as well.. hahaha i know you creep on her fb you know who shes down with..suck my big fat juicy pecker.

  64. Sara S. says:

    Sara is a horrible person. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and is very selfish. She made this page about Nikki, who honestly has done nothing to Sara. Sara just makes things up in her head and lies to people to try and get their pity. Sara is awful, she doesn’t care if she hurts other people through all this. Who are all these other people this page mentions, Cecilia, Adam, Ryan, Jeremy..etc. She doesn’t care about these people and how this causes drama and could ruin their lives, She isn’t even sorry, that’s how selfish she is. Even when she started talking s*** about Nikki on Facebook to other people before this page, She tried to get a couple who recently got married this summer involved, She didn’t care that it could damage their relationship. But both of these people apologized to Nikki and Brad and they have the messages to prove it. The lady even called Sara crazy and said she just went along with the conversation of s*** talking about Nikki because she felt bad for Sara and she is crazy. Sara doesn’t care if other people get hurt, she just likes the drama. If She was over Brad and Nikki, would she have started this page? And all the s*** talking she did on Facebook but her lawyer got mad at her and told her to stop. She isn’t a good parent, she uses the babies against Brad to hurt him and doesn’t allow him to see them. In this story she posted, she hardly mentions Nikki, that’s because Nikki didn’t do anything. She could have tried to be an adult and invite Nikki in when Brad would go see the babies but nope, Sara isn’t that mature. Sara neglects the babies, just puts them in front of the tv and gets on the internet and does all this. I know a lot of these comments are Sara herself. She even tried to use Nikki’s sister’s name on here against Nikki but the just both laughed at it. And they know it was Sara who did it. When I asked Nikki about this she just laughs and says I don’t pay much attention because that girl is a whole new level of crazy. Lol. Sara is always online and neglecting the babies. If she spent all her time with them, when did she have time to start and have an online relationship with this “Jeremy”? Who people say is fake and I am starting to believe them, hell she probably made his Facebook page. See Sara is not a good person, she is not a good friend, She is definitely not a good mother. All her ex boyfriends call her psycho and crazy and say she stalks them. So this is a warning, stay away from Sara, nothing good comes from knowing her.

  65. renegade says:

    Nikki laughs in your face, well actually she doesn’t really know how far this has gone. But hey that’s ok. Sara you are sooo entertaining. I come on here to read what other antics you come up with. But I am bored now. Nikki has totally moved on with her life and is doing exactly what she wants, which is to be happy with brad. hahahahaha! done with all this idiocy and those of you know personally know Nikki, I would advise you do the same. Giving this no nothing idiot false power by commenting against/for Nikki is well, not cool. That is all. AND no I wont respond because I am done reading all this bullshit. that is all.

    • chelsea says:

      oh, and that’s why krak left nikki finally, after she fucked his life up. Not only for his relationship with Sara (which he regrets so much) Ya’ll haters spoke too soon. He always loved Sara and always will. He has been improving his life without Nikki and taking appropriate steps in making things right with the woman he fell in actual love with. Sara did better than spoil that guy. She supported him and helped him. That’s why he got so far in life with Sara behind him. Nikki is a desperate hoe and everyone knows that. She is already messing with another guy who also has a lot to lose. And she’s pregnant with the new guys baby. She needs some f****** electric shock therapy or some s*** because that’s not right. She destructs men and fucks their lives up from the looks of it online and on her profile. Now she’s the one keeping his daughter away from him. Hippocrit! If any of you are her BFF’s then get her some help, OK.

      • Krak says:

        I never loved either of these women, I was with Sara because I needed a place to stay. I thought Nikki was hot so I banged her a few times then decided to be her man. I made the mistake of f****** around with Sara again only because I needed somewhere to stay and her being easy let me hit it again lmao

  66. jo-c says:

    dayum anyone on this womans side..such negativety! but hey least yuh have some twins out of it :)

  67. Stupid folks rally Homewreckerts says:

    WOW and Just WoW! So many supporters for a guy who leaves Sara a pregnant ( a pregnancy he made her keep) and the woman who makes him leave his pregnant partner. I do not know the inside story , but I always felt that if you do some thing wrong the world shuns you. The girl above went in to a relationship with a man who was already in one. She played a part in leaving a pregnant partner. Has any one known what life is like for a pregnant woman that too with twins. Also the so called ralliers for Nikki , did you ever question yourself ? what if she accidentally falls in love with your Bf or husband? Do you think she would hesitate? Read more stories on this site. Most of the home wreckers are close friends of the wife. Think twice about your friendship with her before you support her.Once a homewrecker , always a homewrecker. And guess what you will not believe it until it happens to you. Until then be in the illusion of BFF with Nikki .

  68. 72 says:

    Just so you know, this ‘Sara’ beginning story says, they were NOT TOGETHER! Can’t wreck a home that isn’t. Simply put, the simple girl tried to destroy a man who was in fact, trying to make things work. And when the immature girl tried to play games, he called her on it and moved on. Now she has this whole escapade of ‘oh poor me poor me’. I would be first in line to kick a home wreckers ass, but this gal Nikki, didn’t wreck anything. I do enjoy all the reading stories of hope and strength. Keep up the good work shesahomewrecker!!

  69. E. says:

    And now Sara is a homewrecker. Posted her ex’s texts to her on Facebook after trying to blackmail him for money didn’t work. I used to be Sara’s friend. After all the obsessive stalking and horrible things she’s done, however, I now know that she’s nothing but a pathetic, insecure, jealous liar. And a f****** EVIL b**** who shouldn’t have custody of anyone’s kids.

  70. Constance says:

    Sorry to hear your sooo called sob story ,,,but It sounds to me your not wanting to get on with your life ,,,,please don’t be a stalker ,,,,just remember the saying ” there’s lots of fish in the sea “. So best go take up fishing n move on to the next victims ,,,, adios. Meha

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