Nicolette McLaughlin Pine Ridge, South Dakota

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I was with my ex for three years. He and I went through everything together. We were really in love. It was amazing at first but within a few months I started noticing he would spend a lot of time on his phone. He would leave to hang out with other people or his brothers more than usual. But I still loved him and so I trusted he wasn’t seeing or talking to other girls considering we were so happy together. I used to run & jump on him when I’d see him and he’d spin me around lol as if we hadn’t seen each other for months. We kept our love alive. Until one day he went to a skate competition leaving me at the house alone. I decided I wanted to get on Facebook through his PlayStation 3 since I never tried before. I clicked it and it went straight to his messages. I saw numerous girls he’d been speaking to all along. It hurt soooo bad. My heart felt like it’d been punched repeatedly. I confronted him over the phone right away I was freaking out. He just came back packed his things and told me we were done. He dumped me for finding his messages. I was devastated.

We stayed separated for about two months. But he would show up at my place at least twice a week to spend the night. I found out I was pregnant. I knew we weren’t together and I wanted to enlist in the army or something. So I considered abortion. I let him know and he came over right away to talk. He told me he loved me. He changed. He wouldn’t hurt me again because I deserved the world. I was his everything and he’d never find a girl like me again. After I fell for his lies he got down on one knee and asked me if I’d make him the happiest man in the world. I said yes. A month later I found out we were having twins! 6 months into my pregnancy he left me again. I knew it was another woman but he denied it. He said I was horrible and unsupportive of him and he didn’t need this right now. I cried and begged and pleaded for him to stay but he refused. He always reassured me there wasn’t another girl and he would be here for me and help me.

I walked to and from my doctors appoints after he bailed on me. Which was approximately 3 or 4 miles to & from in the winter time. I was broke because I couldn’t work in my twin pregnancy condition. I could barely stand up sometimes. I’m only 5’5 and normally 180 pounds. My family members were so livid finding me walking sometimes but I was so humiliated about being left pregnant. My pregnancy went on okay. A few preterm labor scares. Very lonely painful days & nights. My sister would come home every weekend from school and lay by me, feed me, just talk or hold me while I cried. I would find myself waking up every morning in such grief I would take a prescription cyclobenzaprine just to make me go back to sleep. In February I found out my ex left me in November because he started seeing another girl named Nikki who was a pastry chef in the correctional facility he was an officer at. They’ve been together under the radar ever since he walked away from us just to keep his reputation flawless. She wrote to me on Valentine’s Day telling me they were a couple now and she didn’t want me to be a problem. I confronted him and he denied it once again. I didn’t know what to believe at that point. The only thing to face was how my life looked so hopeless at that point. He ignored my phone calls and texts after that day in February. I only got ahold of him the night my water broke at his work place. He started taking us to court as of February 28. My babies were born on March 12 2013. He came and was really supportive through delivery. My twins were brought into the world loved and in a comfortable environment. We both cried and talked for about two hours after they were born. He asked me if I’d want to try and work us out for the babies. I said yes but only if she wasn’t in the picture. He said he’d get rid of her and she was nobody special or not going to be a great couple together.

Well I changed my mind a few hours later. I stood my ground and remembered my pain all the last months and couldn’t imagine living with someone so heartless. We argued and turns out she stayed with him. She constantly stalks me, says mean things about me and my babies and controls my ex so much that he can’t even see my twins without her waiting outside in her car or giving him a time limit. I just gave up. He isn’t allowed near us anymore. I was breast feeding I couldn’t be stressed out like that or my milk would’ve stopped. She’s very manipulative and tore us all apart. She’s not ashamed either which makes me sick. My twins are fatherless and I continuously struggle to make ends meet on my own. I have no help from him yet because he’s been saving 400.00 for a paternity test the last 4 months that he’s court ordered to pay. I had a boy & a girl. My daughter needs her dad. This girl is hurting my children and pissing me off by continuously cyber harassing me over Facebook. Making statuses as if anyone cares what a home wrecker has to say. I want her exposed for the manipulative devious disgusting homewrecker she is and the douche bag I left behind for her.



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