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Crystal Ingram — Lansing, Illinois


The home wrecker name is Crystal Ingram and she is from Lansing/South Holland, Illinois. Unsuspecting wife finds out husband has been involved in a sexual relationship with his co-worker for a year and a half. I am not a total fool because you can feel when things are not right with your spouse. We have been married for 10 years now, so of course I know… There was this one particular female he worked with who he introduce me to and said that she was cool. We were having car trouble, so when we were in a bind she would give him a ride and drop him off near our house. Little did I know that their relationship would develop to something more. So we were having a few marital issues and guess who he began to confide in… her. Maybe it was my fault but I never pushed my husband away. I had confronted her and him on several separate occasions about them having an affair, but they both denied it.

What’s The Best Revenge? (Surprise…)


You know, they say the best REVENGE is making your life great without “him”. Sooooo true, right? You need to find a way to put the nightmare of his affair behind you and get your life back. And there’s a free video that’ll help you do just that. It’s called 3 Tips To Survive Your Man’s Affair. It shows you how to heal your emotions and become your confident self again. You deserve it. Click here to watch the video!!

Brittany Vyas — Dixon, Illinois


This is 21 year old Brittany Vyas who sleeps around with married men in Dixon, Illinois. Me and my husband have been together for 10 years married for 2 1/2 years. We have two beautiful daughters together. Back in June 2015 he got in some trouble and had to do a intensive outpatient rehab program. I stuck by him threw everything cause we’ve never had a break up and have had 10 very happy years together. I was also the only women he has ever (not now) slept with. So he starts this program and starts hanging out with some people I didn’t really accept. Most everyone is the program is a addict.

Sheena Harmon — Jersey City, New Jersey


I was married 25 years. My husband and I had been together for 31. We have 3 children. We were happily married and planning for our next chapter in life. Us! We had many plans until August 2013 this 26 year old kid, poor, 2 kids from 2 different baby daddies showed up looking for a job. My husband hired her and from there she pursued him. Non stop texting and sending pictures. Then Snapchats. I confronted her and told her he was married with children. She said she knew and did not care. I asked her to leave us alone. Let us repair the damage she caused and she replied no, she hit the jack pot.

Monika Tollar — Budapest, Hungary


Here is Monika Tollar of Budapest, Hungary. With my recent partner Oliver Fonda of Perth, Western Australia. Every year for the past four years Oliver supposedly had to visit Europe to see his ageing parents and tend to family estate matters. I stayed home with his children from his late wife, tended house, played taxi to the kids, took care of all their welfare. Stayed awake at night worrying about our safety in the house. All during these visits Oliver would phone, send me love messages, texts and loving stories of how he couldn’t wait to get home and was so grateful for his time away and grateful that I did such a good job at home. He’d come home with gifts and hand them over with tears in his eyes when he saw how happy I was.

Michelle Sanchez Stevens — Virginia Beach, Virginia


I came home early and found my husband on top of this Wh*re. Michelle Sanchez Stevens seen me and than my husband seen me and he jumped off her and started saying he was so sorry. I know this B*tch Michelle Sanchez Stevens. Her husband and my husband are Navy buddies. She told me she was sorry and if I could please not tell her husband. I told her you have some F-en nerve to ask me that. I told her to get the F out before I get my bat and start going f-en crazy. She got up and pulled a dildo out of her ass (nasty wh*re) and was gathering up some sex toys, I told her to hurry the f up, grab your sh*t and get out.

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