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Christina Botruff Grand Junction, Colorado

This is Christina Botruff. She is the worst of homewreckers. I have dealt with her for over a year now. My husband and I are just now getting back to somewhat normal. I could go into great detail but I am not. I will spare you all the horrible insights to this woman.

She seems to enjoy dating and screwing married men. I have pictures that she has texted my husband of every one of her body parts. She has made-out with my husband during lunch at their workplace. She was his superior. Leaving him with hickies on his neck to bring home to me after I had just had a miscarriage and asked her directly to back off. I guess that was her way of letting me know he was her man not mine.

She is engaged to a man named Tony who does everything for her. But she still feels the need to have 2-3 boyfriends on the side. She went to IL this summer and cheated on him with 3 different men, some married, then ran her mouth at work about it. She has no remorse and seems to have no plans on stopping for anyone and anything.

She has no respect for herself (obviously), or other women and their relationships. She doesn’t care how much she destroys someone’s family as long as she gets what she wants out of it. The pictures above are just a few of what she sent my husband.

If you know Christina, beware… she has probably already screwed your man.

shesahomewrecker shesahomewrecker