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Kyra Brandon Dock – Des Moines, Iowa


It was a week before my 10yr wedding anniversary when I found out my husband was cheating. He is a disabled veteran and his disability was not enough to keep us afloat. I got a job working for the postal service and I was working 10,11, sometimes 12 hrs a day. So he was lonely…when I discovered the affair it had been going on for 8 mths. I contacted this chic and she said she wanted the 2 of us to get together and confront him because he told her we were having problems and our marriage was failing and we had an open marriage, which was a lie. So she knew he was married!!! I was all for it because she was lead to believe the 2 of them had a future together. When my grandmother passed away in May, she came to my house, while I was at the funeral. One of the pics you see is of her in my front yard. She made plans to remodel my house. I also confronted my husband and I got many details from him about how she was adamant that she didn’t want to be a homewrecker and she wanted to be sure it was going to be okay, yet she never contacted me to verify his story. She doesn’t even have a HS diploma or a GED, she is 21 and can’t even drive!!! A few dys before the set confrontation SHE chickened out and said she was just going to move on….it was a lie. She tried contacting him shortly after she shut down the meeting she was furious to find out that he had blocked her from contacting him. So she told me she was “late.” I was too numb still to react and I really didn’t believe her, and 2 wks went by and I contacted her again and she still said she was “late.” She refused our offer to take her to the doctor or to take a pregnancy test. I and my husband contact her and she finally admitted she was not pregnant, but she wanted my husband. After he told her he was done and anything she had to say she could say it to me…she once again asked for a face to face, I agreed and she pulled out again on the day scheduled. A few more wks went by and she contacted my hubby again saying she missed him and he again told her to talk to me. We set another date and I tried calling her, messaging, etc just to give her a chance to say her peace and she ignored me. I feel like like if you are hoe enough to spread your legs for a married man, then be woman enough to own up to it. I hope she see’s this because I have a message for her…you cannot mess up people’s lives,families, and marriage and not suffer the consequences for it.

Tajanai Roberts – Watonga, Oklahoma


My husband was working on a rig in watonga ok and met her after her high school graduation they preceded to have a relationship keeping it secret every week he went to work leaving his 5 kids and wife at home as she knew about us and she is pregnant with his child and then had her sister message me on fb to tell me about it so now he’s out and I’m working on a divorce while his kids cry for their daddy a divorce is on its way and these two have gone their separate ways after ruining the lives of 6 people.

Aaron Mullennax — Amarillo, Texas


My husband comes home for lunch and out of no where looks guilty which isn’t typical and my immediate reaction to read his phone text brings me to a conversation between him and a woman from his work leading them to a hotel room where they work together. I contact her and she informs me their in love. My husband begins a long journey of denying to me that they ever acted on a too friendly relationship that he doesn’t have time for when he’s at work. The woman contacts my husband to the point where we block her incoming messages so she learns to spoof every call and text. This goes on for about a year which includes Christmas time when I find presents wrapped in cupcake wrapping (her nickname cupcake) coincidently she bought him the exact same things as I did. Her birth day is one day apart from mine only she’s much older. Come the day this woman “hacks” his account and does real time changes to our iPhones my husband makes the poor decision to prove he’s not with her she is crazy the whole blame on the chick thing and his passion drives him to instill this into me in the worse way. I leave him. I move into an apartment where I stay for over a month while he’s begging me to come back. After an attorney and some really long talk I decided to believe him that she is crazy. One day before my birthday (remind you her birthday is the day before mine) I intercept a call from her to him and she tells me over speaker phone she is pregnant. My husband finally stops tormenting me by saying, “I need your help. I can’t do this on my own. ” later that translates to he tried dumping her a few months before she screams pregnant and was upset with him so the “stand by your man” begins.

Emma Fields — Rainsville, Alabama


This homewrecker here has caused so much trouble I don’t know where to begin, she knew me and my man were together and still chased after him she has no respect for a relationship once I found out we broke up and she is still causing drama bc she doesn’t know how to grow up I recently found out she slept with him in my car at the parking lot of his job. This is not the first time she has done this so ladies beware of this homewrecker

Jessica Curran — Fallon, Nevada


Let me begin by saying this homewrecker tried extremely hard but did not succeed. My fiancĂ© and I have been together for 2 years. This w***** was my best friend! She was living with me as was he. I was pregnant with our daughter at the time. I would be sleeping because of my pregnancy and they would be goin at it(I didn’t know this at the time). So after 3 months of this going on under my nose, I came home from running errands and found them in my bed with her giving him a blow job. Right then and there the entire story came out and all of the apologies. I kicked her out. She moved to Fallon Nevada. After 2 months of us tryin to work on our relationship he had been being sneaky on his phone. So when I was asleep I took and found messages between the two of them and pornagraphic photos sent between the two of them along with a message from him to her saying “get me the hell out of here!” I confronted him and shortly after he left driving cross country to Fallon Nevada where he stayed with her for a week doing god knows what!(well I think we all know what!) after that he begs to come back that he’s so sorry and that he knows he messed up. So i let him come home. He apologized but was still being sneaky with his phone. When I got a ahold of it again after a few weeks he was for sure talking to her still. I told him I was done and to leave and to go be with her. He said he just wanted to be friends with her. I told him its me or her. After several fights, he decided to stay with me. Since then has cut her off entirely. We are successfully working on our relationship.

Misty Dawn Bailey — Marion, North Carolina


I was with my husband for 20 years and this home wrecking whore slept with my husband for 10 years and had a child with him also. She never once minded that he was married she didn’t mind being on the side. If you see this woman keep your man or husband locked away from her. She prefers them married.

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