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Amanda Alphonso — Montalvin, California


So me and my husband have been together for 8years, married for 3 and have 3 kids together. It started back in 2014, he meet this stupid manipulative psycho at his work where she was the security guard. At first I didn’t pay no mind to their friendship but one day jus out of curiosity I went throw our cell phone bill and saw about 2500 text messages from his phone so I checked the number to see who it was and sure enough it was this bitch AMANDA ALPHONSO. It was late night so I woke him, slapping him and of course he denied everything. He then later admitted to trying to f*ck her but that she was always telling him it wasnt right and that she didnt wanna be the other women and that he was always clear about how he loves me and that he want going to leave me.

Christina Anthony — Dundalk, Maryland


This stupid, manipulative girl decided to enter into a relationship with a married man, nearly 10 years older than her. The married man she had an affair with has a loving and understanding wife and beautiful child, both of whom were hurt by their actions. This girl had absolutely no problem whatsoever with actively trying to break up a happy home for her own personal gratification, although she never had a chance of success.  The man and his wife have been working together to buy a bigger house and perhaps grow their beautiful little family. While there are problems in all relationships, and he does have culpability in this, this girl was openly working on breaking up this home.

Kristen Johnson — Tulsa, Oklahoma


So my husband and me have been married since April 2011. My husband works for a water company who well known for supplying water out. There are a few girls that work with him. So my husband and me were going through a rough patch but still talking and trying to figure out what we needed to do if we should stay together or leave. He left me but was still having sex with me for 2 months. I found out that Kristen is a mother of 3 and also has a husband who worked for the company was talking to my husband shortly after we weren’t doing good. Didn’t think anything of it at the time since I knew she was married. My husband came over to stay the night and I went through is phone and saw sexual messages from the both of them and pictures of her naked.

Leticia Palomares — Fresno, California

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.11.23 AM

This shameless trash is Leticia Palomares, she lives in Fresno CA. She was having an affair with my ex 3 months prior to me finding out. I was living with him, our 4 and 2 yr old boys and pregnant with our twins, while his long ours at work were really because he was with this trash. I left Fresno in May to deliver my twins back home in NM. I went into labor at 37 weeks and our twins spent over a week in the NICU. This p.o.s knew and kept him from being their for the birth and from seeing them in the NICU. She is a pathetic home wrecking trash who had no consideration of my kids not even because he had become a father of not 1 but two babies…

Amber Nichoal Guillory — Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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This is a serial homewrecker. Her name is Amber Nichoal Guillory. She friended my husband on Facebook and tgey began talking. She knew about me and didnt care. Within a week she came from Alabama to Louisiana to visit family and carry out her affair. She is also married. I had a tracker on my husbands phone and found out and texted her to let her know he was still with me and she lied to my face and continued to text him and try to see him.

Ann Burton (Ferguson) — Titusville, Florida

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.58.36 AM

This is Ann Burton (Ferguson). She lives in Titusville FL, and origionally comes from Mims, FL. This woman is the face of pure, unadulterated EVIL. And not just because she’s ugly. She truly is evil down to the core. I was pregnant and she stole away my unborn baby’s father, then proceeded to threaten me my entire pregnancy. Threats included things like cutting my baby out of me, beating me up, and so on. She also took my Mother’s Day, he spent it with her because of her brainwashing ways, she is no kind of a mother, because what kind of mother threatens to cut an unborn baby out of someone and kill it? She knew Mother’s day belonged to me since I’m the mother of his child, and she knew I was sitting by the door for 3 straight days crying over him not even calling to wish me a happy mothers day and waiting on flowers that never came. She knew it upset me into a 3rd preterm labor event.

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