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Samantha Junod Denver, Colorado

Married to high school sweetheart for 23 years 4 kiddos he decided we needed to move to Colorado cause he has back problems for weed. She was my only friend there we were friends for about 2 years she is 23 he is 43, he needed work done with him in the mountains so being she needed a job and was my friend and a CHILD, I trusted them to go for a few days. Never in a million years would have thought what they did. EVER.   Read More

Taylor Fox Killeen, Texas

My name is Carrisa. Back in 2010 I met a guy named Stephen who I thought was “the one”. He presented himself to be a nice, sweet, loving, and fun guy who was a complete gentleman. Immediatley within a year we fell in love. We got engaged and within a few months I was pregnant with my first child. Our relationship started off rocky I must say as there were lies and decit early on by both him and myself. We were both still young Read More

Brittani S Schubauer Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

While my husband had always had issues that make me question my trust for him, I never thought he’d pull the stunts this psycho lady put in his head. February of 2015 he started acting weird. Going to the bar (he doesn’t drink), staying out until 3-4am while I stayed at home with our 5 month old baby (that we planned) and 5 year old daughter. Things were getting weird and he started asking me things that related to us splitting. We Read More

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