Cynthia Thomas Burgen Anderson, South Carolina

I have been married for 22 years. ┬áMy cheating husband has been doing karaoke at a local bar for the last three years. My homewrecker is one of the bartenders there and she has been able to serve me drinks (more…)

Amy Potts Illinois

We were married 7 years they say there’s a 7 year itch well he had it. I primarily blame my husband, he’s the one who broke our vows and hurt our family however with exposing the female involved, I hope (more…)

Lindsay Avilas Louisiana

My soon to be Ex-Husband and I were Just married 7 years and together 12 years with 4 children. On October 15th,2012 John (John Spanky Jackson my husband) emailed me on Facebook to let me know (more…)

Christina Allen Pennsylvania

My husband and I have been married 29 years. He met this woman while working in Pittsburgh, PA area. They began a relationship and he was “working” lots of hours and could not come home. (more…)

Susan “Suzy” “Suzy Q” Carner Texas

Where do I start. My homewrecker was a close friend that I would speak to on a weekly basis. She would always be or be headed to the same place my guy and I were going to be at. He and I have been together (more…)

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