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Aleks Spr — Manhattan, New York


The woman pictures here is the worst kind of evil. While I was teaching a course on literacy and education one June evening, my partner of three years decided to go to a dive bar. This Soviet bar fly, with a “deadline” in mind for a baby, was there, gussied out. While they were eye fucking or whatever “man hunting low life skill” she was employing that evening, a man in the bar told her that my boyfriend was taken. Like she gave a fuck. Well, soon after, I went away for two weeks to visit my aunt who had advanced cancer. They got their fuck on while I was away. When I returned, my boyfriend started coming home at 3am, 4am, after she had fallen to her sleeping pill she had been taking. This was about two weeks after we had signed a two year lease together. He would come into bed, hug me, kiss me, make love to me, and tell me he was “out making money for us, doing extra projects.”

Kelsey Krohn — Austin, Texas


This is 100% a vent, but I had to somehow release these emotions of pure disgust and humor. For me and for the justice of my unborn daughter. So obviously this woman, well I should say girl. Whom being 26 should know how to behave as an adult…but clearly lacks the intelligence to behave in such a manner, is the EX of the father of my child. I blame her lack of maturity on being given everything by her parents. Come on, you’re valmost 30 and you still don’t pay your own bills. I’m literally laughing at your pathetic nature. I am years younger than you and the father of my child is hahaha wow, so much younger than you. Which also explains why you don’t care about other people’s children because you are yourself still one.

Sarah Joy Stobaugh — Manchester, Tennessee


Meet Sarah.. my husband left me for her in October 2015. He spent halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and new years with her instead of his family. We have 2 beautiful daughters together and 17 years of marriage! He came home last week January 15 2016.. I have forgiveness for him. But this 22 year old home wrecker is still pursuing him! Some girls need to get a clue! Look ho.. he obviously just used you and threw you away. Have respect for not only my family but also for yours.. since she has 2 sons by 2 different dad’s neither of whom want to have anything to do with her.. probably because she cheated on them since she doesn’t seem like the type of person have any morals or value for relationships!

Tyesha Lee — Baltimore, Maryland


First of all ladies we can’t totally blame the whore. It definitely takes two to cheat. Especially when you know you have a family at home that you return to daily. When I found out my husband was cheating and things were getting out of hand I left. I waited until I knew he wouldn’t be home for a couple of days cause he was with that frog eyed whore and rented a u-haul took what I wanted put it in storage and left. This was someone he worked with and he was in management. Eventually they both got fired. I saw from her Facebook page all the stuff he brought her for Valentines day and so forth. And alot more. Eventually we tried to work things out unfortunately I can’t trust him at all. But she refused to let go his phone rang all day and night. She thought she had a daddy for her daughter. I left him twice in the course of this situation. I answered his phone once when she called and said I gave him to you twice what’s the problem. Why he not with you. There’s nothing keeping him here. She’s crying talking about put him on the phone. I jus hung up. Though we are together I can’t get over that mess. My trust for him is less than 50%. He acts like that’s a problem but he created it. He has since blocked her number and she still tries. She still a trifling whore.

Hannah Frye — Logan, West Virginia


This whore sleeps with the whole towns husbands and boyfriends. Has since Jr. High. She is looking for a meal ticket since she is so stupid she flunked out of Vocational School!! Only complete morons do that. She doesn’t work so she spends her time taking 200 selfies a day so people can compliment her on her looks.. i went to school with her mom so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Beware this women is trying to get preggo by anyone that she thinks has a job. Now we hear she has HIV and spreading it to anyone possible. Logan watch out for this one. She is a walking death sentence for your wife or girlfriend because she can’t find her own man. Truth be known her mom killed off her husband to get the “love of her life”. Pathetic Family. News Alert: your husband should had been your love of your life idiot!

Christina Federighi — Lompoc, California


I wanted to expose this homewrecker, she has not only destroyed my marriage but she also caused me to become infertile. The reason why I can’t have children is because my husband contracted Chlamydia. My husband and I tried to start a family, but I was incapable of getting pregnant, because the Chlamydia spreaded all throughout my reproductive system. My husband later confessed his affair with Christina since 2010…so everyone needs to have precaution on this woman, she’s destroying marriages and spreading Chlamydia.

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