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Jamie Umstead New York

It all started two years ago. My husband worked with her boyfriend. He gave my husband her number for something that I thought would be innocent. After I told her that he was married and that he lived at home with me and our kids, she didn’t seem to care.

Shellie Callender Cockerham Louisiana

In 2014 My husband got a job at a local hospital and was sent on a work trip for a healthland conference to Austin, Texas in October. This girl, Shellie, worked at the same hospital and was sent on this conference trip also. Along with a group of other guys and girls. The first night in Austin they had a mixer with an open bar, now my husband is not a drinker but let his guard down and enjoyed some drinks after encouragement from this female.

Patrick D. James Georgia / Texas

Where to begin .. It’s always sad when kids are involved.. I debated on making this public . But today is especially hard since it’s Father’s Day and his children are without their dad. Patrick James was always a bit unstable as far as holding a job, staying in one place for or apparently being faithful. He started

Desirae Cliffndale Canada

Attention everyone !!! it’s true, I Desirea Cliffndale age 23 am a home wrecking whore. I’ve been sleeping with a married man who’s the same age as my father Fewaz Saghir also known as Jesse Saghir 42 years old “hairstylist at Sirena Salon And Spa” !! Yes, I am the whore that’s in desperate need of being with Lebanese

Katie Culbreth Yorktown, Virginia

You know? I don’t even know why I’m writing this… I mean in reality who is going to care about my husband cheating on me and the women he left me for anyway? Who cares what they look like? Or who’s prettier? That’s not what it’s about. It’s about the fact I’ve been cheated. My family has been cheated. We had a life and it has fallen apart all because two people couldn’t think about the consequences of their actions. Then again…

James Fields North Carolina

This man has many different profiles and has a manipulative way of gaining your trust. He wrecked my home, my entire life. I have nude pictures of him and another married woman, he involved my children in his affairs, he had ongoing relationships with multiple women at once. He will tell a woman whatever he thinks

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