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Syreeta Palmer — Huntsville, Alabama

I wasn’t going to post this exposure, but after not hearing from Syreeta Palmer for a year, out of the blue she sends me a message in April telling me that she was looking at my profile and saw lots of pictures of my son, but none of my husband. She wanted to know if we were still together because she still had feelings for him and believes that if she would have had a better paying job that my husband would have chosen to be with her. I have since blocked her from my profile (my husband has had her blocked for over a year), but still want others to know about her. I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to get out as much as I could.

My husband and I met 7 years ago and our relationship developed fast. We were living together within a month and it seemed serious. We agreed that cheating was anything you wouldn’t do when your significant other was around, or wouldn’t want them seeing. He was the one who voiced this definition and I thought that this was great. Finally, someone who cared about a relationship like I did. 7 months in, he told me that when he went to OCS (Officer Candidate School) for the Army, that he did not want a girlfriend. I was hurt and decided that if he didn’t want to be with me then that I would end things and not drag it out. I ended up moving to Colorado. 18 months later he contacts me to see how I am. He comes to visit and everything goes back to how it was. He told me when he moved to Texas in 2 months he wanted me to move with him. He was going to be deploying soon after he got to Texas, but wanted me to be there when he got back so we could get married. I agreed and packed all my stuff to move there in 2010. Things were great and we were enjoying spending time together before he left. He started to get texts and was telling me it was from this girl he was seeing after I moved. She was asking why he was with me and if I was pregnant and blackmailing him to be with me. I told him it bothered me yet nothing was done and they kept coming. On December 16, 2010, I sent Syreeta a message on Facebook telling her that I was his girlfriend and I knew she knew about me. I told her I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t need to blackmail him because he wanted to be with me. I told her if she continued to contact him that I would tell her all the things he had said about her. She said she would never contact him again. She lives in Alabama and had this whole time….

Jenifer Oliver — Birmingham, Alabama

My husband and I have been together off and on going on 6 years and Jenifer Oliver is obsessed with all because he got drunk one night and had sex with her. But every chance she gets she will text or call him and try to cause problems between us because her man isn’t home or she gets bored or whatever oh and btw she is almost 40 years old and my husband is almost 27. Jenifer Oliver also has ties to Florida if it has a penis, she will try to get with it and she thinks if she gains weight… that my husband will want her because I’m plus size.

Laurie Galbraith — Seale, Alabama

My other half and I have had a long journey for a relationship. We knew each other growing up. His dad and my grandpa were best friends, along with his sister and I being best friends since we were 6/8. He and I both had a rough previous marriage and weren’t looking for love. It was love at first sight after not seeing each other for a couple of years.

I was 21 and he was 36. Fast forward a couple of years. We are happy for the most part, however, I’d caught him sexting other women a few times. After a while, I told him we shouldn’t be living together and took the son we had together and my daughter from my previous marriage and moved out for two weeks. During that two weeks, this bitch, Laurie Galbraith, moved in on him. Asking to be his “shoulder to lean on”…

Amber Patterson — Birmingham, Alabama

I have been with my husband for 8 yrs. We had our ups and downs like any relationship. We have one child together. Things started going down hill quick. He started lying about everything and hiding his phone. Walking away when talking on the phone (cause it was Amber Patterson). I found Amber Patterson’s picture on his phone. And emails from a dating website. Then he lied about fishing and went to have sex with her. Even though we are still married, he’s living with Amber Patterson now.

Amberly Mason — Huntsville, Alabama

It all started July 13, 2015 which happens to be her birthday. My boyfriend now EX was Amberly Mason’s EX whom I was told when we got together that she had broke his heart. He said Amberly Mason left him for another man. She had messaged him on Facebook asking how he was.

I sent her a message on Facebook and asked who she was and she lied to me and told me a family friend. I later found out via old pictures due to her having his name tattooed on her breast… that Amberly Mason was his EX. She has since covered his name up. She messaged him yet again so I messaged her back and told her I knew who she was and asked nicely for her to leave us be.

He started acting differently towards me soon after. I know she had text him. They made plans to meet up. Meanwhile him knowing I have no family here and staying at one of his family members houses. I confronted him about it and he of course hasn’t been honest. I even told him if he wanted her to tell me instead of being mean to me and trying to make things my fault. If she really respected my relationship she would’ve left him alone. They can have each other. And when she breaks his heart again… I will laugh. Because he had someone who truly loved him and he threw it all away for this home wrecker!!

Robin Dana Vogel Billiot Waldrop Thompson — Edwardsville, Alabama

My life was perfect! I married my soul mate in 1983. We were married for 4 yrs until Robin Dana Vogel Billiot Waldrop Thompson came back into the picture! She was his ex girlfriend as a teen. Robin had cheated on him many time before I came along. They broke up the last time because he caught her giving his uncle a blow job while he was passed out! Yep!!

Robin which also goes by Dana has had 5 abortions I know of and one she had at 7 months pregnant! Well she had an advantage on finding him because her mom (Barbra P) worked for the state highway dept of Alabama. So her mom looked him up by his name to get all of the info she could on him. Now you know it would also say that he was married. After finding out all the addresses, phone #’s, everything. She started stalking him. She knew what kinda work he did… 

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