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Raylene Vigil Denver, Colorado

Raylene Vigil began attending our family’s church in 2009 and quickly befriended our family. Raylene was a new Christian and didn’t know much about the church life or how to be a Christian so our family took her under our wing. Little did we know that she had an agenda all along.

Raylene became close friends with my daughter and joined my (then) son in law, Mat’s, networking marketing business. Raylene was laid off in the early summer of 2009 and began hanging out with my daughter almost daily. My daughter was, at that time, a stay at home mom to her 2 year old and 5 month old and Raylene would come over to hang out at the pool during the day.

My daughter and Mat were having marital problems due to Mat’s ongoing unemployment and lack of financial stability. Raylene became my daughter’s shoulder to cry on and good friend, often offering to babysit for “date night”. Raylene also accepted MY financial help during that time as she was always short on cash. In August 2009, my daughter discovered that Mat and Raylene had been having an affair almost the entire time they had known each other and while Raylene was pretending to be my daughter’s friend, she was plotting to “steal” her husband. This woman started vying for my daughter’s husband when their youngest child was only 2 months old.

Since that time, Mat and Raylene have remained an on again/off again couple. During one of their break ups, Mat went and married ANOTHER woman (to whom he’s still married) and then Raylene took him back again. Yes, that’s right…This woman has been with this man while he’s been married to TWO other women.

Presently Raylene Vigil (who currently lives in Johnstown, CO) is working as a Life Coach and is VP of marketing at The Secret To Life Coaching. She and Mat were recently featured on the Secret To Life Coaching radio show, as experts in the field of relationships.

If you look at Raylene  worked for a company for one year and one month. The wife of her boss was not real happy to find out she was having an affair with her husband.

Raylene Vigil has rightfully earned the title of HOME WRECKER.





52 Responses to “Raylene Vigil Denver, Colorado”

  1. Sick of Military Whores says:

    oooooo That IS BAD JUJU!!!! You can’t be a life coach an a hooker all at the same time. I guess the whole accepting Jesus didn’t stick. I guess she hasn’t really read scripture or she would be extremely worried.

    • Sick of Military Whores says:

      Never mind. I thought she was a Christian Life Coach and that would have been really bad. Looks like she is working for some secular, worldly something or other. But I stand by my accepting Jesus didn’t stick and if she read scripture she would be worried.

    • Raychel says:

      Accepting Jesus didn’t stick at all. This girl has no shame.

  2. A homewrecker indeed! Shame on her.. and ur kids husband… what a simple, dirty trashy and patethic s***!!!

  3. WhoresRU says:

    Ummmmm. She’s a RELATIONSHIP life coach!!! What’s she coaching? How to destroy another woman’s marriage!! This one might get good if people who have attended her “life coaching classes” Google her name and see this story!! Wow! Some women are unbelievable!!

  4. R&R says:

    Hey, congrats to Mat, she is sexy, sexy sexy! Yum

  5. October says:

    Wow what a stupid cuntl.

  6. Bamza says:

    They hid the picture with the link to her very hypocritical job. But no worries, I have it. Her job RADIO/376815519086664 His Hers

  7. jes says:

    disgusting and pathetic…i feel sorry for anyone buying into that bullshit…what is she coaching? on how to be a dirtly lowlife w****?

  8. Raychel says:

    What pathetic pieces of s***! It’s a damn shame that you can’t even trust church members. Idk how women like her can destroy a family, and then turn around and start one with him. Whores like her are the worst kind,I hope she doesn’t think he’ll be faithful. Has anyone told this hoe that she’s on here yet?

  9. lol in Texas says: lmao really? Looks more like an undercover prostitution ring to me!

  10. Virginia says:

    I just sent her the link.

  11. Tara K. says:

    Omg. She is a sorry excuse for a women.

  12. Local says:

    Does anyone believe in Karma for these skanks? Please someone help me out

  13. Betty says:

    What did she do? Pray to God to forgive her? Really!! Does this make it acceptable? Hell no!! What a skank!!

  14. ultrapunk says:

    She’s really pretty and has a nice body to boot. I am fairly certain the OP is a hag.

  15. Melanie says:

    Happy your daughter dumped his sorry a$$!

  16. KickHimtotheCurb says:

    What a bunch of frauds. Relationship coach my ass.

  17. Sam I am says:

    Sounds like she has earned the title, give it up for free to anyone I can

  18. Beautiful 1 says:

    Raylene you are beautiful and such a great person! The person who wrote this is bored lonely and needs attention … Lisa has been divorced to mat for over 4 yrs and she needs to get over it! She stalks him and she is a dr with a phd and she’s acting this way?? Hmmm and her mother condones this as well? Lisa is the one who introduced you to mat and just think God puts the rite people in your life and takes out the ugly get over it and let people live there lives!!!

    • Adriana says:

      God the affair matchmaker! Idiot.

      • Boomboompow says:

        Jesus Christ you f****** idiot “beautiful 1”. People like you are the reason so many people are turned off to religion! Your statement is the epitome of hypocrisy… I was completely unaware that god was “pro affair” as a means to start a relationship. You’re a dumb ass. Please stop bringing god into it. Shut up. You’re dumb.

        • Beautiful1 says:

          Rayleen is beautiful and beautiful on the inside ,talk is cheap and when it comes to low lives that always gotta judge someone that’s just awful !!mat and Rayleen keep up the good work raise your kids and keep doing what your doing there are nothing but idiots out there especially you know who!!!

          • Somon says:

            Beautiful1. My guess is that you are some how related to the skank or punk. If you judge beauty on how wide and how often a skank spreads her legs for multiple married men, well I guess she would be beautiful. Poor children, they will have to pay the price for their disgusting low life parents. I bet you help these two in their lies and crap…what they are doing is not okay in any way. The punk is married…what is wrong with this skank that she is having another child with him. And what is wrong with you that you think all of this is okay? You are all very sick

          • Adriana says:

            If the world is full of idiots, you must be their king.

          • Adriana says:

            ^^that comment is for beautiful1, not Somon. Somon is spot on.

  19. Beautiful1 says:

    I love haters!! I collect them like gijoes!!!! Who are you to judge Rayleen you ain’t God! Now what?

    • Livingcautiously says:

      I come to sites like this to weed out people that may cross my path. Speaking for myself, I just want to make informed decisions about my life, if I am unfortunate enough to cross paths with women like this one I know what I can expect, I won’t be fooled. I just wish there was a picture of Beautiful1 too, so that I could avoid her (or him) too. The original post wasn’t attacking in anyway, sometimes the truth is ugly, but it is still the truth. Pull up your big girl panties or tighty whites and make some changes, seems like a easy thing.

      • Beautiful1 says:

        To bad the person who put this post up to attack and feed onto negitivity is just horrible then to put God in the situation! My God is good and it’s to bad that this women is that hurt and the mother acts like she was sleeping with her daughters husband and so be it it he cheated on her maybe it was best she left him now move on let him live his so called douchbag life , live and learn and remember who are we to point the finger and judge?

        • Katarina says:

          You are the one who stirred this up again. Now, go get yourself some hooked on phonics and go back to junior high. This is adult talk.

  20. Billie Jean says:

    Beautiful1. Writing 101 would be a good idea. A comprehension class 1st so you can follow along when your teacher is giving instructions.

  21. Beautiful1 says:

    Lol love love love you all ! If the mother would get over her son in law then maybe I wouldn’t be backing up rayleenvigil

    • SlutSlayer says:

      As long as fools like you support these homewreckers and the lying, cheating spouses, they will continue to destroy families and hurt people. Why do you blame everyone but the people who most deserve it?

      You MUST be related to one of them.

  22. Aaachooo says:

    How many children does this guy have? Why would anybody want to get with a s*** like him? There is one person that is talking all kinds of shazit about other people, like defending these cheaters, and nobody has denied that they are cheaters. I like what living cautiously said, stop wrecking other peoples lives. You two are a perfect match

  23. Jenny says:

    I’d like to find her so I can get your information. Let’s post your information, too!

    I mean, as long as we are telling what happened, we should tell the whole story, right????

    The husband shouldn’t get to hide behind a keyboard when HE was the one that made the commitment to her. She owes you NOTHING!!!!!!

    I hate it when women get mad at other women!!!!

    Blame the husband! Let’s get his name out there, too!

    • homewrecker are immoral. they are paying for their actions by being exposed says:

      But Jenny, that would be dangerous. isn’t that what you have been saying on all of these exposures. You want to put the husband indanger as well. Emma, I mean Jenny, go away you psycho.

  24. Stacey says:

    Ashley posted a link to his profile-his name mat basquez. who else’s name do you want? The op? Ex wife?

    op said that this hw was her daughters friend before sleeping with him. she deserves blame too.

    • Jenny says:

      This is not ok. Post the husband’s information on, please.

      NOT just the other woman. Not to mention, these stories are mostly one sided and most cases, you don’t even know if this story is true. Do you read the posts at the bottom? A lot of these women were LIED to by the husbands and in some cases the couples are separated, yet the wife just cannot move on.

      • Stacey says:

        Well that isn’t the case here. The hw knew he was married…she was his wife’s friend. I was a witness to this so I know what happened and the op was correct.

        He was outed on cheaterville so he’s gotten his along with the hw.

  25. Jaeger says:

    Jenny R says he has 4 little children! This HW was a friend to the wife. This site provides a great service. Knowing that this HW preys on her friends husbands is valuable information. Predators come in many shapes and sizes. Blaming anyone is not productive, letting people know what kind of people are out there is. This woman is what she is, regardless of who the married man is, she will still be who she is.

  26. Princess Fleabag says:

    Hey! She’s not a fraud in *theory*. She’s had LOTS of experience in relationships. It’s quantity, not quality you guys. Give the HOmewrecker a break!

    Princess Fleabag

  27. Jenna says:

    The “first born” child that he references here is actually his 4th child, and in fact could be his 5th born (a product of his affair with another married woman that remains with her husband)

  28. And by the way: says:

    She’s also a former porn star.

  29. Wow says:

    Former poem star! Lol she is a lot of things but I can’t See her as a porn star, she is much too busy GIVING it away to any married man that is willing to say ” I love you” to her!

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