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Samantha Lynn Patterson Rock Hill, South Carolina

My husband and I have been together for 12 years, dated 6 married 6. He was my HS sweetheart. We’ve been thru a lot and 3 kids later I was ready to move to another state to just start fresh in a new area. He started a new job and I thought everything was awesome; next thing I know he never comes home. 3 days straight no calls just random text saying on my way and he never shows. Once I figured out he was with a girl I found her number and called. He was right next to her and she thought we were divorced.

Nope not at all! I have been in his job 5 million times, met her and she waited on us!  She has met my children and me and said we were divorced? I kicked him out to figure things out and when I decide to talk to him he came home with a huge tattoo of the girls name Samantha on his neck!  I was devastated. He had the nerve to ask to come home!

It’s now been three months since we’ve been separated and I’ve filed for divorce. This girl has made it a point to let me know now that she knew we were married and was going to take him from me. Well you accomplished your task now karma is huge and with 3 kids there little butts will be homeless with child support. This chick has had 3 boyfriends in a year and thinks she is in love with my husband. Watch out South Carolina!  She has no car nothing! She uses men and thinks she is cute! Her name is Samantha Lynn on FB and on Instagram Lynn.samantha.





6 Responses to “Samantha Lynn Patterson Rock Hill, South Carolina”

  1. smackaho says:

    Shes ugly as hell

  2. homewreckerhater says:

    Thats so not cute, opposite. What fuckwit your ex is, and this s*** needs a beating. Cum dispenser is all!!!

  3. Alyssa says:

    I didn’t realize this got posted I just posted new today continuing on to the saga so maybe they can do an update bc it gets worse

  4. Alyssa says:

    And her last name is Patterson. Hopefully the owner to this site will see my new update bc karma did come around :)

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