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Shannon Elizabeth Selgman Summersville, West Virginia

This homewrecker w**** ruined my marriage. My ex-husband and I moved to Summersville to an apartment complex with my 2 children. She had a little girl and she stayed with us all the time. I even bought her child new clothes and shoes because they were nasty and ragged. Well anyway it all started when she started hanging around a lot and they exchanged numbers.  Then she asked my ex to help her move to another apartment. Well I suspected him of cheating before, I even had a miscarriage due to all the stress and then I asked him if he was cheating on me with her and he said no. He works in ems and I got into his Facebook and found messages from about 15 different girls he’s been messing with including Shannon.  She’s a nasty b****. One of her legs are bigger than both of my legs. I also checked the phone bill and found he was sending dirty pics.

I confronted him about it we got in a fist fight and he left. She had the nerve to come to my house and act innocent. My ex also drained the bank accounts and messed my car up. Well the day after the fight he called and I said we are over.  I filed the divorce papers and I told him be honest were over. He told me about them all including her and other married women who works where he works. He messed with nasty women, and I’m far from ugly.

Just beware of this woman.  She also ruined her own marriage and a few others.  She just uses men for money because she’s a welfare b****. Oh and she gets a crazy check. She also harasses me all the time. She comes to my door and tries to start stuff and if I’m outside with my kids she starts screaming and running her mouth but if I go towards her she runs away lol! Well she wobbles lmfao.  Just beware of this troll coming to a town near you.







7 Responses to “Shannon Elizabeth Selgman Summersville, West Virginia”

  1. Sarah says:

    Ewwwww another from WV?! They should rename that state WhoreVille !!! Don’t even have to change the abbreviation of WV!!! My home wrecker lives there. For the weeble and we wabble but we don’t fall down s***!!! She’s straight up UGLY

  2. I currently reside in WV and I can tell you that there are so many whores in my area it’s borderline ridiculous.

  3. Haha says:

    Would love to know who you’re husband is.

    • sandy says:

      his name is shawn adkins and he works for jan care ambulance and he sleeps with everyone he has a gf(another one hecheated on me with) and hes cheating on her too lol once a cheater always a cheater

  4. Britrany says:

    Nicholas County is full of homewreckers and whores.

  5. Top KEK says:

    This woman is my neighbor. lol

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