My mom and my stepdad had been together for 22 years, and married 15 years. I always thought of my stepdad as my second dad, and my son calls him pawpaw. We’ve always been close, I’ve been fortunate enough to have 2 dads. In fall of 2011, my mom took a second shift job. In spring 2012,

she found the text on my stepdads phone. It said ‘I will always love you” from a cell number. She went off, I went off. He made up stories about how he went to seek marriage counseling and paid this woman $100 and it turned into an affair, but it was over. Yea right.

They went from the Ideal couple to complete awful. After trying counseling, my mom getting a makeover, desperately wanting it to work. It was too late, my stepdad had fallen for a fat homewrecker. This whole time he had been having an affair with Sharmon Evans, a married woman, his coworker, a family friend. My parents divorce in spring of 2013. Sharmon is still married, but recently moved out of her husbands house. This is her third marriage, all previous ones resulting in adultery. She also has broken up several marriages. I’m mutual with my stepdad.

I miss my family, my parents lived 2 miles from me, and Its not the same. My mom is gradually moving on. OH I missed a big part. After the divorce, my parents still talked, still slept together, and talked bout getting back together. Then he broke her heart again, because he was still seeing Sharmon. He was trying to have his cake and eat it too. I really hate homewreckers, this woman is the queen of them all.