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Sharmon Evans Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

My mom and my stepdad had been together for 22 years, and married 15 years. I always thought of my stepdad as my second dad, and my son calls him pawpaw. We’ve always been close, I’ve been fortunate enough to have 2 dads. In fall of 2011, my mom took a second shift job. In spring 2012,

she found the text on my stepdads phone. It said ‘I will always love you” from a cell number. She went off, I went off. He made up stories about how he went to seek marriage counseling and paid this woman $100 and it turned into an affair, but it was over. Yea right.

They went from the Ideal couple to complete awful. After trying counseling, my mom getting a makeover, desperately wanting it to work. It was too late, my stepdad had fallen for a fat homewrecker. This whole time he had been having an affair with Sharmon Evans, a married woman, his coworker, a family friend. My parents divorce in spring of 2013. Sharmon is still married, but recently moved out of her husbands house. This is her third marriage, all previous ones resulting in adultery. She also has broken up several marriages. I’m mutual with my stepdad.

I miss my family, my parents lived 2 miles from me, and Its not the same. My mom is gradually moving on. OH I missed a big part. After the divorce, my parents still talked, still slept together, and talked bout getting back together. Then he broke her heart again, because he was still seeing Sharmon. He was trying to have his cake and eat it too. I really hate homewreckers, this woman is the queen of them all.





83 Responses to “Sharmon Evans Lawrenceburg, Tennessee”

  1. J says:

    You need to mind your own business. This has nothing to do with you. The relationship is between your parents and his side line girl. Maybe your mom didnt mind.. DId you think of that. Sit your ass back and let the grown ups talk.

    • Nat says:

      that was so rude thats her family and her mother how can she stay out of it when thats part of her life too. her mom needed her daughter and why would any woman be okay with their man being with another woman git a grip be nice or dont have nothing to say at all. JS.

    • brooke says:

      Your seriously a dumbass. Get over your self…. grown ups omg you lost ur an mind

    • Jill says:

      J, Christopher, Chris for short (like your d***)….next time your parents want to have fun your mom needs to swallow since it’s too late for you. Go back to your porn sites or whatever it is you do when you’re not trolling here.

    • you know your wife likes it in the ass j says:

      J….when your wife was f****** another dude…you should have minded your won business!!! lmao! Btw….she still getting it on the side while you wait at home?

    • shevawn says:

      How bout you get a life?!!!! That probably your whorish mother that the homewrecker.

  2. Amber says:

    Don’t mind J. He trolls here and is always starting problems…we all laugh at him / her here

  3. abitch says:

    You are about one hateful mother fucker ‘J’ why don’t you mind your own f****** business, and stfu and gtfo this site with your hateful, bashing innocent ppl, stupid ass comments.

  4. Step says:

    Ignore J he does it to get attention that’s all if you don’t respond he moves to the next one.

  5. abitch says:

    He’s probably a fat nasty pig looking lil ass boy that still lives at home with mommy. Whoever the f*** he is, has serious momny daddy issues. And I’m OUTTA THE KITCHEN and outta my house its spotless I keep it that way for my kids. My husband isn’t an manipulative controling shauvinistic slob that treats women like a slave that looks down on women unlike you, what’s a matter?? Mommy didn’t love you enough, was your mother a sloppy hw ?? Is that where your anger lies??? Mommy have a boyfriend? Are you a product of infedelity??? That why you troll this page and hate on the victims???? Can’t keep a gf bc you treat em like s***??? Did a chick cheat on you and leave you bc your a douche?? Maybe you cheated on her and expected her to put up with being a doormat?? Whatever your problem is you have issues dude, might wanna get your personality checked out by a psychiatrist get on some meds maybe… are you Mad bc you gotta make your own sammiches??? And fyi plus my husband knows the kitchen is where the knives are kept. He makes more sandwhiches than I ever will.

  6. Lottie Rose says:

    I commend you for exposing this w****. Cheating should be everybody’s business. Cheaters and whores cause a lot of shame and they are the ones that should bear the brunt of it not the brokenhearted family members. Cheaters and whores are no better than common criminals. There should be a registry for them like the sex-offender registry. Kudos to Ariella for providing a place to shine a light on the nasty whores lurking in the shadows (gutter).

  7. c.s. says:

    No one should sqeeze the big fat ass “Sharmon”!!

  8. Diva says:

    If everyone would just ignore J then he would go away. He wants attention. Stop giving it to him.

  9. Lisa says:

    Why do they still have jobs alot of places don’t allow dating or relationships in the work places it causes to much drama

    • may says:

      I bet he has spend more than 100 dollars on her I bet is cheating on her to you can’t take a ring off of some one finger and break up 2marriages and expect good things out of it GOD don’t like ugly

  10. may says:

    Thoughts on this w**** it take two he is just as guilty they must have a lot in common or maybe he wanted to be like his friends f****** the same girl. What about the homes they brtoken up what about the ones they loved at one time what about the children sounds like they are real ADULTS sounds like your mom is the winner cause either one of them will trust each other there conscience will catch up to them one day

  11. rad says:

    Hey I know her don’t she work at the utitly system gas dept when did they start letting employees date this is not the first marriage she broken up within the system they both should be fired she a real prize winner

  12. rad says:

    What makes a man give up a good family a grandbaby a good job a good girl for a w**** is it cause he unhappy Naw it cause a w**** can make him think he special and it’something different it’s exciting cheating it when every body fines out it not as fun any more the lies the hidiing slipping around catches up to them what has she gave up for him nothing but p**** she takes his money and he follower her around like a dog in heat and she thinks she is his only one

    • Lottie Rose says:

      It is surely not for her “good looks”. If these kind of men want excitement then they should take up skydiving, mountain climbing, or choking themselves until they pass out. Instead they follow their dicks around looking for the cheapest, easiest hole.

  13. hotter than you says:

    You been lieing to me this whole time soapy you left your wife for Sharma and now your cheating with me your a f****** lier I hate you don’t call or text. Me again u sorry piece of s*** don’t cone to my house when u drunk again at 1 or 2 in the moring cause my p**** is off limits for you. Your a dog. Stay up there with the shop w****

  14. jerry says:

    Man u need some pointer now to creep sounds like. Your no good at it I have 3 baby girls they all think they the only one I I bet u have 2 baby girls when the phone goes off tell them it s one of your friends put it in your phone with another name never let Her play with your phone. She may down load the tracking app and she will be on your ass all the time it will be even easier to cheat if y’all work together cause she thinks she has u all the time

  15. terry says:

    Someone told me to look this web site up and i would see my old girl friend looks likes she still up to her old tricks just cant make a w**** into a house wife

  16. gsry says:

    By the looks o her she a eater hope he has a good job i would chew my arm off to keep from waking her fat ass up

  17. gashoggs says:

    First let me say i work at the gas water dept uitily system power system i to had affrair with sharmon i was married and so was she but when she got her divorce she went from sweet to a bossy b**** but i wasnt the only one after me she turn to the other ones in the gas and water dept first it was DD then SJ SG MM And now ronnie (soapy) i didnt leave my wife for her she wanted me to and i started to im so glad i didnt my wife and me are happy i was going threw some money problems sharmon was the biggest mistake of my life she will be your too she is a w**** and all the people we work with at the gas dept thinks you have lost your mind

  18. peanut says:

    I bet she the type of girl that sucks the hell out of a d*** looks like he a chubby chaser

  19. women jumper says:

    Dude your girl looks like a dude you like men

  20. jj says:

    I know his ex damit boy what was u thinking

  21. waytogo says:

    If u steal they cut your hand off in china if u lie they cut your tougue out if u break a marriage up they shame u till you cant live with your self

  22. sharmon says:

    This is sharmon he wasnt happy i wasnt happy so we got together were happy now get a life and grow up move on with yalls lives please !!!!

    • me says:

      Sharmon, you are a homewrecking s***. Everyone knows it. When they see you,mthey will think that you are selfish, immoral, and cold-hearted. People will know that you are capable of ripping apart a family for your personal gain. You are a disgusting person and a true disgrace to all women. When someone ruins the marriage of someone you love, you will understand the devastation it causes. When this pig of a man leaves you once the newness wears off, i hope you cry as many tears as the woman whose family you destroyed. You wrinkly trollop

  23. tea says:

    She not pretty she has a unbrow

  24. Goodgirl says:

    Good girl for writing this post! Sounds like this person is a real hoe bag, who definitely needed exposed. She’s not pretty at all. And sounds like she’s been with everyone that she works with. I bet everyone knows her “stigma” honewrecker…

  25. Booyah says:


  26. smoking hot says:

    I feel sorry for the wifes and girl friends that dont there husbands has been with her

  27. some one that knows says:

    I wish his ex wife would date me she freaking hot boy hes a dumb ass

  28. she fucked me to says:

    She like 3 somes

  29. she fucked me to says:

    How does my d*** taste soapy

  30. hot chick says:

    Sharmon your a pig face w**** your life is going to be bad for what u did

  31. better than you says:

    What is it with whores that they want married men is it because there wifes broke them in i know your husband he is a good guy the one you stole from his wife was so hurt she had a nevor break down she couuldbt believe what he left her from not just a w**** but a well known w**** you hurt his family as well you tell him you love him he tell you he live you but is he just telling you that cause from my understanding you have told a lot of guys you loved them he only telling you what you want to hear cause he know his wife will never ever take him back i think she hates him now and im glad cause yall act of lust caused all this drama so yall both need each other now get a f****** devorce and stop using your husband dumb ass

  32. who do u think you are says:

    Can we all say JERRY SPRINGER wonder how many ex wifes and girl friends will show up to whip her ass

  33. who do u think you are says:

    Cam we all say JERRY SPRINGER wonder how many ex wifes and girls friends will show up to whip her ass im guessing a lot

    • Lottie Rose says:

      She’s not worth it. She already looks like she’s taken a few punches. I’m surprised there are so many men that have had her. It must have something to do with alcohol. She’s a drunkard’s dream.

  34. f*** her says:

    Maybe her next job will be a bartender she would make a good one she could seve him beer cause ge would havent to be a drunk to be with her nasty ass

  35. ass hole says:

    Heard he cant go any were without taking her child cause she dont trust him

  36. ass hole says:

    Maybe he need to have one of his friends to take along with her o wait she already had all them it might be safe

  37. whatever says:

    I work with this guys ex-wife and she is one of the sweetest people I have come to know she didn’t deserve any of this heartache and I think I may have hurt her feelings at breakfast Thursday morning but it would never be my intention to hurt her I just want her to realize she needs to let go of all this pain so she can one day be happy again and even if she gets mad at me I am not going to stop trying to help her through this and it’s because she is a good person and I truly care about her as my friend

  38. oh yea says:

    Oh your dating my s*** im eating my lunch would u like some of those left overs to

  39. kiss my ass says:

    Do u rember when we was in school and you got caught with my boy friend i knew then you was a w**** and now ever one else does to b****

  40. oh yea says:

    You cant change the color of a tigers spripes

  41. Please stop says:

    The worst part is the ex wife, should quit dwelling over him. She’s prolly the one who wrote most of these comments under diff names, I’d put money on it. They are not worth the trouble. Everyone knows Sharmon is a w****, and the stepdad is a cheater. That’s on them. You should now rebuild your own life and quit dwelling over them!

  42. you know it says:

    Thanks little girl

  43. LOL says:

    The worse part is dont know him her or any ex and i think this s*** is funny

  44. big r says:

    Have u ever thought his ex may be over him i know his ex and let me say she is the bomb its his lost she mine now thank you for giving her up

    • the daughter says:

      No because that’s all she talks bout to everyone even random strangers. And I know this is probably her comment too. Because I’ve known her for 26 years, I know how she talks, types, misspells words.

  45. big r says:

    She never says any thing about him i keep her busy lol

  46. dumb ass says:

    I know this girl husband he is a kind sweet person this is the 2nd time she has cheated on him with someone she works with he forgave her and took her back because the guy she cheated with was a married man she worked with and told her it was a mistake and he wasnt leaving his wife for her she cry and begged him to leave her just didnt happen so she moved on to the next married man girl what is wrong with you i bet your mom is so proud of you !!!!!!!

  47. the daughter says:

    This post has went way too far.. I know who half these post are from!!! Cause she won’t quit dwelling! Time to move on!!! I tried to have this deleted as soon as I posted it and they would not take it down. It’s just a bunch of drama!!!!!!!!!! From The daughter who this happened too!

  48. me says:

    Thank you i miss all of yall i fucked up big time

  49. sharmon says:

    Im so glad we got together and how we living together i still have my job and he still has his so see rhea u didnt get are jobs were hapoy now we love each other i will always love soapy and he will me so grow up and move on with your life because he has moved on yes i took your man

  50. baby girl says:

    I love my new ride!!!! Thanks soapy im gonna give u the best b******* your ever had!!!!!

  51. baby girl says:

    I know i said i wouldnt ever put any thing on this post soapy!!!! But i just wanted everyone to know how much i love you !!!!!! I know you love me you show me and you tell me all the time…thank you for leaving your family for me . I know that was a big step for you . I have worked with you for 20 years all have always wanted you and now i have you .you coming in my life has been a dream coming know who all i have cheated with and still wanted to be with me . Thank you for my new ride i love it. I LOVE YOU SOAPY ( ronnie dial) I only wish we could get married !!!! I know one day we will???? I can always depend on you. I could never repay you all the money and things you have gave me and what you have done for my kids !!! I can only show you how much i love you !!!! We belong together thats a fact . Thanks for taking me to Flordia i had the best time ever on the bike with you. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU !!! Your mine soapy now !!!!!!

  52. Well…….hope everyone is happy. But wouldn’t be surprised if the HW and POS ex doesn’t end up being the biggest losers in the end.

  53. Legs says:

    I was bored and came across this particular website and was intrigued but what I didn’t plan on was having to decipher the illiteracy of the homewreckers however, my curiosity got the best of me. This is coming from an outsider looking in, for starters, any man that leaves a family is a loser, especially when it is for a habitual homewrecking unsavory looking butch of a woman…I guess she is female…next of all, if you have the need to post publicly someone’s possible love for you, then there is a deep void, insecurities, and a lack of trust in the volatile relationship. A Cheater is always a cheater and no one is exempt from this pain and for those of you who are having to Google this verbiage, even Super Models get fucked around on…..Last but not least, KARMA does exist and it may take a day, week, month, and even a year but it does rear it’s painful and ugly head and all hell breaks loose…..chaos and heartbreak sets in and what once seemed like a fairy tale romance is nothing but another case of a limp d*** that is no longer interested in the jezebel/butch rebound…..

  54. concern employees says:

    I have worked in the systems for 25 years were are the mortals in all this my co workers and I have decided every thing in the system is a cover up some can get a dui and they cover it up other lose there job some can work together live together work in same builting and that ok thats not ok in my book the morals has went out the window why have rules if your not going to in force them it was bad enought they cause 2 divorces but to keep letting this go on really

  55. concern about the mortals says:

    Investigation are under way

  56. concern about the mortals says:

    She needs to be removed from the builting its bullshit for them to brag about this and there bosses let it go on make me wonder what they have on there bosses

  57. OMG I JUST FOUND OUT says:

    She has been married 4 times not 3 she been with 7 of the men that works there some is not there any more ??? my boy friend told me every thing he has been with you send him a message on facebook I WILL NOT PLAY WITH YOU !!!!! He told me about meeting you at walmarts behind the shop and about the motels NO more you left your husband and you talked one of the boys to leave his wife because you were so in love you better be in love because there is no one else that will ever mess with your nasty ass everyone knows your a w**** you think there your friends there well I have news for you they make fun of you all the time I have even heard some of them say your a fat ass they has a mental problem that would explain the pills the public pays your check the system sure has went to s*** one day krama will pay all yall mf back

  58. good girl says:

    Krama kick ass

  59. sharmon evans (dial) says:

    I love you sooo much soapy your best man I have ever been with we can have any thing we want with are jobs I wish we could get married but soon I love engagement ring you got me and I know soon we will be married but why should we because everyone knows were living together as a married couple so why should we mess up a good thing and thanks again for my new ride no one has ever bought me such a new vehicle I love it but most of all I love you more than any thing my sweet baby love

  60. what you dont know!!!! says:

    Keep on bragging!!!!! Which name would u like to be know as???? Dickey odom, thrasher, cox, evans!!! I bet your family is so proud of you!!!!! I remember YOU in the school days.. The dates you had only wanted one thing and they knew you was easy!!!!!!! Keep on bragging…. your man has a wondering eye!!!! I could have already took him!!!!! You are clueless! !!!!!!!

  61. boo poo says:

    I cant wait …to be mrs. Dial in” 6 years”.. when you asked me ‘it “shocked” me!!!! Thinking about it!!! YES I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!! RONNIE……I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! “We can get through this as a team”… I have never been this,happy with any one,before….”There not going to fire us Ronnie”!!! They all need to keep there nose out of are business!!!!!!!! It will be a lot better when we move , from this town!!!!!!!! “So ready for are new start”!!!!!

  62. sweet thang says:

    I know and work with these too…its really hard working with them knowing….they have caused great shame on the place” I work”..these too have really caused sooo much drama…..I talked to “my preacher “about all this…he read a verse from the bible…this is a unforgivable sin..adultery, fornication…will be judged by GOD….they run around here bragging….now, you two need to brag about “losing your soul” were not all bad people that works here…I am just so tired of people asking about them two, they have caused too much drama..”.SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE”..this makes everyone that works here look bad…I am a good Christian… I fall short sometimes..maybe all has forgotten…But GOD has not…

  63. baby girl says:

    We…..Will get through all this jazz!!! Hun

  64. A.s says:

    ” sha sha sha …. sharmon” like the toilet paper jingle. Because you are no better than what people use to wipe their asses with.

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