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Sheena Patenaude Lincoln, Rhode Island

She’s a “volunteer firefighter” and I use that term loosely as she has NO training and NO firefighting experience. She’s more of a badge bunny, on the station my husband was assigned to work rescue. She is going around telling others she is dating my husband. She only shows up at the station when he was working. She spends the night in the same station… She calls him all hours of the night thinking I don’t know. I went to her house and confronted her and she laughed in my face and told me my marriage has been over for a long time and she doesn’t know why I am even bothering. I’ve asked her nicely to leave him alone and she refuses. It even went as far as her being told by her Chief she was no longer allowed to spend the night at the station if my husband was there and she broke that resulting in a 2 week suspension!!





32 Responses to “Sheena Patenaude Lincoln, Rhode Island”

  1. smackaho says:

    Ummmm restraining order!

  2. raven says:

    Oh she needs an ass beating.

  3. Anon says:

    Psycho stalker bitch! I doubt a restraining order would do any good. Yeah I would say ass kicking in this case! Beat her senseless! No being nice with this one, knock her the hell out!

  4. cRAZIES says:

    sounds like this cunt is fucking crazy!!!! what a douche!

  5. bazooka joe says:

    She used to look alot better before she had a kid. Trust me I know.

  6. Dana says:

    Wow sounds familiar! Lonsdale Station 4 whore ruining marriages one at a time. What she does best!!

  7. Debbie says:

    Correct me if im wrong..It takes “2″ to tango!! So why is it that ur husband is going else where? Is there something u cant offer him that he wants and needs or is ur marriage jus over? Maybe u have wrecked ur own marriage and fail to admit to ur own mistakes!! How pathetic are YOU to involve a little child in ur rant when it has nothing to do with any of this!!

    • Lynn says:

      My niece has NOTHING to do with this! I could care less about her but that web link needs to be removed!!

      • She has no shame says:

        All you have to do is google Sheena’s name.. She’s the one exposing her daughter… it’s out there for all to see

    • Miss Understood says:

      I’m sorry but how is she bringing a child into this? So now it’s her fault that her husband cheated? Since when do we blame the victim for a cheating scum?

    • Debbi says:

      I truely believe that the only person who is the home wrecker is the one that is wreching THEIR home, its not always the outside person… Its the person thats not happy at home that allows this to happen. You will never know the truth about this situation, he could of been filling her with lies about his home life and she probably believed him. When someone cheats it means their not happy with their life….i have been throught this, trust me its not about the other person, its all about the person thats doing the cheating. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  8. The Queen says:

    So do any of you know what it takes to take care of a child with a physical disability… And I mean first hand experience..a child of your own??? You should be ashamed of yourselves! I am most certainly not looking for any type of sympathy from anyone! I want the very best for my child, just like every parent wants for their children.. I am not looking for any kind of attention! Nor am I a “homewrecker”!! Maybe Paula Gleason should have kept her fucking legs closed to the many men she was screwing outside of her marriage! She wrecked it all on her own. I’m not at fault for her mistakes and I refuse to take the blame! Funny how Paula, who is supposed to help the public as a “police dispatcher” and a “firefighter/emt”, can disgrace herself and try to humiliate someone on this stupid website. Who’s the one really looking for sympathy? Not me! The sympathy whore is clearly Paula, who created this post and most of the comments above. Hypocritical to say the least!

    • biteme says:

      wow you have some balls writing this. you forgot some facts. like you are knocked up by her husband!!!! Oh and who take care of your kid not you lazy peace of crap. you have a nurse come in and take care of her!!!!! Not to say that he has slept with at least four other woman in the last few year. And you how many married men have you fucked???? well who is the slut now bitch!!!! hope you can sleep at night knowing that you are a two bit lying slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cousin of a saint says:

        My cousin is a great mom! She takes care of her childbetter than most parents could even dream of, if you have issues with your husband take it up p with him and leave sheena and her child out if it! You psycho BITCH, clearly you could not take care of your marriage so he looked else where, did you think of that. . If any one needs an ass beating its you. Signed vm pissed that you have this here

  9. Kayce says:

    This chick is NASTY!

  10. Family MAN says:

    Beating her ass will do NOTHING but give you a temporary good feeling !!! What R U gonna do….go beating up every skank this A-Hole cheats on you with ?? This guy sounds like a REAL piece of crap. I’ll BET he shows you no attention..disregards ur feelings & makes u feel so inadaquit that ur willing to do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to please him while he doesn’t even have the common courtesy to ease ur mind.

  11. Family MAN says:

    You MUST 1st learn how to “rescue” yourself mentally. You can NOT expect this LOSER to save ur heart..or ease ur worried mind. I’m sorry if this makes u feel like I’m blaming u or turning this on you..because I AM NOT !!! HE’S got the problems..but when U are the one suffering from them. I’m going thru almost the same thing.just flip the genders. U R BEAUTIFUL..U R SPECIAL. .U R LOVED ..& U R NEEDED. Ta HELL with him !!! Guess what..Mr. emotionally detached will finally get HIS heart broken one day when this scanky homewreaker cheats on HIM !! It’s gonna happen eventually & when it’d BETTER have listened to my 1st post & fix ur learned thinking process & NOT b there to pick up the pieces of HIS broken heart !!!

  12. Mr. X says:

    All i can say is Sheena always wants what she can’t have and when she gets it she gets tired of it quick. She’s already moved on to some other married or spoken for man i’m sure.

  13. bob says:

    i would date her for sure….

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  15. Roddy Rowdy piper says:

    Look out for Karma Sheena nicole. things always have a way of evening themselves out.

  16. Shocked.... NOT.... says:

    Wow guess she’s not having an abortion with this one… and he’s not even divorced yet!
    Registry #: 52740152
    Maiden/Alternate Name: SANTOS
    Location: LINCOLN, RI
    Expected Arrival Date: 08/13/2014

  17. Lynn says:


  18. She should be ashamed... says:

    The person who posted that link (which all you have to do is Google Sheena’s name and it comes up) was trying to show is that her mother just tries to play the sympathy card.. The nurse takes care of the child… Except when Sheena thinks she will get attention.. Hence the MDA and calling her daughter the Ambassador…. Sheena calls herself the “Queen”…

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