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Shelbie Feris — Denton, Texas

This homewrecker works (location removed) in Lewisville, TX. She is only 22 years old and still in college. She started flirting and texting my fiancé a month before our wedding. She KNEW he was engaged and chose to go after him. She was texting and talking to him on our wedding day! She was sleeping in MY bed in MY house with MY husband the weekend after we were married. I found her nasty ass clothes and panties in my master bathroom more than once. She has no conscience or ounce of respect. I tried to confront her when she pulled up at my house with my husband and she jumped in her car and sped off like the terrified little girl she is.

My husband and I have since separated and she is trying to play mommy to my 1year old daughter when I am not around. This girl is a homewrecker in every sense of the word. She has literally torn my family apart. At this point she can have him, but she’s going to be so sad when all of his money runs out because he has a wife and daughter to support! How can you possibly think he will do this to his wife, the mother of his child, who he has been with for 4 years, but he won’t do it to you? You dumb s***.




177 Responses to “Shelbie Feris — Denton, Texas”

  1. chris says:

    Wow she is hot looking, I wonder what the wife looks like!

    • crystal says:

      chris your a dumbass pig. shes not hot. shes a dirty tramp. what do you look like ? probably 50 fat and bald and pathetic. why else would you be creeping this site ? loser!

      • chris says:

        Actually Crystal I have a full head of hair and am average height and build. Single never married and no kids. I have lots of older divorced women chasing me as well as younger ones like Shelbie. I own my own company and do rather well for myself!

        • joy says:

          *puts on sexy Zatanna outfit that lifts and separates “the girls” to perfect position, makes grand entrance doing cartwheels and back flips, not-so-discreetly checks to make sure everything stayed put, does improvised “Zatanna” pose with a smile*

          Hello there, chris. I hear you’re single, no kids, never married, and financially stable. No, no…no need to get up or get closer; if u touch me, I’ll have to get she-hulk on your ass, coz I’m married. I just….I had to see for myself. I thought your kind was extinct. Are u the last one, or are there others? I must go now. Stay safe, single-never-married-financially-stable-man-with-no-kids. Carry on.

          *exits doing cartwheels and back flips*

          • chris says:

            Joy, just light the sky with the bat signal and I’ll rescue Zatanna!

          • AmusedSpectator says:

            Two bazillion cool points for making a Zatana reference.

          • joy says:

            LOL chris I don’t need to be rescued, I’m the superhero, remember? I am the one who was sent to rescue your kind (single, never married, financially stable men with no kids) who we thought were extinct. Stop being an arrogant prick and let me do my job! Hahahaha

            *note to self as I leave doing fancy superhero moves: contact Pepper Potts and arrange a meeting re: how to handle arrogant single men*

          • chris says:

            LOL…Joy, I love your wit!!!

        • Suzy says:

          Then why are you here Chris? Looking for leftovers?

          • chris says:

            Actually I saw the site featured on TV and decided to check it out!! Little did I know it would be so entertaining….I’ve told tons of girls about this site as I have found it ROFL! Some of these stories and the spelling by some of these people just makes me laugh! BTW most of the girls I’ve told about the site either live in the Denton Area or go to the same college as Shelbie. I bet every guy on campus is trying to get into her pants now…LOL!

          • joy says:

            I would much rather believe that he’s here reading the stories to research the type of gold digging skanky whores he should stay away from. (probably not, but I like to think positive LOL)

          • Oh look chris is trolling for his future ex-wife.

          • chris says:

            Ash I hate to tell you that I am not that stupid!!! She is only good for a one night stand after I’ve been at the bar all night!!!!

        • crystal says:

          so if your such a great guy why are you on this site making inappropriate comments ? this site is for women to vent not guys to comment on how hot women are

    • eric says:

      Fat fat fat and really fat. The wife used the kid and made the man marry her. If that is not true then why was he flirting let alone why was he talking to her on their wedding day. I’ll tell you why because she was at the buffet eating and eating then the cake and more eating and it was all about her and not the man she married. The wife was to selfish and controlling that’s why he got another girl who was sweet, kind, listen to him, she never once put him down always lifted him up. I would take Shelbie as a wife and be proud of her to be my better!!! This wife need to go on a diet and stop being so bossy and controlling and putting your man down. THEE END!!!!

  2. Cyndi says:

    ” I found her nasty ass clothes and panties in my master bathroom more than once.”

    Why the hell was that allowed to happen more than once?! I would have thrown his skeevy ass out after the first time I found another woman’s under clothes in my bedroom less than a month after being married!!

    You put up with WAY more bullshit out of him (she contributed too, but damn) than I EVER would have!!

    • just an outsider says:

      Right!? I would’ve pulled some psycho b**** s*** on both of them the first, and only time I found her nasty ass panties in my house.

      • duh! says:

        the same reason women all over this site stay with cheating dirtbags and blame the other woman STUPIDITY!

        • c.s. says:

          Women on this site blame BOTH the men and the women. We address the women on this site because it’s called SHESAHOMEWRECKER…NOT HESAHOMEWRECKER OR SHESAWEINERDOG…OR SHESAMIME…get it?? “SHE”S” a homewrecker…so they address the WOMAN involved…am I getting through?? Damn…why do people go to a site called ” shesahomewrecker” and get f****** stunned and amazed when the HW is called out?? That would be like me going to “ and being amazed to see people discussing f****** poodles…smdh! Think I will wander on over to and see if they are talking about tractors today…

          • Jamie La Reina says:

            Hahaha C.C. You made me spit tea out of my mouth!

          • joy says:

            “That would be like me going to “ and being amazed to see people discussing f****** poodles…smdh! Think I will wander on over to and see if they are talking about tractors today…”

            Everyone should listen, for c.s. speaks the truth!!!

          • Betty says:

            Yeah! Lmao…

          • Angie Kruger says:

            Only SHE didn’t wreck your home. HE did. She is under no obligation to you. He is. She did not make a promise to be faithful to you. He did. She did not break your wedding vows. He did.

          • Cyndi says:

            I’m not saying she shouldn’t call out a homewrecker, I just had a serious question. Why wasn’t the situation addressed the FIRST time she found some skank’s underwear in a private area of her home?!

            I’m not alleviating blame at all…but why not take action as soon as something is confirmed?!

            Can YOU read?! Or are you one of those selective readers who only read & retain what they want to b**** about?!

            Damn! Bitches be trippin’ tryin’ to make themselves feel smart!

    • Betty says:

      I would of chased her ass down the road followed her until she ran out of gas and beat the living dog s*** out of her. I would of waited after he went to sleep, rolled him up in a sheet, and beat him with a cast iron skillet. But that’s just me..

  3. joy says:

    I’m sorry….is it wrong that I wanna ask her where I can get that batman bra she’s wearing on the top picture??! I really really really really really really REALLY want it! LOL

    • Cyndi says:

      That’s not a bra, that’s paint.

      If you enlarge the pic, you can see the paint line under her arm, and that shes got flower pasties over her nipples.

      I looked because I had the same thought. Hah!

    • megan says:

      It’s painted on. She has pasties on her nipples and it’s body painted on.

    • Betty says:

      Your too funny…lol

    • Jamie La Reina says:

      I don’t know about you guys, but I love my huge naturals! I had two kids and they’re still full and firm and I would never make them smaller or trade them for smaller boobs any day! Love what you got ladies! I’m sure every one of you have a nice rack that is most likely better looking than the Batman A cups that are in the picture. 😀

      • joy says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my boobs, and they can still hold their own, even after the beating they got from 4 babies (plus the “big baby” if u know what I mean lol) breastfeeding and yanking on them over the years. I just think gravity and age and whatever evil is starting to try and put their death grip of droopiness and sag on them lol. Like, if I tried this painted on batman bra today, the bat would probably look like it’s in mid-flight with all the bouncing and jiggling that will no doubt occur hahahaha (although now that I think about it, that may be an awesome illusion hahahahahaha)

  4. OMG!!! says:

    I really hope you kick this guy to the curb. He has disrespected you in the lowest way…bringing her into your home? Around your child? What scum he is. Please expose him also. I would love to say a thing or two to him.
    This poor girl is nothing but young and full of herself. She will get what’s coming to her. It’s called karma. Just sit back and wait for it. Then have a good laugh.

  5. wondering.... says:

    Why would he have to support you? Yes, he should pay to help support his/your child, but unless there is a reason you are physically unable to work, you need to support you and your child. Its not impossible. You were only together 4 years, you say, and not married that whole time, why wouls spousal support be ordered?

    And for those who are thinking “she’s a redneck”…no. she’s white trash. Most rednecks are hard working men and women, some cheat, most do not.

    • beezy says:

      ALIMONY!!!!! He cheated he should HAVE to pay it!!!

      • Dayum! says:

        Oh yea, DRAIN HIS WALLET and let the HW drain his you-know-what….that won’t last long, not with a 22-year-old, but alimony and child support…oh yea…that will be around for a while!

      • chris says:

        There’s no Alimony in the State of Texas!!!! Alimony was created for states that want to keep women barefoot and pregnant and at home!!!

        • WTF says:

          Dumb ass Chris, stfu. Moron like you are the reason why women are bullied and you want to do what you like regardless of whether it is right or wrong…as long as it gives you instant gratification. Dumb ass.

          • wondering says:

            What did chris say that would make him a moron? If there is no alimony in TX, he simply stated a fact, if there is alimony, he either misspoke, or made it up (and what would be gained by that?)

            I dont feel bullied in the least by him, and may have learned a new fact about TX.

          • chris says:

            Thanks Wondering!!!! Exactly, I was stating a fact! The lady was talking Alimony and I wanted her not to get her hopes up that he would have to take care of her forever! He does have to take care of the kid until the kid is 18! And Texas is real strong on that and they will garnish his wages and create lots of problems for him if he doesnt!

          • chris says:

            I just stated a FACT. There is not Alimony in the State of Texas. She would be eligible for child support from her husband and it is strongly enforced in Texas. We don’t like dead beat parents here! She needs to hire an attorney and go after 50% of the assets and the debt they have accumulated together! Then she needs to put her big girl pants on and go get herself a job to support herself! I hate taxpayers supporting anyone that makes a mistake. She made a mistake and married the wrong man! Like everyone on this website obviously have, excluding myself! Never married and no kids here! I haven’t found a woman good enough for myself and there have been lots of willing canidates! So now hate me for not making a mistake!!!

          • Betty says:

            I hate to dispute again, but they have to pay child support if they go to college and keep insurance on them too. It’s up to the age of 25 now. Crazy!! But true.

        • Betty says:

          In certain cases there is.

        • Chris I live in tx and if I ever saw you I’d s*** in my hand and fling it at you.

        • Awkward says:

          I live in Texas…during my divorce,I represented myself and I asked for alimony …not knowing the difference between alimony and temp spousal support. Because my ex had just bought a brand new car days before the hearing and I had no job at the time, the judge ordered him to pay me $700 a month for 3 months… But he called it temp spousal maintenance. Also, I know most people say you had to be married 10 years, but we were about to make 8 and it was given to me. You never know…every judge is different.. She can still ask at least.

          • chris says:

            Yes they do give temporary spousal support if the wife doesn’t work or needs time to get herself on her feet! But it is not Alimony like in a lot of states. It depends on the judge and the situation.

      • Betty says:

        In Texas you have to be married ten years. There’s temporary spousal support, for three months. I know it sucks, but that’s the way it is here. Good news you can get around 900 a month in child support, depends on what he makes though.

        • Betty says:

          And the alimony part, the only way you can collect that if they get a divorce over illness. It’s to be paid for three years and insurance has to be provided also. Found that out when I started my divorce. We are still together though, so…and another thing if you are married over ten years you can collect part of his social security when it’s time.

          • Yep. All true. I’m halfway there. 😉

          • chris says:

            It’s called temporary spousal support and it depends on the judge and how she or he feels about the situation after hearing all the facts!

          • Betty says:

            Chris, if the spouse leaves the other spouse because of illness the spouse can get up to three years alimony plus insurance. I know that to be a fact. My lawyer was going to petition this in court.

        • chris says:

          Let’s face it most of the ladies commenting on this have made bad choices in their current or past partners. I can promise you one thing I’ve learned over the yrs and that is wives can be just as bad as some of these husbands.

          • Betty says:

            That’s true!

          • Jamie La Reina says:

            Not all women on this site have been married or scorned by someone. I haven’t. I’m just here to give advice. Well except for this comment obviously.

          • joy says:

            NOT ME! I’m perfect!!! Hahahaha jk. I’ve made bad choices, but I’ve been fortunate that none of those bad choices were in the life partner department. Or any area that I would have such a hard time correcting.

          • -M- says:

            I agree that wives can be as bad or worse then the husbands posted on here! No denying it…but the site is called SHESAHOMEWRECKER and any husband that wants to out his unfaithful wife can utilize this site also because she will be a homewrecker and fall into the mix with the other whores! A w**** is a w**** whether she slept with someone else’s man or screwed around on her own!

      • Mc says:

        Texas doesn’t have the alimony law… Once they r divorced he will only pay child support

        • Betty says:

          In most cases no, but in illness it does. Google it. There have been cases that the wife was awarded it. I just filed one year ago, and it’s true.

    • Peaceful Mind says:

      Because she is protected by the LAW and that he HAS to support after the marriage ended. You dumb ass.

      • wondering says:

        Not after a less than four year marriage. Are you saying women are incapable of supporting themselves and their children? Since i have done it the past twelve years with NO child support (it was ordered, he just doesn’t want to pay, and since my son and I don’t get any state benefits, they are not inclined to enforce it out of state). If it was a “LAW” what woukd stop us females from marrying a wealthy man and just divorcing him, so we could live easy? (other than our own morals, which some of us do not use, obviously).

        Who’s the “dumb ass” now?

        • Feminism neuters men says:

          Your still pretty much the dumb ass. Men are supposed to take care of their wives and children PERIOD. He will not have to support her the rest of his life, but your damn straight he should pay until she is able to take care of herself. All this feminist BS of I can take care of myself, I am woman hear me roar is crap. He married her, he has a child with her, he screwed around and he should help her get back on her feet. That is what a real man does. So sad this generation doesn’t hold men accountable for what they should be doing. That is why we have an entire nation of neutered pussies for men, they are not forced, nor allowed to be men.

          • Betty says:

            Well, the sad truth is, you have a lot of dead beat dads that sign their rights over too. Or just don’t give a s***. I will give kudos to the men that do though.

          • wondering says:

            Don’t ever mistake me for a feminist. I believe men should take care of their families, and that the country was better of when it was the norm for kids to have a stay at home Mom. It didn’t work out in my situation that way, so I pulled up my big girl panties and supported my son and myself. If they divorce, she us no longer his wife. She will be his EX wife, mother of his child, but not his wife. From the story told, she will probably be much happier without him, and I’m sure she will find someone to love get and her child as they should be, but he shouldn’t have to pay for her to live just because he was an idiot who couldn’t keep it in his pants. He cheated so soon after the marriage, it probably should never have taken place

          • SUPERMAN says:

            And the whole feminist movement was started by very rich men.They figured out only half the population was being taxed.and inflated prices so 2 paychecks still only buys what 1 did 30 years ago.

          • Peaceful Mind says:

            Feminism Neuters Men, THANK YOU!

  6. you have to admit says:

    She is stunning. Has the morals of an ally cay in heat, but she is beautiful (physically, anyway….not so much on the inside)

    • Peaceful Mind says:

      Perhaps …its probably me. But I beg to differ, she looks good compared to most on this site but she is actually pretty common.

      • chris says:

        I live within 30 miles of Denton and I would like to get to know her!!! She looks like she would be a blast to hang out with!!!

  7. Dwayne Jaycox says:

    She is a VERY cute girl. Listen ladies this young girl owns nothing to no one! You all think she has some kind of loyalty to you because she is a woman (just like you) Well I will tell you what send me a picture of yourself and I will tell you if you are a woman (just like her)
    I am sure most of you on here crying & complaining look NOTHING like this little blond Texas sweetheart!

    • Peaceful Mind says:

      I have said this before but I will say it again, she is pretty COMMON. But then I see extremely gorgeous people all the time due to my work… she is just ok.

    • chris says:

      I figured out where she works in Lewisville and will be heading over there this week to get to know her better!!!! She is a Sweatheart Dwayne….I totally agree!!!

    • joy says:

      Cute? Meh. I like her body more than I like her face. She definitely has a nice body. Having said that, though, I wouldn’t want sex to be the only thing on people’s mind if/when they see a picture of me (and I’m not at all suggesting that she dresses this way on a daily basis just coz “she can.” She’s obviously at some sort of event for these pix).

    • jp says:

      yes she does, she owes her fellow human being respect. just like any other person in this world.

      • chris says:

        I bet the husband fed that lil HW some line of BS and she ate it up! I hear husband tell all kinds of stuff about their wives just to get into some hot girls panties!

    • Betty says:

      Oops, did you drop something? I think I see your tongue on the floor. She would tear you a new a******!! Women don’t send pics!! He’s just trying to get laid…lol

      • chris says:

        Ladies let’s get over that she is young hot and pretty!!! She probably will age like most women!! And yes Betty women do send their pics! Don’t call the Doctors, Attorneys and Accountants that send me their pics a bunch of skanks either. They are professional women!

        • Betty says:

          Lmfao..your funny

        • LeelaSavage says:

          Do you read what you write, Prince Charming? You sound like a complete jackass. Please stop talking until you actually have something worthy to say. Thanks very much.

          • chris says:

            Look some of these women are real Homewreckers and some of these are not! I just call it like I see it! I’m the neutral one! Some of these women fell for it hook line and sinker just like the wives did! So they should be featuring the Husband as the Homewrecker!

        • joy says:

          What do u mean she’ll “age like most women?” EVERY woman ages, unless there is a group who have found the fountain of youth and those bitches don’t wanna share the info.

          Also, if the pix that those doctors, attorneys and accountants you speak of send are of them almost naked and/or posing like a porno star, then they are what we call “closet skanks” or “s**** in disguise” or “intelligent women doing incredibly stupid things”

          • chris says:

            Now Joy why are you going off on me? Because I had a good come back for Betty?

          • joy says:

            What? LOL I wasn’t going off on u chris, why did u think that?

          • chris says:

            Joy, these women today are a lot more agressive at going after guys!!! I’ve been sent some pretty racy pics by some of them, just to get my attentation and a response from me. Like you said earlier there isn’t a lot of guys my age that are Single-Never Married-No Kids-Financially Stable-Not Gay! They may be in the closet or whatever but they are nice women just trying to find themselves a life partner! Your married and have been for awhile so you may not understand them. A lot of men and women don’t want to be alone and will do whatever it takes to attract that person they want.

  8. jp says:

    Yeah she looks ok on the outside. I see hot girls all the time, but if your ugly on the inside it doesn’t make a difference what you look like on the outside.

  9. crystal says:

    dwayne your a pig and its assholes like you that cheat on thier wives. juat because some stupid young blonde with a loose vagina looks at a man does not mean he has to go f*** her ! and what the hell are you doing on this site anyway ? get a life you ugly old loser

  10. offmylawnkids says:

    No doubt she has a great figure (she’s 22 – talk to me when you’re 42 and the metabolism has slowed down significantly), but what is with the mostly naked shots? Does she find herself in that outfit often? What kind of weird low self-esteem stuff is going on there?

    Apart from her figure, I don’t find her that cute. Run-of-the-mill, blonde-in-a bottle. Meh.

  11. Hey Girl says:

    You blame her and not your husband? You’re an idiot. He owes you love and respect, not her.

  12. Lori says:

    The husband sounds like a manwhore with no respect for his wife!

  13. Sick of Military Whores says:

    Holy s*** there’s a lot of trolls now that SAHW has gotten so much publicity. I’m sorry you went through this, it sucks that he would treat you like that. Let her immature ass have him and go find a real man. They are probably perfect for each other since neither of them have any morals at all. Karma will take care of this w****.

  14. Jenny says:

    Why do women get mad at other women ?????
    Why didn’t you post your husband’s picture and information?

    This story seems a bit one sided here.

    The only person u should be mad at is your husband. He is the one that cheated. This woman ows you NOTHING!!!!!!

    • LeelaSavage says:

      Why do people. Come on a site called and get mad at people for posting about female homewreckers?

      Your response seems a bit one-sided here.

      The site you should go to is That’s the site where men are put on blast. This site owes you nothing.

    • Tara K says:

      Don’t you get TIRED OF SAYING THE SAME s***? Geez, relax with the copy & paste. We all know how you feel about this site, as you say in ALL the home-wreckers post! ONCE AGAIN I will say, if you don’t like it then got out of here!!!! BYE BYE

    • joy says:

      ….chip? Wood….cabin? Wood….stove? Wood….chuck? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

      (btw before any of you trolls call me stupid in your comments, I know what this horny little bastard meant by “wood.” Thanks, and have a nice day.)

  15. Byron says:

    Wait, she married this dude *knowing* that he was chipping around on her?

    Finding her soiled undies under the bed on numerous occasions….and *still* married him?

    Wow. Just wow. Either this guy can swing it, or self-respect is in short supply

  16. Alex says:

    Chubby round face, pudgy stomach and flabby thighs..I can see why she can only get a married man and one a single one! Yuk

  17. Amy says:

    Um, she’s a hottie! Thanks for the eye candy. You’re a moron to marry this philander, you’re just as much as fault! If he was cheating before the wedding you were dumb to marry him! Too bad you brought an innocent child in the world when you were aware how terrible your husband was early on! Get a life!

  18. tammy mueller says:

    Alimony for sure! Yuck.

  19. hatehw says:

    Okay I have read all comments and Chris is obviously single because he is an arrogant, short d*** ass hole!!

    • chris says:

      Actually it is about 7.5-8″ depends on how excited I am for the woman!! Yes I’m single and stated that!! Single-No Kids-Financially Stable-No baggage!!!!

    • joy says:

      I don’t mean to dispute your claim, but I just wanted to point out that EVERY member of the male species is an arrogant short d*** a****** at some point in their lives LOL. It’s not just the single guys. (and not only can they be all 3 of those at once, they can even divide and mix and match those 3, like for example, one day, they can be an arrogant a******, the next day maybe they’ll feel like being just an a******, and so on lol)

      • chris says:

        If I was an arrogant short d*** a****** then I would make some lewd comment about hatehw….I’m not going to step down to a lower standard!!! And I’m sure not going to make general derogatory comments about the female species!!!!!

        • joy says:

          LOL calm down, chris. Take a deep breath. Don’t have a hissy fit, the derogatory statement about the male species was a joke. Don’t worry, I make derogatory statements about everything. Equal opportunity, u know? Why are they mad at u anyway?

          Why is everyone mad at chris? Did I miss something on another thread? Coz I read through the comments on this one and I really didn’t find anything he said overly offensive. He’s nowhere near as offensive as some other posters, that’s for sure. He thinks the HW is hot and he wants to go hang out with her, who cares? Good for him. Let him go waste his time. He’s single, she’s whatever he wants her to be…at least we don’t have to worry about her chasing married men while she’s with Chris, right?

          • chris says:

            LOL, Joy is my hero!!!! Don’t worry I’m a lot smarter than the HW. After about 4 hours with her I would have her confessing her most intimate details to me!!!!

    • Betty says:

      See there you go…lol. Now he’s measuring!! Smh..this is all we

  20. Triston says:

    damnnnn….high five to the husband!

    • joy says:

      LOL *high five* to you for that comment. Oh s***! You weren’t ready and I smacked you in the face? It hurts? Aaawwww. Poor baby. You think I broke your nose? I’m sorry, I hope I did break your nose :-)

  21. R&R says:

    This is the husband, she is so good in bed and I love her because of that. The oral sex is awesome and I love the way she moans when we make love. I’m trying to set up a threesome with my wife. Wish me luck fellow fans. I’ll keep you all posted.

    • joy says:

      This is the wife. My husband is a delusional moron. I’m 100 times better at everything, including oral than his b**** but since i found out he’s been with her, I’ve cut him off. No way I’m gonna risk getting an STD just so that he can have his willies. He’s been trying to get me to have a threesome with them, too LOL he is so full of himself. He can’t even handle one woman, what makes him think he can take on two? (I mean 1 1/2 women. Or a woman and whatever she is lol) And there’s no way in hell I’ll ever go diving in her dirty polluted lagoon. Who knows what the hell has has been stuck in there. Who knows what the hell is STILL in there. What if I see something attached to my mouth or tongue when I come up for air? LOL. Friends of, please tell my husband to keep dreaming. Please tell him to leave me alone. Please tell him that they will never have a threesome with my fantastic self, and it’s because I know they’re not ready for this jelly, coz my body is too bootylicious for them.

      • chris says:

        OMG R&R, Joy is way to sharp and witty for you!!! Maybe you should move over and let me take Zatanna on!!! Is Shelbie on POF or Sugar Babies???

    • R&R says:

      This is the husband again, the threesome happened tonight! It was so sexy watching the two of them 69! It was the best night of my life. We’re all here in bed holding each other, kissing, rubbing, moaning, etc. We have decided to become a family. Thanks for all of your support and I want to thank my 2 special ladies. Got to go know, we’re starting round 2!!

      • chris says:

        I’m so glad you have finally got to see what I’ve been watching for almost 6 months. It looks really hot when they are in the backseat of the SUV with one on top kissing passionately and groping on one another!!!!! Hope your fantasy life becomes reality soon!!!! Or would you like me to get pics for you?

      • Shelbie says:

        This is Shelbie, it was great! She is very, very, good at oral! Yummy

      • joy says:

        WTF?!?! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! How the F did I miss this??? LMAO I am laughing so hard right now, and I love that even “shelbie” left a comment lmao that’s hilarious. Before I go on, however, I’d like to say to the OP/wife: I hope you’re not offended by the comments I leave in response to these fools when I respond as “the wife.” It’s not my intent to offend you or make you feel disrespected. If it makes u feel uncomfortable, I will stop.

        Ok, back to the nonsense:

        This is the wife again. I’m sorry I haven’t updated, but it’s been rough the past few days. The hubs and shelbie were taken to the hospital. I was told that some people saw them in the alley behind my favorite dry cleaner. She was lying on top of a dumpster licking a raccoon’s ass and he was dry humping the same dumpster while watching her. Then a minute later, he apparently took his pants off, jumped on top of the dumpster, yelled “YEAH!! THREESOME, BABY!!!!” then collapsed next to shelbie. I freaked out, coz I actually SAW shelbie at the dry cleaners that day. I was chatting with the lady when i felt something touch my bum. I turn around, and that crazy b**** is on her knees, sniffing my ass and trying to put her head in between my legs!

        Anyway, I just got back from seeing them at the Hospital. The doctors told me that they were extremely high on ‘shrooms that were laced with LSD. They’re being transferred to the psych ward tomorrow and placed under observation.

        this is joy now: chris and R&R, you guys are DORKS!! LMAO!!

  22. BadNergal says:

    Shoulda been sucking his d*** better..s*** wouldn’t have happened

  23. Lisa says:

    Yes the wife does have a right to be mad, she came to her home with her husband, so yes, she has a right to be mad and I don’t blame her for posting on here. The husband is a lying, cheating sack of s***, of course, who the Hell cheats right after they are married? The little w**** will get karma back and so will the cheating husband, they deserve each other and wait til her tits are drooping and some young thing comes on to her man, then she will reap what she has sown. The husband is an a****** and both should have to eat s*** and go straight to Hell!

  24. -M- says:

    All of you dumb ass men and women talking about “not vilifying” the other woman go to another site cuz that’s why the rest of us are here! You’re as dumb as the homewreckers! To all of you men talking about how hot she is and how the wife must not be blah blah…how shallow and ignorant! I’m sure in no time you and your whores will be made available to the public via the site! And newsflash fucktards…most men DOWNGRADE when they cheat! Let that sink in! Dumbfucks!

  25. Jaydee says:

    Seen her fb page she’s actually rather flat chested!

  26. LA Ben says:

    There’s nothing wrong with showing off your bikini body that is of course if you have the body to show off, she’s a bit porky to be showing that much skin if u ask me. The nonexistant ITG and lips..Small chest, tummy issues..NO thanks! If you losers on here think she is so hot maybe you should get offline and go out and see the world a bit this girl is an average 5!

  27. Tara K says:

    She is ugly on the inside where it really counts! What kind of “women” engages in a relationship with a soon to be married man with a child? As you can see she is only 22 and probably will be done with this man soon enough. She has no morals, or respect for herself. So, with all that being said! The only thing he got was ANOTHER CHILD. Kinda sick if you ask me. Best of luck to the wife & daughter.

  28. HonestDave says:

    Okay, I understand she’s “done wrong”, but just look how hot she is!! She has my total forgiveness

  29. LaLeDa says:

    You should have NEVER married that jerk! Now it’s time don’t get even get EVERYTHING!

  30. chris says:

    I think they should feature the most commented on Homewreckers in a special section!!!

  31. Good for you! I’m glad you got rid of his sorry ass…

  32. I know cheaters in Potosi WI and Dickeyville WI ( and Thompson IL and Elmhurst, IL now) says:

    Ok…. Now its c.s. and joy who write the funniest posts on this site. Thanks for LOL.

  33. toni says:

    It doesn’t take much for men. Most, not all think anything is sexy. They are the lower forms of life. Very stupid and shallow. I wouldn’t worry about it. Men like that are cheap and easy and a joke to most women. They can be had by a few sexual words and spread of the legs.

    In reality, unless a woman is really hideous, over weight, and malformed, if she’s got a functional vagina, she will be attractive enough for sex. The longer a man goes without, the less selective he becomes. Availability, usually has more to do with it, than attractiveness.

  34. PapiTicoDaddyTico says:

    That chick is smoking hot. Why the hell us she dating loser married man. Probably because they’re already emasculated or housebroken. She’s a knockout. Usually women fall for men’s smooth talk even if it is the stupidest s***. They want or need to believe.

  35. Miss says:

    Hey wify, you need a wake up call i think. Your poor thing husband torn your family apart. He KNEW he was married and chose f*** her.

  36. Marlina Holland says:

    keep them husbands happy

  37. yummy says:

    I bet the husband…who is obviously still with her would say…”Totally worth it!”
    All women are whores…then they are moms…then back to whores. It’s nature.

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