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Stacy Collins Aaronson Hamlet, North Carolina

I caught my husband and this no good s*** sleeping together in my home while I worked third shift at nursing home. I came home early due to not feeling good and they were going at it like two rabbits. This upset me so I went to beating her up in face left marks above eyes were my rings cut her my husband said to stop I keep beating her until her friend came to get her from my yard which she tried to escape but I kept hitting her over and over again she had two black eyes for a while. Luckily she did not press charges.



7 Responses to “Stacy Collins Aaronson Hamlet, North Carolina”

  1. Diva says:

    Can’t say I blame you for that one! I bet she don’t come around your house anymore. While you were at it you shoulda’ beat the f*** outta him too cause he deserved it as much as she did.

  2. me says:

    What did your loser of a husband have to say?

  3. Victoria M. says:

    Too bad you don’t have a picture of the BLACK EYES lmao!!!!!

  4. My husband said he didn’t want her and he wanted me he got into drugs and drinking so we decided to part ways for while he moved her in for 5 weeks then we got back together and now are moving to start over ..

  5. shell says:

    just checked out her facebook can we say ……w****…….

  6. Kristine says:

    Can’t you stop the lies… What has this world come to!

  7. Waffles says:

    This b**** looks old enough to be your XH’s mom, judging by their FB pix.

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