Stephanie Robinette Wellston, Ohio

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This is the Homewrecking Whore.  She worked with my husband at the time we had been together for six years not yet married and had a two and four year old.  I was suspicious because he was acting different and talking about her a lot for them to be only friends. I decided to give her a call and confront her.  She reassured me they were just friends, she had a boyfriend and had been cheated on by her baby’s daddy and wouldn’t put anyone through that and when she got a chance she was gonna kick the fat b*tches ass that he cheated on her with. She tried to keep talking to me like she was my friend so I let it go.

A few weeks later he confessed to cheating on me with her and told me he had slept with her.  I gave her a call again and started asking if she remembered the sob story she had told me about her baby’s daddy and she said oh I didn’t mean for this to happen I’m a good girl, I go to church, I don’t want to fight. Then went on to tell me how they spent their time together cuddling on her couch watching movies. She denied sleeping with him and told me he and her had planned for him to leave me and our children to move in her apartment with her and her two children only if I didn’t call upset. If I called she wouldn’t go through with it. She just wanted him to end it with me so she could have him on the side taking care of her kids.

From the rumors I’ve heard she continues f*cking the maintenance man at the apartment for her and is sleeping with a mutual friend of mine and my husband’s.  Turns out she will do anything for enough money to get her a Percocet.  She now is working in a store/pharmacy. Crazy she is that close to a pharmacy on a daily basis!  Please be aware if you live near or in Wellston Ohio she will ruin your family if she gets a chance.  She almost ruined mine entirely, but I didn’t let her.  I continued to fight for my family! She wasn’t going to just take away my life I worked so hard to build.




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