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Stephanie Robinette Wellston, Ohio

This is the Homewrecking Whore.  She worked with my husband at the time we had been together for six years not yet married and had a two and four year old.  I was suspicious because he was acting different and talking about her a lot for them to be only friends. I decided to give her a call and confront her.  She reassured me they were just friends, she had a boyfriend and had been cheated on by her baby’s daddy and wouldn’t put anyone through that and when she got a chance she was gonna kick the fat b*tches ass that he cheated on her with. She tried to keep talking to me like she was my friend so I let it go.

A few weeks later he confessed to cheating on me with her and told me he had slept with her.  I gave her a call again and started asking if she remembered the sob story she had told me about her baby’s daddy and she said oh I didn’t mean for this to happen I’m a good girl, I go to church, I don’t want to fight. Then went on to tell me how they spent their time together cuddling on her couch watching movies. She denied sleeping with him and told me he and her had planned for him to leave me and our children to move in her apartment with her and her two children only if I didn’t call upset. If I called she wouldn’t go through with it. She just wanted him to end it with me so she could have him on the side taking care of her kids.

From the rumors I’ve heard she continues f*cking the maintenance man at the apartment for her and is sleeping with a mutual friend of mine and my husband’s.  Turns out she will do anything for enough money to get her a Percocet.  She now is working in a store/pharmacy. Crazy she is that close to a pharmacy on a daily basis!  Please be aware if you live near or in Wellston Ohio she will ruin your family if she gets a chance.  She almost ruined mine entirely, but I didn’t let her.  I continued to fight for my family! She wasn’t going to just take away my life I worked so hard to build.






15 Responses to “Stephanie Robinette Wellston, Ohio”

  1. Kerry says:

    I hate those kind of whores that throw that church crap up. I would hate to be in her church, what the hell are they teaching her there how to be a homewrecking whore? I hope karma hits her hard.

  2. 2wanttruth says:

    What church do they go to ? I have never been to any that preach, cheat, deceive, betray and hurt innocent others to get what you want.

  3. ariel says:

    She looks like fire marshall bill

  4. Colt Rainer says:

    Omg that’s my babys mom i got 2 kids with the slut

  5. Krystal says:

    My home wreckers sister tried defending her hood ratt sister one of the things she said in hr’s defense “well he told her he didn’t love you any more what was she supposed to do or think?!” My response “if a man told me he didn’t love his ol lady anymore my first reaction wouldn’t be to fuck him!” She later tells me how her hr sister slept with a guy she had been with for 5yrs jus for money ok now why was she defending her hr sister again?? And how can anyone do that to their sister? This bitch here miss Stephanie Robinette and miss stephanie’s excuse for everything oh i don’t do that I’m a Christian girl ikr!

  6. Jack says:

    I met her at a church gathering, afterward I fucked her ass on a picnic table in park nearby. She is a real big slut and loves to get her butthole stretched out.

  7. look out Chillicothe Ohio says:

    Look out she has migrated to Chillicothe Ohio and get this Miss Stephanie Robinette is married now!? I’m just as shocked as you lol she is now Stephanie Marie Walker she married some poor sap named Timothy Paul Walker poor fella is probably already being cheated on if not one can only hope she now gets a taste of her own medicine maybe her new bright life will be complete with a mistress either way watch out ladies and gents sheewie she’s a keeper lmao

  8. Stephanie says:

    Wow Krystal yerian are you soooo desperate for ppl to feel sorry for you that you have to make me my own page and to all of you that believes her bs than I feel very very sorry for you…do all of you know she has to take mess for her craziness yeah since she was little and keeps popping out more and more kids does not have a stable home or vehicle and she’s the one who does drugs ppl and her duck dynasty wanna be husband he don’t work she’s on ssi so what’s that make her…I hate wellston that’s why I left I never got fired from my job I’m still good friends with my boss from fruth she came to my wedding who I married Timmy who I have known for 14 years and there is not a mean bone in his body he is the sweetest guy in the world and as for my kids my husband works all day and I’m home with them 24/7 and when they are in school I take and pick them up so I font have someone on the side tasking care of them it’s sad when rumors from 3 years ago still get to the pyscho and trust me I know what it means bc I was with one for 5 years so if you all want to believe her bs than very well wtfe oh and my sister didn’t say that and I never screwed her ex happy drop it Krystal before they have to up your mess oh and lose the guy jeans they make u look like a dike carry on yerians….Cheerio now!!!!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Oh and the guys lying about church that’s gross and I have a greasy church and church family it’s okay karma will take its course

  10. Stephanie says:

    I meant great church

  11. Stephanie says:

    Maybe oh Jeffry boy needs mess for being married to her I’m done now lol she’s a f-ing idiot and has no class not wasting my time

  12. Stephanie says:

    Also one last message Ariel if that’s your real name hell it could be the one and only miss Krystal if u can look at a pic of me when I was like 6 months pregnant and call me fire Marshall bill lmao then you must be having trouble looking at your own self in the mirror you ppl on here are retarded and as far as my ass being stretched after church I wouldn’t know what tht feels like sorry

  13. Krystal Yerian says:

    I thought for a bit about responding to this because I thought this can’t be ol dirty girl using a computer doesn’t require the use of her twat but it’s been a yr I’ll be damn’d I guess you can teach an ol dirty girl new tricks Soo Let me get this straight you defend yourself by dogging my husband you were so quick to spread your legs for?! Lmao was duck dynasty even out yet?! He has been sporting the same look for yrs evidently you loved it. Yes I get disability for being Bipolar which mite I add is not a choice it is a disorder now by mess I’m assuming you mean medication? If so then yes I’ve been on medication for bipolar disorder which wasn’t diagnosed till I was bat 16 but I’m not sure how that is something funny but ok I will add again that bipolar is not a choice you however had a choice to throw yourself at a taken man to be a whore or to not be a whore.. and I’m not sure about how or why you are so worried about how stable or unstable my home is since you are the one who tried to wreck it and please don’t complain about my ability to have children I do take care of them and if we want to continue to have children we will I love being pregnant and I love having babies I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do and that is be a mother so jus because you didn’t get pregnant when you were messing with my husband doesn’t mean you have any right to talk about our family! Go make Your own! I exposed you on here when I really wanted to smash your face but realized I would be the only one who would go to jail for it because I don’t trade favors to get outa trouble and I was doing the public favor by warning all the women out there about you after all that’s what this site is for. It’s all jus a publicly stated fact now see I told the truth you should try maybe confess at one of the churches you helped break into.. I don’t do drugs lmao please don’t even try to say I’m anything like you what so ever. And btw yes your sister did say that about you on Topix she had her name up as Emma then changer it to hers she talked shit like you are doing now then strangely apologized and said exactly what was said the last time I was on here. Wonderful for you to finally land a Single man? I highly doubt you can ever be faithful it’s all jus a front hood rats like you make a mockery of marriage you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Jus because I’m not a hoe like you doesn’t make me a dike nore do my clothes lol your judgment is scary lol you can’t tell the difference between men and women’s clothing. You can talk shit all you want about the way I dress down to calling me fat like your sister did I’ll tell you what I told her everyone is always gonna be”fatter” than you I have the curves of a woman (no need to wear two bar’s at the same time again curves of a woman

  14. Krystal Yerian says:

    ) you have that of a tree go get Healthy and share it with your sister we both know the hideous truth about you that’s why I don’t need to do anything more than expose you. Plus I’m a ill afraid of getting your blood on me. . You have done quite enough to yourself it’s not that you hate Wellston it’s jus that all of Wellston well and Jackson county hate you. I for someone to believe you could turn yourself around now that’s a fucking idiot dirty girls like you don’t change the proof is in the fact you try to blame everyone else for your bad disgusting habits I’m surprised you didn’t jus try to say I’m the one who tried to wreck your home. Also I don’t ever want to be your kind of “class” it’s never classy to try and take what’s not yours. It’s never classy to throw yourself at every man you see. And now I do feel a little stupid having typed all this out I realise you won’t be able to read any of it I don’t speak dirty whore

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