Jerri Mae Quick Montana / North Dakota

My story starts in October 2009. We had been together since ’06. We didn’t have the perfect relationship, we had fights, there was an age difference and I had 3 children from a previous relationship. My

Sheila Hobbs Indiana

My story started around August of 2013. Me and my husband had been arguing a lot more than usual and he is always telling me I’m cheating with my ex and talking to him when I shouldn’t when I know I

Amy Coffelt Texas

Firstly, this woman is a family therapist in practice in Spring Texas. She started an affair with my husband after advertising on a sex finder website, posting a photo of herself in her underwear. The affair

Dottie Gehrett Wyoming

She works with my husband and he use to run her to the ground because she cheated all the time on her husband and slept with every guy out at the coal mine. He would call her a whore and a lard ass!  Well last year

Cherise Johnson New Jersey

Cherise Johnson is that homewrecker that everyone worries about. That “friend” that you question if she would sleep with your man. Well she will!! Some people do not think a year is a long time but living together

Jessica Jolliffe Illinois

My husband and I had been together 18 years when I found out about this affair. Jessica lied and said she did not know we were married, but I knew of her through a mutual associate. Plus a previous phone call.

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