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Hope D Van Sant Portland, Oregon

I have been with my husband 9 years, exclusive for 8, married just under 2 years. He asked ME to marry him. We had a wonderful relationship. We laughed often, talked all the time, and had sex all the time. For the 1st 7 years we had sex 1-3 times a day every day. My husband has been since diagnosed with depression, instead of talking about his feelings with me he went for the quick fix of having his uh, ego, stroked. She found him at work and knew full well he was married. She pursued him; he told her no for more than a month and finally gave in to her. He fucked her for a few months then left me for her. He called me 3 days later begging me to take him back. He told me he made the worst mistake of his life and promised if I took him back he would never leave me again. I forgave him and insisted he get counseling. He started therapy and refused all her calls and texts. They work for the same company, different locations. She contacted him through work email and begged him to meet with her. They had sex 2 more times behind my back and then he broke it off for good. 4 months later she emails him that she is prego with his baby and she is keeping it. Of course she waited till it was too late to get an abortion so she made that choice for both of them. The math doesn’t quite add up and i am pretty sure she ran out and fucked anyone who would have her ugly ass and trapped my husband. She made him feel guilty and told him he wasn’t a real man if he didn’t leave his wife for his pregnant w****. He left stating he ruined us too far to come back. I said we need to stay together and see this through and we can raise the baby, I would love it as its half his. I already forgave him; babies are just a consequence of the mistake. He doesn’t love her. He told me flat out if she called and asked for him back with no baby in the picture it would have been a hands down hell no. He is decent confused man that got mind fucked by this ugly home-wrecker. They won’t last 2 years, they hardly know each other and no relationship could start that way and end well. He is throwing both our lives away over some skank, I am a f****** trophy wife next to this homely gal. May they both rot in hell and enjoy the poor choices they have made in their lives. Oh yeah and she is old (almost 10 yrs older than I) so the baby will most likely have birth defects. I hope she dies in childbirth. Her name sounds like an 80’s stripper name and it is so ironic that the woman who stole my f****** life from me is named HOPE.



Angela Basto Altus, Oklahoma

Me & My fiancé have been together for almost 4 years. We’ve always been very close too each other and open too each other, I am In CA right now battling cancer, and have been doing treatment’s since my surgeon is here..I’m very sick. In fact I’m writing this from the hospital from so much frustration with this b**** from hell.
He moved to OK trying to make a better life for us; unfortunately the start of this better life was nothing but troubles being promised with a job he didn’t get. His sister & Angela’s brother knew each other from the past having a child and all. Harmless family too help a guy out right? It’s basically ‘distant’ family. Nope not even. Angela is a farm animal who is desperate. Her family would quit giving my fiancé rides if she didn’t date her. As far fetched as that was I kinda believed it. Never the less I told her she needed to back off, guess where that went? In one ear, out the other.
She gets knocked up, and hides the evidence from her mom and dad, At least that’s what her friends have told me….yeah HER friends, some friend’s right? They obviously see right through her lies too. My fiancé kept this from me. I found out from his sister recently, only too confront him. Yeah it’s the truth. She told my fiancé she was going to threaten to tell me bull like that when he finally got rid of her too break us up.
She finally got the hint we weren’t going to break up for nothing. But recently in the last few months, She’s back and she tells everyone when confronted that he’s in a relationship “I didn’t know he was in one he tells me he’s single” Bullshit. We said we were going to work really hard at things because we DO love each other minus her crap. He’s trying really hard to prove too me he loves me, He doesn’t want anything to do with her, were together and working on wedding plans, He’s about to graduate from the beginning of med school, so we can MOVE on and be happy and SHE knows this and does nothing but interfere. As I mentioned before I’m sick & I’m getting super emotionally tired from her stalking him, not staying away. He’s threatened to call the cops who do nothing; He’s told her to leave him alone. She chased him around town in his car for crying out loud. I’ve told her to leave him alone. & Not a day later she’s at his door, wanting to get in his pants. She’s physco and crazy, she knows he’s not available, she knows he has a family, & she continues to see him? It’s like she’s purposely trying to destroy a family. She’s also had other men in her life while talking to him. So I don’t know how many other guys’ this farm animal is messing around with.
If you get this girl talking too your man on Facebook, or texting, or calling him. You’re seriously in for it because she doesn’t quit and obviously doesn’t like single men incredibly desperate. Its kinda sad.. My fiancé has tried everything. He’s done his share of begging for us to work things out.. What do you do? Give up? Then what’s that prove? Homewreckers get what they want?



Nonita Yu Dubai, UAE

My husband and I have been together since 2000. I thought we were perfectly compatible, halves of a whole. But he obviously wasn’t happy with just me. He felt that because I was the bread winner between him and myself, that he didn’t have a voice, that he wasn’t the man in the family. To change that, my family supported his decision to go to Dubai to find work so he can provide for his family. I supported him, through and through…

He met this un conscientious b**** at work. She knew very well that he was married. She was then in a relationship with another married man, but she left that man to have a relationship with my husband. Their relationship went on, then off when he came home in March of 2012. I never doubted my husband before, even when everyone was telling me that he was surely having an affair… I never thought he could do anything that horrible. In March, I got pregnant. I was simply oblivious and gave my trust to someone unworthy… He went back to Dubai in April that year and just a week after, he went back to ignoring me…

July came… One night, I couldn’t sleep. Something in me whispered that I should check his inbox. I immediately went to my laptop and checked his inbox. I know his password because, I was the one who created his email account. He never changed it obviously.

He had facebook of course. I saw a facebook message from this b**** saying, “i love you too, my love” in his yahoo inbox. Even then, my heart was telling my brain that the message was probably for his brither who I know is used to having extra marital affairs. So I tried accessing his FB, but he changed the password already. So I changed his password there via, I forgot my password since I have access to his Yahoo Inbox, and I was absolutely devastated when I saw his facebook messages to this b**** while he was home with me and his children.

Their on again off again relationship went on. She was determined to get me to separate from my husband so she got very nasty with me… Tweeting me things I didn’t know was happening. So I fought this fight with her and my husband all throughout my pregnancy. It was the longest 9 months of my life! All because I wanted to keep my family in tact. I wasn’t going to be the one to be left and be dumped. I promised myself that I would be the one doing the dumping!

Though she didn’t actually break my family apart, she broke my faith in true love and marriage and relationships, this is why I hate her and this is why I hate ALL WOMEN who are like her!

I want her name and face to be known as a homewrecker, until she apologizes to me, my children and her children and her parents.



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