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Veli Mary Rosiles Little Village, Illinois

My sad but true story begins when I was 5 months pregnant with our second child. My now ex decides to tell me he has been talking to another girl for the last two months and they haven’t slept together but have gone to second base. This skank always knew he was in a committed relationship and lived with me but the slut didn’t care. She still f**ked with him. They went as far as to get a condo in Oak Park while he lived with me and saw each other secretly there for months. My whole second pregnancy this crazy bitch continued to contact me and harass me!  She went as far as to text me the day my daughter was born to tell me douche bag wasn’t at delivery because he was in bed making babies with the women he loves!

Ever since our break up she has continued to harass me. She is an insecure gold digging hoe who only wants my exes supposed money.  This skank needs to provide for her own kids and my dumb ass ex needs to support his. He spends all his money on her and her family but ignores mine. She is so trashy that the day she met my son she went into the garage with my ex and came out minutes later fixing her shirt and him zipping up his pants. What trash. I don’t care that she has him I wanted to share the story so anyone who sees or knows her know the type of trash she is. Keep your men away because the minute my ex runs out of money shell be on to the next. I feel sorry for her kids! Look at the example she is setting. Pathetic excuse for a woman!



Maggie Oseguera Antioch, California

This bitch messed around with my husband. She said she didn’t know he was married. Later I find out she messed around with 2 of her coworkers and I found out she is married too! Works in the same job. Everyone knew who I was and she knew who I was. She finds out I’m pregnant and gets my number from one of my husband coworkers and calls me that she pregnant too. I was heartbroken. My pregnancy was in danger and she knew about it. I was going to give a surprise to my husband before I found out everything and I lost one of my babies! She would call and call demanding for my husband’s personal information and his mother’s address. I was tired of her bull. I changed my number n I got her fired from her job.



Aqueta Helmer Houma, Louisiana

My story starts out with me and my ex-boyfriend were together for three and half years. We had a good relationship, I thought, we really never fought much till the end. Which I found out why because of this homewrecker Aqueta Helmer. Me & my ex-boyfriend had opened a business on our own. The business was going great. We talked about having a baby together, I already had 2 kids with my ex-husband. Well I got pregnant and we both were happy. His family was so happy. My family wasn’t so happy because they didn’t like my ex and I didn’t care I was so in love with him. I ruined my credit and spent every dime trying to support us because he didn’t work for the first two years of our relationship. Before I caught him with the home wrecker I helped him buy his car with the down payment. He met her at a friends child birthday party that me and him went to and I had no idea that he was talking to her and seeing her for 2 weeks. Now here is the story after getting a little history between me and him.

I was 4 months pregnant. This girl knew I was pregnant from him and we lived together and had a business together. Well on October 28th, I got a phone call from one of his friends telling me that he and her were sleeping together and met up for 2 weeks. That he had met up with her last night while I was at home cooking and cleaning the house all day. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. They told me her name and I had her on my Facebook. So I messaged her on Facebook to see if it was true by this time I was already very upset and crying. She sent me a message back “yes me and him been together and I’m glad you know it saves me a phone call.”

Right then I fall apart my world came crashing down. I was 4 months pregnant and now I found out my boyfriend is sleeping with other girl. I was at work when I found out so I left work and went to pack up my stuff and went and move back in with my parents. It took me two days to move back since I was pregnant and couldn’t lift anything heavy so I left ALOT of my stuff there. I was so scared being alone and pregnant. He played games with me telling me he wanted to be with me and the baby for a whole month after. I believed him putting all my hope that he was going to stop seeing her and be with me and our baby. But little did I know he moved the home wrecker into the house we were sharing only one day after I moved out. She started putting all kinds of stuff on Facebook how she was going to be the mother of my unborn child. She threated me so many times its unreal. She sent me all kinds of messages on Facebook how they were going to get married and I better let them have my child and I was unfit and all kinds of stuff. Mind you I don’t do drugs or really drink that much, both of them are drunks & use drugs. But I’m unfit.

She still to this day post stuff about me on Facebook and sends me messages. She loves to start drama with me. I try to ignore it but it always gets back to me. She even has pretended to be pregnant for him, mind you she has 4 kids already, so that his family will accept her. But she posted a fake ultrasound picture which my ex mom figure out it was fake. His family can’t stand her and she is not allowed on their property because of everything she done to me. It’s really sad because the one who is going to suffer is my daughter. She never met her dad and he doesn’t care. She is now 3 months old and I’ve footed all the bills. He hasn’t helped me once. And Honestly I don’t want her to even know him. He is a drunk and on drugs. This girl is all about drama and I don’t want my precious little girl around all that crazy stuff. I still get random messages on Facebook from her and she still randomly post stupid stuff on Facebook about me. The sad part is she older than me and calls me childish when she is the one who starts it all.

I just hope Karma gets both of them. I hope they both fall on their faces and he does same thing to her. He choice her & her kids over me & his OWN daughter. None of her kids are from him but I guess he would rather raise her kids then his own daughter. But I’m doing better. It was so hard while I was pregnant. I spent so many nights crying and feeling like it was my fault and I felt like I wasn’t good enough. She made fun of me saying I was so fat & ugly (mind you I was pregnant & she is fatter than me even when I was pregnant) I lost over 70lbs after I had my little girl. I work full time and take care of all 3 of my kids with the help of my parents. I am also going back to college. I also found an awesome guy who is great with my kids and treats me so good. I love my life but it took a lot to get it back right after this happened to me. I still have ups and downs but in the end I know I’m better off now. But still waiting on the karma bus to run them both over!



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