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Esmeralda Ramirez Fort Hood, Texas

I have been married to my husband for 8 years. He is in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan in September of 2011 until September of 2012 and around May 2012 my husband was approached by this homewrecker who knew he was married and had a family back home. They started hanging out in her room until her roommates had an issue with it and reported it to the chain of command, which did nothing to stop it. So they continued the relationship through August of 2012 but moved to his room until I was notified by a roommate of hers that this was happening. I then emailed her asking if it was true because of course my husband denied it. She denied it but when I informed her I had become pregnant on my husband’ s r&r she then told me I was not the only one pregnant by my husband and that I would find out in 9 months. So after a few back and forth emails she finally came out saying she was pregnant by him and he was going to take care of their baby whether I liked it or not. That she was perfectly happy with the way my husband was acting towards her about the baby.

I was obviously under a lot of stress during my pregnancy due to this and was even monitored because of low fetal movement. So in September when my husband returned I had already knew and my husband admitted to it, we had decided to make it work and I was there with our 3 children to greet him from Afghanistan while she was there too. After returning home and our daughter being born in December, he started going to her doctor’s appointments to the same doctors and hospital we just had our daughter at and would go to her house during work hours and I caught him.

That baby was born March of 2013 and my husband and I went to her house to see the baby. The whole time we were there, she and her two friends tried to make so much more out of what they had then it was and my husband even said that it was nothing more than sex and a mistake but he wanted to take care of his responsibility. Since then she never let him see the baby again and then told my husband it wasn’t even his. Then came back weeks later saying she only said that because she was mad. So my husband filed for a DNA test and child support so he wouldn’t get screwed and we were on our way to pcs to Georgia when two days before my husband left for school he went and stayed at her house because he got drunk and we got into an argument.  He told me had I not caught him there he, would have come right back home, but because I went and found him there he felt so embarrassed he never came back. So I am now filing for divorce and the homewrecker can have his sorry ass because he will do it to her now too. He is only trying to be with her because he wants to avoid child support somewhere.




Mara Blanco Austin, Texas

My boyfriend and I had been dating forever (10 yrs) he worked night shifts and was “supervising” a group of people. Well Mara Blanco happened to be the one in his group. They saw each other more than I saw him. Well we would argue and fight a lot and one night we were talking about “what if’s” so he asked what you would do if we broke up and I told him I would leave the house with all my stuff and our kids. Then he asks “what would you do if I cheated” and I replied with the same as above with “I would kill that B****” That night we argued and he said he would leave me and I told him “don’t talk about it be about it” which he texted me at work and said he didn’t want to be with me.

He disappeared for a week without any communication. He never called once to see how the kids were and it seemed as if he didn’t care. He would tell me that I was a b**** to him and controlled him and never let him do anything. Well when he came home he was showering and I finally got a hold of his phone and went in to his messages and bam long be hold I found out he was cheating on me. Well this continued and he was so confused. He wanted me but was with her. He wanted her but there was me. There was no way around of getting rid of me forever (since we have two kids together) and I would tell him it’s either her or us. He ended up getting her pregnant “so they say” and she ended up miscarrying.

After that he and I were like a couple again. Everything seemed to be so perfect going my way and what I wanted. Till one day he flipped on me and told me he wanted nothing to do with me and what not. He said that because at work he would see Mara crying and heart broken. So I’m like WTF I’m your baby’s mother and you don’t care about me? But her?  After a while he completely changed and was treating me like a queen. Again everything I wanted. He quit that job and worked at a different place. Well this dumb ass finds out where he works at and goes to his new job where it’s only his second day and waves a damn sonogram in his face. He of course denies the baby. Life goes on and she ends up moving to Florida and gets married while she’s pregnant. To this day she still has the audacity to email, call, text, anything and everything to show that her son is my fiancé’s kid.



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