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Veli Mary Rosiles Little Village, Illinois

My sad but true story begins when I was 5 months pregnant with our second child. My now ex decides to tell me he has been talking to another girl for the last two months and they haven’t slept together but have gone to second base. This skank always knew he was in a committed relationship and lived with me but the slut didn’t care. She still f**ked with him. They went as far as to get a condo in Oak Park while he lived with me and saw each other secretly there for months. My whole second pregnancy this crazy bitch continued to contact me and harass me!  She went as far as to text me the day my daughter was born to tell me douche bag wasn’t at delivery because he was in bed making babies with the women he loves!

Ever since our break up she has continued to harass me. She is an insecure gold digging hoe who only wants my exes supposed money.  This skank needs to provide for her own kids and my dumb ass ex needs to support his. He spends all his money on her and her family but ignores mine. She is so trashy that the day she met my son she went into the garage with my ex and came out minutes later fixing her shirt and him zipping up his pants. What trash. I don’t care that she has him I wanted to share the story so anyone who sees or knows her know the type of trash she is. Keep your men away because the minute my ex runs out of money shell be on to the next. I feel sorry for her kids! Look at the example she is setting. Pathetic excuse for a woman!



Maggie Oseguera Antioch, California

This bitch messed around with my husband. She said she didn’t know he was married. Later I find out she messed around with 2 of her coworkers and I found out she is married too! Works in the same job. Everyone knew who I was and she knew who I was. She finds out I’m pregnant and gets my number from one of my husband coworkers and calls me that she pregnant too. I was heartbroken. My pregnancy was in danger and she knew about it. I was going to give a surprise to my husband before I found out everything and I lost one of my babies! She would call and call demanding for my husband’s personal information and his mother’s address. I was tired of her bull. I changed my number n I got her fired from her job.



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