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Teresa Brown Fort Polk, Louisiana

This w**** right here is unbelievable. My husband and I were married for almost 2 year after being together a total of 5. She came into the picture as a friend’s cousin. Well here’s the story.

My husband slept with her for what reason I shall not know. She has no teeth and is very nasty. I was away visiting family when this happened. I had no clue when I came back that it even happened. I found out I was pregnant with our son. Well that’s when the story came out. She harassed me threaten to fight me while I was pregnant all because he wouldn’t leave me for her, due to the fact the army would hang him high and dry. Well she ruined our married big time when she showed up and said she was pregnant. I tried to make thing work with my husband just because I love him. He ended up leaving me for her all because I couldn’t have sex due to early labor.  The harassing got worse, why I do not know. She had won, she got my husband, my money that I work for and my home. She convinced him that they need the house for the baby. She sucked him dry come to find out she was never pregnant. She was just wanting the benefits. Please expose her.



6 Responses to “Teresa Brown Fort Polk, Louisiana”

  1. Kimmer says:

    Oh my goodness! She’s got real issues!! And apparently so does your husband if he would lower himself like that!

  2. Kim says:

    f****** fort Polk s****. I wonder if she’s friends with that other home wrecker there Ashlee Blanchard Miller

  3. how can these assholes and bitches get the house and money there has to be a way to fight for it!

    • sarah gaines says:

      This was my home wrecker they got everything. Cause she fake to be me and called and closed out my bank accounts. To be honest I dont want the house and bed that cunts been in. They didnt get the house long chain of command found out and kick them both out. He lost his career because military doesnt play when it comes to cheating. Now he’s a single man sleeping on a friends couch

  4. Mscaptain says:

    That what his dumb a** gets. Now im sure he is looking real crazy right about now. And of course wanting you back.

  5. nikki says:


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