I’ve been with my fiancé for 3 years now and we have 2 babies together and he claims my other 2. We had a great relationship and friendship. I’ve known him about 10 yrs. He started messing with this bitch when I was pregnant with our first child and on and off since. She starts drama with me by calling my phone, making up Facebook pages in my name. She is obsessed with my man and won’t stop.

He promises me he loves me and our kids and he doesn’t mess with her but she is still causing me pain. I love my little family and just want people to know what a home wrecker she is. This bitch doesn’t have a man of her own so she continues to try and mess with mine. We just had another baby and he is in ICU at the hospital and she had the nerve to go up to see him! Who does that? I just need to expose her for who she is.