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Theresa Stevens New Jersey

I would like to post my story about this lying and manipulating piece of garbage. Her name is Theresa Stevens from Tuckerton New Jersey. I know that my husband is to blame for stepping outside of our marriage and having our family falling apart and fighting. The only reason I am so angry at Theresa is because she knew he was married and knowingly went through with a sexual affair for months. She helped him with excuses to cheat, helped him put his job on the line, helped him lie and abuse my understanding of working overtime for the family and contributed to his mental breakdown when he tried to leave her causing him to become very ill. After finding out about her personally through her family member helping with showing me evidence, it was not only with my husband; she has made a moneyless career out of sleeping with married men.

My situation is so disgusting that legally I cannot disclose all details at this time, however I will say that after listen to Theresa’s voicemails on my husbands cell, reading through text messages and tons of emails I am disappointed that she is classified as a women and able to represent us. Theresa is ruthless and despicable. I have proof of other married men that she has slept with and it is just disgusting. I don’t think I ever met in my life someone who has thought so low about themselves that they had to try to make another human being feel as low or lower than she has. I felt sorry at first for Theresa having to seek married men out for sex and then blackmailing them when they wanted to cut her off, but now she deserves her pathetic and miserable life. What me and the other wives don’t deserve is the STD’s and PID’s, the kids don’t deserve the mental and emotional roller-coaster ride that you helped create with their father’s. Not knowing a man is married and then finding out is one thing but to start off knowing a man is married and living at home with his wife and kids is a total different situation and so is continuing the affair months later.

My husband and the other men never left home or their families so you cannot even use the excuse “he told me he was leaving” which by the way is the oldest in the book. You are a disgrace to women and a repulsive skank. I want to thank you for helping me keep the house for my children to be able to stay in their community and continue in the same school with friends, my suv, my alimony and increased child-support. My guess is you thought you were going to be able to upgrade, but let me give you a lesson on “Barracks Queens” they are all downgrades and wear-out very quick because of their easiness. Good Luck with your future in Homewrecking and I hope all of the Tri-State area knows what a train-wreck you are. I understand that nobody has to tell you to go to hell, because your life is hell and your insides are infested with stench and toxins. Best wishes to you:)





25 Responses to “Theresa Stevens New Jersey”

  1. Glad to hear that you left him. This woman is, of course, just another quick piece of ass for a man. You deserve better and karma will bite them both, I promise you that.

  2. SMH says:

    What an ugly manly looking poor excuse for a woman. She looks skany and nasty. Your husband is a stupid jerk & fool for sleeping with this thing. I’m glad you’re divorcing your stupid cheating husband. Both of these low life’s will get there’s. Karma is going to meet them soon. Good luck to you and your children.

  3. kimmie says:

    Typical old washed up w**** that has nothing to offer but sex. You would think if someone looked this nasty then you’re husband would’ve invested in condoms. Let me guess…she is somehow the “victim” with a sob story .

  4. AlliG says:

    …looks like a confused man that raided Fredricks of Hollywood

  5. imnotquiteright says:

    She looks like a man. Wtf gross

  6. IceQueen says:

    Why is it I think of the Flintstone’s when I look at that picture?

  7. Jen says:

    Theresa is wrong for sleeping with your husband. But, I honestly think that you need to get rid of the anger and move on. You need to be a supportive to your children. And don’t speak badly of your ex in front of the kids. Because he is your children’s father. Don’t evolve children in adult issue. I hope things get better you. But harboring this hatred and animosity will only stall your recovery. And you deserve to he happy.

  8. Kookie says:

    Barrack Queen?? That’s a new term for me, I’ve heard of tag chasers though… & she definitely sounds like she fits the description!!

  9. Tampa says:

    Where the hell do these ugly men/women come from that men drop their strides and risk god only know what to have sex with them,lose their families, I ask myself is it something in the water that we see so many once normal family men throw it all away for sex on the side with the most plain/ugly/dirty s**** around, they stand in line for their turn to have a go after dozens have dipped their wick in the old bags hole before them. They must often ask themselves what a virgin would be like after having it on with these old whores that are so used it is amazing they can stand the stretch of these old s****.

  10. Neme Divine says:

    “Barracks Queen” = she only goes after married cops! I’ve heard some w**** stories but this broad tops them all! Check her out on…. More info is listed about her there. It is wonderful to see she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves! Enjoy the ride on the karma bus b****!

  11. Debbie says:

    Barracks Queen, Tag Chacer, Badge b****, Cop Groupie, it is all the same. Yes it is one thing to not know a guy is married but once you find out he is, that he has kids and still lives as a family then how could you be in love with someone you don’t even know or that has so much baggage that is all a mess? I just don’t understand people! This is why there is so much dysfunction in families and I believe people don’t know the difference between Lust & Love and that is scary! Go join a sex club if you want it that bad.

  12. ManWhore says:

    She’s hot.

    I kid! I kid! Seriously, that one’s a train wreck.

  13. Neme Divine says:

    You’ve been warned NJ. This one is a skank with absolutely no moral compass and she has zero regard for anyone. She will make a scrapbook full of cards, letters, emails, text messages and photos and she’ll store it away for when the latest victim decides he wants out! Then she will go on a crusade of threatening, intimidating, stalking and harassing the guy to keep him around. She knows no boundaries and IF you do ignore her threats, she’ll show up at your front door with her scrapbook to show your wife. She knows when she does this that it’s over but she’s a vindictive, vengeful b**** who will not care about the devastation she causes to the families. Any a****** who is stupid enough to get involved with this unpaid hooker deserves whatever Hell and high water she brings, but the wives and children do not. She doesn’t care, she isn’t capable of caring and she’ll walk away smiling once she’s devastated your lives. You’ll be left to clean up her stinking, oozing, festering mess and she’ll be looking for the next dumbass. This b**** has sucked and f*cked so many men that I don’t think all the Summer’s Eve & Massengil on the planet, loaded into a fire hose couldn’t cleanse that trashcan twat. You can smell it driving into her part of town! No, that’s not a fishmarket, it’s Theresa Stevens!!! She’s really into threesome’s and anal sex, I hope she buys stock in depends, that fecal incontinence later in life will be a b****! Seriously, speaking from experience dealing with this tramp… STAY AWAY…. and if you have been with this s***, I’d suggest you get tested!

  14. Nadina says:

    Theresa do you know that your antics have gone so far about these married cops you go after that it has reached the Attorney Generals Office, actual Stations notified NOT to let you in unless it is a ligitamate emergency and Internal Affairs in reference to stories you have told to co-workers, friends and even family! WAKE UP! It’s OVER! Either stay single and go after actual single people or join a sex club but stop all this madness! Say NO to married men! It is that easy! You cannot keep doing this to these families wether the wife finds out or not, just don’t go through with ANY calls, text, emails and so on! If you cannot call the person in an emergency, then you should NOT be fu*king them! Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about all the other parties involved!

  15. Neme Divine says:

    She’s pretending to be in hiding now. ONE of her FB pages has been deactivated. She is going with her standard routine, she’s the victim. She doesn’t know who her real friends are… she can’t trust anyone, blah blah blah!! Everyone at work is talking about her and laughing about how she’s finally getting what she deserves, public humiliation. What’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light and now she gets to be shown in all her glory for the homewrecking-skank that everyone knows her to be. I hope she packed a lunch, it’s looking like this may be a very long ride on the karma bus! *The wheels on the bus go round and round….* You chose the actions, you chose the consequences. Buckle up and hang on!

  16. Teresa says:

    I remember the married Trooper many times parking the troop car in valet and walking through the hotel up to your office or parking outback of the hotel where the employee section is and you sitting in his troop car longer than you should have instead of helping with events. Other employees had to take over while any of your “cop friends” came to your place of employment. I remember the married cop you brought to one of your clients events at work, so unprofessional in so many ways on both your parts and so stupid on his part. The stories could go on and on but their all along the same. The saying is, “when you strut; you will stumble” you got out of control and way ahead of yourself.

  17. Kara says:

    when we say someone had an affair, it sounds like one event. Actually, an affair involves thousands of mental acts, and living a double life is a huge psychological burden, a burden most cheaters are unable to bear. That is why they often accuse their spouse of being unfaithful or in the event they are single the just deny.

    (if it applies) add the drugs, alcohol, deceiving and sneaking around to this, and they need to make it another’s fault, at least in their own mind.

    Many people can’t lie for a day or two, yet you both lied for months. You both found pleasure in your desires. Time and energy were stolen from my family. Many decisions and acts you both made together during your deception time affected my kids. but they were made because of the way they affected each other as “lovers” when really it wasn’t love or even lust, it was just easy sex.

    The best way to understand the implications of behavior–whether it’s infidelity or global warming–is to look it square in the face. The best way for your children to understand their own lives is to understand the lives of others, including their parents. The best way for us to live is in accordance with reality. Clearly all parties involved are all living in a temporary fantasy that turns into a nightmare for all parties, families and friends involved. There have been times innocent parties knowing nothing about the situation have been brought in by your sloppiness.

  18. Stacy says:

    Theresa is selfish. There’s no way around it. She wants what she wants and she has no guilt about taking it. Her needs come first, no matterwhom she is hurting. The ironic part is, your man was so blinded by his desire that he didn’t realize she does not care about him, either. She doesn’t care about hurting him or wifey or the kids.

    She has no morals. She knows what’s right and wrong, but it doesn’t matter to her. Since she doesn’t have morals, she doesn’t feel responsible. If you confront her, chances are she will say something like, “I can’t help it if your man wants what I got.” She will show no shame and not take the blame.

    She’s psycho. Other words for her include sociopath and narcissist. She lacks the ability to sympathize with you. In fact, some women who are habitual home wreckers are so sick that they actually derive pleasure from hurting others. She may be the kind of chick that sleeps with attached men for the thrill of it.

    She’s accessible. We know you have to work and then there’s the kids, but sometimes men just fall prey to a side chick who will give him what he wants and won’t put any pressure on him. She doesn’t ask him to take out the garbage and she’s never tired. It sucks, but it is what it is. She also has no self respect and does not value her body.

    She is just that dumb. She believes him when he complains about you and says he stays for the kids. She falls for his lies and his promises to leave you and marry her. Old text book writing that carries tradition.

    She’s desperate. She doesn’t have a man and one’s not in sight. She thinks so little of herself that she is willing to be the second fiddle.

    The bottom line, though, is that your man cheated, and no matter what a piece of garbage the other woman is or what a moron she is, you still have to deal with the fact that you have a cheater on your hands. It’s just very unfortunate that Theresa is usually the “other woman” Good luck and get tested!

  19. Unsealed says:

    Theresa please stop telling people this is just about Dwight! The Dwight situation was just DISGUSTING & no words can explain anybody’s true feelings on it! This is about a recent married trooper and every married man from the past 20 years not all were cops, that is just what you perfer. You were asked to stop all this nonsense and you chose not to, @ your age you should know it is time to stop hurting families and inflicting pain on everyone! Since you want to lie and deny to try an save your a*s and avoiding telling your family the truth, several people in your circle are willing to help the truth come out from the help of your past “victims” with the proof. You are lucky that all the first & last names are not allowed to be listed for many of us would post it just to call you out on all your lies over the years. Please for Dwight’s Family STOP using, saying or anything his name! He is not and was not your boyfriend, man, honey, or any other loving name. News Flash about Love, it is very hard to find when you are giving sex up so easily, it’s just that; sex! 20/20 just did a special on married couples who like 3rd parties to join in on their sex, go be with peops who actually want you not people who just want to dump a load or two!

  20. Classmate says:

    I live up here and I went to Pinelands High for two years then Southern for two so I know lots if people who know you Theresa. Your cousin told us that you slept with a married trooper in her bed, that you used her to stalk a municipal cop and you drag her name through the mud like crazy then call her to hangout and smile in her face like these people did not tell her. The Theresa I remember was a loner in school and when you got your drivers license along with that mustang everyone used you and you were to stupid to care because you were thriving off the attention finally! Guess nothing has changed:(

  21. Acquaintance says:

    When I first heard you telling the story about a situation with your ex-husband and child I thought maybe it was a little exaggerated. The reason I thought this was because I could not understand why a cop would help you in that way knowing he could face reprimand for a women he barely knows. Well after time I understood he knew you more than you had led on, but what boggles my mind is why you would share the story for possible somebody making a complaint or just dropping indication to his superiors about “favoritism”. You might think twice before you speak about things involving people with authority leading to discipline and or termination.

  22. Friend or maybe not says:

    I considered myself a dear friend and co-worker, however after reading all of this, hearing things at work and in town, I wonder if the things you told in confidence were all lies to get sympathy? Things are making sense now about why some of the guys you said you were “dating” we never seen in person or in pictures with you. I remember feeling so bad for you, did you really have a miscarriage with the guy Mike (regional manager of Home Depot) or was it an abortion because he was married? I heard it would not be the first abortion. Trying to follow all this to get the truth is probably useless.

  23. FB Friend says:

    STOP commenting on the NJSP Facebook about Troopers! How disgusting it is to read that your peeved about cars not moving over when a Trooper has a car pulled over, yet your not peeved about f*cking MARRIED COPS! Total sh*tbag you are!

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