Valerie Walker Oliver Carthage, Texas

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My husband and I have been married for 19 years. When he worked as a night dispatcher at an oil field company he became friends with one of the drivers. His wife would bring him lunch and this is how my husband met her. During this time I was working for a company that I had to travel over an hour every day to our satellite office. I had to go thru the town my husband worked so I would stop and see him on my way home. So one night I was there and got to meet her. I instantly hated her and couldn’t for the life of me know why but I just did. I tried to be friends with her but just couldn’t because her husband and mine were friends. Anyway, I never ever could stand her and eventually I told her ass off and that was the end of that. Even though they still worked together I didn’t deal with them.

Well fast forward to November 2012. My husband got laid off and her husband got hurt at work and she and my husband began texting A LOT. I normally check my cell bill but didn’t because I had no signs or reason. But around February I began having some issues I felt something wasn’t right and I thought it was me. I had lost my dad October 1st and had had surgery in November that was causing hormonal issues with me and was also having other health issues and was in the hospital for a week in February.

My husband had started back working but was out of town during the week so we talked for a few minutes every night. Well for some reason during this time I felt like I just didn’t know what was going on with me and thought it was my marriage and had even mentioned divorce. Which my husband said no we could work on this. Well one night I checked the phone bill and I noticed a number that I just knew in my gut who it was. And I was right. It was her. I woke his ass up by shoving the iPad in his face. Now between nov 25 and April 18 there were over 25000 txt message between them and over 5000 talk min. I went left. He admitted it was her and they had had feelings for years but never acted on them and that he felt he loved her so I made him call her and had her on speaker I told him that he needed to make the choice so we both could hear and I would give him a divorce if that is what he wanted. He told her that he did have feelings and felt they could have a happy life but he didn’t think it was love it was more fascination of her because she didn’t work outside of the home and waited on her husband hand and foot and cooked all the time blah blah blah blah blah. I worked outside the home AND raised our children into grown productive kids. I have a son 25 and we have a daughter 19, both wonderful adults. She has three under 10. Ok.

So he told her he wasn’t leaving me and his family for her. She went crazy. Saying you told me you loved me more than anything in the world and wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. Ok she kicked her husband out thinking she was getting mine. NOT. Well after this I told her I would never ever be civil to her I would call her out EVERY chance I get. And I do. She even went and told her husband that the little baby under a year was my husbands. He swears they never got physical at all. I called bull shit but he swears. Ok whatever. But anyway. She tried getting his friends to make him leave me for her they all said f**k no.

Now we are better and are working every day to make things ok. Now know this I by no means are perfect. He and I both have had affairs in the past but mine was not a married man nor did I pass I love you to anyone. I told him I could have gotten over it better had it just been physical instead of him giving her a piece of his heart. I can compete with her ugly nasty ass but not the heart that is the ultimate betrayal. Now I know why I hated her ass from day one. And my husband wasn’t even the first friend of her husbands she messed with. She f**ked his best friend several years ago. Skank and she calls me a whore. Ok she can call me whatever she wants to from her miserable home while I lay next to my husband every night. He no longer works out of town either.



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