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Valerie Walker Oliver Carthage, Texas

My husband and I have been married for 19 years. When he worked as a night dispatcher at an oil field company he became friends with one of the drivers. His wife would bring him lunch and this is how my husband met her. During this time I was working for a company that I had to travel over an hour every day to our satellite office. I had to go thru the town my husband worked so I would stop and see him on my way home. So one night I was there and got to meet her. I instantly hated her and couldn’t for the life of me know why but I just did. I tried to be friends with her but just couldn’t because her husband and mine were friends. Anyway, I never ever could stand her and eventually I told her ass off and that was the end of that. Even though they still worked together I didn’t deal with them.

Well fast forward to November 2012. My husband got laid off and her husband got hurt at work and she and my husband began texting A LOT. I normally check my cell bill but didn’t because I had no signs or reason. But around February I began having some issues I felt something wasn’t right and I thought it was me. I had lost my dad October 1st and had had surgery in November that was causing hormonal issues with me and was also having other health issues and was in the hospital for a week in February.

My husband had started back working but was out of town during the week so we talked for a few minutes every night. Well for some reason during this time I felt like I just didn’t know what was going on with me and thought it was my marriage and had even mentioned divorce. Which my husband said no we could work on this. Well one night I checked the phone bill and I noticed a number that I just knew in my gut who it was. And I was right. It was her. I woke his ass up by shoving the iPad in his face. Now between nov 25 and April 18 there were over 25000 txt message between them and over 5000 talk min. I went left. He admitted it was her and they had had feelings for years but never acted on them and that he felt he loved her so I made him call her and had her on speaker I told him that he needed to make the choice so we both could hear and I would give him a divorce if that is what he wanted. He told her that he did have feelings and felt they could have a happy life but he didn’t think it was love it was more fascination of her because she didn’t work outside of the home and waited on her husband hand and foot and cooked all the time blah blah blah blah blah. I worked outside the home AND raised our children into grown productive kids. I have a son 25 and we have a daughter 19, both wonderful adults. She has three under 10. Ok.

So he told her he wasn’t leaving me and his family for her. She went crazy. Saying you told me you loved me more than anything in the world and wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. Ok she kicked her husband out thinking she was getting mine. NOT. Well after this I told her I would never ever be civil to her I would call her out EVERY chance I get. And I do. She even went and told her husband that the little baby under a year was my husbands. He swears they never got physical at all. I called bull s*** but he swears. Ok whatever. But anyway. She tried getting his friends to make him leave me for her they all said f**k no.

Now we are better and are working every day to make things ok. Now know this I by no means are perfect. He and I both have had affairs in the past but mine was not a married man nor did I pass I love you to anyone. I told him I could have gotten over it better had it just been physical instead of him giving her a piece of his heart. I can compete with her ugly nasty ass but not the heart that is the ultimate betrayal. Now I know why I hated her ass from day one. And my husband wasn’t even the first friend of her husbands she messed with. She f**ked his best friend several years ago. Skank and she calls me a w****. Ok she can call me whatever she wants to from her miserable home while I lay next to my husband every night. He no longer works out of town either.





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  1. R&R says:

    This lady is so good in bed, you need to step up your game and make your husband happy! Trust me, she is really kinky and sexy. She also gives great oral sex, I know from experience! Good luck!

  2. R&R
    K ….. whoever they decide to be is a f****** idiot. Here to waste time bashing the betrayed wife. Pay no mind.

  3. azchick says:

    R&R sounds like Valerie just bein mad for being exposed!

  4. Shannon says:

    So r&R you just proved she’s an even bigger w****, witch means he’s not gonna leave his lady for a w****

  5. Been There, Done That says:

    If you cheated in the past, and you worked it out, WHAT gives you the right to come down on him like an iron hammer because he ‘cheated’ on you? Don’t fake a happy marriage or force a happy marriage because your both too stupid to move on. ALSO it cracks me the frig up when these “strong, intelligent” wives tell their husband to get on the phone and make a choice. Of course he’s going to choose you. You are standing right in front of him. DUH! It sounds to me, like your marriage was on very thin ice, despite your best attempts to ignore it. She wasn’t a homewrecker. It was already on life support.

  6. Sick of ALL whores says:

    Cheating is cheating. Whether you give a piece of your heart or a piece of your ass. It’s not for you to offer up since you are supposed to belong to someone else. You talk about your affair like it was so different than his; In some way you are better because you didn’t fall in love and because it wasn’t a married man. My husband cheated and did not fall in love and some of the women weren’t married but it still broke my heart. Pretty disgusted that you can get on here and talk to the us ,who are truly hurt, about yours and your husbands lack of respect or concern for each other like it’s just another day in paradise. Infidelity has broken many of our hearts and devastated our families. You reap what you sow. I call bullshit on you and your dumb ass husband. You two need to stay together and spare the rest of us the possibility of encountering you.

  7. jamie says:

    i feel all three to be HW’s the wife cheated the husband cheated the other women didnt care and there’s another HW here but the wife never said who he was. I think you need to get over the hurt he caused you if you were there cheating also. Im not trying to be mean just real.

  8. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    Nadine you are getting harrasment charges filed on you. If i was a home wrecker he would be gone.

  9. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    thank you Been there, done that!!!!!!! truth hurts dont it

    • Sick of ALL whores says:

      Don’t think your off the hook, you stupid w****. Quit screwing other people’s husbands and start taking care of your own family. Just because we don’t agree with her past, doesn’t mean we agree with your present and your the hooker on display here. You got off easy I would have kicked your ass!!!

      • lori says:

        she put you on speaker called you on it and you went crazy that he didn’t pick you and yes you still are a home wrecker you stupid b****

    • defending homewreckers is stupid says:

      Really? That is all you have to say in your defense? Are you proud that you will be forever known as a homewrecker? You are one sick b****.

    • Valerie Walker Oliver says:

      i didnt mean i had been there and done that…lol…i was replying to the person referred to as “Been There , Done That”

  10. Nadine says:

    I never said I was better or my affair was different. I am by no means perfect but I exposed her because of how deeply I have hated her for years and how betrayed I felt because I verbally told him many times how much I hated her and her husband. No I’m not better than him at all. But I understand why some think bad of me. I’m ok with that. I respect all opinions but hers or her husband. Thank you for your input.

    • Valerie Walker Oliver says:

      Hello Nadine aka Donna Smith White….get this off here or charges will be filed tomorrow..get over the fact that he’s caught you screwing around and own up to it rather than blame me..from what i hear from your own friends you’ve been cheating on him for years since way before he ever did it to you..and your own best friend even said that even if we have had sex (which we havent) or that he told me he loves me, that we cant touch the things you’ve done…i am not the one that ruined your marriage…it was ruined years before i came along..he was just trying to catch you in the wrong so he could leave you…lol..jokes on you..anyway so if he’s still there how am i a home wrecker??? you’re just jealous because you cant stand the fact that he confided in me because he felt that he couldnt talk to you and that i listened and didnt try to boss him like a mom instead of a wife.. you were such a controlling b**** that you pushed him away to the point he didnt even wanna touch you not counting i am sure after all the men you screwed he is afraid to touch you..but that too is my fault i suppose…grow up..i dont have time for your highschool games..i dont want him..never did.. we are just friends and always will be…even though we dont talk right now

      • Cali says:

        hahahahahaha. I LOVE it when whores talk about filing charges for being exposed it.

      • c.s. says:

        I dont give a damn if this wife screwed half the world…YOU ARE STILL A HOMEWRECKER…or should we say “wanna-be” homewrecker. Do I think the wife is right for what she did…hell no!! But this one…THIS POST… is about you Valerie. Do you really think anyone will buy that you had a serious thought that went like this..” well, I normally wouldnt do this BUT, she cheated in the past and that makes it okay”! Women like you do not give a rats ass if the wife has been as faithful as a nun to her vows…but her cheating in the past sure did give you an excuse…or so you think apparently. She also said HE HAD CHEATED IN THE PAST…if you can throw her cheating in her face and she is soooo awful…what the f*** did you want with him?? Wouldnt HE had been just as awful also..but you wanted him didnt you?? So ya did what you wanted and screwed someone elses husband.I am willing to bet you were happy as a sleezy clam when you looked at this post and saw others getting down on the wife for her affair…bet you thought ” awesome, now the focus is off me and she looks stupid”. Not so fast there valerie. HER past gives YOU no right to go out and be a w**** with another womans husband. What is means is..she was wrong. He was wrong. You were wrong AND this one is about you!! Take all the other bullshit out of it and it still comes down to…they are still married. He is still her husband. Women like you really do not give a s*** who it is..what he did in the past or what she did in the’s all in the moment and all about what YOU want. When there is a post about HER I will tell her what I think of cheating in general…for now I will stick with…you are a nasty immoral s*** who does not give a s*** who you hurt. Was it okay to f*** around on your husband and jepordize your family?? Lemme guess…he cheated on you so therefore again, what you did is ok? You say you didnt have sex with him but it is obvious you were all up in this marriage in a million ways you should not have been. Sounds to me that you were so up in his s*** and the way he did or didnt feel about his wife, wether or not he wanted to touch her and ect. that your marriage was falling apart because you didnt have time for YOUR husband…you were to busy hanging onto and encouraging someone elses husband to do wrong. You keep writing ” if he is still there how am I a homewrecker”…seems like the fact that ” he is still there” weighs on your mind. Where would you like him to be?? Dont even bother to answer that one…the answer is obvious. You went after a married man ( regardless of his wifes past ) and you failed in your attempt to get him. Two wrongs do not make it right and her doing wrong in the past does not make you right in this one.

  11. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    First of all i don’t owe any of you an explanation about me and my life but before you all start bashing me you need to know the truth about me and the one that’s posting the crap about me. Anyone that knows me in person knows i am not a home wrecker and i have never split up a marriage and would not ever.. i didn’t go crazy because he didn’t pick me. she asked me what he had told me through the years about his feelings for me and i told her the truth. We were friends..only friends..yes we developed a love for each other but not a sexual love.. and there were never any plans of being together..he never asked me to leave my husband for him and i never asked him to leave her. We were best friends..and she and my husband both knew we talked..and that was an extreme exaggeration of how much we text and talked…I never told my husband that my baby was this man’s child..there wasn’t a chance in hell that my baby could have been his since we never ever had sex..and if he is still with her and they are working it out and we haven’t talked since April why does she keep bringing me into their problems and how can anyone consider me a home wrecker?..anyway with all that being said..lets talk some truth about her for a moment..this is all coming from a woman that walks around acting like she’s perfect when she’s already been caught up in about 10 incidents in the past 2 years that she had to lie her way out of to keep from getting caught cheating..she only admitted to one affair but i can count nine others that she was confronted about by him and proof of but somehow she weasled her way right out of that and blamed it on me too because she felt something was wrong between them…lol…i can name names of the guys and yes she wrecked a home of a chiropractor right in Center Texas..and who knows who else’s home she wrecked…she actually caused a divorce..i haven’t and when i was asked to stop talking to my best friend i did in respect for his see folks the truth behind all this is she cant stand the fact that her marriage could fail because she is the one doing wrong..not he and before you all go forming opinions of me maybe you all should do some digging on her ..maybe i should throw her pic and story up on here and her other fake facebook profile she set up in order to talk to her boyfriends behind her husband”s see this woman gets a high off of blaming other folks for her problems instead of owning up to her own faults..she walks around pointing fingers when she needs to take a very long look in the mirror..and she will have charges pressed on her tomorrow for slander…

    • Sick of Military Whores says:

      Your best friend is another woman’s husband….. and your not a homewrecker?

    • DirtyHomewreckers says:

      He is still a married man. You do not get to be “best friends” with a married man! That’s his wifes job… Perception is reality and if it looked like an affair, even an emotional one, then that’s exactly what it was! Women who think they can do/say whatever they want simply because they’re friends with a taken man disgust me. I hope your husband finds a new “best friend” that he lies to you about soon.

  12. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    and lol she had to choose the worst pic of me to make herself feel better..i let a friend of mine’s daughter edit that one..i do not ever wear pink lipstick or crooked eyeliner..

  13. Nadine says:

    I have proof of how many texts and I saw the doctor as a patient he was divorced way before my lawyer ever sent me to see him. Get your facts straight. Slander is only when I lied. I haven’t again I have proof in black and white. Wow only nine others. I must be slacking. I heard of many more. Make sure my name is spelled correctly on the reports and I will bring all my cell phone records to prove I’m not lying. I also don’t know anything about a fake Facebook that’s a new one.

  14. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    grow up and get over it… leave me alone and you damn sure know about the fake facebook have way too much time on your hands..get off your lazy ass and get a job…i dont have time for you..this is so childish…

  15. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    LOL.. this is so funny…5 months later and no contact with him whatsoever you are still so insecure about me that you cant rest at night…when are you going to just own up to the fact that you are the problem????? dont bother to reply..that was a rhetorical question..

  16. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    and proof that we talked is not proof that i wrecked your home…dumb ass…he is still there..hello…how’d i wreck your home? …you make me hurt myself laughing..

  17. Valerie Walker Oliver says:

    this shows exactly how immature and insecure you are….

  18. Sick of Whores says:

    My husbands affair was a long time ago and it still effects us to this day and there are many things that trigger it for me even after all these years. 5 months is nothing and I’m going to venture out and say your the insecure one, Valerie, since you are explaining your picture, make up and are making a ton of comments trying to defend yourself. You say he’s still there so you didn’t wreck her home and you didn’t sleep with him. You have NO business talking on a regular basis with any man except your husband. It is inappropriate, classless and it is disrespectful as hell to your husband. When you knew that talking with her husband was a problem you should have not spoke to him anymore. And just because he’s still there does not negate your responsibility in causing problems. My husband is still here but things are forever different. She knew he was married, but did not care. You knew he was married and did not care, that in itself is reason for your mug to be plastered up here. All you have done by continuing to comment on here over and over is convince me that everything the OP is saying is true. You have given yourself away!

  19. Valerie Oliver says:

    lol..y’all all have too much time on your hands.. work on your own marriages and you wouldn’t have time to bash other people…that’s all ..thanks and have a nice day

    • Sick of Whores says:

      Truer Words have never been spoken from a married homewrecker. Good for you… Now Go and work on your own marriage.

  20. Nadine. says:

    I just wanted to know when to expect the police to come arrest me. Oh wait I forgot YOUR husband called MY husband today and said he wasn’t going to do anything about it. Because you can’t keep your mouth shut.

    Also, thank you for all the input both positive and negative. I own my mistakes and pay for them daily. I accept all response from everyone. I have asked for forgiveness from my husband and family and I have forgiven my husband. Thank you all again.

  21. Know's who the real home wrecker is says:

    LOL like he forgives you really Nadine why dont you tell the truth and let everyone know you really are the reason for your marriage being the way it is

    • Nadine says:

      Valerie. Brent cheated on me two years after we were married the first time. He cheated again in 2006 with a good friend of mine. I forgave him because of my child. He started his bull s*** with you five years ago. My affair was three years ago and this past year I was talking to someone so I didn’t start the problem. If you don’t believe me ask anyone who knows us. You stupid stupid w****. You however have had other affairs with Sean’s friends. Brent’s friends told him that they would have never trusted being around you because you like going after the mans friends. No Brent nor I either one are perfect but you knew I hated you and you still did all you could to try to destroy us. He sees that now and tells me daily how sorry he is and I tell him the same. We both have learned more from this than anything else ever. He even said he could have never truly trusted you. Now say what ever makes you feel better. You are not a problem for me anylonger. I sleep great every night next to him. As far as my lazy ass needing a job. I worked 17 years outside the home until my car wreck. You never did till now because you kicked Sean out and when you didn’t get Brent to start to support your skank ass you had to get a job. So here’s to you. Have a happy life and learn to leave married men alone tottles b****

      • Valerie Oliver says:

        That’s not me saying he hasnt forgiven you..I am not afraid to put my real name when I am talking to you or about you..That’s obviously someone else that really knows you…I told you I am done with this high school drama..and I didnt Kick Shaun out..He left because of your txt messages then asked to come back but i wouldnt let him because I was tired of being treated like crap..get your facts straight…leave me alone and work on your marriage..if you have one left after posting this about me…

        • Valerie Oliver says:

          If you spent as much time actually being the good wife as you claim to be, and stop pointing fingers at everyone else, blaming me and his family and his friends for your own mistakes like we caused you to be the psycho b**** that you are, your marriage should be almost perfect by now..but yet you spend too much time doing stupid s*** like this and partying and causing drama with everyone that even looks at you the wrong way…if you reflected on your own faults and tried to fix them as much as you reflect on everyone else’s lives and what they are doing wrong all would be well in your know i am right..i have already told you that you need to quit worrying about me..I am too busy trying to live my own life rather than worry about you and him..i never wanted him so why do you keep telling me all the wrong he has done..stop trying to justify you and him to me..i dont care..but when he leaves you remember its yours and his fault that it failed…not mine..i never asked him to leave you..even tho i hated you and you hated me i never wanted him the way you dont know me at all.. thats whats silly about this whole have no clue about me but think you know everything..if you took the time to actually know me like he did you wouldve known that i am not what you think i am..but it dont matter..i havent lost a minute sleep over you ..and i wish you both the best in life..

          • Nadine says:

            And the way it happened YOU called him after Brent told you he wasn’t leaving me begging him to come back. Brent got that call from Shaun that next morning.

          • Nadine says:

            Wow. You never said how much you loved him an couldn’t wait to be in his arms. Not what I read on the txts. An yes I found them they don’t just go away when their deleted. I know someone that can pull them up. Again I knew from the moment I met you I knew all I needed to know. Your toxic and can’t be trusted. No one wants to get to know you that wants to keep their man. My marriage is better now than in a long time. I guess I should thank you for being the skank you are.

        • Nadine says:

          What makes you think this post has hurt my marriage? We are fine. Last night was a great night. Had the house to ourselves. We’re fine and my txt to Shaun didn’t cause anything. The truth did. He was tired of you trying to screw all his friends. If your tired of high school drama then stop acting like a high schooler going after others men. You had your own. I still have mine. MINE NOT YOURS. AND HE IS MY BEST FRIEND NOT YOURS. HE EVEN SAID WHAT THE HELL WHEN HE SAW YOU SAY THAT.

        • Hash says:

          You didn’t let Shaun come back because you were giving Brent time to leave Nadine.Both of you had it all planned out. He was waiting for your divorce to be final so he could make his move. I’m confused! Why would Brent leave his wife of many years and take up with another woman who is a cheater also. It’s revealed now. He doesn’t have to be committed. He is free to explore and you can to. Very convenient for you both. When the lust wears off so-long, good-by. Two fools in waiting!

      • Know's who the real home wrecker is says:

        You have the nerve to call her a w**** haha your last affair was just a little while back. Your the one he cant trust and you sleep great with him by your side what a joke haha He cant stand the site of you because of the affairs you have had. You blame everyone but yourself you are never at fault for anything that has gone wrong in your marriage you act like everything is all peachy now when you know its not and you need not blame anyone else for your failed marriage because right now its all on you.

        • Nadine says:

          Wow he enjoyed the site of me last night and may nights since this came out. If this isn’t Valerie put your real name out here since you think YOU know so much.

          • Know's who the real home wrecker is says:

            That would please you way to much and I am not here to please you in anyway but I know YOU.So you keep on believing your own lies

  22. Nadine says:

    Because your a chicken s*** skank just like her. You don’t bother me you just sit behind the computer hiding because you don’t want your face plastered on here. You don’t know s*** about me. Brent is here with me in my bed every night so keep an eye on our marriage and see how it just keep getting better an better. And I’m pretty sure I know who this is and maybe you want to keep and eye on your marriage.

    • Sick of Military Whores says:

      Did you receive papers from the lawyer yet? LOL

    • Know's who the real home wrecker is says:

      LMAO Everyone is a skank except you. I know plenty about you I dont have to keep an eye on your marriage I just keep my ears open and you dont have a clue to who I am or you would know that if I were married I would not have to keep an eye on my marriage if I thought I had to worry about what my spouse was doing every time I turned around I wouldnt be married.

      • Sick of Military Whores says:

        It’s Valerie or one of her friends…… or someone who has been reading too many thriller novels. Mwa ha ha ha ha…..

        • Nadine says:

          Lol they found out they could not do anything. He husband called Brent and told him they wouldn’t do anything. Which I already knew that. And your right it’s her or one of her friends. Everyone I know IS married. I don’t know anyone that is chicken s*** that’s not married but I can understand why this person is single. No one wants that person. They can say what ever they want to. Brent and I read these and he will reach over and kiss me and tell me how much he loves me and we both just value each other more. But thank you for asking.

      • Nadine says:

        Well keep your ears clean so you can hear real good. We are doing great. He laughed at your post last night. He said this person is crazy as hell. And yes your a skank chicken s***. Scared you will be called out and shown your true colors. You don’t worry me at all. Keep hiding behind this computer.

  23. jennifer says:

    Wow. I was just browsing the internet and came across this during a search for new friends in carthage. Haha this is sooo true. I know valerie from a past relationship and had the same issues with her. She is a homewreaker lol. This is a cool site. Hehe. I guess its not funny tho. Val, you know you need some help. Just get it before it ruins any future relationships with males or females again. And to nadine, she is wrong but sounds like you and your hubby are gonna cheat no matter who it is so..

    • Nadine says:

      I’m sorry you had to deal with her too. I understand how you may feel about me and Brent. We are getting marriage councling now. We both have asked ourselves and each other if we both love each other so much how could we hurt each other. I’m not proud of anything I’ve done and work daily to become a better person. We have to much history good and bad that is really the glue that keeps us going. I do love my husband very much. I don’t have any answer except selfishness on my part. I admit I have been controlling at times but I am trying to do better. I hope you don’t have to deal with ugliness of Valerie any more. I sure hope I never have to deal with her stupid again. And I feel for her next victim.

      • Da Truth says:

        omg the wife is psycho – replying to her own post under different names.

        Listen, Nadine. It’s clear you are also jennifer and some other people on here. For some reason your (you and Jennifer) posts start with the same unintelligent crap. “Oh GOD This is SO Boring. Please Kill Me.” —- but no one else’s does. computer clitch from posting under so many names?

  24. jennifer says:

    Congrats on your progress. I do believe in trying to make it work :)

  25. Spy says:

    I saw her today with your husband at a motel. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  26. Jeannie says:

    My brother Brent asked me if I had been posting on this site you see my sister in law Nadine and I are not on speaking terms so he thought I might be the one bashing his wife and I had to come see what he was talking about first of all I know my brother is at work and not with her at a motel Spy although I know some of what Nadine has said is a lies like my brother being in marriage counseling.I dont think you should make stuff up just to piss her off and make her think there is something going on because he is the one that will take the brunt of that.If your going to say something make sure its the truth…This is all so stupid to be posted on the internet to start with and I feel sorry for my brother because everyone can see there marriage on display

    • Nadine says:

      Jeannie we are in councling. So you don’t know everything. Nothing I have said is a lie. Shall I tell them how you contacted Valerie about this. I think you secretly wanted it to be true about the baby. But you need to worry about your own marriage and not mine. It’s not any of your business what we do. Stay the hell out of mine. You act like your so concerned about your brother if you were you would have never contacted Valerie. That pissed him off. You really need to focus on your own disfunctional family. Not my family. Which includes my children my husband and me.

    • Nadine says:

      Oh what a saint Jeannie to come to Brent’s defense when you yourself contacted Valerie hoping they would get together. Yes we are in councling I haven’t lied about anything. You don’t know s***. Brent doesn’t tell you all our business because he knows how you are. Worry about your husband and not mine.

    • Nadine says:

      And your marriage is so perfect. We are being counciled but it’s none of your business. Stay out of my life. Hell I finally got you out. Stay out. Damn. Worry about who your husband talks to or who you talk to. I know you wished the baby had been Brent’s hoping they would get together that is why you contacted her. But know this I’m not going anywhere. Except around you.

  27. Dr Smartypants says:

    I think Nadine might be gunning for her SIL’s hubby…or maybe Valerie’s…it’s all so Mauryesque. I can’t wait for the next episode of AS THE STOMACH CHURNS.

    • Nadine says:

      I want neither of their husbands. I don’t even want my marriage to be like before any affairs. I want my marriage to be better than ever. It is getting better everyday. We have spoken to a councilor unknowing to Brent’s sister. We are working everyday to make things better between us.

  28. Yolanda says:

    It is a sad thing for a homewreckin w**** that can’t move on…….. Psycho much? You fucked around in HER marriage, and you want to talk s***? I would love 10 minutes with you! w****

  29. John Doe says:

    Interesting sounds like Nadine may be pissed off that the brother and sister are still close and that the sister may know more than she wants her to about their marriage.

    • Nadine. says:

      No I’m not pissed off at their relationship. She doesn’t know jack s***. I’m just sick of her in my business. I do not involve her in my business. That is why we are not talking because she drags me in her s*** and when I tell her something she doesn’t like then I’m a sorry b****. I have dealt with her bullshit too long and I’m done. She overstepped her boundaries this time. No I don’t care if they have a relationship that’s his sister. They can talk about whatever they want to.

  30. Lottie Rose says:

    Good exposure. Maybe Valerie will think twice about becoming “best friends” with a married man. She should give all that “love” to her own family. From what I understand it takes quite a long time for the exposures to actually be posted. You never know when your sins will be brought to the light of day. It could be tomorrow or it could be years from now. Just know that everything done in the “dark” will always be exposed to the light sooner or later. It’s a karma thing.

  31. John Dow says:

    well i recken if she is a home wrecker what do they call the woman in the house thats cheating on her husband THE s***!!!!!!!

  32. yankeydoodle says:

    this is a joke

  33. yankydoodle says:

    Its truly amazing how people that screw up their own marriage and continue to do so; post stuff online to throw the stank off of themselves!!

  34. Nadine says:

    Again I never said I was perfect. I have done wrong also. We are doing better in our marriage than we have in a very long time. And yes John Doe ( not Dow). I would very much consider myself to have been a s***. I am not offended at all by your comment. I have done things that only a s*** would do. But I have been forgiven by my husband and family and I have forgiven my husband. No Yankee Doodle I am not taking anything off me. I exposed the hw s*** because of the hatred I have had for her and she knew it so she saw a way to hurt me by going after my husband. No other reason but that. I have owned my faults and live with the destruction it caused every day. So no name calling is going to hurt my feelings at all. But if it makes you feel better then go ahead. Your not making me mad.

  35. yankydoodle says:

    do I think Valerie is wrong?? DEFINETLY!!! BUT…I know for a fact that Nadine is a hoe…cuz ive been one of the many that she has cheated on her husband with for years and years now. And she still does to this very day!!

  36. John Dow says:

    hey yankydoodle you should contact the husband and expose her

  37. Dr.D says:

    Wow Nadine you kept saying your affair like it was only one over and over but now the truth comes out you your own self are admitting you are a s***

  38. Nadine. says:

    Yes I did so sluty things and not proud of them. I just read this to Brent Yankee Doodle and I do not even know who you are because your too chicken s*** to give you name. I am not messing with you or anyone else. So call Brent I don’t care. I’m not worried at all. I am a big enough girl to admit my wrong and own it. But I will not admit to a damn thing I’m not doing. And give me times and dates. I do not leave my house anymore except to go to the grocery store or dr. My neighbor can vouch for this. She and I talk a lot during the day. So keep spreading that s*** if you want to. I know the truth and so does God and Brent.

  39. Brent the husband says:

    Look my wife and I have both done wrong. I take full responsibility for my actions. Nadine takes full responsibility for hers. I have told her everything and she has told me everything. She makes me go over the cell phone bill once a week to prove she isn’t talking or anything with anyone and I’m not either. We HAVE had counciling and probably need more. We just recently moved onto our new property and we are starting fresh in everything. I love my wife very much. We have both wrong each other and we both try daily to make it up to each other. I have forgiven her and she has forgiven me AND I love holding my wife and sleeping next to her every night. She does NOT disgust me. I do not want to life my life with any other woman. I thought I loved Valerie but once my bestguy friend and I talked he made me see that it would have been a repeating issue for us both. Trust I wouldn’t have had. We work daily building the trust back for us both. I also know I am not speaking to anyone else and she isn’t either. So if you have some proof by all mean s I want to see them.

    • knows both of you says:

      anybody that knows Brent, knows that he hasnt got on here saying anything because he hates DRAMA and dont give a damn about what anybody says about Nadine because he knows the truth. Nadine has put words in his mouth and used him just like her little puppet the whole time they’ve been married making him a fool all over town. I figured one day he would get the balls to get out of that s***. He isnt perfect but for what reason did he have to be because she sure hasnt ever been the whole time they’ve been married. 2 times in 19 years is wrong by all means but that cant touch what Nadine has done and she only admitted to one. Nadine got on here pretending to be Brent and saying what she wanted him to say just like she has made him call people several times to tell them things she wanted him to say. She is just mad because people are bringing out the truth about her.

  40. Nadine says:

    Really. Why don’t you call Brent and ask him about HIS post. You seem to know him so well. I’m sure you have his phone number you stupid b****. And use your real name. A bunch of chicken s*** people. CALL HIM NOW I DARE YOU

  41. Nadine says:

    Please call me knows both of you. I want you to call me. You have my number I’m sure. I have read every post on here and yes I did post that and yes I do hate drama but I do love my wife. We have both been wrong but you know it’s our issue not yours. I’m like Nadine. Use your real name.

  42. BRENT says:

    This is such bullshit I hate this s***. I did say it call me. I don’t know why it put her name last post I guess cause she handed me her phone to read the s***. Anyway call me I welcome it.

  43. Nadine says:

    Look who is putting words in Brent’s mouth now. Stupid b****. You do not know anything.

  44. knows both of you says:

    How do you know that this is a b****. I could be a male, and of course I won’t call him when you’re standing right there so you can once again dictate to him what he has to say. I know he hasn’t said anything on here or if he has its because you were standing right over him bitching at him til he did it just so you’d shut up and he could rest. Its kinda funny to sit back and watch you pretend to be him and also pretend that your marriage is perfect blaming everything on everyone else when all the while its falling apart right at your feet. You arent lieing to anyone but yourself. To be honest you are the STUPID b**** that don’t know anything. You will soon see that. and I dont owe you my name. Hell you can’t even tell the truth in real life or on here. Why do I owe you anything? Just remember I know you and him and i know there isnt a bit of truth to the things you have said about your marriage. Oh and repeating yourself over and over about how perfect it is only proves that you are trying to convince yourself. LOL.

  45. Nadine says:

    He leaves for work at about 5 so by all means call tomorrow during the day. If your so sure of your self. I’m not worried at all with anything your saying. You have his number and no you don’t owe me anything but if your so concerned for Brent then why hide. Make your concerns known to him. I will sit back and wait to see how big a p**** you truly are to see if you are such a good friend then by all means call him when you know I’m no where around.

    • knows both of you says:

      I have expressed my concerns to him and so have many more of his friends that know what you’ve been doing. Not to mention some of your friends as well have been telling him things too. And you worm your way out of everything as if we are all liers and you are the poor pitiful wife that’s being lied on because no one likes you. Whatever. You know its all true. Everything anyone has told him about you has been true.

      • Nadine says:

        Well I know your full of s*** now. I have never said I was the poor pitiful wife that no one likes. He even said that your full of s***. Look all of y’all just sit back and watch this marriage as we just get better and learn from all this.

        • knows both of you says:

          i never said that you said you were the poor pitiful wife that no one likes. I said that when youre confronted by him about the things people tell him about you, you worm your way out of them all by trying to portray the poor pitiful wife that no one likes so they just lie on you for no reason. wtfe. no one buys that s***.

        • knows both of you says:

          I never said that you said that you were the poor pitiful wife that no one likes. I said that every time he confronts you about anything people comes and tells him about you that you try to worm your way out of it by trying to portray the poor pitiful wife that no one likes and everyone is just lieing on you because they can. wtfe. nobody believes that s***. not even him. no one is just out to get you and lieing on you. there is truth in it all. LOL

          • knows both of you says:

            i thought the first one didnt post so i posted it again.

          • Nadine says:

            This is so funny. You do know we sit back and laugh every night at this mess. And while you were on here at midnight I was snuggled up to Brent sleeping like a baby. Enjoy your self I know I am.

  46. white chocolate says:

    TO THE WIFE::::: I dont know you yet I am disgusted with you. I dont know why you even posted this.Guess you never thought it would be turned around on you. Bet you feel stupid. Sounds to me like the marriage was wrecked before this Valerie woman ever came along. This is too funny. Looks like several more pictures of people should be on here with hers. The wife and all the people she cheated with and the husband and the two women he cheated with should have their pictures all posted in front of Valerie’s because even though she’s a factor she’s only a minor factor to an already fucked up relationship.

  47. white chocolate says:

    The way I see it is if the marriage was as strong as it should have been neither spouse would have ever cheated and there wouldnt have been room for any person to worm their way in between the married ones.

  48. Brent says:

    This is all a bunch of BS don’t run your mouth unless you can back it with proof otherwise shut your mouth to many people have way to much time on there hands stop this s***!!!!

  49. Nadine says:

    No white chocolate I don’t feel stupid at all. And I’m sorry your disgusted. I am just fine thank you for your concern though.

    • white chocolate says:

      You should feel real stupid. Looks like you spend way too much time on here. You are making yourself look like more of an idiot with each word that comes from you or the husband which everyone says is also you.

  50. knows both of you says:

    When are you gonna learn to just shut up and people will stop just cant do it though. you have to get the last word. this is so much entertainment.

  51. white chocolate says:

    You actually should feel real stupid because the more you comment, the more we all see the truth, and it makes you look like an idiot. Girl, have a little self control. Its more becoming of a lady. LOL

  52. Nadine says:

    I will stop when some chicken s*** calls Brent to see for them damn self he did say that and I also don’t give one rats ass what you white chocolate says or thinks. You can stop anytime too. And you know us both. Please by all means tell me more about ME.

    • knows both of you says:

      I really dont think that the guys that you have been with would appreciate me naming their names on here because i bet they are embarassed to have ever touched you,and they havent done anything to me to deserve their names on here to be associated with yours. but dont think for one minute that i dont know the names of several and so does Brent.

      • Nadine says:

        Because you are full of s***. Just proves it. You are a f****** idiot and don’t know s***. Just trying to cause problems. I’m not worried about anything because I don’t have anything to worry about. Your so full of s***.

        • knows both of you says:

          here are some initials of some of the ones that i know you have been with and/or tried to be with in the last 2 years. maybe Brent needs to check into these initials cause you and i know the real names that the initials go with but for the guys sakes i will not say. S.P. B.W. a guy they call “Tank”. E.M. H.H. J.M.B and the only one you admitted to R from athens. and there’s no need to keep lieing about counceling over and over. i guess you have to repeat it to convince yourself its the truth because everyone else knows the truth. lol. do you need me to continue and say more? I am sure you would not like for me to because i know more. Thats only a few of the many. now try to tell me i dont know you. and keep trying to pretend to the world that all is well and that this Valerie person caused your marital problems. i think we all know the truth. now i think it best you shut the f*** up before i air out more initials for Brent to check into

          • Wow amazed at their so called friends says:

            Who ever this is you really just fucked up you put someone’s name on here that has nothing to do with this mess and could cause damage You seem to know nothing you might really want to talk to Brent because he knows you are full of s***. Really keep talking because you are going to get a lot of people hurt for what some kind of jealous vendetta towards Nadine why lie about people who have done nothing wrong.

          • Nadine says:

            Keep going. I’m curious to know who else you want to drag into your bull s***. Your not hurting me or even Brent. But you are hurting people that have done nothing nothing to have to do with any of this. If you truly know Brent and me then by all means bring all your proof and lay it out in front of us. So the three of us can see who is going to be made a fool of. I know it won’t be me. Oh we’ve moved but I’m pretty sure you have already been to our new location. The more you say the easier it is to figure you out. Brent and I talked about you last night. Matter of fact you were here thi past weekend.

        • Alll this is valerie and her trifling friends

  53. Yankydoodle says:

    You have hit the nail on the head!!! Nadine obviously feeds on the drama!!! Lol…,.and it proves it when supposedly when Brent replied…..accidentally under her name……lololol ok….tooo funny!!!! She is such a hoe and the whole town knows it…..,,,she actually brags at how she wd get rid of Brent for certain guys at the local bar!!! And there is no damn counseling !!! I repeat NONE!! She always wants to make out like she’s tryin but all along she a talkin and planning with other guys! And furthermore Brent wd not ever reply on something like this……it’s her trying to make believe he is backing her up!!!lmfao

    • A True Friend Of Brent's says:

      You have hit the nail on the head!!! I have no doubt you are telling the truth.If you have all this information and are sleeping with Nadine you really need to talk to Brent. I know he will be upset but he will not want to fight you that is not the way he is.You seem to know him so you should know that and how to contact him.STOP!!! letting her make him look like a fool.He deserves the truth don’t you think?

      • Looking out for them both says:

        You people seem to be bashing the wife like she is this evil person. I seem to have read back a few that the husband was the first to start affairs early in the marriage and continued during. I can almost bet money that this has done some serious damage to the wife and is most likely the reason for her sins. If you are a true friend you will stop bashing the person he apparently loves because he is still there. If you are having an affair now to this day with the wife then you are a fool too who most likely will not come forward. This couple really needs a new set of friends because from what I see none of y’all are any type of friend I would want. I feel very sorry for them to have people like all of y’all in their life. My advise would be to move away from all these negative people that want to see you both destroyed

        • knows both of them says:

          no he did not start the affairs. you know nothing. she’s cheated since before they ever got married and he just recently has been finding out. dont even act like you know what’s going on. its ridiculous that she’s blaming their problems on someone else. if she hadnt been walking around pretending that she is perfect and acting like he’s the bad one then his freinds and her friends wouldve never got on here to clear things up and let everyone know where the problem is. Nadine has never been true to him.

          • THEIR TRUE FREIND YOUR NOT says:

            You might want to talk to your friend because your info so wrong. You really don’t know them do you. Who ever you are is a complete db ass trying to hurt them more than either could hurt each other. You are no friend or you would stop bashing his wife whom he apparently loves because he is still there. You won’t though because he would know who you are and would be very upset with you. Really sad really really sad.

          • Amazed at true friendship says:

            You must really hate her so much. I don’t know anyone that has show so much hatred for their FRIEND. I pray I never do anything to have my friends back stab like you have. I’m sure though if you keep talking they will fin out who you are and I wouldn’t want to be you.

    • Got Nadine's back. Fuckers!!!!! says:

      You stupid son of a b****. You don’t know a f****** thing. They have gone to counciling because I went with them. They have seen one in nac. So you dumb mother fucker don’t know s***. All you are doing is trying to make Nadine look bad. She hasn’t done anymore than any other fucker. And Brent was the first to f*** around on her two years after they were married. So you stupid f***. Unless you have the balls to backup your s***. Then shut the f*** up and that goes for any other mother fucker who wants to bad mouth my friend. Show your self say who you are so I can beat your f****** lying asses.

      • Emmy says:

        Hmmmm. Just gonna point out the fact this poster made the same spelling error as Nadine has repeatedly made: “counciling” when it should be “counseling”.

  54. knows both of you says:

    hmm…interesting..certain guys? i bet you know names too dont you yankydoodle?

  55. Nadine says:


  56. Feels sorry for the both of them says:

    This is so terrible you all act like the wife is so horrible. From the way I see it. This was about a hw who wrong the wife. If the wife has wrecked a home then the other wife needs to expose her also. Yankee you said you were one of many who she is seeing yet you speak of Brent like you know him well. What does that make you. You are not to concerned about him if your screwing his wife. How do you know what he would or would not do? If you know them both has tried to talk to the husband and you have proof if your such a good friend then show him and help him get out. But it truly doesn’t matter how many affairs have been had by either one was enough. If they choose to remain married then support them don’t try to keep destroying them. You all are not true friends. I feel bad for both of them if they have friends like y’all no wonder they don’t trust heck they can’t even trust friends. Smh.

  57. Wise beyond years says:

    Nadine. I don’t know you or anyone involved here but I do know I have been thru what you are going thru. I too had a hw. I also know that these so called people who are bad mouthing you are most likely your hw or one or more of her friends. Or even your sister in law. They enjoy making you look bad to bring the attention of them. I’m sorry any wife has to go thru this mess. If you and your husband are working on your marriage that is wonderful. I hope you the best. As far as the rest of this nonsense just ignore them they are only trying to upset you. I can almost put money down as to say that these people are waiting for you to fail. Prove them wrong. Good luck.

  58. You all a bunch of fools says:

    I’m going to say, I think you are all a bunch of fools. Valerie because she is talking to, sleeping with whatever with a MARRIED man!!!! Nadine because she has slept around and now that her husband has done the “same” she wants to expose Valerie. She should be exposing herself too. Brent’s a fool for staying married to a woman who wants to air their dirty laundry the way Nadine has. Obviously neither party in the marriage is happy or they wouldn’t continuously cheat on each other, so why stay in a marriage you are not happy with? Thank you, that is all.

  59. A True Friend Of Brent's says:

    I call BULLSHIT on all of ya’ll. You all have made yourselves look bad and Brent look like a fool my reply to Yankydoodle goes for all of you so called friends.

  60. sad for all says:

    Sad for all..says…I know both Brent & Nadine..they are trying to work thru this…no ones perfect..we all make mistakes..but their marriage is getting better..good luck guys!

  61. sad for all says:

    Sad for all..says..i talk 2 Nadine each day..they are in a good place..they have both talked to my let this mess all go folks so all involved can move on..

  62. shaun oliver says:

    This Shaun u need to quit using my name saying I called Brent and told him anything quit your damn losing and for the record I left when she told me she was in love with Brent done been cheated on once not going through it again u Nadine or text is the main reason I left u was right what u said . Now why would u want a man that wants another woman ask your self that that what u told me I don’t I’m done I’m sick of this s*** you and Valerie need to grow up and go on with yaws life .

    • jamie says:

      counselor says: I think all of you have missed the point. The only one hurt from this behavior is the children involved, especially the young ones. The adults involved can move on, but the children will always have a void in their life. They love both parents,and do not understand when one of the parents is no longer in the home. Valerie and Brent should have thought about the husband, wife, and children they were going to hurt instead of their selfish desires. Valerie should have spent more time being a mother and a wife, and she would not have had time to chase after another woman’s man. Brent should have considered the friendship he had with the husband and put Valerie in her place when this started. It takes two people involved to make such a mess. If Valerie had already cheated with another best friend, her husband would always have a problem having a friend around. Brent, your best friend should have been your wife. Valerie, your best friend should have been your husband, the father of your children. Did you really believe this man was going to leave his wife for you? That seldom happens.

    • Brent says:

      First of all I’m sick of this s*** to and it all need to be dropped but you Shaun have called me about this and I am not in love with any woman but my wife. You may have left now because of the txt but she did call begging you back after I told her I wasn’t leaving my wife. Why keep this going. Everyone needs to shut up and grow up. Yes I was upset when this came out but I understand why she did it. I’m sorry any of this ever happened good bye and good luck.

      • Jamie says:

        If I am reading all this correctly, you and your wife are still together and happily married. Valerie and her husband have split, so who is the home wrecker here? You and Valerie made your choice. You chose to stay, she chose to break up her family. You made the right choice. Valerie should have chose husband and family so they could be together. God loves the family, and wants them to be together. All of this dirty laundry spread out for all to see is “sick.” Really sad!

  63. Nadine says:


    • hatez idiotz says:

      This is so funny..Nadene has screwed evone n center..brent still talks to valerie..valerie brags at her job about them meeting other day and how hes moving his things to his sisters and soon leaving his wife..this val girl is a true whorw..but brent no saint

  64. Nadine says:


  65. OutsTheTrolls says:

    Holy s***……ive struck gold

  66. Skip ... says:

    Ahhh I’m so torn! I don’t know who I hate more!! The HW, the psycho skanky wife or the douche bag husband. You’re all gross :)

    • Nadine says:

      Hate me more your nasty d*** sucking butt fucker. But I bet you wouldn’t dare have the nuts to come say that to my face. All you son of a bitches hide behind a computer to talk s***. Meet me and say it to my face. Chicken fucks. THE WIFE.

  67. shaun oliver says:

    She never called begging me back I’m done with all this crap I’m moving on with my life. I have my kids on my days off I am perfectly fine

  68. Christie says:

    I JUST WANT TO SAY….Thank you so much for this, I am truely in a better frame of mind about life, people, friends, family, life and love due to this crazy ass group of people. And thank God I don’t live in Carthage anymore. :)

  69. udomyheadin says:

    Oh god after reading all this I think i need to see a councillor…..wife why why why do you bother answering such trash…..

  70. byrd says:

    Fuckn Carthage ppl and there damn drama. I live in this hell hole but I stay to my self and do my own thing lol

  71. byrd says:

    Does Shaun live in deadwood

    • Jamie says:

      I know both Shaun and Valerie. She has never lived in Deadwood. They are divorced and Shaun’s main concern is his children. Valerie’s main concern is herself and Brent. These two cheats deserve each other. It’s just a revolving door. She broke up his home and he broke up his friends ?? home. These two cheats never considered the lives of the children they destroyed. Only someone who has experienced this kind of behavior can truly understand. Children do not forget what was taken from them.

  72. Nadine says:

    Yes they both do. My husband left me in march and is with her now. But I am doing so much better. I am enjoying my life my kids and new friends. Was truly the best thing that happened.

  73. Wow Brent is a f****** loser Nadine you sound like despite whatever mistakes you had made in the past you were fighting for your marriage Brent you let your friends get in your ear about who your own wife was i hate this ending i am so sorry this c*** home wrecker decided to destroy her own kids life and your babies home life as well the grass is always greener huh val? id like an up date to see how happily ever after started with two marriages ending… sad thing friends like these rooting for a divorce its sicking i grew up in a broken home and id like to say that im 24 and just now trying to repair my relationship with my father and step mom s*** i can imagine that this is more common then not. so many men and women leave there family’s instead of putting in the hard work it takes to make a relationship work… not always but alot of the time… i’m not saying all relationships should be kept especially if there’s family violence but i think this relationship was savable if only they would have had the right support system and f*** all those fake friends that were getting there kicks out of taring them apart. However i pray that all those involved find peace it sounds like they all have there own demons to face.

  74. Hash says:

    These two don’t care who they hurt. They have been screwing around for years. Nadine admitted her wrongs, while Brent and Valerie played innocent. They are both users. That’s right Val, you were not the first good friends wife he used and Brent is not the only one you played around with. You both have a history. I know you all. As soon as he finds the next good friend with a willing wife he will move on. Keep passing your nasty fluids around it will finally catch up. u two are super stupid.

  75. Nadine says:

    UPDATE: I am happy to say I have met the most wonderful man who treats me like a queen. He is a gift from God. He is in love with me and I am in love with him. He loves my kids and wants to make sure they have everything their hearts desire. He and I have known each other forever. We went to school together we know each other’s past. So no lies no hiding anything. Our relationship is building on truth not lies. I wish Brent and Valerie the best in life. I hope them happiness because I now know what true happiness is what true love is. Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement and support. If anyone is going thru this please keep your head up God has better for you just give him his time. He is always right on time.

    • Jamie says:

      I wish you the best. You are so much better off without a lying, cheating man beside you. Brent and Valerie started their relationship on deceit not only on you, but on Valerie’s ex also. Their relationship is cursed from the beginning. God will never bless a union that caused so much hurt and despair. They will always have to wonder what the other one is doing, but they will finally get tired of each other.Valerie was so determined to take Brent from you that she didn’t care about her children’s feelings, and still doesn’t. They are both very selfish.

  76. Paula says:

    Yea she tried to take my husband but love is more powerful than any homeworker!!!! I can’t stand her and if it wasn’t for her kids being there the night she tried I would have beat her Ass…….I hold a grudge and that is one b**** I can’t stand and will never be able to…..she’s nothing but a cheating hoe!!!!!!!

    • Nadine says:

      She told my soon to be ex that she dated your husband in high school and doesn’t know what you mean. Lmao I am sitting back waiting. She has already started her M O with his bf by texting long conversations about how she’s so glad he accepts them just wish I would so they don’t have to lie anymore bla bla bla lbs that is exactly how she started with my husband. I told him he better keep his eyes open but I hope he gets it in the ass good.

      • Paula says:

        She knows exactly what I am talking about….. And that she’s gonna get him back that she was in love with him!!!! Your ex might be at the top of the list now but its about time for her panty change!!!!

  77. Nadine says:

    Update: I am divorced and happy. They are together but she drives him nuts. He is miserable and I love it. I told her I loved being the other woman in his life now. Lol. I do wish him happiness. Her I wish fleas to her crotch. But all in all its all good.

  78. Hash says:

    Both Brent and Valerie are skanks. Two dirt bags that now have each other and no one else wants.

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