Whitney Watson Niota, Tennessee


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My husband went by this store every day for coffee. This girl Whitney worked in this store. I never knew about her until May. During this time, they were texting each other, meeting at his lunch and when he would go to his mom’s house, he would stop by and see her. I noticed a change in him in late April. He always made an excuse to drive separate every day.(we worked together). We argued some but I let it go. We had a bad fight 3 days after mothers day ans we split up. He was going out with her the same night.

We were split up a week when I decided to dig and find out what was really going on with him. After searching, I found this number and called it and she answered. I ask her what her number was doing on my husbands phone and she says he is my man now and this is Whitney. I was devastated. I went to confront her, thank god I had my daughter. She tells me they had been seeing each other for 3 months and he came by the store every day. I found out they were texting non stop and he had been seeing her for that week. And he slept w the fat whore.It was our anniversary and he begged me to talk to him and listen. He admitted to taking her number and told me everything. She flirted with him every time he went in the store and knew he was married. This whore had the nerve to text me and say he doesn’t want you, he wants me and I will be good to your daughter. I wanted to kill her. He said he realized what he actually had and that she was a whore.

Beware of this slut!! She doesn’t care if they are married. She wants your man and she will do whatever to get him. We are taking it one day at a time. She has lied and told people it was all his fault and she didn’t know he was married and that’s a damn lie, she knew. She is nothing but a fat, trashy whore that sleeps w men for drugs!



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