Adam Wooten Virginia

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A couple years ago my son who is a high school football player wanted some additional training to build up his speed. My wife’s co-worker told her about Adam Wooten, a former college track athlete that would train kids in all sports when it came to speed. I called Adam up and got a good vibe from him. We came close acquaintances. I even helped him build up his business and referred tons of new clients to him. My wife would take him to train once a week during the season and 3 times a week in the off season. Several months ago he offered to start training my wife. Then towards the end of June my wife really started acting different towards me. But she constantly talked about Adam and her workouts. Then one day she left her facebook account logged on and I saw that she was talking with an old guy friend and she completely throws me under the bus. I was kind of in shock that she would talk about me like that to somebody else. I was able to gain access to her phone and access all the old text messages and get the new ones as they were coming in… Next thing you know I see all the texts between Adam and my wife… I felt like a ton of bricks had just fallen on my head!!! Is that what this guy does… Fucks the mothers of the children he teaches!!!!!And to top it off he is married to this amazingly beautiful woman who is pregnant. She is an Olympian who won the silver medal in gymnastics a couple of summer Olympics ago. I was thinking to myself… YOUR WIFE IS A F**KIN OLYMPIC GYMNAST AND YOU WANT TO F**K MY WIFE!!!!

I confronted my wife who at first tried to deny it but then realized I had all the evidence so she gave. Then I texted him and he played dumb. I laid out all the evidence. How he f**ked her in his gym at night when I was working late, and how he f**ked her in his car down the street from my house, and in the hotel I would drive by on a daily basis.

After a couple days when I pulled myself together I contacted him again and said I wanted to meet him. I was trying to be the bigger man and basically tell him how both of them had broken my heart and to stay away from my family and if he were to ever see us again to turn around and walk the other way. He gave me the sob story on how sorry he was. Next thing you know this asshole is still trying to meet up with my wife. I contacted his wife and her mother and let her know what was going on but I guess she has forgiven him But he calls me up and tells me to stop calling his wife… F**K YOU!!! was my response. I am so tempted to destroy his business but my only issue is that he trains kids that my son is friends with. So this will have to do.



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  1. KettleblackMay 24, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    I think I have set back and read way to much of “monte Christo’s” crap… Surprise you don’t remember me, but I remember you Mr. H… I use to work with your “ex”… Yea the same ex that you ALSO cheated on when she was pregnant and I believe 2 times… See… R. H… You are so busy” blaming” other people for destroying a happy home… When you are the one who destroyed it! Multiple affairs I believe you had while you were in the service.. On top of that you were a dictator in a household you were never at…so what did you think she was going to do?!! Duh!! Listen you have a chance to be a better father in the eyes of your daughter, so why don’t you worry about fixing your house, so YOUR own daughter won’t grow up to be with a man like you…. I don’t even know this other guy, but I know the stories about you and trust me if it wasn’t the other guy, it would have been someone else or it probably already was and you just don’t know it yet…be careful what you put out on the Internet… Your laundry is more soiled… Our industry is full of hair, gossip, and alcohol… Good luck.

    • Monte ChristoMay 27, 2015 at 9:40 pm

      Kettleblack… Or Jo-Jo. I see that Adam has enlisted his fuck buddies to come to his rescue. What you wrote is nothing new… I admitted all of that in earlier threads if you had bothered to read through them. I never said I had a happy home. On the contrary, my marriage was miserable due to my past indiscretions. Adam saw the opportunity, and as the other young lady that was also screwing him had posted… “Adam will push and push until he gets what he wants.” At the time my wife did not have the door open for him to walk in, but he took it upon himself to stab me and my son in the back and pry that door it open. Like I have said before I have all the text messages that show this. This may be hard for you to understand since Adam himself referred to you as psycho, but I guess it all makes sense. You are an older attractive woman that is emotionally vulnerable, and that type seems to be what he likes to go for… Somebody he can manipulate into doing whatever he wants. And if my family was going to be destroyed, let me do it on my own… Adam should not have assisted in the process and have my son look at his mother in a bad light. Think about that next time you fly back to the East Coast and meet up with him knowing he has a wife at home. So please spare me the “I don’t even know who this guy is” BS.. You wouldn’t have found this sight without googling the name Adam Wooten… It’s because of you we met him!!

      With all that being said… I have accomplished my objective on this forum. Google puts topics that are popular at the top of a search list. So by you clicking on this link you make it “popular” So now when you search for Adam Wooten in Ashburn VA this sight is number 1 on the list.

      If I can SAVE one family from meeting Adam and going to his competition instead and not giving him the opportunity to do it again to another family then I have succeeded.

      Feel free to respond because it only helps my cause.

      Adam knew before all this happened that I am patient and relentless… It’s a marathon not a 40 yd dash

  2. Monte ChristoMay 23, 2015 at 9:05 am

    “Cut the Crap”… How about we call you Little puppet. I think you should remove Adam’s hand from your ass and take his penis out of your mouth. I am not a lawyer, but I am pretty sure Adam would have a solid case of slander against me for all the stuff I am saying… Unless it is true… So you need to go home and make sure Adam is not fucking your mommy or your girlfriend.

  3. Cut the crapMay 21, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    This is a bunch of bullshit. And I am speaking out! My brother has worked with this man for over 8 years. I’ve known this man since I was 7 years old, and there is no way IN HELL he would fuck someone else’s wife. There’s just no way. The ‘story’ or whatever sounds like some butthurt husband who can’t get a fuck out of his wife is whining like a little bitch and complaining “He took my women” da da da MAYBE SHE DON’T WANNA BE WITH YOUR ASS IF SHE IS CHEATING! Whoever made this, let me just say you’re the HW and the asshole here. Remember that.

  4. On the side that countsApril 23, 2015 at 9:45 am

    Mr Victim.
    You said some contradicting stuff there buddy. You feel like your “Gods tool” and that a man in his situation should have higher moral standards. What does that say about what your planning to do and you morals. And it doesn’t matter what YOU think God thinks, if you knew what he thought you wouldn’t be doing what your doing, trust me. Listen, I personally know who your dealing with, let him and his future be and take care of your own.
    “Been there” made very good points that I think you should keep in mind. It sucks what happened, it really does but be the big man and leave him alone. Remove yourself completely from his surrounding, including your family and do right by them. There shouldn’t be a day that goes by where you didn’t take control of it. Make sure everyday that goes by your son sees you as the bigger man, a responsible and strong man. Your not thinking future. Who knows what God has in store for you. Don’t mess it up by acting out now when you have more life to live.

    • Monte ChristoApril 27, 2015 at 4:53 pm

      “On the side that counts” you talk as if life is all sunshine and rainbows at the end of the day. Do you know the situation I am in and my kids are in? Did I ever say I am still with my wife? How do you know I am not working a second job to pay the child support and the alimony over the actions of my wife and Adam. Regarding morals… I don’t work with people’s kids on a daily basis as Woo does, so my bar is a little lower. Society tells us it is not okay for a stripper or porn start to also be a 1st grade teacher no matter how qualified they are. Like I said his ethics should be higher because of what he does for a living.

      As far as what am I planning to do… You can tell Adam not to worry about anything illegal happening. I would NEVER cross that line. On that point I agree that I have my son to think about. Now doing something highly unethical and immoral…. Absolutely!!! You tell me to remove myself from his surroundings…. Ashburn is a small place which I am sure you know… And only gets smaller during football season. Unless he buys a One way ticket back to Texas, I don’t see that as possible. My ex was also at fault … I am not disagreeing, but if you know Adam, and as the other lady on this forum who was also involved with him stated…. “He will push and push until he gets what he wants” but like I said when he was getting why he wanted with my wife he also would reach out to me to gauge what I knew…. Fuck that!!!

      “Been there” you left a very valid post, however I never accused Adam of doing anything with children… It is merely my opinion that I wouldn’t put it past him… Any other accusation I made, I have proof to back it up.

      Like I said right after the whole ordeal, I did the Christian thing and looked him in the eye and basically forgave him and told him to leave my family alone…. What does he do after that… He tells my wife to get a burner phone so they can continue. The affair itself was low class… But meeting the guy whose wife you’re banging and apologize to and then try and continue the affair is no class. She saw him for what he was after that… And as far as I know she stopped seeing him after that…But my humiliation comes at a cost.

  5. Been thereApril 21, 2015 at 11:22 am

    I just want to start off by saying to the “victim”. I have been in your shoes! But I have some words of advice that I hope you will read. I was in the same situation, but my wife was with a popular football coach. I was angry, beyond angry.. It became a witch hunt with me. I followed, tracked, traced everything I could about the guy and then told everyone… The response I got was not the one I was expecting…. See as I aired out his dirty laundry, my entire family was put in the spotlight, I stayed with my wife, but once EVERYTHING became public, some of my past discretions as well as some of hers which I had no idea about also came to light, the Coach was affected but not to the extent in which I was hoping, but my kids, they were affected the most… They were ridiculed at school, because social media is a monster nowadays and it ended up embarrassing my family even further, while also revealing nothing was perfect on our end as well leading up to the affair. You have made some serious allegations in there regarding children, be mindful how you use your words on here… That’s not something to play around with and could come back to hunt you legally…. If you want to stay with your wife and you want your family to grow together. Learn from me and keep it in house because I am telling you from experience… This won’t end well for both sides and if things are going ok today, then they will continue to get better, but if you keep revisiting the pain your family will never come together. Be the husband and father to the best of your abilities and let karma handle the ass****. Just something I learned through my process.

  6. Monte ChristoApril 20, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    “On the side that counts”…. Some of what you said was very well put. However the situation is rather complicated, and I guess I see myself as God’s tool for correcting it. When there is a man in the community such as Adam, who deals with the youth in the community… His morals and ethics should be higher. I agree with what you said if it did not happen with Adam Wooten it would have happened with somebody else… But when I do the Christian thing and after I exposed the whole ordeal and confronted him to forgive him… He apologized profusely saying he could not believe it happened and started blaming it on drugs and alcohol… Immediately after that he once again tried to go behind my back yet again to see my wife. All this while his wife was at home pregnant.

    We are talking about a man that deals with children and would do this to his wife and to me, whom I thought of him as a friend. My son looked up to him as one of the most influential role models in his life!!!

    We are talking about a man who has no problem stabbing other people in the back without thinking twice.. He used to say the guy he worked with previously was nothing but a womanizer and had no morals… I think he must have been talking about himself.

    We are talking about a man who will deny all of what I am saying, but the best part is… I have all the proof to back my story up.

    My wife was not the first woman he cheated on his wife with… I have already discovered a few before her and when I get all the details nailed down… His wife will also know the whole story.

    If he is spineless enough to ruin a family of one of the kids he trains… What’s to stop him from taking advantage of one of the young female athletes in high school that he trains… I would not put it past him.

    As I told him… I hope his daughter grows up and meets somebody just like him.

    God may forgive him, but he fucked the wrong dude’s wife to think he will get off scott free.

  7. On the side that countsApril 19, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    This was hilariously sad to read…………Here we go:

    Dear Ms Wife- If your not gonna have any respect for yourself or your husband then have some for your son. Yea your unhappy blah blah blah but nothings worse then your kids thinking your a slut bag, just my opinion. You do with your vagina as you please.

    Mr. Woo- Your a fool for being on here dude. Gave me a good laugh though. Hope it all works out in the end for ya

    Mr. “Victim”- Although unfortunate for you, this happens everyday to a lot of people. Grow a pair and do what God intended men to do and take care of business. Your wife is your business, your son is your business etc. If it didn’t happen with him then it would have happen with someone else. Check your household and then deal with the rest after. Give it to God and let him lead you on what to do. Remember to do right by your son.

    To all parties involved I wish you the best and God bless

  8. He's an assMarch 17, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    I’m glad someone is willing to take his ass down. Karma is a bitch though….so either way, he will get what’s coming to him. I hate that he’s been doing this….gotta give it to him, he’s a very convincing liar.

  9. Monte ChristoMarch 8, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    It’s obvious the douchbag that wrote “stop blaming others” is Adam himself,

    You are right though…must be some self- esteem issues or other personal problems that have him targeting married women in problem marriages. My wife was not his first target and probably won’t be his last… It will be interesting to see how much of this crap his wife will put up with. But frankly, I don’t care… I helped him promote his business and referred many clients to him, and without any sort of conscience he would reach out to me to basically get around me… And as he stated it takes two to tango… Or as that illiterate dumb fool wrote… Tangle. Which is true… But during that time my wife couldn’t even look at me because of the guilt and he was sending me texts to ask when was I home and in town. So now I will take away his business at least by insuring husbands and fathers understand the kind piece of crap this guy is when it comes to their daughters and wives. Hell… I’ll even help his competion use it as a selling point for potential clients not to see him.

    I hope he knows I will NEVER go away…

  10. He's an assMarch 6, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    “Stop blaming others”….I know that he is a good trainer/athlete, no one is disputing that fact. BUT he is most definitely a womanizer to the fullest. If you give him an inch, he will take a mile. He has some serious personal issues that he needs to deal with and the fact that it was not just a one-time occurrence of him cheating on his wife only leads me to believe that he WILL do it again. Hopefully he’s got enough sense to know not to do it with the mother of one of the kids he’s training, again.

  11. Stop blaming othersFebruary 27, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    This is the biggest lie in the world. Adam has trained my wife and kids for years. Maybe this guy should take care of his own home. Last I checked it takes 2 to tangle, if this is even true(which i doubt it is) Dude get your house in order, go to counseling, stop blaming this guy. You obviously had marriage problems before this. Stop blaming and fix your crappy marriage

  12. He's an assJanuary 31, 2015 at 10:29 am

    I am living proof that he is an asshole!!
    I just found this post and I can tell you…your wife wasn’t the only woman he was sleeping with. He was sleeping with me too. It was my
    understanding that he was split from Annia because she kept pressuring him to have a baby and all they did was argue. Guess she got what she wanted.
    He would call and text me several times a day and tell me how much he wants to be with me. I thought he was sincere. Until I started looking things up in him…he was still posting pics of him and Annia on his FB and videos with her in them for his business. I confronted him about it and he just told more lies and stuttered over himself. I finally just cut ties completely with him.
    I could say so much more, but I’ll just say this: He’s a manipulator and he will push and push until he gets what he wants. He’s the definition of a womanizer and liar. I hope his dick falls off.

    • Monte ChristoFebruary 1, 2015 at 12:31 pm

      I’m the husband that wrote this and I’m ensuring that Adam will pay for these actions… Nothing illegal, but highly immoral and unethical. Since he does train children and since nothing seems off limits for him. Everyone in Ashburn and part of his Pure Speed LLC network should know what they are dealing with.

  13. lishaNovember 24, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    omg just seen his facebook profile and his wife is gorgeous. what a bastard

    • AshleyVNovember 25, 2014 at 7:57 pm

      Yeah I just checked out his Facebook, his wife is Annia Hatch. She was in the 2004 Olympics in Greece. Looks like she just had a baby and her asshole husband is screwing around on her. Based on the Facebook pics I don’t think she has any idea.

  14. LunaticNovember 11, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    I think I see what OP was talking about… from a sexual perspective, a guy would think that an Olympic gymnast could do things an average woman could not. So since “Adam Wooten” of “Pure Speed, LLC in Ashburn VA” was married to an olympic gymnast why would he fuck around with another man’s wife?

    Also don’t forget he has a son that is probably friends with some of the assholes other clients. So how would OP expose this piece of shit HW while protecting his son?

  15. Don B.November 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    OP, don’t be a chump. Fuck up his business too.

  16. tookusNovember 9, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    This whole analysis of what the OP meant when he said this or that sounds like a book club meeting!

  17. KathyNovember 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    Wow – what an asshole this HW is. I see by his business (Pure Speed, LLC in Ashburn, VA), that he also trains teenage girls. Um no I sure as shit wouldn’t have my teenager around this creep.

    Op – Your wife is probably on a long list of many. You can do better – get rid of the wife and expose this guy to the community; he deserves it.

  18. MsNickNovember 8, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    I think the OP is saying that the the HW has a great wife & life. So why screw with the OPs wife & life. The HW will screw around as long as his wife allows it. I dont dog the wives for not leaving a cheater, but this HW will probably be posted again.

  19. ZOMBIECHICKNovember 8, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    Has your wife stopped communicating with this guy? If so you need to either work on your marriage or leave her, depending on if you can forgive her or not. Most women cheat because they are not being treated well at home.

  20. CricketNovember 8, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    “And to top it off he is married to this amazingly beautiful woman who is pregnant. She is an Olympian who won the silver medal in gymnastics a couple of summer Olympics ago. I was thinking to myself… YOUR WIFE IS A F**KIN OLYMPIC GYMNAST AND YOU WANT TO F**K MY WIFE!!!!”

    Maybe you didn’t mean to but it kinda sounds like you are insinuating that your wife is somehow “less than”… “why would he want to sleep with my lame wife when he’s got his hot ass wife at home”.

    Maybe your wife’s self esteem was suffering and this guy made her feel hot. I’m certainly no therapist but I am a woman and I can tell you that women want to feel desired by our partners/husbands.

    And that comment may speak volumes about the way your wife sees herself or the way you see your wife.

    It’s still no reason to cheat! Ever!

    • Judge ManWhoreNovember 8, 2014 at 7:41 pm

      He might see his wife a little different now than he did the day before he found out.

  21. LounieceNovember 8, 2014 at 1:06 am

    OP: I am so sorry you married a whore. The HW’s wife will never leave him (more than likely) as is the m’o of the majority of wives. Perhaps you can make peace that your wife has whorish ways. Good luck this situation.

  22. MeganNovember 7, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    Wow, she’s a whore & he’s a douche nugget..but, only one problem I had with ur story. Why would u say “ur wife’s an Olympic gymnast & u wanna f*** mine,” why the f*** wou u say

    • MeganNovember 7, 2014 at 11:37 pm

      Damnit, hate using my husbands phone.
      Anyways, to finish my comment. Why, op, would u say that about ur wife? I mean she should be, or should’ve been, the best looking, best everything to u. U of all ppl should’ve seen why he wanted to f*** ur wife. Guess that just said to me that u don’t see ur wife as very attractive or whatnot!! Idk, that statement just grabbed me & made me wonder how exactly u make her feel!!!
      Good luck to u & I hopeu find a good woman that won’t cheat on u & I hope u make her feel like the most beautiful woman alive!!!

      • CheatersAreScumNovember 8, 2014 at 8:52 pm

        Why would he say that about his wife?!!! Are you kidding, she just screwed him over royaly and you are gonna tell him how he should treat her?! Bull Shit! I completely get where he is coming from. He was making an excellent point. Women need to stop believing we are entitled to great treatment when we behave badly. And I’d say his wife behaved badly! Shes a homewrecker.

      • HelenNovember 8, 2014 at 9:15 am

        I think the OP is just trying to say why would the home wrecker want to fool around on his wife who is basically a trophy wife.

  23. C. M.November 7, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    I hope you left her. How embarrassing for your son. You know stuff like this gets around, so his friends will find out. You and your children deserve better.

  24. just a kneegrowNovember 7, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    LMFAO you called his mom… Grow the fuck up

    • just a kneegrowNovember 7, 2014 at 10:30 pm

      Lol her mom either way what are you 12 ??? Lmfao