Alex Hernandez — Lubbock, Texas

Alex Hernandez — Lubbock, Texas

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So this disgusting slob has been married 3 times (poor women) , and has 5 kids with those poor women. He thinks he is the shit and can have any woman he wants even if theyre already in a relationship. He is a disgusting raging alcoholic that thinks its cool to leave his wife and kids at home, go to the bars, get on facebook and act like he has big balls by using facebook as a dating website. He will sit there at the bar and try and holler at single females some not even single and try and send pics to try and get their attention. How sad is that? He has been caught by all women he has been involved with cheating and chatting with other females even if the “other woman” looks like a pregnant whale. This clown is a total joke, a bafoon. LADIES beware if this whore tries to inbox you he will charm you at first but always goes back to his vomit (old ways of being an alcoholic at the bars talking to other women and beating the living crap out of you). GUYS BEWARE don’t let your woman be friends with this creep cause he is a manwhore and thinks he can have your woman if he wants them. FAIR WARNING TO ALL THIS ALCOHOLIC IS A PIG AND CANT BE TRUSTED.

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