Alexander Fiers – Indianapolis, Indiana

Alexander Fiers – Indianapolis, Indiana

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The biggest mistake I ever made was getting together with a loser by the name of Alexander Fiers. He lied about his employment status. He lied and made it seemed like he lived with roommates and paid bills when he lived with his friends in Indianapolis on my dime. I went to pick up this loser so he can spend the night at my place but slowly during his stay he not only became an abusive video game addict loser, but it turned out he was arrested for assault. Upon doing more research on him and apparently did porn he made the fact that he did porn seem like it wasn’t a big deal. He said the people he lived with got him into it and knew about it but NOPE it was a lie. This guy is nothing more than an unemployed loser who lied from day one then when the truth slowly came out. He did everything to not only hide but threatened to have his friends whom he lived with arrest and prosecute me because I had filed a lawsuit and protection order towards him.

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