alexandra ervin — don’t let the sweet face fool you

alexandra ervin — don’t let the sweet face fool you

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where to start. first she someone enters your man’s life under the ruse of being one of the guys. now if he’s smart, which mine wasn’t, he won’t get or give his or her number or social media- or whatever she inevitability asks for. so then you’ll notice her out and about with his friends lurking your man, magically showing up at a bar he may be at, constantly texting him at all hours, asking him for favors that involve meeting up.. typical side b1tch behavior. knowing damn well he had a long term girlfriend. at one point, he had me meet her hoping i would like her, which i did- she was super cute and sweet, laughing with me at jokes i’d playfully make about him, acting like a little angel. i will admit i did temporarily let my guard down after that. MY BAD. Long story short.. don’t let her pretty face fool you. every time you turn your back, there she is. and trust me, i know my man (or ex.. haven’t really decided yet) is just at fault. he’s an idiot sometimes. honestly i don’t think he knows enough about women to have even noticed or picked up on her agenda. anyway, she’s also a mother of two small children yet spends almost every weekend drinking constantly, smoking whatever, EDM concerts partying.. ya know.. typical mom stuff. And i can not stress how much she knew about me and my relationship with him.. a 5+ year relationship. makes me wonder why things didn’t work out with the child’s father! i wouldn’t be writing this had she not looked me in my face and told me i had nothing to worry about, only “hang out” alone with my boyfriend a week later one night when i had family stuff to do. i’m a grown woman who doesn’t cheat, and i dont “hang out” with single guy “friends” late at night, so to me it’s all a little too fishy. plus i only found out through his own stupidity and the location on his phone!!!! not to mention the copious amounts of pics she posts of him online.. just waiting for me to see it and freak out on him.. with her waiting to pick up the pieces. if she would spend as much time with her kids as she did trying to screw my boyfriend, she’d probably be a lot more fulfilled and not desperately seek male attention. be careful girls!!! she is NOT one of the guys!!!! and be careful guys because she’s a pathological cheater and really sh1tty mom. her trashy tattoos are a bonus too.

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