Amanda Herrington Takes a pathetic h0e to fake a friendship for 8 years to steal a husband.

Amanda Herrington Takes a pathetic h0e to fake a friendship for 8 years to steal a husband.

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When i met my ex husband pete he had 2 kids by 2 exs. Me and his first wife are best friends still. His second sons mom however, id prefer if she dropped dead. My ex husband always took his oldest son and helped his ex wife as much as possible. She even lived with us at one point. She warned me about his other sons mom, amanda, but she had me fooled. He would quit jobs to avoid paying her childsupport, would ignore her calls and text about their son for months, and at one point asked if he could sign off on him. Being a mom i couldnt let their fights effect their son, my step son, so i helped. For 8 years. I paid over 10 grand to his childsupport so he didnt go to jail for back support. When he ignored her and their son, i would ask about him from my husbands phone so shed think he was actually inquiring about his son. I bought all of his xmas and bday gifts from us, helped throw joint parties, bought them groceries many times when she needed and helped pay rent when she was almost evicted. My husband went to maybe 2 of his younger sons bdays in 8 years, but i was at every one. Things got rocky between us when we lost our home and had to move with family but the whole time he claimed he was happy and couldnt wait for us to be out in our own place again soon, all while his ex/now gf was telling me i should leave him and even offered to let me and the kids stay with her if id leave my husband. He wasn’t perfect, neither was i but i was always honest with him about how i felt, while he lied to me for 6 months. Dropping me off at work and taking my car to his exs work to see her, stole money from me for months to set aside to leave me and the kids, threw out our kids carseats and let his gf go to our home and throw out half of mine and our kids belongings. After an arguement one day i went to work as normal but when i got home the locks were changed and my husnad and kids were gone. He took them to his exs house to hide them. He dropped them back off the next morning and never came back home. She finally admitted to their affair and was super eager to send screen shots and brag about how proud she was she got him to leave me. (She also spent months convincing him i had boyfriends and a whole second life to help push him to leave me for her) when i told her i hoped she was happy she helped destroy a family she said “oh i am proud because now my son can see his mom and dad without a jealous bitch keeping them an arms length away”. I never once encouraged him or made him choose between me and his kids. She had already tried to make him choose her or his oldest son the first tine around then proceeded to bash his other son calling him a worthless piece of sh1t b1tch. He was 3 at the time. He kicked us out june of 2019, our divorce was final in june 2020 and hes only seen our kids 8 times. The first night they stayed overnight with him, she made him and the kids go to a hotel because she didnt want to be bothered with our two kids and still tried to blame me for my ex not being in his sons life much for 8 years and him not helping support her son when i was the one who did help her and rally for her and her son. He stopped taking his oldest son as well again for a few months because she cant handle that many kids on the weekends. What Kinda women, especially a mother, makes a man choose between her or his other kids?! Amanda herrington thats who.

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