Amanda Neville Callahan — Professional homewrecker

Amanda Neville Callahan — Professional homewrecker

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This low rent slore is a real pro, as in she’s an actual floozy so it’s anyone’s guess how many families she’s ruined. She advertises her so-called floozy services online calling herself Olivia, with pictures that are filtered beyond recognition to hide her cheap bleach job, bad smoker’s teeth and overall crack slore appearance. It would almost be sad if she had any scruples, check the advertised vs the real thing for yourself. But while her clients’ kids do without and their bills go unpaid, this parasitic b1tch literally sucks all she can out of them then shops all day with her ill-gotten gains. Meanwhike and pathetically tries to pass herself she pathetically tried to pass herself off as a social media influencer on Instagram. You would think someone charging 350$ an hour to use her worn-out [email protected] could invest in a decent hair colorist and basic dental care but hey, that’s none of my business.

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