Amber Wentz — She’s an entitled homewrecker

Amber Wentz — She’s an entitled homewrecker

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She came into my husband’s life and pursued him knowing he was married. She used lies, sympathy and even FAKE suicide attempts to monopolize his time. The best one was when she said was possessed by a demon and it had thrown her all over the bathroom walls and floor 🤣 it’s name was Veronica!!! 😂 She was homeless and would bed down any guy with a roof over his head so she’d have a place to stay. She is a total narcissist who will do ANYTHING to get what she wants. I do mean ANYTHING (story about her and a dog I could tell ya sometime). She hunted my husband because he was a good provider and she wanted nothing more than to be, me. She got her wish but still was unsatisfied…WEEKS after moving into my house, she was already on to the next 2 men she had her sights on. She will not have a problem doing the most low down, dirty, disgusting, vile things you could imagine. She’s a meth addict who will steal from anyone. Oh and she’s also a paid drug informant for the Sheridan police!

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  1. AmberJuly 13, 2019 at 12:04 am