Amber Yeltatzie Fake “Insta-Baddie” Slore

Amber Yeltatzie Fake “Insta-Baddie” Slore

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Amber Yeltatzie is delusional and attention seeking. She acts like she’s famous, rich and beautiful, meanwhile she’s none of the above. She’s 21 and lives with her parents who are crack addicts and they all live in the bad part of Richmond, in a old shack. Amber dresses in cheap fast fashion clothes and has totally botched her face with the lip injections she thinks nobody notices. She thinks she’s thick, instead she has a box body. Amber got passed around by a group of loser ex-friends years ago and is so naïve that people keep using her! Every man she’s been in a serious relationship with has cheated on her. Amber buys fake followers and photoshops the sh1t out of her pictures so much that you’ll be shocked when you see her in real life. She’s an “entrepreneur” that attends UBC in her head, in reality she gets her money by sucking d1ck and selling her pu55y but other than that she’s as broke as it gets. The only people you’ll see her hanging around is trashy floozys or old men, she has no friends and no life so she lies about everything she does because she hates her real self so much.

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