Amy Bleibaum-Cretzmeyer-Davis — Caution: Dirt Leg Davis is on the loose.

Amy Bleibaum-Cretzmeyer-Davis — Caution: Dirt Leg Davis is on the loose.

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Amy “Dirt Leg” Davis is no one you want around. She is a miserable human being and misery loves company. She has zero respect for anyone or anything. She will run over her own daughter if she is in the way of what Dirt Leg wants. She actually told her daughter to go try and kill herself again because her daughter asked her if she was sleeping with her boss, she denied it, and her daughter didn’t believe her. Ironically, her daughter was correct. She was lying. If she sees a man she thinks has money, she will stop at nothing to sink her nasty fangs in. If he is old enough she will tell everyone he is like a dad to her so she doesn’t look like a gold digger. In reality, she just wants him to pay a bill, give her a place to live, make her car payment, alcohol, pills, drugs, fines for dwis and duis or whatever else she finds of use that he can provide. If you work with her, watch your back. You aren’t safe. She will work her way up the ladder at every job she has by smiling that sweet fake smile of hers to whomever is in charge, create chaos between everyone in her way, sleep with her bosses, sabotage your work, and then get you to quit or get them to fire you. I’ve watched her single handedly almost destroy an entire family by having an affair with a married man. When they were caught, she didn’t care. She has no shame, no morals, and no respect for the sanctity of marriage and family. She turned the guy against his wife, his son, and then his daughter with her lies, stole things from the wife, put that poor woman through hell and acted like she was justified in doing so. As if the wife was the one intruding. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work. The guy finally figured out how to get rid of her. Now she is back out there hunting her next family to try to destroy. After four failed marriages, she has decided that every man out there is free game. So steer clear, guys. Keep your heads up, girls. Don’t fall victim to Dirt Leg Amy.

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