An Open Letter…

An Open Letter…

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An Open Letter to the Wife of the Man Who Sexually Assaulted Me… I used to consider you a friend. You supported me and I idolized you. After your husband sexually assaulted me I truly struggled with how to tell you. I was afraid I would lose your friendship. I was afraid you wouldn’t believe me. I thought I did something wrong. I thought I was being a good friend when I told you the truth. I was wrong. I was wrong think you were a strong woman. A strong woman would not blame a victim. You knew he was creepy when he stalked me in the bathroom. I told him to leave me alone. You told him to leave me alone. You still blamed me. Blamed me that he forced himself on me. You listened to his lies. I have a son too. I would never let my son’s father do what you excused your husband for doing because he also told me I wasn’t the first. Your husband is a pathetic excuse of a man and you’re just as bad. You condone his behavior. I realize now how pathetic I was to idolize someone so weak. I’m stronger and better now. I feel sorry for you that you are married to a man who has no respect for you or your child. Keep living in your dream world. You think you are making a difference but you are a cliche. I should have pressed charges…

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  1. AddisonApril 3, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    You say your stronger and better now, ok. Then your next step is to go and talk to a lawyer and see if you can still press charges. You stated that he told you that you weren’t the first and I bet you won’t be the last. Now do you want that on your shoulders??? Knowing that he may be out there doing the same thing to another woman. If it was me I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night until I did everything I could to get his ass off the streets. Yes you should have pressed charges and not let it go out of some miss guided loyalty to a so called friend.

    • StellalunaJuly 15, 2018 at 11:28 pm

      First off, begin by forgiving yourself. What happened was not your fault and no matter how much of a friend you were to him or her, no matter how much you idolized that monster, what he did to you, is NOT your fault.
      Secondly, you don’t owe that bitch any explanations. She sounds like she knows her coward husband all too well and if anything, she was a horrible friend and should of warned you or the very least, get him arrested and divorce his dumbass. but it is obvious that she lacks any self esteem and is in denial. That is not your problem.
      Third, I would get some professional help in order to get over the sexual abuse that you have been a victim to. Sexual abuse can impact you in many different ways and if not dealt with, it can last a lifetime.
      Fourth, I would talk to your local law enforcement and check the statue of limitation where you live. Perhaps even inquire into legal representation.
      You don’t have to go through this alone and you certainly don’t want this to scar you indefinitely. Consequently, your actions today may even save future women in not becoming his victims tomorrow.
      Take care of yourself and God bless.