Andrea Prentice — Demotte, Indiana

Andrea Prentice — Demotte, Indiana

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This is Andrea Prentice, she has a husband but fucks anyone for money, including her husbands best friend & my friends husband. She cheats all the time litterally fucking everyone of the small town of Demotte. She has a drug problem & lost all 3 of her kids. She has little to none gangly teeth. Saggy dangly tits. Shit tattoos she had tonfuck to get for free.& was working at the Demotte Advanced Auto Parts store. My friend is due with their baby in just 10 days. This evil bastard bitch even bought them a babyshower gift filled with dollar store shit. She ruined their beautiful family. She deserves to rot in hell.

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  1. HaloSeptember 7, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    And you’re such a pussy you have to post on here but bet you won’t say shit to her face or even TO HER.
    Grow the fuck up “princess”